Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 06

Welcome to my little boy harem~

Finally some free time to get time to watch some anime. Actually, I’ve just been feeling tired after work that I haven’t had the energy to actually watch anything. But man, only one more day of work left out of a long ten days of slaving away. Can’t wait for Turkey day and maybe I’ll even go shopping for Black Friday. But yeah! Last Exile is here. Lets get this rolling…

We start the episode off with the Augusta Sara staring at a giant floating portrait of her mother, Augusta Farahnaz. Vasant meets up and tells Sara about how wonderful a person the previous ruler was.

Gisey’s father is wondering what happened to the kids until he receives a flyer about the establishment of the creation of the Turanian Government in Exile. We then find out that it’s Fam and Millia flying around throwing flyers from the sky to spread their news.

Back at the Silvius, Dio is leaving the fleet on orders from Tatiana to go back to Anatory with their new fleet. Seems that the girls have really been busy capturing ships because they’re half way done. Gisey meets up on the dock and overhears the conversation between Dio and Tatiana about Anatory and the Grand Race. Alister creeps in from behind Gisey who explains that she’s searching for their new prey. Alister sympathizes with Gisey for having a reckless pilot but Gisey brushes it off with the duties of a navigator. Alister agrees but mentions that she should sometimes speak her mind otherwise they might lose sight of their path.

Back at the Ades Federation, Vasant is meeting up with other country rulers who have surrendered their lands to Ades. Meanwhile, Augusta Sara is having lunch with Solush and Orang. Outside, Luscinia is meeting with Alauda and the two seem to be scheming something.

Luscinia: “Alaud, I can’t tell anyone but you… The truth is that I love lolis. ALL HAIL AUGUSTA SARA!!”

Fam, Gisey and Millia who is disguised as a boy are walking through an entertainment district called Elidarada. Fam vents at the disappearance of the ships she captured when she returned to the Silvius and mocks the words Tatiana told her. The girls make it to their destination to meet with a little boy loving Federation aristocrat, Baroness Roshanaku Dabar. Fam states that she wants to challenge Roshanaku’s pilot to a gamble for her battleship, Naheed. The Baroness agrees to the gamble but if she wins, she wants the disguised as a boy Millia because she he seems to be just her type. Roshanaku introduces her pilot to the girls and to their surprise it’s a finalist from the last Grand Race.

Fam and Gisey plan for the race. The rules of the race are to go 20 laps around a 10 mile course and the time limit is about 2 hours. Gisey mentions that the last deceleration point will be the key to the race and how they have a disadvantage with their opponent. Fam sighs and Gisey brings up how Fam wants to bring back the Grand Race. Fam cheers up and we see a flashback of the last Grand Race with little Fam cheering at Gisey’s father (basically kind of her father too) who won the race.

The race is about to begin. The girls plan is to take their opponent head on in the last round but until then they’ll just tail behind. The race begins!!! The girls keep up with the group with their opponent leaving them behind. Meanwhile, Millia is watching the race with Roshanaku who brings up the rumor of the Turan Government in Exile and how it’s ridiculous that they struggle. Millia at first is surprised at the mention of Turan but keeps her cool.

Millia: “Fam, you have to win! Or else I’ll have to become a trap forrrrevvvverrrr”

Meanwhile at the Ades Federation, Luscinia is holding up a royal decree to sentence his audience to death for committing crimes against the country and aiding the Turans in their revolt. But these people are the ones who had their ships stolen but Luscinia doesn’t care.

Back to the race, the girls are still stuck in the group but is pushed to the back. Millia watches as the ships race by in another lap and Roshanaku starts to talk how the race reminds her of the Grand Race which is now an illusion. She mentions how her woman companions used to be from royal families but sold their country in exchange for a title of aristocrat just like her. Millia sees them as dogs for selling their country but Roshanaku says that no matter how much you struggle, there will still be another war with more blood shed. Millia disagrees and claims that she’d never strip her pride or purpose just to prolong her life and that she would rather die fighting.

Roshanaku: “Mmmm.. Little boy, I can’t wait to eat you up

It’s the last lap and the girls are a quarter mile from the goal. Fam tells Gisey to release their fuel which helps them accelerate ahead of the group and Fam reminisces about the events that went by of Millia’s struggles. Fam accelerates more and just when it looks like they’re gonna crash, Gisey shoots a wire spear on the last turn to help slingshot their vespa around a turn. The girls succeed in their last effort and passes the lead, winning the race. Millia meets up with Fam, happy for their victory, but we see a sad looking Gisey in the background.

Back at Ades, Luscinia already had most of the people killed with one left. Luscinia kills the last man off with the need of these peoples blood in order to fulfill Augusta Farahnaz’s wish. Luscinia then has Alauda to spread the news of the purge in the name of Augusta worldwide.

Obviously the gun backfired

In the aftermath of the race, Roshanaku’s pilot apologizes to her for losing but Roshanaku doesn’t mind and thinks it’s best that they won. Back at the Silvius, Fam yells at the crew for not betting on her in the race.

Crew Member: “Someone tell her to shut-up already x_x;”

Silvius, the legendary ship not seen by anyone… until now…

Extra Stuff:

The Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – Rated R for mass murders and slashing.

The most fan-service you’ll get in this show…

Fam: “Remember back in the day when Millia was almost sold to a little boy pedo lover XD?”

End Thoughts:

First off, sorry for the bad quality screenshots, the only video out wasn’t of great quality but it was decent. I couldn’t get any good race images because it was all pixels haha. But anyways, if you couldn’t tell by now, this episode or maybe the whole series has a pedo feel to it with the leads being little girls and everyone around them are basically adults. But what was most amusing, is the little boy loving woman introduced this episode. Glad we got some good comedy relief after all the drama from the previous episodes. But besides that, it’s good to see the story progressing a bit more… somewhat.

We can see that Millia is making some progress with her plans by spreading the news out but this will only provoke the Ades Federation and all I see coming soon is a war. I don’t know why Dio has to take the ships back to Anatory but I’m guessing it’s probably to gear them up and restock. Noooooooo! Dio, why are you going away, you’re the most interesting and amusing character in this show (to me). But oh well. I do wonder how are things going back in Anatory and I want to see Alvis! Hopefully we’ll get around there sometime. As for the random mention from Tatiana about the Grand Race to Dio, it helped give us an idea of the time frame from the previous series. Lots of talk about the Grand Race in this episode.

So the girls have about 7 ships left to get. It’s interesting to see the pictures that they have taken, shows that they’re not like prisoners and are having a good time with their task. As well, you can tell that time has gone by. By the way, anyone else liking the cute uniforms that the girls wear on the Silvius? Totally has the sailor feel and especially Teddy’s uniform is cute too. But with the cuteness aside, how about that Baroness? Yeah, that’s about the most fan-service you’ll be getting in this show aside from seeing the little girls in their undies/pajamas.

As for the race, it was pretty cool. Oh the suspense with their opponent being a Grand Race finalist but the girls sure showed him with their skills. I’m sure we all knew that they’d win, because they had to. As for the Ades Federation scenes in this, I’m guessing that Luscinia is making some decisions that Augusta Sara doesn’t know about. As well, it seems that the other generals are in on it because it seemed like these generals were doing their own purging of ‘traitorous people’. So, maybe Augusta Sara is just a figure and some of the things she said during lunch about the countries were just things she learned from Vasant. I guess we’ll see more on how this country really operates, aside from its goal of eliminating those who returned to Earth on Exile. Anyways, looking forward to the next episode! See ya then~

Preview: Seems like the Silvius might be finally on the move on their plans. More action with explosions and fighting… As well, some Gisey time.


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6 Responses to “Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 06”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Ok, srsly, you have my interest with the harem boys. Do I have to watch season one for this?! xD

    • Ness says:

      Not really but I suggest it if you have time and it makes the experience of seeing people from the previous season more better.

      The harem boys was only a reel to get you to click on the post! IT WORKED!!! BUWAHAHHAHA \(^ ^)/

  2. Joojoobees says:

    To me, this show has good points and bad points. A lot of times I think the ideas are good, but the execution isn’t quite there. For example, the race in this episode: while they managed to do the final lap justice, I just don’t think it was very effective until then. Also, while I can’t quite complain about the events depicted in the Ades Federation (there is a big difference between Sara’s image of her rule and the way Luscinia is actually carrying it out), it seemed they had too much going on in this episode, thus nothing had quite the gravity that it should have had.

    BTW, do you think the Baroness knew who Millia was? She seemed to be asking pointed questions, and was so non-plussed to have lost her ship, it was almost like she knew she was aiding the Turanian princess.

    • Ness says:

      I agree with you on this episode. I think that they shouldn’t have gone back and forth between Ades and the race but give a good amount of attention to the race. It really wasn’t that exciting of a race besides the last lap. It’s like oh, 19 laps have gone by and we barely saw anything.

      As for the Baroness, I do think that she knew who Millia was because all of a sudden some people want her ship and it’s suspicious considering the recent events of missing ships.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    Apperently the week i’m barly on the computer is the week this anime brings the cute boys. Well I feel stupid and pissed

    • Ness says:

      Haha they were not really cute.. I just over-exagerrated on the opening image as a reel to get people to look at the post XD

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