Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 08

Seems like Yukina watched Breaking Dawn last weekend

I’ve been waiting for this episode and tagging it with anaaga~ You know the charm of Yukina is not that he exudes sparkles like Edward (I would only eww to that), but just because he’s a handsome comely fellow. Isn’t there something awesome about the Bookstore guy? I know I’m not the only one thinking this. So, join our babble for this episode, which steers away from the episode many times. xD
Howdy guys! It’s finally that episode, where I’m pretty sure some of you guys have been waiting for. Though I don’t know why you guys are so excited about it *le sigh* I can understand Yukina, but what’s so great about Kisa? Anyhow, let’s get this started, Tenchou!


Anaaga: FABULOUS. His clothes~

Kyokai: OH THE SPARKLES. The stuff I love about Yukina xD

Anaaga: LOL. Is it because of the sun? xD

Kyokai: He’s actually Edward.  He reflects light

Anaaga: LOL the sparkles are sticking on him!?

Kyokai: Kisa, you are so pale. So worn out, so old. Tsk

Anaaga: Yukina so cute

Kyokai: WHATTTT? Kisa is undoing HIS BUTTONS?!

Anaaga: HAHA straight to sex

Kyokai: Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. SURE. Suck face and such

Anaaga: Ow maaaaaannnn

Kyokai: Nobohiko OKAMOTOOOOOOO as uke bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dream come true xD

Anaaga: What’s his other roles? :O

Kyokai: Rin from Aoex, Accelerator from Index

Anaaga: Oh that’s so uke

Kyokai: Main guy from kamisama dolls, Eiji from bakuman

Anaaga: LOL OK I didn’t imagine that last two. Bro, I want sex. Not food

Kyokai: This is the edited world 🙁 Dude, the food looks good though

Anaaga: Ok I want the food now. Look so tasty

Kyokai: THE BILL WORLD. I hate this BILL/EDITED WORLD. People need more sex damn it

Anaaga: *snort* stupid bill. We used to have at least hinted part of Takano grabbing Ritsu, but now NO MORE

Kyokai: I know right? Dx Kisa is so cuteeee

Anaaga: Kisa? -.- He’s so insecure

Kyokai: When he was pouting and all sad, it looked cute to me. He is of course

Anaaga: Oh yeah, that of course xD

Kyokai: He’s being understanding, AHO. It’s not like he’s bumping other asses >.> The thing that pisses me off about ukes are their insecurities

Anaaga: Right? The whole episode is only about them nagging and the end “Oops, I misunderstood!”


Anaaga: Lol “stuff”

Kyokai: His internal thoughts, I wonder, if this will continue throughout the episode…

Anaaga: Probably


Anaaga: YES YOU ARE. Lol that cloud above. I don’t understand art

Kyokai: Not much here except for some cool ones

Anaaga: That’s just abstract rght? Splash stuff, there you’re done

Kyokai: Yeah, depends on different people’s perception

Anaaga: Then I pretend I die, then my painting will be famous. Heh

Kyokai: Oh, you little precious thing Kisa

Anaaga: Kisa sounds like a stalker now….

Kyokai: DAT KISS I really liked that KISS

Anaaga: Man I LOVE that kiss


Anaaga: Yep, the surrounding is just so right :3 For the kiss xD

Kyokai: The music and all. Best of the first season, right?



Anaaga: That’s cute

Kyokai: Imagine, us fangirling about kisses now. This is so sad. It’s become a sad, sad world now D:

Anaaga: Don’t make me think about that 🙁

Kyokai: Paaah SANDOWS? LULZZZZ. Next one would be FINUX


Kyokai: DUUUUUDEEEE HE LOVES YOU. Why would he get mad? AHO

Anaaga: I bet when he’s mad, Kisa’s gona get mad too

Kyokai: Is that an invitation from Hogwarts?

Anaaga: LOL You’ve been chosen by Dumberldore

Kyokai: Bwahahahaaa. Be his personal pet. For this term at least

Anaaga: Did he just say “bimbo”?

Kyokai: That translates to poor xD Married? Like hell. Friend, you are not being a friend at all. Stop making him more confused, idiot!

Anaaga: What’s this, men gossiping in the phone?

Kyokai: Srsly. And people blame us >.>

Anaaga: Gossip Boys

Kyokai: Next ghey serial by DEEN

Anaaga: Fuu, this dude’s apartment looks pretty nice

Kyokai: Call each other sometime. Stop texting all the time

Anaaga: Yeah right? Instead of texting. Talk about being super cheap

Kyokai: Srsly. Hearing the other’s voice is a lift up too. You can’t say all the things you want to say on text

Anaaga: That phone is huge




Anaaga: Ok what’s with this BGM

Kyokai: Weird+sad

Anaaga: Creepy



Kyokai: Bossing people around, ALWAYS. Shittttttttt

Anaaga: Damn

Kyokai: He didn’t text him. He’ll be waiting forever

Anaaga: Only now he calls….

Kyokai: DANNNGGGG I feel sorry for Kisa

Anaaga: I guess this is a first for him

Kyokai: HAHAHAAAA. That expression was awesome


Kyokai: Kisa, you are soooo precious, my precciousssssssssssss. This should be said by Yukina though

Anaaga: You don’t want me to imagine you acitng like Golem

Kyokai: NOOOOOOOOO. Don’t xD That would be so creeeeepeh. Good on ya, Kisa. Take the initiative

Anaaga: D’aawww

Kyokai: Catch Yukina off guard

Anaaga: Fabulous

Kyokai: WHAT?




Kyokai: I hate misunderstandings. Shit. It ended. WTF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Yukina Yukina and only Yukina:

End Thoughts:

Anaaga: Did they went to a… red-light district?

Kyokai: To get a room? I don’t think so. I’ll give Yukina the benefit of the doubt, but DAMNNNNN

Anaaga: I dunno, maybe that woman is Yukina’s friend

Kyokai: Should be his friend or colleague at work

Anaaga: It’s ALWAYS a friend

Kyokai: YESSS This is yaoi after all, misunderstanding is the key and jumps to conclusion

Anaaga: The uke just misunderstands. You don’t cheat in yaoi, only losers cheat

Kyokai: YESSS. I dunno, why things are going right, stupid delays like Yamada happens. It’s so typical

Anaaga: It’s for dorama :3 Meh, I was kind of sleepy in the first half of this. Kisa was just bleeeeeeeeeehhhhhh

Kyokai: He was talking to much with inner monologue. When you over analyze stuff, this happens >.> I would have liked MOAR Yukina. I missed YUKINA =3= I WANTED MORE SPARKLES!

Anaaga: Seems like next week will be full of him, no worries

Kyokai: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I CAN’T WAITTTTTTT. Though, no sex; let’s not even talk about it, what’s the point, anyway?

Anaaga: Yeah 🙁 We’re just gona roll on the ground crying T____T

Kyokai: But let’s give the fangirls some news, right? Ai no Kusabi releasing in Winter. Jan 18 to be exact. Lots of HNNNNGGG in it


Kyokai: SAME HERE. It’s such a classic. I can’t wait to see how much they have improved in animation. Loved the character design before so srsly looking forward

Anaaga: They BETTER be good. This thing is golden


Anaaga: Though I know I’m going to bawl at the end

Kyokai: Yeah ;__; Bittersweet. Lots of complications

Anaaga: Ow man thinking about it now T______T

Kyokai: I wish, I could get its full translation somewhere so that I finish the story but only managed to find 5 chapters

Anaaga: It’s licensed right?

Kyokai: Yeah, but I can’t order from amazon here so it sucks

Anaaga: there’s eManga?

Kyokai: Is there?

Anaaga: They rent manga (mostly yaoi) to your computer. Maybe they have Ai no Kusabi

Kyokai: They don’t, I just checked =3=

Anaaga: BOOO >.<

Kyokai: I would have paid for it toooooo. Anyways, back to SIH2

Anaaga: LOL yea . It was kind of bleh. I keep rolling my eyes on Kisa

Kyokai: Kisa should have been more assertive

Anaaga: Yep

Kyokai: They put too much sparkles on yukina but that’s alright to me xD

Anaaga: It’s the sun xD

Kyokai: I think it’s the uke syndrome, they have to misunderstand and overthink things. It’s in their genes. Pick any uke and you’ll have these two features ingrained in them srsly >.>

Anaaga: Yep. they’re always like that x( I know very few who aren’t xD

Kyokai: And there’s always a friend, building up misunderstandings. All is right in the world then xD

Anaaga: Or some third party who wants to rape you

Kyokai: Hahahaaaaaaaaaa yes. They want to steal you awayyyyyyy

Anaaga: It’s just that I don’t get Kisa. Or I’m too logical? Can’t he just stop panicking then tell Takano he has to make a text?

Kyokai: He’s insecure. We won’t understand him because we are not

Anaaga: That could prevent the whole misunderstanding

Kyokai: Yeah, but he is a worry wart, and that change came at the wrong time stupid yamadaaaaaaaaah

Anaaga: Oh well, he’s an uke after all. Logic? WHAT’S LOGIC?

Kyokai: YES Exactly xD Not in his dictionary, no sir

Anaaga: Maybe its Yamada from Working xD She became a mangaka xD

Kyokai: I was just going to say that xD She got all those ghey vibes in the kitches, so she thought to make one up. But sorry, Yamadah writes shoujo right?

Anaaga: Yeah, that’s Emerald

Kyokai: So, maybe her models were Inami and Takanashi

Anaaga: not the yaoi section xD

Kyokai: yeah, saaaaaaad

Anaaga: Or Sato and Yachiyo :3

Kyokai: Yeah but that’s unrequited love =3= IT SHOULD BE THE YAOI SECTION because everyone there is GHEYYY

Anaaga: Yaoi section was mentioned actually but in Yokozawa’s novel xD and girls work there xD

Kyokai: LOOOL I knew it. Fangirls squeezing. Seems about right xD I remember this job came for VizMedia a while ago for asst. marketing manager of the yaoi dept. The job description was so hilarious that I wanted to apply just for the heck of it. Things like, they should not be turned off by Boy vs boy manga, they have to see all prototypes of stories being developed, and think marketing plans for them

Anaaga: Ah, I remember that advertisement xD My twitter friend got the job :3

Kyokai: Srsly?!

Anaaga: Yep

Kyokai: Damn, that’s AWESOME. Best job ever

Anaaga: I heard they’ll release yaoi around December, and you can buy it digitally from your laptop

Kyokai: Is that digital manga you are talking about

Anaaga: That’s another one. This is SuBLIME Manga. Digital manga is the emanga thing

Kyokai: Oh niice. Also a shoutout to Chrono from THAT, who’s sporting a cute Yukina DP and wanted this episodic ASAP! xD


Kyokai: That looks intence and awesome

Anaaga: Yukina looks so mad AND STILL HOT

Kyokai: Angry Yukina > Sparkly Yukina. ’nuff said

Anaaga: I second that >: 3

Kyokai: He will go all SEME on Kisa. Fangirls, rejoice~ xD

Anaaga: But still, no sex 🙁

Kyokai: Yeah. We should have a disclaimer. There is NO SEX in SIH

Anaaga: Man, there should be a yaoi-anime only studio there 🙁

Kyokai: Yes, like SHAFT. I wish they would make yaoi xD They have the name down at least with the slogan: “And you were shafted like this never before.”


Kyokai: I get the weirdest jokes after watching/reading yaoi

Anaaga: Pervy Kyo is pervy

Kyokai: Bwahahahaaa. Everyone is. They just don’t admit it.

Anaaga: True. I wonder why. Or I’m too open. HEH

Kyokai: Open your MIND, as Morpheus would say~ xD


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  1. Foshizzel says:

    Trolololol this chat is amazing and hilarious! The ending comments pervy Kyo for the win!! xDD

  2. Kitty says:

    I dunno why Kisa is so CONCERNED that they are both guys…. isn’t he ACTUALLY supposed to be gay, unlike wish-washy Ritsu? Loved the beginning, nice to see the uke take some sex initiative for once. Kinda went downhill from there… that ending really upset me!! How could Yukina not see him sitting there? Unless, his is getting angry like Kisa suggested, but still…. ;_; *huggles Kisa*

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