Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 05

All hail BRITANIA Turan! We have conquered and now we claim this land lobster as ours…

Man, I can’t believe that we’re already in the middle of the 3rd week of November. Time sure flies by when you’re busy with life crap and have more to come. But hey! We’re here for Last Exile and man I was looking forward to see what will happen to the girls after being caught in the previous episode. So, lets just get this rolling to see what’s in store for us…

Millia meets with Tatiana accompanied by Alister to apologize for Fam and Gisey’s actions but to also ask for help for Turan. Tatiana sees Turan as an already destroyed country and doesn’t care for Millia’s reasoning since she has already made a contract with the Sky Pirates.

Millia leaves the Captain’s room in rage and headed for where Fam and Gisey is. Meanwhile, the two devious girls are looking through the ship’s storage on things they can use for their mission to capture 15 ships. The girls admire the vanships below deck until they hear a fuss from the workers being excited to have the Turan Princess in their presence. The ruckus is stopped by Olaf, the maintenance chief. Fam tries to ask if she can get outside help for their mission but Olaf relays Tatiana’s orders of no outside help. Fam talks smack behind Olaf’s back about Tatiana being unfair while Millia is upset at Fam’s contract.

Olaf takes the girls to the dock so that Gisey with the help of Fam can navigate where they are and the closest Federation bases with ships that they can hit. Fam boasts about Gisey’s awesome skills of memorizing info on every ship made in the past 100 years. Meanwhile, Dio is with Alister and Tatiana at the bridge. Alister is surprised that Dio joined the Sky Pirates and Dio talks about the Exile being used by the Federation as a weapon. As well, Dio mentions how Princess Lily was the key and was taken. Thus, having peace with the Federation will be hard.

Dio: “Damnit, last season we dealt with kids and now we have kids here again?!”

Meanwhile, the girls are digging through the locker rooms for clothes. Fam finds a uniform that they want to use but it belongs to one of the worker’s “private collection”. With some Princess sparkles, the worker yields and also the other workers help in on the girls planning. Gisey begins mapping out their plans while Fam works on clothes. While Fam and Gisey takes a tea break, Millia talks to them on how they don’t have to help her because they don’t have anything to do with Turan. But Gisey explains how it’s in Fam’s nature to help people. Millia goes on how she can’t reward them for their help but Fam says that they can re-establish the Grand Race as a reward when the Turan Kingdom is restored.

Later on, the girls are working on the vespa. Dio stops by and Olaf greets him; the girls find out that Dio is part of the Silvius’ crew. This makes Fam angry for Dio could have given them more info. While Gisey tries to calm Fam down, Dio gives the news about the Ades Federation’s plan to announce the annexation of Turan. Millia’s shocked by the news and goes off to be alone. Fam comes along to cheer Millia up by saying how Turan still existing as long as Millia exists and that they can always rebuild the kingdom.

If you can solve the puzzle of this newspaper, I’ll give you a lolipop…

The next morning, the mission goes underway. Fam and Gisey are getting ready to take off in a different ship, bringing along Olaf with some of the maintenance workers. We finally see that the clothes they were working on was actually Federation uniforms. Millia sees them off and begins her own plans of… In order for a nation to exist, you need government, citizens and land. Millia is the government, there are citizens around (right?) and now she needs land~! Millia thinks that she can woo the people by dressing up as a maid but is made fun of for having a cosplay hobby by Alister. Next Millia tries to take the galley but fails by rough looking cook’s silence.

Alister: “Sparkle shot on a little girl with no chest~ XD

Meanwhile, Fam and Gisey arrive at the Federation base. They meet up with the people in charge and tries to give a report to hand off the ship to them but finds out the Captain is the same guy they stole a ship from in the first episode. Gisey smoothly changes plans to report that the Captain has a message from his mother to leave and with that the Captain rushes away. The girls succeed in getting their first ship and heads back to the Silvius.

Back at the Silvius, they go into battle-mode thinking that the ship headed towards them is an enemy. The cook leaves Millia with Teddy in the kitchen as his other cooks gear up (yeah they have weapons hidden everywhere) to battle. But not long after, they report that it is their captured ship. Millia uses the opportunity to barricade herself with Teddy in the kitchen and uses the intercom to tell the crew of her plight and the establishment of the new Kingdom of Turan.

Meanwhile, the Ades Federation has their announcement ceremony of the annexation of Turan to Gonia.

Augusta: “Umm… I forgot the lines to my speech!”

Back at the Silvius, Millia makes her demands to have the galley, shower room and 3 rooms. Dio talks with Tatiana about the situation and teases how Tatiana is willing to go along with Millia because she just doesn’t want to see them die. Fam and Gisey rushes in to the scene looking for Millia and Fam gets a good laugh at Millia’s maid outfit. Later the girls celebrate their accomplishments and we get more cheering up Millia by Fam who declares that they will claim the Silvius and then take back Turan.

Remember back in the day when we cosplayed in the new Last Exile? Teddy is too cool to dress up.

We then end with a creepy Lusciana staring over a sleeping Lily.

New setting for Sleeping Beauty. Futuristic style with sky ship battles.

Extra Shots:

Olfa: “Wwwwhite pantsu… am I now labeled as a pedo lolicon?”

Mmmm a whole fish head for dinner…                   Millia: *Barfs*

Fam: “LMAOROLF. My cosplay outfit WTFPWNS yours”

End Thoughts:

I believe the highlight of this show was the great amount of cosplay highlight in this. Well, the best part was when Alister totally made fun of Millia’s maid outfit and outright mentions her hobby of cosplaying. Maybe Millia got the idea of cosplaying from Fam and Gisey’s Ades Federation cosplay uniforms XD But with all that good laughs aside, this episode wasn’t that bad despite the good amount of dialogue and less sky fighting.

When Millia says her whole name, I somewhat chuckle to myself at how long it is and how smoothly it’s being said. But at least it is used at the right time, though I wonder how many more times we’ll hear it. I’m not liking Millia too much compared to Fam and Gisey’s awesome duo. The Millia-Fam pair is actually bores me because it’s all about Fam encouraging or cheering up Millia when she goes all emo about her situation. I mean, it’s understandable, the girl lost her kingdom, father and has a missing sister. But really, we are already on the fifth episode and the same things about her situation or even uneasiness in herself is being brought up. Fam should be getting paid for her therapy sessions with Millia XD. BUT, I am glad that they’re moving pass all of that and are working towards the goals of reclaiming Turan but first they have to steal those fifteen fourteen ships.

Aside from thinking how cool Alister is with her remarks despite her kind look, Gisey had a great role this episode. We got to see Gisey’s 133t navi and memory skills at work along with such great praise from others. It was very amusing how after they captured their first ship, Olaf congratulated Gisey for the work. I didn’t expect to Fam do a fall on her head type action in this kind of anime. Aside from Gisey’s coolness in this episode, Fam had some good parts. Who would have known that the girl can sew very well? Oh and I finally clarified that the tail looking thing dangling from her back wasn’t a tail but a part of her pouch! Hah, I almost thought that there was some other new race in this show because Fam does seem like a monkey kind of XD

I do wonder, who was the guy that Dio was with during Millia’s announcement of re-establishing Turan. I can’t guess but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. I’m really liking this series so far and look forward to see what happens next. I want some sky fights and more of that sexay red vespa. So until then, lataz~

Preview: Some Augusta screen time. Millia puts on a disguise?! Fam and Gisey gets some vespa action… Exciting~ XD


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7 Responses to “Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 05”

  1. Myssa Rei says:

    Dio’s chessmate? The answer is obvious if you watched the previous Last Exile: it’s Recuise Dagobert, the Claudia Unit engineer of the Silvana.

    • Ness says:

      Oh, I see! Well, I did mention to you a few times that it’s been years since I’ve last watched the first series XP. Thanks for clarifying~

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I understood where they were going with the major ideas in this episode, but nothing was particularly effective for me. I think Millia’s maid uniform was pretty dumb. The idea to refund Turana was a good one, and, as I said, I understood where they were going with the getting a start with just a couple rooms on a ship idea, but I didn’t enjoy the execution. Fam and Gisey’s agreement to capture 15 ships (and successful capture of 1) was more successfully presented, IMO. Although I do think it was a bit rushed — maybe they didn’t really need to show the annexation ceremony, and could have built up the part where they enter the enemy fortress more?

    Aside from that, I agree with you, more sky fights is betterer.

    • Ness says:

      I agree with all your points about Millia. I’m not too fond of her character at the moment. Yeah, they should have put more focus on stealing that first ship because man that was too easy but I guess that just shows how smart Gisey is.

      Yes! I hope for more sky fights and I think we’ll get some in the next episode.

  3. obladi05 says:

    I enjoy this show. We had lots of action during the first episodes and now things are more relaxed, but that is sensible in my opinion, otherwise it would be suffocating. There will be more action, that is for sure. I believe Millia will grow a lot as a character in the future, specially when the battle with the enemy in order to recover Turan begins, so now she has to be all sad to emphasize that change afterwards. The plot is just starting its development, so let’s see what happens next!

    • Ness says:

      I believe it’s predictable for Millia to mature along the way and along with the help of the Silvius’ crew and the Sky Pirates; she’ll begin her next step to recovering Turan. I agree that there should be a balance of fighting and dialogue but I’m just not liking Millia’s lack of self-confidence. But yeah! Can’t wait to see what happens next XD

  4. Moni Chan says:

    damnit I still need to watch this episode. I’m guessing it was mainly on – food and loli’s cosplaying

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