Music Digest – Issue 06

Something new and something old in this issue, including Durarara!! OST Vol.2 and ED Singles of Kimi to Boku, Carnival Phantasm and Phi Brain.

So, how are you doing, everybody? I’ve just shaken off seasonal viral that lasted two days. Going Srrr Srrr due to flu is so unlady like, not to mention annoying as hell.  This week has surely been weirdly happening so I was actually glad that I got some shuteye and bed rest. Coming to music releases, Kimi to Boku’s ED Single is here and like the OP, I have a certain liking to ED as well as this series is my guilty pleasure of Fall. Everyone’s been going ga-ga over Brain Diver so it should suffice that May’n has done it again. And how can I not release the brilliant Carnival Phantasm’s ED Single by Masaaki Endoh? It’s awesome!

Moving on to something old, in one of my previous releases, I got a request for the Durarara!!’s second volume and what do you know, I did have it; I just forgot to release it. So, it’s here with the Shizuo cover (you can find Vol.01 here); also let me know if you want me to release the remaining character singles of Durarara!!? They are just sitting on my HD as it is. Anyways, I’ll make this short so enjoy the releases~ :3

Kimi to Boku ED Single, “Nakimushi” by Miku Sawai

1. Nakimushi.
2. Teikuu Hikou no Hato
3. Shiawase ni Natte ne
4. Nakimushi. (Anime Ver.)
5. Nakimushi. (Instrumental)


Carnival Phantasm ED Single, “Fellows” by Masaaki Endoh

1. Fellows
2. Paper plane
3. Fellows (Instrumental)
4. Paper Plane (Instrumental)


Phi Brain OP Single, “Brain Diver” by May’n

1. Brain Diver
2. Kono Mama de…
3. Brain Diver (without May’n)
4. Kono Mama de… (without May’n)
5. May’n Space (Phonic Nation Live Ver.)


Durarara!! Original Soundtrack Vol.2 by Makoto Yoshimori

1. psychedelic parade ~ Theme of Durarara!!
2. Beyond Recollection
3. cosmic cycle
4. rain tears
5. Throbbing Beat
6. Electric Coite-Bodhar
7. Also, Watch in Silence
8. Holiday’s Bliss
9. The Road to School at Evening
10. The Tocopherol Calcium Succinate Song
11. A Smiling Shadow
12. Words of Love to Bind a Heart
13. Watching the Past that Clings
14. Endless Distrust
15. The Chocolate is Missing
16. To a Daily Life that Starts Again

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19 Responses to “Music Digest – Issue 06”

  1. Namika says:

    FINALLY Kimi ot Boku ending is released *~* such a mushy soooong~ Thank god there is an instrumental track in the single, because I wanted to make a cover for such a long time~ ^0^ Ureshiiiii~

  2. Overcooled says:

    For some reason I only have the first half of the DRRR!! OST, so this is kind of perfect for me XD Bwahahaha yessss

  3. Alynn says:

    Brain Diver! I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. akagami says:

    Yay, been waiting for the Kimi to Boku ED Single release but it totally slipped my mind. Next up is “My Dearest” and “Departures” on Nov 23/30. So hyped up ^^ yay supercell!!! Love both the OP and ED for Guilty Crown.

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Finally! The Kimi to Boku. Ending! Yes >w>

  6. Aluysion says:

    I’m confused D: I don’t see a link for the Durarara!! OST Vol 2. Can I haz? Or did I totally miss it? o_O

  7. startracker says:

    i can’t find Psychedelic Dreams 2 at facebook ._.

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