Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 4th Elimination

 Fourth round of elimination and there are some sad surprises!

I had the hardest time in finding pics for this round. I’m glad I had Ness’s help for some or else I’d be pulling some of my hair in frustration. So, you can say this episode was a total challenge for the organizers even. Not to mention, lots of photoshop! I’m not happy with the results but hey, I can’t show my bias here sadly. Anyways, goes to show that you should vote for your favourites always.
Did your head start to spin seeing the guys suddenly grow mountains and the girls turn into prairies? Hopefully you managed to stay sane enough to vote responsibly for your favourites and keep them in the game. The competition is really fierce at this point, so one lazy vote can completely ruin everything. Let’s see the results of your voting this week as well as wise words of wisdom from our very own panel of established judges!




Senjougahara! This week whoaaaa she really pulled off her new look quite well! And she quickly received a pass from all of us, I think her glasses gave her a special edge this week. I think it was it the I <3 Araragi thing on her butt that did us all in…
Senjou is taking a break from stealing guy’s hearts to steal women’s hearts in this really great attire and pose. The boots are really cool, the breast pocket square is a nice touch, and the hair covering the right eye is classic anime.
Well, it’s nothing original, but in this case, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. You pull off the ‘not-giving-a-crap-while-sitting-on-a-chair’ look pretty well, but we can’t see much of your face. If we wanted to see your hair and not your face we would’ve asked someone else. And those boots, or whatever they are look amazing. Keep it up with those sorts of accessories.


Whaaat?! Police form of Stocking? Not a bad job I didn’t recognize her at first until we saw her hair of course. She sure did a great job with that outfit for this special photoshoot, I thought she stole them from an actual police station. Then again I wouldn’t put it past her to actually try something that crazy…
Stocking’s outfit bores me. For such a colorful and sweets-eating girl, her brown outfit is remarkably dull. The outfits Saeko and Senjou wore were much better at getting that gender bender look down.
Wow, Stocking. You’ve got quite a chin there. I’m not saying you’re fat or anything, but that’s a really pronounced chin. You might want to get that checked out. And stop looking so bored, will you? The vest and shirt go well together, but that belt on those pants? I’m not a fan. Same goes for the hair. The little tiny ponytail doesn’t work on guy, trust me.


Poor Nino! She got lost in that pet store…I think she wanted to bring all the animals with her! Her outfit seemed really simple to throw together, but it was going smooth until she tried to show off her basketball skills. Good thing Nino always springs back to life just throw some fish at her and she is good to go.
Nino looks a lot like a Ken doll here. Hopefully that also means no penis. :/ But anyways, Nino does a good job at bending the gender by doing maybe the least out of all the girls here.
You’re just a man, what are you doing. Didn’t you have long hair? Where did it go? You should probably open your eyes as well, I’m sure they’re great eyes, don’t hide ‘em. And how did you get to stand on that ridiculous angle. I’m a little worried you’re going to hurt yourself. At least you pull off the looking like a man part.


What was she wearing? Ahahah well maybe she got confused with the subject? Hopefully she gets better during the next shoot, she did look good in that butler uniform! Reminded me of another cross dressing butler…
Saeko must’ve been watching Sebastian during his stint on ANTM (by the way, if you say Anime NTM really fast, it kind of sounds like adamantium. Just saying…) I could see girls easily being wooed by Saeko and choosing her as their host and think Saeko did really good this round.
You… look nothing like you. Which, once again, I guess is a good thing. Your hair is a bit all over the place and could probably use some fixing. You’ve also still got a bust, at least from my view. So unless you’re a man who has put on weight just on his chest, this isn’t a very good look for a man. Sorry, Saeko. Plus it just looks like you copied Stocking.

5. Eliminated!

Sawako! I think she got her idea right from Nino but Sawako just stood there looking awesome for the camera. Maybe next shoot will be more her style? All I can say is good luck to her!
Looks like Chizuru helped Sawako out this round. Honestly, just putting on a sport jacket isn’t gonna make you look any more like the opposite sex. She wears a great smile though and looks attractive, but given the round’s contest, I don’t think Sawako did all that good.
My favourite of the whole group. Why? Probably because you still look like a girl. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, is it? You pull off the jacket perfectly and you’re actually giving us a smile. And it even looks like a real smile and not one of those fake-ass forced one from the other contestants. Good on ya.

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Whoa, who knew that Gin would make such a great female. She (……..he?) is absolutely gorgeous. Gin always seems to go for the more natural poses, and it worked out really well here. No, really, there is not a single thing in this picture that doesn’t work. …I kind of want to see a genderswapped Gintama now, but I’m afraid of how Kagura would turn out.
Whoa, you do look better as a female, Gin-san. Especially the outfit. Love that pants and that, er, shirt” of yours. Your kimono match better with this outfit than your, em, male outfit. I love that background of yours too. And you pose is so natural here. Everything just matches with you. You’re getting better and better at this. Keep it up! *stare at boobs*
Wow, very gorgeous body, I mean…face, but I also have the same feelings for this as I did for Rin’s picture; it’s decent, but SAME outfit as you regularly wear? Boring.


Oh Natsume. You already kind of look like a girl, but here you just look like a guy crossdressing. Even Gin put effort into this one. GIN. Couldn’t you have worn a wig or something? Oh well, despite my criticism, Natsume did pretty well this round (though how he came in second is beyond me).
I’m torn. This is so uke-ish (which I definitely have nothing against. All we need is a seme now), but… Natsume doesn’t look good with the skirt. That skirt and that pose just make him look manlier than before. You should’ve picked a longer skirt or posed a different way instead of that. Love that expression though. Uke-ish (again), cute, and so NNGGGGHHH. (Yeah Kyo, I was wondering the same thing too)
School girl uniform is classic, but there’s nothing else girly about this! No long hair or makeup or anything! It’s all about the details! You can’t just put on a girl’s clothes and say you’re cross-dressing.  Very disappointing, especially from someone who has a bit of a girly face that could have felt so well for this challenge.


Lol, it looks like Date really got into this one. Even as a female, he (….she? This whole gender switching thing is confusing me now) still manages to be GAR beyond normal human levels.  Points for the not awkward posing as well~, this photo turned out great.
Still a sexy badass even as a female. Love your rocket and your knife. I like everything in this photo (even your blue nail polish) EXCEPT the gray background. Somehow it doesn’t really match with you’re here, and it just makes you look dull.
Unf~ Now this is what I’m talking about! This sexy, badass theme is glorious. Someone finally had the guts to show some extreme cleavage and adorn a risque outfit, even pairing it up with some badass weapons. This may just be my personal taste, but if holding a rocket launcher while wearing that outfit isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.


D’aww Rin. Why so adorable? He pulls off the girl look well here, but this shot made me realise just how strange Rin’s shoes are. Why have I never noticed this before? Anyways, I’m not sure that his posing worked here (and he should probably do something about his shirt before there’s a wardrobe malfunction), but he should at least get points for being the only guy to have longer hair for this round. The ponytail is adorable. Seriously.
Gah, your pony tail looks so cute here! And your face, you look so cheerful! You don’t look that bad for a girl. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything special about you here except the pony tail. You’re not giving sexy vibe like Date and Gintoki, and you’re not as uke-er, cute as Natsume. I guess you’re a… normal girl here? Maybe too normal.
Very nice I have to say~ I like the ponytail touch, but I just wish you could have altered your clothes a bit instead of wearing the same thing you always wear. Saying that however, I also do like the tomboy look.

5. Eliminated!

AHAHAHAHA and here I thought nothing could top the Date swimsuit shot from the beginning of the competition. I WAS PROVEN WRONG. Maybe I could have taken this seriously if it was just Sebastien in a dress, but that swimsuit shot gets me every time. It’s a shame to see him go after doing so well in the competition before. Damn he pulled off the scarf look well.
LOL HAHAHA What is this I don’t even. The Victorian costume is all right, but what’s with the yellow bikini? Why are you posing unprofessionally? Are you even trying?  I have no comment anymore. This is so bad to the point where I have nothing to say anymore.
PFFFFF, can I say this wins in the category of Lulz? It’s so silly I can’t help but love this. The Victorian outfit is lovely, and I adore the yellow beach attire. Nice to just ‘hang loose’ from professional modeling (lame pun, yes I know).

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What a surprising turn of events! Previous fan favourite Sawako has been sent packing, along with the near picture-perfect Sebastian! If a model can’t change their look according to our photoshoots, then they have a lot of work to do before they can be a world class model. We’re already down to 4 of each gender, and it won’t be long before we crown the top models. Things are just starting to heat up.
Aaargh. Y U DO DIS?! My precious Sawako eliminated! *pouts* That was a big fall from the second position in the previous episodes but oh well, like I always say, it’s a cutthroat contest and you have to get on TOP. Like I say every week, if you want to keep your favourite hawties in the running, don’t forget to VOTE FOR THEM. Don’t forget to Support them by putting up iSupport bling as your avatar and signatures. Directions are given here.


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14 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 4th Elimination”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Well, modeling contests are pretty cutthroat things, after all. And the gender bender category is no exception. Sorry Sebastian and Sawako but the people have spoken. Better luck next time.

    I’m still glad to see Senjougahara, Saeko and Rin are still hanging on. Stocking is starting to grow on me, though. But now the competition’s getting fierce as the number of contestants continues to get smaller.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was a sad day but oh well, hopefully people will vote more carefully now as the time for fan favourites has arrived!

  2. Neena says:

    What?Why?Are you crazy?Why would you eliminate Sawako?She’s the best!

  3. Namika says:

    Sebastian is eliminated?! o_____O
    Yes, that shot was ridiculous, but………….. eliminating him is just pure….. evil TT^TT
    Now who will I fangirl over????? Gin and Rin are hot, but nobody can compare to Sebby TT^TT

  4. Alynn says:

    It’s basically my favourites left in the competition
    (sob Barnaby ;_;)

    It’s going to be really hard for me to vote now.

  5. Hato-kun says:

    Why is Sawako gone.

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    Uwaahhh 2 big competitors eliminated 0-0

  7. Moni Chan says:

    Sawako had the most votes at the start of the cycle and all of a sudden BANG eliminated

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