Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 07

Anaaga‘s face when Hato agreed to watch yaoi with her and Zabobinator

I’ll be honest. I’m a little frightened. I’ve been told this is something called a ‘Yaoi’. I don’t know if that should be pronounced with a ‘Y’ or a ‘J’. I think it might be a ‘J’. In any case I’ve heard all the girls like it, and I generally like stuff that girls like. Maybe I’ll like this…?
Well, well. This should be an interesting tag seeing as the great Hato is joining us. I’m excited to see what he’s going to think of the greatness that is yaoi…
Ow man Hato’s going to watch yaoi with me and waifu. I got nothing to say except that I’M SO EXCITED.

We all love suits

Hato: Okay, so everyone knows I have no idea what’s going on

Anaaga: It’s ok

Zabobinator: Of course you don’t…I hate alarm clocks. WOOH SUITS!!! I LOVE SUITS!

Hato: Suits, oh God. My one weakness

Anaaga: SEXY

Hato: Good God, I can tell right now. That I might kill myself by the end of this.

Zabobinator: Yah probably. I wouldn’t be surprised. Suits are sexy.

Anaaga: Yeah, Especially if they do some suit making out in yaoi…

Hato: So what is the plot? What can I expect?

Anaaga: A guy met his first love (his boss), and his boos is chasing after his ass

Zabobinator: Lol I read boos as boobs. Just saying…


Hato: From the opening it seems to be that they go to kiss, then they don’t. And one blushes

Zabobinator: That’s kind of how it is… How astute of you… “I’ve been wondering…but are you two having awesome, smexy sex on the side?” LOL “work of the night” = WHORE.

Hato: I thought she was gonna ask something like that

Zabobinator: I know right? xD

That question sounds wrong

Hato: They stand on corners. New Years Party? Oh dear. They’ll get drunk. Ritsu? He’s not as cool as K-ON Ritsu.

Zabobinator: Ah man… My mom’s bossy like that over the phone too…

Anaaga: Damn girls


Hato: So his mum doesn’t know he’s gay?

Zabobinator: Nope.

Hato: Or is he gay?

Anaaga: “Yo ritsu, MAKE BABIES FOR ME.” He’s super straight

Hato: Like, actually?

Zabobinator: Yah. So straight that it’s curvy.

Hato: Right xD

Zabobinator: LOL

Anaaga: LOL

Hato: Oh yep, at the same place. Of course.

Zabobinator: What a coincidence~

Anaaga: ffff mom why mom

Zabobinator: I love the facial expressions in this show. xD

Anaaga: Precious moments. Ritsu’s not that old to make babies…. ER I mean make a girl pregnant. So he shouldn’t get married

Hato: How old are they?

Anaaga: Their 20s

Hato: That’s perfectly fine

Zabobinator: Dahahaha.

Anaaga: DUDE TAKANO :9

Zabobinator: He’s BLUSHING~ Takano’s jealous.

Anaaga: Jealous seme is jealous

Zabobinator: Very jealous.

Hato: Does boss know he’s hot for him?

Anaaga: Boss is first love

Zabobinator: Boss has the hots for him.

Anaaga: He chases after subordinate’s ass

Zabobinator: And he thinks that Ritsu likes him back but just doesn’t wanna admit it. I.e., he knows Ritsu’s a massive tsundere.

Hato: So what’s the problem? The fact that he’s the boss?

Zabobinator: Nah. Ritsu’s a tsundere. He doesn’t wanna admit that he loves Takano too.

Hato: Is it a triangle?

Zabobinator:  Eh….sort of.

Anaaga: Square

Takano is not amused with Ritsu having a flashback with a female

Zabobinator: Oh god, they’re sparkling…

Hato: Why are they sparkling…?

Zabobinator: Cuz they’re attractive. Duh.

Anaaga: Edward’s relatives, That Twilight dude


Hato: If the art was better…

Zabobinator: Oh Ritsu…

Anaaga: YOKOZAWA’S SEMEEEEEEEEEE. Did you see that waifu!?

Zabobinator: Yes, I did. xD

Hato: Don’t do anything offensive? He’s going to offend everyone

Zabobinator: LOL. He’s well behaved….

Hato: HE’S A MAN

Zabobinator: YEP.

Hato: Shock horror.


Zabobinator: It’s not a shock. Every single man in this show is gay. As hell.

There must be a sun somewhere in that room


Anaaga: Ritsu got the oldies

Zabobinator: Cougars. The lot of them.

Hato: They’re totally trying to get him drunk


Hato: Totally. Wtf was that.

Zabobinator: It’s fanservice for the ladies.

Anaaga: Something that’s supposed to be sweet. Fu Yokozawa

Zabobinator: Yokozawa~

Anaaga: Fine, I like him now. Heh

Zabobinator: Of course you do. Cuz you identify with him, as a fellow uke. ;D

Anaaga: Oh god Yokozawa why yuh a bitch

Hato: What’s his problem

Zabobinator: He’s a sore loser.

Yeah, Yokozawa’s face makes Sad Face Guy looks happy 

Haters to the left

Hato: He looks like a cunt.

Anaaga: Owww Yokozawa

Zabobinator: UKE MOMENT~

Anaaga: Cuz looking is something special in yaoi

Zabobinator: Yep.

Anaaga: God clingy girl. Ima bazooka her

Hato: Silly girls.


Hato: Rittie…? Who the hell voices her. She sounds annoying.

Zabobinator: Clingy. Stop being so clingy. Oh my god.

Anaaga: I dunno. Girls don’t matter in yaoi

Zabobinator: Pretty much. xD

Hato: Slut

Anaaga: LOL That’s what I thought too

Hato: Dun dun dun


Anaaga: Shit Hato’s making me laugh now damn it I need to fangirl

Hato: Yes. He’s in love with the penis.

Zabobinator: Yep. Amen to that.

Hato: Girl, It’s because you have a vag.

Zabobinator: He don’t want none o’ dat.

Hato: She’s got too many holes.

Anaaga: Flapping gums… Fap fap fap

Zabobinator: …Stoppit waifu. This is a serious moment xD

Anaaga: Yes, just go gurl

Takano has this weird hobby to eavesdrop at Ritsu. Stalker much?

“Her vagina or my penis. CHOOSE.”


Anaaga: Car sex. Man, need another car sex

Hato: The hardest of sex.

Zabobinator: Car sex would be nice… HI MOMMY!

Anaaga: “I ditched An for a penis, mom”

Zabobinator: “Sorry~”

Hato: She could’ve just put on a fake moustache and worn a strap on

Zabobinator: Strap on

Anaaga: LOL

Zabobinator: LOL Great minds think alike. xD

Hato: Great minds think alike, Zab.

Zabobinator: LOLOL HAHHAHA


Zabobinator: OH MY GOD



Hato: Literally choking on my chicken right now. Let me in, eh?

Anaaga: All I can hear from ritsu is “do me”

Zabobinator: His butt is calling out to Takano~

Hato: Have they hooked up before.

Anaaga: Yeah. lots of times

Zabobinator: So why go this giant was around


Hato: That wasn’t needed.

Zabobinator:  Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex~

Anaaga: Fuck I miss the fangirling on the kiss. THIS IS YOUR FAULT HATO

Hato: Raaape

Zabobinator GO GO GO GO GO GO GO:

Hato: Dear lord. Please no.


Hato: Goddamn it. Three minutes to go

Anaaga: That’s a blowjob right there

Hato: He obviously doesn’t last long.

Zabobinator: Clearly…

Anaaga: Three minutes, jesus

Zabobinator: Dude he looks high.

Hato: Did he just quiver?

Zabobinator: Yes.

Anaaga: That doesn’t look comfortable.

Hato: LOL. They had sexxxx~

Anaaga: Shit Ritsu. Nasty

Hato: No one is smoking. So obviously not.

Anaaga: LOL…I never smoke…


Hato: Club, lol.



Hato: Whores whores whores

Extra Screenshots:

Cutest blush Ritsu ever had


TAKANO Y U NO STRIP YOUR PANTSU? #strippinglikeaboss

“I recorded the noise you guys made last night!”


End Thoughts:

Zabobinator: Ah man, this show~

Hato: Something tells me I won’t watch more of that

Anaaga: …I actually imagined An-chan with a strap-on….



Zabobinator: WAIFU. STOP.

Anaaga: Your fault

Hato: Me too…No


Hato: I kid.

Zabobinator: OH MY GOD GUYS.

Hato: It’s a joke.

Zabobinator: No it’s not. You’re totally imagining it right now.xD

Hato: How do those even work? Like, I literally have no idea.

Anaaga: I dunno. You strap it right?

Hato: With like a belt?

Anaaga: Based on the name

Zabobinator: Yah. It’s like a belt. You just strap it on. Don’t. Ask me. How I know that.

Anaaga: ….. I gotta talk to you in private waifu

Hato: Zab has a strap-on.

Zabobinator: Do not. I do not have one.

Hato: She hails from the Isle of Lesbos.

Zabobinator: Oh my god… I’m happily married, thanks much. Plus, you bought it waifu.

Anaaga: WAIT WHUT. You were mumbling about it in your sleep!

Zabobinator: Was not.

Anaaga: Yes you were. I always look at your face when you sleep


Hato: Okay, getting creepy.

Anaaga: YEP. Holy shit I wrote something so fuckin creepy D:

Zabobinator: Love you waifu.

Anaaga: Me too <3

Zabobinator: So how was it for you, Hato? xD

Hato: Not as bad I was thought it would be

Zabobinator: Yah?

Hato: But still wouldn’t watch it

Anaaga: Why noot? D:

Hato: They all seemed clueless and stupid. And the animation and art hurt me.

Zabobinator: Hahaha. I can see how you would get that imprsesion… Yah! What’s with the animation this episode? It’s normally better. T_T

Anaaga: True. The art is, well… let’s just say the author did improved herself

Hato: They looked like rectangles

Anaaga: It’s for identifying semes and ukes. The bottoms have sharp chins, the tops have flat chins

Zabobinator: Yah. She’s got a system going…

Hato: That’s weird

Anaaga: Bottoms also got this huge ping pong eyes, and tops have slits for their eyes. Btw Hato, you got huge eyes

Hato: I do. Bright and blue as well. Nice long eyelashes.

Anaaga: And sharp chin. Well not sharp, but not flat either

Zabobinator: Could go either way, really. …So that means Hato’s versatile?

Hato: Oh yeah, totally.

Anaaga: Pretty hair. I don’t think you could call my hair pretty now

Hato: It was ;___;

Zabobinator: It’s short. xD

Hato: It was pretty? Really?

Anaaga: Yep. I totally dig your hair

Hato: First I’ve heard that one. Once the sides grow out a bit it’ll be a bit better.

Anaaga: OK. YAOI. I ended up laughing at the touching moments…. Supposedly…

Hato: They didn’t seem too ‘touching’. They just seemed really awkward.

Zabobinator: I always laugh. xD It’s so bad sometimes… Like, you can tell that they’re pandering to the fangirls. But it’s so great at the same time. xD

Hato: It’s like they aren’t even trying. They just want fangirls.

Zabobinator: Yah…

Anaaga: I didn’t even squee at the kiss. I. Just. Laughed

Hato: I was actually having a swig of Mountain Dew at the time.

Anaaga: Oh shush, I’m starving and thirsty right now

Zabobinator: I’m sitting in the corner of my common room right now. Because I didn’t want anybody in my room to see what I was watching. So I couldn’t really laugh… I was gonna go sit in my closet. But the irony of sitting “in the closet” was a little too much for me…

Anaaga: You must have a huge one. Closet, I mean

Zabobinator: Yah…

Hato: I actually made a video with Cory today about coming out of the closet.

Zabobinator: LOL How appropriate xD

Hato: Totally.

Anaaga: Mine is small. I can’t even get inside ;___; Er, closet

Hato: Suuuuure.

Zabobinator: I have two fridges in mine…… Oh. We’re making innuendos here? That one…is not applicable.

Hato: My one leaks.

Zabobinator: …Leaks…

Hato: So it’s moist a lot of the time.


Anaaga: Isn’t it slippery then?


Hato: Ugh, I hate that word. It’s so disgusting.

Zabobinator: Can we….stop…. I’m about to burst out laughing. And everybody on my floor’s asleep. xD

Anaaga: You can go in the closet

Hato: What do you keep in the fridges, Zab?

Zabobinator: Food!

Hato: Boring.

Zabobinator: …Sorry…

Hato: This should’ve been an audio review.

Zabobinator: LOL. It should’ve. xD So awkward…

Hato: Dude. You don’t know the meaning of awkward. ..Unless you were there for the Koe de Oshigoto watch. Were you?

Zabobinator: …Yah. No. Pass.

Hato: Okay, lol

Hato: Final thoughts. I thought it wasn’t that bad. Not as bad as thought. But I wouldn’t watch it

Zabobinator: Hehe. I love this show. xD

Hato: Because I can barely keep up with anything else.

Zabobinator: Hahaha yah. Real life kills us all. xD

Anaaga: The whole point of this is tu run away from reality. Ow man, you should never watch this then. This episode is bearable compared to the rest. And these are the all right guys too

Zabobinator: Yah seriously. XD


Anaaga: Next week is (finally) the slutty editor. Thanks Hato. I’ll definitely do another yaoi with you

Hato: I’m oh so glad to hear it.

Anaaga: The one with sex scene if it’s possible

Zabobinator: LOL xD poor Hato…

Hato: Sex, really. It’s totally not my forte.


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8 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 07”

  1. Kitty says:

    Thank you for pointing out Yokazawa’s seme for me! Man that episode was awesome! But some many things went wrong! I’m just glad Takano heard THE WHOLE conversation Ritsu had with the girl and not walk away during half of it leading to very bad things…. like some animes like to pull! Looking forward to Kou and Shouta! I missed them!

    • anaaga says:

      Teheh, I’m so glad Kirishma is in this episode :3 Btw, if you want to read Yokozawa’s novel, you can go here. It’s completed already:

      When I read the manga, I was surprised that Takano didn’t run off half-way the conversation. Cuz, you know, most anime do that…Then they misunderstand, then there’s more drama, yada yada… The drama is not that dramatic I guess? xD I’m just glad Takano didn’t misunderstood :3

  2. Kyokai says:

    Another one bites the dust for fujoshis. Now NO meta guys are left. Damn, I need to hire new people. :3

  3. Namika says:

    Anaaga, Zabobinator, you guys are my heroes !!! I couldn’t dream of making any of my friends watch yaoi. Male OR felame TT^TT
    and I want to watch this so bad too……… *sulking*

    • anaaga says:

      it’s not that hard to make guys to watch yaoi. Here are the steps:

      1) Be friends with them
      2) tell them you’re open-minded, so you watch any genre of anime
      3) tell them being open-minded is important
      4) ask them to watch yaoi for the purpose of education OR for the purpose of being an open-minded
      5) If they refuse, tell them they have no balls

      Viola. You’re done.
      And you can watch this right? Why aren’t you watching it? D=

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