Kimi to Boku 05 – 06

Baking time is manly time.

~More boys need to bake, seriously. Sure, you can buy your woman chocolates, but imagine actually BAKING  her some double-decker chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting? That can score you some serious points when making the effort; if she’s a sweets lover, of course (Plus you can have fun with some chocolate frosting afterwards). If you can bake me a fancy cheesecake, I will be ten times more inclined to marry you. *cough* All right, I think I spoke enough about my personal…tastes, TIME FOR SOME CUTE BOYS!

Summer vacation starts for the boys and Chizuhara has plans to hang out with everyone. However Yuki, Yuta, and Kaname have plans to stay in their homes, and trying to bake with Shun just isn’t manly enough for him. Instead, Shun suggests that they should all go to a festival, in which everyone, even Masaki, decides to go. Once there, Masaki and Chizuhara seem to quickly get off on the wrong foot as he annoys her by calling her ‘Mary’ because of her fluffy, sheep-like hair. Then when Chizuhara tries to comfort her after not being able to grab a goldfish for Shun, she gets even more annoyed and tries pushing him away, which annoys him. Shun ends up coming to the rescue with a keychain for Masaki that cheers her up quickly….

Kaname’s childhood friend Hisako and her sister manage to find them and Chizuhara suggests that they should all set fireworks off together. Masaki, coming back from being swept up by the crowd, sees that Shun and the two girls are leaving to buy fireworks and tries to comfort herself by saying she still has the keychain her gave her. However when she goes to look at it, it’s gone. The rest of the boys decide to help her find it, but Yuta ends up finding before they can even move out. The keychain was found by a stall man, who sets it up as a prize for a shooting game. To get it back, they need to shoot it using a round of bullets they need to buy. Kaname and Yuta fail in one try while Yuki decides to just shoot prizes for himself. Chizuhara decides to try by putting down his own money, but misses everytime. On the last try, Masaki starts praying, making Chizuhara finally hit the keychain. The night ends with sparkler battles, photos, and fireworks in the sky.

Episode six begins with a new haircut for Shun, provided by the twins, before going back into Kaname’s house to do homework. Some silly glasses bought at a 100 yen store has Chizuhara asking how long Kaname’s had his glasses. When no one can remember, Kaname goes into a flashback from their first year in middle school when he first recieved them, but didn’t like wearing them; not even letting his own friends see him with them on. Yuki suggests a thumbwresting match in which if he wins, Kaname has to show them what he looks like with glasses on. Having Yuta answer for him, the two begin the match, but it gets too tense and Yuki decides to stop. Instead he grabs Kaname’s glasses case and tries to run out of the classroom but runs into a third-year by accident. Yuki forgets to apologize and they warn him to be careful.

The next day Kaname can’t find Yuki and asks a classmate whether they’ve seen him. She tells him that some third-years took him behind the gym, which starts to slowly worry Kaname. Finally, he can’t take the guilt of just leaving him and takes off to grab Yuta, telling him they need to go the gym. Suddenly Yuta sits on the ground and Yuki appears, or rather, Yuta, who was dragged to the gym by the Volleyball club to watch them play. He finally realizes that the person he showed his worry to about Yuki was in fact Yuki, who even manages to win the thumb wrestling match by pressing his thumb over Kaname’s. In the end, before they leave school, Kaname finally puts his glasses on in front of them. Presently, Kaname tells Chizuhara that he started wearing them in his second year of middle school, thinking Yuki forget about the incident, but Yuki does remember, hinting with his thumb. Finally, as Shun leaves for home, he come across Masaki, who tells him that his new haircut suits him. It’s then he recieves a photo of them at Kaname’s house after Shun’s haircut, posing oddly~.

Because I finally have witty comments for a spam (yeah right):

Photo-bombing, Kimi to Boku style

Remember to always pay your debts to your local yakuza, crack dealer, or pimp, or else.

No, seriously, this isn’t a yaoi.

Kaname and Yuki are ready to fuck shit up

And now it’s time for a mandatory, weekly Shun spam. Yes, it’s mandatory:

End Thoughts: Woah, woah, woah, do I sense a LOVE TRIANGLE? Or is the proper shape a love…L? Shun could have a thing for Chizuhara; we don’t know! I kid, I kid, but is Chizuhara seriously crushing on Masaki? It just feels so random, I mean, all she did was act all tsundere on him and now he’s starting to like her. He was even getting jealous too when Masaki ran to Shun after he had just wasted his money to get back her key-chain. They could look good together, but I just. don’t. like it. And this is not because of my extreme favoritism to Shun; it’s just too random, as I said. I honestly hope they don’t do anything serious with this, which at the back of mind I know they probably won’t because that would just kill the harmony of this show. It’s all about boys and their normal, fabulous lives with no serious love interests (hopefully). Aside from Chizuhara and this new crush thing being annoying, I loved the sparklers showdown at the end of the episode, hurrhurr. They know the best way to end any summer nights is with some sparklers and the possibility of setting your hair on fire.

I didn’t know Shun would get his haircut so early! While I’m so sad to see his long hair go (which was replaced by an adequately cute shorter haircut), the scene where they cut his hair was actually pretty funny with poor Shun freaking out over how short it was. I know I had similar worries when I cut my hair short. We also finally got middle school flashbacks, yay! The Kindergarten ones are entertaining, but it was nice to see them at a different stage in life…sort of. Kaname was ACTUALY a bit adorable this episode; I was surprised with that as well. It’s so cute how he gets all angry at Yuki, but in the end he really does worry about him. You have no idea how hard it is not to ship them together; I’m trying to keep my mind as clean as this show, but it’s difficult, OH SO DIFFICULT.~


Honestly, I have no clue what this next episode will be about. However it seems we might possibly get a Yuki-focused episode; maybe concerning a girl? Until next week then~!!


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5 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 05 – 06”

  1. TheVoid says:

    I laughed at how they pointed out guys would probably ask Shun to meet them behind the school for reasons other than bullying.

    Pretty obvious that Chizuhara has a crush on her. Which is pretty weird cause she’s like microscopic next to Shun and Chizuharas only a littler shorter than him. That or the animators are making her very tiny in scenes by mistake.

  2. Kitty says:

    So in love with these boys. I laughed so hard when the group suggested Shun would experience ‘other things’ if he was called out behind the gym. Hoooo~~~ not yaoi indeed.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Everyone need cute boys. And that doesn’t mean yaoi.

    I’m loving all of them and want to take ’em home, especially Shun who’s such a huggle material that every time he’s on screen, I DAWWW hard. The twins are such devils and there are times Kouki and Ryohei almost sound the same and I look for their bang to check if it was Yuki or Yuta. Kanamegane was really cute in middle school, what happened that he turned into an oldman in a few short years? Definitely enjoying this awesome series. ^^

  4. xochandaox says:

    I loved the faces on the thumbs. Soo adorable. I want to do it too XD

  5. Foshizzel says:

    This series always makes me laugh and I can not figure it out! Chizuru that guy probably makes me laugh the most because he is just so hyper! I swear he could be related to Toshinou Kyouko from Yuru Yuri because both have blond hair and are ultra hyper xD

    Kaname’s mom! = LOLOLOL She is probably one of the best that poor momma she just wants loveeeeee. Speaking of awesome girls Misaki I love her! Not just because she is tiny and tsunndereeee well maybe! Because she has a Taiga feel to her minus the screaming and physical abuse…

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