Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 5th Elimination

 Fifth round of elimination and another pair is gone. Find out the painful results!

Remember last week when Gintoki performed a striptease and everyone started to make out with each other? Yeah. Now it’s time for them to face the repercussions! Our lovely judges – harsh as always – will be dishing out their critique, followed by the announcement of the bottom 2 contestants this week. We’ll be down to only 3 in each category after this, so your vote matters even more for the next episode!




Experience is key. Any girl can smile with her eyes but it’s very hard to fake like you’re in love. Senjou looks natural around her partner and most defiantly bring love to the picture, effortlessly. Serene is the word for this. She’ll be a strong opponent this round, very strong.
D’awww she was so shy! Not wanting to get dressed up? Well I can’t really picture her doing much with this direction, after all she is already with someone, right? Ahahaaa.
Like Fosh mentioned, Senjou having a BF helps her with experience in this photoshoot. All of the other girls have a dominance about them (and Senjou is not w/o that as well), but she’s the only girl that appears to let her guard down for Araragi, which makes the photo all the more sweet.


Stocking may have already covered being very very forward, but Nino has managed to gracefully pull off the same idea in a more subtle, sweet manner. An honest girl is a cute girl, thus here we have a very very cute girl. Nino has pulled off the theme perfectly, and we’ll most likely see her next round.
Ah my favorite girl! Nino! I always look forward to what she brings to the contest, and what a great dress she went with very nice. Of course watching her stumble still half asleep was a bit cute to watch.
Recruit isn’t gonna do anything, so it’s up to Nino to take initiative. The swimsuit she’s wearing is very sexy for her, and her embracing of Recruit is excellent. I still think she’s this competition’s best.


I’m painfully jealous, here, guys and girls. Seemingly innocent white dress that’s just a little bit showy, come hither eyes, back arched ever so slightly, how on earth is her partner just sitting there?! Ahem.. normally I’m a sweet, cute romance type but I have a gut feeling, if you will, that Stocking is taking some very good lessons from her sister Panty, and they might just see her through to the next round.
I don’t even know what Stocking was wearing! I lost my train of thought after she jumped on Saeko and attempted to try and pull that apron off, maybe Stocking thought Saeko was a cook?! She probably wanted a fight, thankfully we have guards to drag the crazy ones away. She sure worked the theme this round.
Stocking’s got a nice bod, I’ve probably said each round. But here, it’s the eyes that do it for me. Those bedroom eyes are glossing over the guy in the room in favor of us, the viewer. The sultry look and sexy nightie should get her thru to the next round.

4. Eliminated! 

Adorable, but maybe too adorable? We already have a soft and gentle Senjou, and a strong and fierce Stocking, so I can see why she might have not opted for similar looks, even though she suits them much better. We may not see this girl next round, which is a shame.
Whoa! Damn I have to say it was still very nice wasn’t it, Jrow? Coming out in just an apron sure is daring, then again who would question Saeko? You might end up with a few broken bones. She was a bit shy standing on stage, but I don’t blame her that outfit was really distracting.
It was Fosh, except she looked even more cartoony than usual. Saeko looks adorable here. I don’t usually associate Saeko with that word, but she looks the most girly I’ve ever seen from her. I think the visual style might spell her end unfortunately.

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Just for clarification, this is family love than the other love. This is definitely his best shot but he still got on top?! Our readers are definitely very biased about him. I swear, I had thoughts of pairing him up with Tanuma or even Natori but I think one BL pic per shoot is enough for the audience! :3
…Hmmm, what can I say? Natsume looks totally apathetic here. Though if you count Reiko being there, I guess this does count as part of the ‘loved’ theme. … I’m just not as fond of this picture as I am some of the other ones here since Natsume doesn’t seem to care whatsoever.
Is that your grandmother? Your dead grandmother? No. Just no. It’s really giving the incest vibe everywhere. And how the heck can Natsume keep a wrinkle-free face when he’s winking? There’s no way your face can be that smooth when you’re winking. Bad, Natsume. Just… Bad.


This is my second favourite shot after Gintoki one. Rin and Shiemi are sharing a very lovable glance that is knowing and cute. Very adorable indeed.
Out of all of the Bishounen division this time, I have to say that Rin’s is the most “D’awwwww~” worthy. The choice of colour coordination was nice here and the two look like they’re in their own little world~.
Finally a wedding picture. The tender expression both of you are giving to each other is just perfect for this theme. I can really feel the rabu rabu in this photo. The outfits are really gorgeous too! And that blue rose, NNNGGGHH.


This is my favourite out of the lot and I dub it ‘the flame of love’. Sometimes, even without saying a word you can literally portray your emotions to the other with your eyes. This is that moment. (Btw, Kara, this is Tsukuyo, who first appeared in episode 139.)
…Er, so does this picture show spoilers? I don’t think I’ve seen the woman in this photograph in Gintama before. Ever. That aside, I guess they make a good couple? Though it looks like Gin is going to be burning her hand with that flame pretty soon if he doesn’t move it. Overall, a pretty good couple picture with a more adult feel to it. Go Gin!
That is one awesome photo shoot. Both of you guys look like a badass mafia couple, but no worries that’s a good thing. Both of you guys seem to be into this photo shoot. It’s as if you two are in your own world. The lightning, the shade, everything’s perfect here, and I’m saying this not because of my Gintama bias.

4. Eliminated!

I found this pic after painstaking searching people! I am sad that Date’s being eliminated. But I can take Date home now. If Yukimura joins in, three would be a party… Buhawahahahaaa. /gets chased for being too forward
…And then anaaga completely lost her faith in humanity. Actually, I’m pretty surprised that Date is being voted out now. This picture is probably one of Date’s best (and no, I’m not saying that just because of the yaoi). It’s a shame he has to go, but I guess smoking and grandmothers are more popular.
I approve. No flaw. Great pose. This is perfection, and you guys SUCK for not choosing this. Don’t judge me

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Congratulations Saeko and Date for…wait, no, you didn’t win anything. You’re eliminated. Hmm, that kind of sucks now, doesn’t it? Now that their dreams have been stamped on over and over and over (and over), let us look towards the bright future of our remaining sextet of models. Each one of them still has a shot at becoming Metanorn’s NEXT. TOP. MODEL!
Elimination is becoming harder as the contestants are dwindling. This voting specifically was so close that it’s not even funny. Oh man, if top five was tough, the three remaining would become quite problematic. So, people, you know what to do. VOTE FOR THE ONES YOU SUPPORT! Get your friends to do it too because the finals are not that far away! Till next episode, ja ne~


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12 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 5th Elimination”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Saeko’s been eliminated from the contest?!! NOOOO!! I knew this day would come eventually. Now all my hopes for the bishoujo category rests with Senjougahara who has a monstrously strong chance of winning the whole division.

    Rin’s still in the game. Hang in there!!! I’ve got a lot of bias riding on the blue flamed half demon. I hope he pulls through.

  2. Toori-chan says:

    Oh, Saeko is finally out of the game? Well, the photo was too adorable for the theme and is therefore selected out. It’s obvious for Senjougahara and Nino to be the top for this theme. They are more experience in love than the others.

    Date lost to Gintoki by 7 votes? This shows that the Yaoi group is still on minority among voters. Natsume and Rin’s fans are going all out for this round. 3 votes differ. *whistles*

    Senjougahara and Nino will hit the Bishoujo Finals if there isn’t any flashy moves from Stocking. But it’s hard to say for the Bishounens. All three of them have the possibilities to be in the finale but Natsume have the biggest popularity among fans (not to mention the boss lady as well).

  3. Kitty says:

    For the record I voted for Date!!!! He is hot beyond belief, I dunno how he did not win, then again Natsume is pretty awesome and the last season really uped his status. Interested to see how he will face against Rin.

  4. Namika says:

    FINALLY that cow is gone >O< Sorry to all Saeko fans out there(and here) but she irritates me to no end. There is justice in this world, after all =w=

    • Toori-chan says:

      I agree. I’ve been waiting for that ‘Meat’ to pack and go. No offense to fans.

  5. Overcooled says:

    How did Date…lose to Natsume…?

  6. anaaga says:

    I’m going to hunt those who didn’t vote for Date
    Seriously, that pic is great ='(

    But he’s eliminated
    I don’t wana live on this planet anymore

    • Karakuri says:

      Lolol you can go live with Hato on whatever planet he lives on now since Sawako was eliminated. ….I think I’ll join you as well since Barnaby is long gone.

  7. Alynn says:

    Ughh Date! Whyyyy. ;_;

    Okay I’ll just sit here.

  8. tatsuya says:


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