Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 06

Vivi from Sekijitsu, I choose you!”

Hello, this is Vivi! (from Sekijitsu /shamelessplug) It’s my first time tag teaming, but not my first time blogging so it’s okay! I GOT THIS! Well, not really, but luckily I have the lovely Anaaga here to watch Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi with me and to guide me~ Yay! Let’s get started, shall we? Aaah my aunt’s cat is calling me, brb
As you can see here, I’ve managed to kidnap Vivi into my wonderful yaoi circle for this season. It didn’t take a long time to drag here into this tag since both of us love it when boys do things with other boys in manga and anime. I promise I’ll make her talk a lot here >:3

Anaaga: Whee whee the opening looks more colorful now

Vivi: The OP is so cute haha

Anaaga: What I don’t get in the OP is how Takano is tangled with vines. Is that a cosplay or something? Doesn’t it hurt?

Vivi: It represents the intensity of love…

Anaaga: Oooh so they’re so “intense” to the point they have vines as clothes?

Vivi: LOL yes, that is how intense they are. Bondage-intense!

Anaaga: OMG IT’S A tree

Vivi: So many trees and flowers and nature-y things…

Anaaga: Jeez Isaka all he did was patting the head. I need a slave like Asahina.

Vivi: That is zabbb. Asahina isn’t exactly the best slave around lol.

Anaaga: God he’s like a naggy grandmom. Why do they always censor crotch? I want to see. Isaka’s definitely slimmier than me. THAT CURVE.

Vivi: Stupid guy has a slimmer waist than me…

Anaaga: Me too ;_; Phone call! Wait did the dad ask for asahina instead of his son? LOL

Vivi: Yep!! JELLY. Dad x Asahina ….

Anaaga: Asahina is a jijiphilia. He likes ’em fruit old.

Vivi: Oyaji moe~ Oh no, sad flashback )=

Anaaga: I’m laughing

Vivi: “I was in love with him.” Aaaaaaaaaaaw

Anaaga: *giggle* I’m mean

Vivi: You’re a jerk… /sniff

Anaaga: Yaoi fangirls in the office. LOL we can be best friends with them

Vivi: Those girls are us!! Fujoshi friends ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Anaaga: Gossipers are the ones who always smoke and drink coffee in the anime

Vivi: Really? Haha. Akihiko sounds familiar….LOL

Anaaga: THAT HOUSE. just how big is Japan? USAMIIIIII (L)

Vivi: Hey is that Usagi-sensei?!?!?! CROSSOVER !!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Anaaga: *squeal* Usami was so polite. Was.

Vivi: Was…. Lol so much brooding…

Anaaga: This guy is emo. He needs to get some.

Vivi: Yes, that is the only way to be happy in yaoi. To do it everyday.

Anaaga: SEX is the answer of world peace

Vivi: Ooh !! You are a genius! OOOOH


Vivi: He should use his forehead to check!!!

Anaaga: RIGHT!? even they do that in non-yaoi!… “My crotch hurts…”



Vivi: AAAAAH lkfajs;lfdanfasdf




Vivi: Stupid oyaji!! OOOOOOOOOOH

Anaaga: REVERSE RAPE!? OW MAN. He said the word. More brooding. God.

Vivi: Yeah, ukes seem to brood a lot. Like gay Ikari Shinjis… Or am I being redundant?


Vivi: oooh THE TREE has significance! Throughout the years it didn’t grow at all, huh?

Anaaga: that’s what I’m wondering. Oh my god, giving a tree to a guy? that’s so cheesy.


Anaaga: He’s soaking wet, Asahina! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO

Vivi: Dry his tears and rain with your body ♥

Anaaga: Make him warm with your bodeh~




Anaaga: “I’m sorry to be rude but I LOVE YOU.” THAT’S SO CUTE

Vivi: SO CUTE omg I need tissues


Vivi: H-homo stuff now

Anaaga: “Dry me” *nosebleed* AAAAAWWWW KISSSSUUUUUUUUUUU

Vivi: Lol it looks kind of weird when people kiss in this show

Anaaga: They’re supposed to have sex in the shower…. NUOOOOOOOOOOOO T_____________T

Vivi: NOOOOO (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Anaaga: Asahina’s clothes is fabulous

Vivi: Fabulous max~~

Anaaga: Aww Usami (L) Next door? DUDE Usami lives in a mansion! There’s only forest around it!

Vivi: oooooh ED

Anaaga: Awww it ends ;____; Sexy bunnies

Vivi: Hehe my favorite couple is the bookstore guy and the young-looking editor

Anaaga: That slutty editor?

Vivi: Yes…

Anaaga: LOL sorry, can’t help it

Extra Isaka and Asahina love:

Isaka’s getting himself some good BLOW #dirtypunintended #lamepun

Oh look, Vivi and me



Need…to resist…Pokemon joke…


End Thoughts:

Vivi: I would imagine people would be disappointed with the lack of homo e-e-eroticism, but I thought it was super cute

Anaaga: Dissapointed? I’M MAD (Date Masamune)

Vivi: LOL

Anaaga: Cuz i’m a fangirl who wants every single page of the manga to be in the anime too. But it was actually cute and not as bad as I thought it would be

Vivi: Yeah, it always sucks to see a crucial (?) part of the manga skipped in the anime haha. The brooding was a little boring though haha.

Anaaga: Asahina is sooooo emo. He’s like a little girl who lack best friend, so he’s ranting to the viewers

Vivi: Yeah LOL There’s not much of a difference between the younger him from the flashbacks and the older him huh? Still a little spoiled with some emo in it…

Anaaga: I like how Asahina confess though. It was SO ADORABLE. And polite too

Vivi: Yessssssssss. He took me by surprise when he said “I love you” !!

Anaaga: I knew he was going to confess, but that totally caught me off-guard. I thought Asahina was going to be emo until the end, suddenly Asahina confess

Vivi: Love conquers emoness it seems. Maybe it’s because Ryu was being really sad and wet so he had to man up ♥

Anaaga: Or Asahina’s just dense……

Vivi: Yeah, that too…

Anaaga: That confession is definitely a plus for Asahina. While Isaka’s just… meh…. I find it funny how Isaka’s at first was like “I need to be a novelist!” and after he hooks up with Asahina he’s like “I’ll stick with editorial.” So what does he wants really?

Vivi: I guess he just wants to be really good at something? LOL. Or since Asahina pretty much rejected his idea of being a novelist, he decided to excel his father in the editorial business…

Anaaga: Or maybe he sticks with editorial since Asahina becomes his secretary… So basically, all he needs is Asahina, and he’s mixing his job with his personal problem? Man, that 15 minutes ramble on wanting to become a novelist is in vain now

Vivi: Does business become a problem in the manga? Haha. Future episode revisiting the vain idea of being a novelist?

Anaaga: LOL he got into a fight with Asahina, then he’ll be like “….I should’ve become a novelist after all!”

Vivi: Haha lover’s quarrel… Asahina would probably scold him.

Anaaga: Or get mad at Asahina since he talks with a woman….

Vivi: Hmm sounds like another couple in this show, or the plot conflict of a thousand other yaois ahaha

Anaaga: Buuuut at least we get to see the younger Usami-san! :3 He was soooooooooo cuuttee!

Vivi: Very different from what we see in Junjou Romantica XD He has no lines under his eyes haha

Anaaga: Well even the Usami-sama ages xD Them lines-er, wrinkles!

Vivi: Consequences of staying up late from procrastinating as the deadline nears! It happens to all of us…

Anaaga: Lol Vivi is reminiscing

Vivi: I wonder if we’ll get to see Nowaki & Hiroki? Or the other couple?

Anaaga: I usually see Misaki if it’s a crossover, like Misaki sleeping while Ritsu’s in the train

Vivi: Aah yeah I remember that

Anaaga: Ooh there will be Misaki next week? I think. OH AND Yokozawa’s seme too! :3

Vivi: From Junjou Mistake? Oh wait haha

Anaaga: Yep, I think Isaka too xD Cuz next week is a new Year’s Party of the company

Vivi: That makes sense, so all of the employees & higher-ups should be there

Anaaga: Usami too maybe?

Vivi: I will keep my eyes open! It kind of surprised me to learn that Yokozawa was an uke but it makes sense I guess lol

Anaaga: Me too, but it was since he has a flat chin

Vivi: LOL

Anaaga: Cuz most Nakamura’s seme have flat chins. Then it turns out that yokozawa’s seme also has a flat chin. THIS IS A TRAP

Vivi: Very astounding observation!! Nakamura-sensei must have caught on to what she was doing and threw a curveball. She should throw in a reversible couple to shake things up yo


Vivi: ONE DAY….. (not)

Anaaga: But Usami doesn’t make noises. Lol noisy seme

Vivi: Hmm he talks though. Ukes are best when they moan and stuff right?? haha

Anaaga: Yeah but it’s no fun if ukes talk. And besides, how can he talk when….


Anaaga: I’ll stop here LOL

Vivi: You scared me there… LOL. It’s kind of cute when they can barely say stuff like… I-I love you. Aaah it makes me blush thinking of it haha

Anaaga:  Yeah, they are cute when they blush, but when they brood too much….. Like Isaka just now -.-

Vivi: Yes, and Ritsu & Shota in their respective episodes… Maybe Isaka the most lol

Anaaga: Or that Chiaki guy

Vivi: Ah yeah

Anaaga: He’s like so GGGRRR

Vivi: I was so mad when he dediced to go to that other guy’s house @_@ What a prima donna !

Anaaga: Yeah, he’s basically leading Yuu at that time. Part of me wishes that he get dumped by both of the semes that have crush on him. He’s that frustrating

Vivi: You mean half that was laughing at the sad flashback…… His indecisiveness was pretty frustrating though.

Anaaga: He makes Isaka look all right now. Every time I see an annoying uke, I’ll just compare him to Chiaki

Vivi: Ooh that bad? How would you rank the four from the show?

Anaaga: Ritsu’s number one obviously. He’s depressing at times, but I like his working spirit, and now he’s opening up to Takano. Wheee~ Two is Isaka, since he stops brooding in the end and he only has one story. Third is Chiaki I guess, since his background with Tori is solid. He has the shittiest personality ever though. Fourth is that young-looking editor…lol.

Vivi: Oh nooooooo Shota is my number one XDDD

Anaaga: Yah, but he likes ’em pretty boys >.<

Vivi: Who doesn’t…. LOL

Anaaga: And he slept around! what if he has AIDS? =(

Vivi: Just kidding, I know what you mean. It’s hard to like a promiscous person. But I figured it was because he was trying to fill a hole in his heart or something cheesy like that lol. Not really, idk haha

Anaaga: What I don’t get is how he can “fall in love” just by the face only >.< I guess Nakamura’s trying to tell us that love by sight is possible, but still…. >.<

Vivi: Aah yeah that was a little weird. “Falling in love” is a little too strong, it’s more like attraction. I like their couple because he was attracted by looks (like most people) but stayed together for love.

Anaaga: well, dating for knowing each other is definitely a plus, and Yukina’s hot too :9

Vivi: Yesssss his piercings are so coool

Anaaga: I like that part the most too! He manages to look like a god with them piercings on. And his killer smile *_*

Vivi: Murdering smile lol

Anaaga: Lol we’re definitely not talking about Asahina and Isaka anymore here xD

Vivi: Yeah…………………


Anaaga: Damn, next week isn’t bokostore guy

Vivi: Eeeeh who’s this girl? Fiance??

Anaaga: It’s An-chan tha stalker. Yes, fiance

Vivi: Aah I forgot about her. Poor girl LOL

Anaaga: Meh, girls don’t need to remember girls in yaoi. It’s all about the guys


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4 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 06”

  1. Kitty says:

    I actually rather enjoyed them. It was nice to see a struggling couple that ACTUALLY wanted each other. None of this do I want him, do I not want him crap ^_^ Very cute / sexy little episode.

    • anaaga says:

      You’re talking about Chiaki? He’s a moron. Nobody likes him cuz he can never make up his mind. I swear Hatori and Yuu are under a spell or something to like him.
      As for Ritsu…He’s just in denial 😉
      This episode turns out to be good, but Isaka is still emo though. Like any other ukes

  2. Elyon says:

    I think I liked this more than the manga O.O They toned down a lot of the drama.
    And Usagi-san made an appearance~ Still waiting for Hiroki and Nowaki to show up though. >w>

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah, Isaka’s less dramatic in the anime. He’s more calm here
      Usagi-san was SO CUTE and innocent! Was xD
      I’m wondering how Nowaki and Hiroki doing now. Last time I checked, I think both proposed to each other’s parents? xD

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