Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo 13-15

Yuno’s not the only yandere character this season

Hello guys! It’s been a while since I’m actually writing a post (not that they’re that good, teheh) on Nurarihyon no Mago. After getting some decent internet a week ago, Nura No Mago has been stuck in my laptop for a while. Yeah, I was being lazy since I actually had nothing to do except sleeping.

Episode 13

Rikuo and the rest reached the destination that the samurai Kyoto youkai told them to go, the tourist site called Fushime Inari Shrine. Humans are still there, but because of the dark cloud swirling above them, the humans can’t see the youkai. Awashima spots a stone, which is heavier than it seems and gets freaked out a little bit when Amezo told her that when the stone is heavy, it means that the carrier will get bad luck. Opposing all the anime rules, Awashima approaches a shota that’s crying in the middle of the dark hall. Not realizing all the hints, god knows why, Aweshima keeps talking to the kid, which makes her lose Rikuo and the others. As Awashima walks through the forest of torii with the kid, suddenly bunch of hands starts slashing and cutting Awashima’s body. Erotabo Kurotabo attacks the Guanyin look-alike youkai Nijunanamen Senju Mukade (the thousand hands owner) from one of the torii and explains to Awashima that she needs to find Nijunanamen’s source of fear and destroy it. After unsuccessful attempt of slashing Nijunanamen (which involves LOTS of pink background), Awashima realizes that the crying kid is the source of Nijunanamen’s fear. Awashima calms the kid down by pressing his face on her melon-sized boobs; ok, she was trying to be a mother. Anyhow, the kid calms himself, and the Forest of Torii is destroyed because the fear is no longer there.

Ancient ero

Awashima is finally on track with Rikuo after the kid who’s mysteriously kicked out by the anime staff after he stops crying. Nijunanamen attacks Rikuo from behind only to get stabbed to by Ryujin and sealed (again) with his giant sky peni–er… wooden stake. When everybody is gathered already, Hidemoto the 13th then explains Hagoromo-Gitsune’s plan. You know, that plan to take over the world by making self-fertilized baby? Hidemoto the 13th tells Rikuo that the Spiral Seal (eight seals Hidemoto created to prevent youkai to approach Kyoto) needs to be restored, and he needs to take down Hagoromo-Gitsune with Nenekimaru, while Yura needs to help Rikuo destroy Hagoromo-Gitsune with her Hagun. Suddenly, a giant Keroppi leaps and attacks Rikuo. It’s Tsuchigumo leaping through the sky like a frog. Rikuo is so screwed.

Rape mode on!

Episode 14

This episode starts with a brief introduction about Tsuchigumo. He’s a youkai who was sealed by Hidemoto the 13th not because out of pure skill, but because of trickery. Tsuchigumo was soo bored 400 years ago to the point that he wanted to be sealed by Hidemoto the 13th for a while. Unfortunately, he got sealed for more than a while. Now that his seal has been released, Tsuchigumo is back with the “fight strong peeps” business but with a hungry stomach! Rikuo’s really screwed. While the Hundred Night Parade are busting their humps off with Tsuchigumo, Hagoromo-Gitsune busts some of students’ bodies by cutting them into pieces just because they happened to be at Nijo Castle, the place where Hagoromo-Gitsune will make her baby. RIP random player students.

Lesson: don’t go to historical sites at night

Back to Rikuo. They’ve been trying to kick Tsuchigumo’s ass off (not literally), but none of the Hundred Night Parade members are able to even scratch Tsuchigumo. Well, there’s that finger that Rikuo chopped off, but Tsuchigmo attached it back to its place. Things start to get more intense when Tsuchigumo keeps beating up Rikuo nonstop, even when he turned back into his human form. Tsuchigumo leaves out of boredom of course, but that didn’t stop the Hundred Night Parade to be discouraged because of their leader’s loss. As the injured youkai are resting, suddenly Gyuki appears out of nowhere, kidnappig Rikuo to a secluded place. Rikuo wakes up in Gyuki’s place only to get attacked by Gyuki’s fear. Dun dun~~~

Rikuo’s being sexually harassed for two episodes nonstop

Episode 15

Trying to “train” Rikuo, Gyuki keeps attacking him with his leveled-up fear, which looks like spider legs coming out creepily from Gyuki’s back. He keep telling Rikuo to be stronger than his grandfather and father, but Rikuo isn’t even trying because of the ¾ human blood in him. Gyuki then tells Rikuo that Nura Clan was at its peak during Rihan’s time, not Nurarihyon’s. The secret of Rihan’s peak is the fact that he accepts the human blood in him as part of him, and Rikuo must do the same by accepting his human side and by making the human version stronger… Not to mention, that weird monk mixed with bird look-alike who’s helping Rikuo’s training by attacking him along with Gyuki. Rikuo has it rough.

I bet Rikuo watched too much horror on Halloween

Back to Kyoto. Kejuro/Kejoro manages to revive some of the lost spirit in the Hundred Night Parade, but she wasn’t able to find Kubinashi among the Parade. Kubinashi ditched the Hundred Night Parade with his emo-ness thanks to his “incapability” to protect Rikuo – or that’s what Kubinashi’s thinking. He is so emo to the point where he starts killing Kyoto youkai mercilessly, degenerating back to his old self as a youkai killer. While killing loli youkai at the sixth seal with his SM strings, suddenly Ibaraki-Doji appears and attacks Kubinashi, responding to his killing of the Kyoto Youkai. And thus, the fight between Kubinashi and Ibaraki-Doji starts!

Sorry Ibaraki-Doji, but even your grave-marker can’t beat Kubinashi’s strings

Anybody still remember Kana? I hope you didn’t because I didn’t either until the scene changes to the Youkai Patrol watching some news about Nijo Castle being surrounded by the Dark Force. Suddenly the homo-looking priest youkai Shokera appears out of nowhere destroying the temple into four pieces thanks to his ultimate fear which happens to be a cross. What’s with his religious fetish? Seeing Hidemoto the 27th(his grandfather) being taken by the priest youkai, Akifusa transforms into his demon mode and attacks Shokera.

All right guys, now place your bets

Extra Screenshots:

Aaahh so that’s how onmyoji uses mantra in SM play

I have a strange feeling that she’s somehow connected with Yuno from Mirai Nikki

Rikuo needs to go to the toilet ASAP

Obligatory Tsurara x Rikuo

Giant phallus, I choose you!

End Thoughts:

It’s so good to see a beautifully-animated anime after a long hiatus on it. Oh Nurarihyon No Mago, how I’ve missed you! I’m so glad I marathoned it just when it’s getting good.

Well, it’s not technically good since Rikuo’s beaten up pretty badly, but this is the part where everything is getting fun. Although Rikuo’s all beaten up, the sadistic part of me is feeling happy about that. Thankfully, Rikuo’s defeat isn’t as bad as the one in the manga. I actually cringed and cried a little when I saw him beaten up in the manga. It’s not shown in the anime, but it’s mentioned in the manga that Rikuo’s beatings by Tsuchigumo is the most humiliating event in the Nura Clan. And imagine how Rikuo is feeling, being defeated in front of his minions and even strangers. My heart cries a little every time I remember that part. But Gyuki’s going to train him anyway, so I’m pretty sure everything will be all right. Although I don’t get why Gyuki is training Rikuo with that Tengu youkai that’s supposed to be with Hagoromo-Gitsune. The new youkai is with Hagoromo-Gitsune now (the youkai with a big red eye on his head) instead of the Tengu. I smell conspiracy.  And, speaking about Gyuki, wow his power. I never thought that he is that strong since he was kind of weak in the first season. I guess he has been suppressing his power all this time. Dayum Gyuki, I have a whole new respect for you.

Rikuo is having a good character development with his training, but Kubinashi isn’t. I’m not into emo characters much, but I honestly don’t mind Kubinashi being all depressed here. I would love to get myself some smexy loyal minions that can play string. Just look at how depressed he is! It shows that he’s really faithful with Rikuo! I don’t mind evil Kubinashi the youkai killer either, since he is such a badass like that. What I’m disappointed the most is Kubinashi’s past. It’s not revealed yet, but it shows that a woman is somehow involved with his transformation. I don’t like that. I am sick sick sick sick sick SICK of characters having dark pasts that are involved with women. Or yet, a love story. Goddamn it Kubinashi, have a better background story, please! At least be like, um, Date Masamune or Yukimura! Be an Edo or Sengoku Period character involved with the war! Or-or, have a story where you were bullied by youkai to death! I don’t care what kind of story it is, but PLEASE, Not. A. Woman!…Blergh. I are disappointed in your story, Kubinashi. What is another thing that pissed me off again? Oh yeah, Kana. Why does she still even exist? She’s so USELESS I don’t even know why the author has kept her. Kana and Kubinashi…UUURRGGGHHH. Thankfully Kana isn’t the current major character, so I’ll be seeing little of her.

Despite Kubinashi and Kana, episode thirteen to fifteen were actually fun. I really enjoyed all the Tsurara x Rikuo hints in episode thirteen and fourteen. It should be that way FOREVER. The action is (finally) decent, and it’s interesting how Rihan’s background story is slowly being revealed in almost every episode. It’s funny how they make Rihan look like a god here. Let’s just see how things will roll now that Hagoromo-Gitsune’s self-fertilized baby is going to come soon. Er, as in coming into this world… *is shot*

Preview: It’s already out, but WHATEVER. I’m still putting a preview picture


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  2. Hime says:

    Kind of dropped this but because of Rikuo’s sexual harassment the story getting back on track and the awesome animation I’m going to pick it back up again.

  3. TheVoid says:

    Awashima sees himself as a man so you should use male pronouns when referring to him.

  4. amado says:

    your way behind, catch up soon.

    since I dont have anything else to say due to it not being the current ep, il talk some stuff about the manga.

    even though kana’s got back some spotlight, it still has several points of rikuoXtsurara so its all ok.

    • anaaga says:

      I don’t like how Kana is a major character now. She’s useless all this time, and now she’s a main character!? Just because the author likes her!? Grrr D:<

      Yeah, I'll (try to) catch up this weekend (hopefully)

  5. Namika says:

    wow, the top screenshot is good. i don’t watch this show, to be honest, but this post sparked my interest. >.>

  6. anaaga says:

    Go watch Nurarihyon No Mago! It’s super fun, and the animation are pretty good now (compared to the first season) :3

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