Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 04

Millia: “Dear God, please let there be some bishies in the next episode”

Oh man, it’s been one meh week so far. I’ve been sick since Saturday and work hasn’t been easy on me otherwise. But I’m feeling better but still recovering thus the late posting. I’ve also decided to drop Horizon, so sorry guys you won’t be seeing me posting on that. But yeah! I’ve been looking forward to this episode so lets get it going…

Fam is excited for her plan to capture the Silvius but others don’t seem to be as excited. It’s dinner time and Fam gives information about the Silvius to Millia. The ship appeared two years ago and then it vanishes, thus it’s called a ghost ship. It’s rumored that the Silvius destroyed an Ades Fleet and is an enemy for the Ades for that. Fam believes that the Silvius has a powerful weapon which will help the Turan.

Poor Teddy, you need to step up and get your foods!

After dinner, Dio shows a picture of the Silvius. Gisey begins to sketch it out by using what they see in the fogged image of the ship and their imagination. Meanwhile, Fam over-exaggerates about the ship having a secret weapon at the bottom of the ship but there’s a different purpose for the bottom of the hull’s space. Gisey determines that the ship is independent and gathers intelligence. The ship drafting is complete and Fam even shows her own version of the layout.

Dio: “Nyan~”                                                                Gisey: “Behold, my greatness…”

Gisey got da skillz

Fam and Millia are getting ready for bed. Fam gives some information about Dio, that he showed up half a year ago and suddenly joined them. Fam offers Millia her bad but Millia argues and the girls end up sharing the bed together. In the morning, we see that Fam sleepwalked herself out of the room and Gisey runs in announcing that return of their scouts. Gisey and Fam head out leaving Millia behind. But Millia insists on joining in and with Teddy, gets a ride with Dio. While riding with Dio, Millia attempts to push the speed lever but Dio yells at her not to and apologizes saying that her seat was Lusciola’s (from the first series, Dio’s bodyguard).

Dio: “If you want a ride, you have to solve the puzzles on my vanship”

Gisey and Fam meets up with the other sky pirates and they begin their planning until Dio arrives with a shivering (due to Dio’s crazy driving) Millia and Teddy. Fam’s happy to see them and doesn’t even mind their presence. The operation begins!

The sky pirates use skyfish decoys to make the Silvius take a different route. They then shoot harpoons at the ship which ejects heavy balloons in an attempt to stop the ship from moving. But the ship continues to move on. Next they shoot a liquid to cover the Silvius’ bridge windows to blind them but the ship still has its hearing so Fam pops balloons to stop their hearing.

The ship’s Captain heads out to her sexay red vanship, leaving ‘Alister’ in charge. Fam thinks that she’s one step closer in succeeding in their plan but they get attacked the Silvius’ Captain. Fam gets schooled by the Captain on her flying maneuvers while Dio sits to the side not wanting to help. Fam heads straight to Captain and has Gisey throw some blinding balls at her to escape but it doesn’t work. As the Captain is closing in, Dio interferes and helps the girls get away but the Captain just ignores Dio.

Fam: “Damn, that’s one sexay red vanship”

Meanwhile, the other sky pirates have already been caught. The Silvius flies over the Great Lake which is considered sacred and Fam with Gisey chases after promising not to damage the lake. Gisey fails in shooting the engine because of her low self-confidence but with some encouragement from Fam, they decide to go into the ship via the bottom hull to try to stop the engine there. We get some awesome navigation from Gisey as Fam pilots through the ship but as they get further in Gisey remembers Dio’s words about the ship and they hit the water gate and get sealed in as the ship is submerging into water.

Cruzin with my navi

Fam wakes up in Gisey’s lap thinking she dreamed that the ship went into the water. But Fam is shocked into reality as they’re surrounded by soldiers and Alister explains that the ship can go anywhere whether it’s the sky or sea. The Captain says that they can’t let them live now that they’ve seen the Silvius and introduces herself as Captain Tatiana. Wisla. Alister then says that they’ll return the girls to the sky if they agree to help them and Tatiana says that they have to steal Ades ships, one for each year that they’ve lived (15). The girls find it outrageous and Tatiana. puts them down for not being able and this reels Fam into saying she’ll do it. Millia rushes in and Fam says they have a deal; that they’ll put together an entire fleet if they have to… for Millia’s sake.

Fam: “What?! I’m not the main character anymore?!”

Extra Shots:

Old Lady: “Girl, if you want your kingdom back, you better work and make that monehs…”

The secret of the Silvius…

Piloting like a boss

End Thoughts:

WTF is up with these girls being in their undergarments in this show? I mean, it’s not that bad but kind of over-done on the design for a fifteen year old kid to wear with those leg straps and all. But whatever, I wonder if there was meaning behind Millia’s earrings in that undressing scene. Though, it’s kind of nice to see that even though Millia is a princess, she isn’t stuck up and reliant on her servant to do things for her. Which reminds me, Teddy doesn’t really feel like a servant but more like a companion for Millia but it’s sad that Teddy is this little boy who has to look out for someone older than him. I thought during the dinner that Teddy’s crying was sad but so amusing that he can actually act his age but it was all for him to get a piece of food for Millia when I thought it was for himself.

The planning for capturing the Silvius was pretty cool. I didn’t expect to see that Gisey has more skills then just navigation but also making out blueprints. Pretty cool that with an image and some help from Dio and Fam; Gisey could come up with the ship’s blueprint. I wonder what else she’s capable of and so far Gisey is outshining Fam. But I’m we all can see that Fam pulls through in getting the spotlight back when it comes to piloting but I want to see more piloting actions.

Seeing Dio’s reaction when Millia tried to pull the lever on the vanship was really interesting. I thought it was all good to see this other side and maybe closer to his real self of his personality. For those who didn’t know, Lusciola was from the first seires. He was Dio’s bodyguard but most of all, his companion who took care of him and the only person who really understood him. If you want to learn more about Lusciola, Dio or even the other characters of the Silivus, I suggest you watch the first series.

So, how of you were excited to see Tatiana and Alister again? I admit that I was excited despite that I never really liked Tatiana that much but man, she’s got that whole cool vibe about her now that she’s the captain of this new ship which is an upgrade from the Silvana. As well, yes… I think that her vanship is one badass sexy machine. But yeah, Tatiana is rocking that being cool look and you know what, she does it well. I totally cracked up when Tatiana told Fam that they have to capture the same amount of Ades ships with their age. I wonder if the girls will really have to do so. So we weren’t told what’s the Silvius’ purpose in begin a intelligence ship but as most people have speculated, they might have the same goal that Fam is heading in with Millia. As well, I wonder why Tatiana totally ignored Dio when they were in their vanships and Dio seems to be pulling some strings behind the scenes that lead up to where we are now. Maybe Dio has been working with the Silvius all along because the Silvius appeared 2 years ago and Dio joined the sky pirates half a year ago. I’m sure we’ll find these all out eventually.

Looking forward to the next episode again, so see ya then. Lataz~

Preview: Time to capture some Ades ships?


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15 Responses to “Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 04”

  1. Myssa Rei says:

    By the way, it’s Tatiana and Alister. 😛

    One shouldn’t be too surprised that Tatiana gave Dio the cold shoulder, since she was never close to the guy to begin with, even on the Silvana. Also I think it was also a funny nod to how Dio treated HER (and everyone else) in the previous Last Exile.

    And yeah, I think it’s already obvious that Dio and Tatiana are likely on the same side. Remember, Dio already mentioned how Sophia (remember her, the queen of Anatoray) gave him carte blanche to do whatever he pleased.

    • Ness says:

      Thanks! I fixed it. Haha I did the review at like 4 in the morning and just went of of the subs, not bothering to check the names. It’s been such a long time since I’ve watched the first series, so some of the character names fly past me.

      Anyways, yeah.. ahh yeah I didn’t think that would be a reason to why Tatiana ignored Dio and it makes sense. This new personality of Dio is misleading but amusing.

  2. Moni Chan says:

    Tee Hee I always think that Dio is a guy even though she’s a girl, That’s what happends when there’s no cute guys in a series

    • Myssa Rei says:

      But Dio IS a guy. Don’t let the fact that Junko Noda voices him throw you off.

      • Moni Chan says:

        That is a good point.
        hahaha they couldn’t find a male to do the voice. Either that or they didn’t wanted the fans to wonder.

    • Ness says:

      Hahah that’s the second time that someone thinks that Dio is a guy<_<; If Dio was a trap, you'd see lots of jokes from me XP

      • Myssa Rei says:

        Aren’t we forgetting that we’ve actually SEEN Dio in a tight-fitting bodyglove during the Trial of the Covenant that pretty much shows his manly chest?

        That Maestro Delphine herself calls him ‘her brother’? Repeatedly. Throughout the first series.

      • Moni Chan says:

        LMAO no trust me there are a lot more ppl confussed about Dio’s gender, A lot moar 😛

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Have to agree with you Ness that is one sexy red ship! I watched the last three episodes of season one recently and remembered they had one just like it very cool.

    Dio! Why are you always awesome? And yes it’s a HE! Dio just acts very childish at times xD

    I am extremely happy we kind of have a plot going on for Fam or should I say more of a mission? Anyway finally some more vanship action next week!

    • Ness says:

      There’s a basic plot to help the Turan Kingdom and then there’s Exile to be tied into when they get back to Lusciana and Lily. But this is a 12EP series, I think.. wonder if it’ll all go through.

      Yeah baby, that red vanship is hawt :3

      • Myssa Rei says:

        Not really, since ANN seems to list it at 21 episodes… Which is a weird number, especially since 2-cour NoitaminA anime get 22 episodes, so I do assume that it’s at LEAST 24 episodes for Fam.

  4. anaaga says:


  5. Jrow says:

    steev was telling me that there isn’t too much of a connection to the first LE anime, so I think Imma check this one out. It looks really nice.

    • Myssa Rei says:

      Not initially, but the connections just keep on building up gradually each episode, culminating in both episode 4 and episode 5’s revelations.

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