Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 3rd Elimination

Third round and there are some surprise eliminations! 

Last week was certainly a wild ride, was it not? There’s nothing quite like a safari where all the animals are replaced with hot models. Only at Metanorn, of course. Let’s not forget that we have to judge our contestants as well, so let’s see how everyone held up against our judges as well as your votes. Don’t feel TOO bad if your favourite got voted off!




Senjougahara as a tiger was amazing; she really likes cats, huh? But things were going smooth until she got the real tigers angry, you can’t just hug random cats like that or pull a stapler out on them… Maybe Senjougahara was really into her “character” as a tiger chick…
While I like Sawako’s shoot which is similar, I like Senjou’s shoot also as her neutral attitude towards the camera leaves the door open to imagination. She can turn cute or ferocious at the drop of a hat, and that mystique about Senjou is what makes her a serious competitor in ANTM3.
Oh Senjougahara, how I like you so. You’ve been reigning over the top since last episode and haven’t budged the spot even when this is not your best take on being smexy or even cutesy. I fear there’s a bunch of staplers and what not hidden in your frock so be gentle to the kids, ne~? :3


I have never seen someone run so fast in my life! Of course anyone would run after seeing that random dark shadow appear. Sawako reminded me of some horror movie character…but I can not remember which one! Anyway she did give everyone a run for their money with her creative take on the “smexy beast” shoot.
Sawako has had some good photos thru ANTM3, and I think this one might be her best. It does look like she just left an audition for Utawarerumono, but she just looks so loveable and cute in this shoot. Hope she got that part… I would actually bother to check the show out then.
You have surprised me throughout the competition, topping the first episode and then not budging from second place at all. The kawaii pose, complete with tail and ears is not smexy yet adorable as hell. You got my vote!


Nino is my favorite by far with this theme as she put on a mermaid outfit. Naturally she went with a fish theme! I think everyone knew she would. That is until we added some real fish and she started to chase after them for her lunch, and that poor octopus really got scared of Nino. Good thing we put up that splash guard to keep us dry but not so much for the camera guy and makeup artist…
While some might think of a smexy beast for their violent tendencies or w/e, Nino is as close enough to being a beast, what with living a life under a bridge and a bunch of weird creatures, and in this photo she is one with the fishes. Last time I claimed Nino to be my favorite, and it doesn’t change in Round 3. Brilliant underwater shot, cute look. Now let’s get her some air and a trip to Episode 4!
Like my comrades, I would agree that she has the beast part down pat. I mean, just look at her being one with the environment. So what if it was not natural? The fishes swam around her and she looked heavenly among them. A very nice capture, this one.


Stocking shared a shoot with Senjougahara and much like her partner in the shoot Stocking ended up making the tigers really angry too as she tried feeding them cake and it almost took her whole arm off. But she quickly calmed the tigers down after distracting them with her light show, thanks to her super cool transformation.
She might want to get that Chuck look-a-like off her arm before it gets a free sampling of her milk bags. Her eyes give off a very similar innocence to that of Sawako, and while it works for Stocking, I was hoping for a little more tenacity out of her. I still think Stocking is Top 3 material here, and the photo is good, I just thought she’d be a little more ferocious.
A runaway bunny girl on isle three. Someone contact Haruhi Suzumiya right now so that she can drag her back to North High. Oh right, but this one is not Asahina Mikuru yet a bunny girl still. Not my favourite pose of hers but at least she tried a mix that made the guys drool. xD


Saeko brought her own set of animals with her?! Damn those wolfs were eating everything in sight, one of those wolves ate the photograhpers camera; I guess they really hate to have their pictures taken. Saeko was really into this animal theme this week, but brought enough sexy elements to the shoot this time.
She brought cake. Moist and wet cake. Even if you take wet in that way, you still might not be opposed to eating it… out. Oh man, the mind I have plagues me with sick thoughts. W/e, onto the shoot. If Saeko visited my house and said trick or treat in this outfit, I’ll tell her I have more candy for her in a different room. Ya know, let’s blame Saeko for this bad streak I’m on atm. Get her to round 4!
I’m happy that we are not having a free shoot of the gravity boobage here. I might’ve brought an internal police to eradicate such nuisance. However, Saeko plays the part of ‘smexy beast’ pretty well with the cake and finger lickin’ and all. The pose is literally saying, c’mon handsome; who will respond, huh?!

6. Eliminated!

Guns blazing, Mami was a bit trigger happy this week. Thank god we decided to hide all the other white animals like the tigers and bunnies and that large polar bear. I really have no idea what Mami was even wearing this week! I think she was a bunny girl, but she started to freak out after checking a mirror and saw the white ears on her head…
I think Mami’s drill tails might no longer be a part of this contest. I mean, I like hot girls in tight clothing, but Mami looks a little too trashy for what we at ANTM are wanting. I think she could’ve saved some face by wearing a bunny tail and gave us some booty action. Haha… save face by showing ass…
I don’t even know what to comment here with the kind of result Mami got. I really would have liked a better pose from her but sadly she hates everything furry and white. It’s sad to see her go as she was the top three last episode. This should alert the fans that if they don’t vote for their favourites, they would go out of running.

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So many cats this week! Though last challenge was a better photoshoot for Natsume. Sure he had the beast part down and the posing was pretty nice, but there was just something missing this time. That being said, Natsume was great as always here. Maybe this was just an off week for him.
You’re still flawless as usual. I really want to complain about you, but I just can’t since you’re almost perfect in every shoot. Even I can’t complain about the animal since you bought Madara with you. Smartass. I just love the traditional costume you’re wearing, it’s so classic not to mention the air of royalty it gives. The pieces of papers and the leaves are also interesting decorations for your already-beautiful background. And wow, I never knew papers and leaves have that kind of beautiful colors. Where do you get all these stuff? Obviously they’re not mine.
So lovely and colorful~ You seem quite gracious, which fails to show the smexy beast theme in your photo. Not to mention, what animal are you even suppossed to be? Am I missing something here?


Eh… I guess this is sexy enough, but is that pose ever awkward. Stand up straight! Anaaga may forgive you for bad posture, but I won’t! Though the cat ears were redeeming…. And so is the fact that Date somehow managed to tame a lion. This guy just has waaaay more GAR than he knows what to do with.
As much as I worship Masamune-sama like a god every day (literally), this photo is such a turn-off. Masamune-sama looks like an unemployed man trying to act cool even though you’re, well, unemployed. Your costume is horrible too. That’s just a plain black shirt with black pants. Are you even trying in the wardrobe department? The cat ears aren’t helping either. I think it just makes everything worse. And the pink background… Don’t even get me started on that. Nice manly aura you’re having there though, very macho. Is this how you look like when you pounce on Yukimura? :9
Ohoho~ While the outfit is a total cliche, especially the cat ears and tail. You can’t go wrong with a sexy pose like that, or a good tight tank top with jeans. Probably the most smexiest out of this uneven bunch.


I have no complaints here. Gin’s posing was subtle, but hell it was sexy. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. He did pretty well here despite being carted off to the hospital with horrible wounds. I also have to say that Gin worked the kitsune mask better than Natsume here. Here it added to the laid back mood that Gin has most of the time.
You finally have a decent photo here. The angle of your shot is perfect at capturing your face. I love how you look so cool here, yet you still give the “dead fish’s eyes” impression. You’re…lazily cool I guess? Very Gintoki-ish. I don’t know what you’re trying to become though… Are you trying to become a fox spirit or a bird? Either way, the color of your costume definitely matches with the blue sky background. They blend together nicely. Yup, I’m loving this photo of yours, Gin-san. Why can’t you be cool like this from the beginning?
As, isn’t this supposed to be a smexy beast theme? I see the smexy, but not the beast. A good pose, a good look, and great effects all wasted -sigh-


M-moe! Rin’s photoshoot didn’t exactly scream ‘sexy’ but HOLY CRAP was it ever adorable. LOOK AT HIM! That pose just makes you want to let out a high pitched squealing noise and hug him. Or maybe that’s just me. …Er, I’m not entirely sure what animal he was trying to be here (a devil…. cat?) but that doesn’t change the fact that whatever it was, it was SO FREAKING CUTE. Though he did kind of have an unfair advantage considering that he has his own tail.
Aw, Rin, so cute!…Not. I’m sorry, but I’m not into cute faces. Especially this face you’re making right now. You’re doing a great job at trying to be a “beast” here, but that’s so not sexy right there. Unfortunately, I don’t like unnatural cute faces, so yeah… Sorry, Rin. You’re cute, but to the point where it makes me want to hurl. I-I just don’t like cute faces. I’m sorry. I guess…Good job at trying to look, er, cute? Oh, I’m pretty sure your fans love this face, so don’t listen to me being mean. D-don’t start crying! I’ll give you a… candy?
Wah, I can’t stop myself from cute photos like these! Yet I must stay true to my judging and say that the post is definitely cliche along with the cat ears, as I said earlier. A better outfit could’ve been used instead of the typical school uniform to make it more smexy. Such a disappoint from someone who usually does so well.


…As much as I hate to admit it, Sebastian had the smexy beast part down here. It must be the exposed shoulders. Or the belts. Or the horns. Or the mountain of cats that we had to tear him away from to take this picture. Or maybe a combination of those things. However, like last time, Sebby STILL refuses to look at the camera. It’s not going to steal your soul, you know. Hell, you don’t even have a soul….Do you…?
Seriously, am I living in a cave or something? Since when devils are animals? And haha what’s with that fur? You look ridiculous instead of sexy now. Are you planning to go to a SM club with that outfit? Hahaha, I can’t believe I actually have that costume. Or maybe that’s not mine… Costume aside, I don’t get how you can glance away from the camera and smile to the camera at the same time. I don’t think professional models do that, since its giving the impression that you can’t make up your mind at how you want to express yourself. Please try harder next time…Wait, ARE YOU A SHEEP?
Finally something interesting! I absolutely love the dark theme, and the choice of a demon for this challenge was smart. The pose is great as it’s not too menacing, but it’s still fierce enough to fit in with the theme. While I don’t find it smexy, it’s definitely beastly.

6. Eliminated!

I am sorely disappointed by the lack of bunny ears. Or even tiger ears would have been fantastic. Hell, ANY type of ears would have been welcomed…. That part before with the bunnies was so freaking adorable before! What happened?! I know you’re more fabulous than anyone else here, but a little more effort would have been appreciated. …I’m off to go cry BITTER DISAPPOINTED fangirl tears with OC now.
…What are you trying to do? Oh, you’re trying to be Bunny? I see, I see…Not. Where’s the costume!?????? Putting a jacket and posing as an animal is NOT trying to be a smexy beast right there. Honestly, why can’t you just take some bunny headband like Mami’s and Stocking’s and use it instead of not wearing any costume at all? Your expression is pretty cute there, but I’m sorry, you need a costume to pass my judgment. There’s a reason why the name of this theme is “Smexy Beast.” No, your name won’t work here. I. Want. To. See. Barnaby. With. A. Costume. I have so many uke costumes, and he’s not wearing any! *roll on the ground crying*
I honestly feel offended at this sad attempt at being some sort of beast. Be a man and just try a costume! Or some ears at least! Your nickname’s Bunny for goodness sake! It’s boring and not at all smexy.

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You guys must not like blondes, voting off poor Mami Tomoe and Barnaby Brooks Jr. in the same post! They were both excellent contestants, and I’m personally DISAPPOINTED IN ALL OF YOU FOR VOTING BARNABY OFF THE SHOW! Hmmph. We’ll see you again next week for another challenge and you’d better think more carefully about who you vote for! *shakes fist*
And you thought, I switched sides? Well, I was just filling in this episode for the bishoujo section so hopefully, next episode I’ll be able to judge the hawties some more. (Everyone should know how much I love the bishies now. xD) The least voted ones this episode was quite a shock because they were pretty good if not excellent in the previous episodes. I guess, I should say I’m a bit disappointed but that is how the cutthroat business of modeling is. Bitches come, bitches go. Life goes on. So, if you really want to keep your favourite hawties in the running, don’t forget to VOTE FOR THEM. ALSO! Support them by putting up the required bling as your avatar and signatures. Directions are given here, while some teasers are posted after the jump.

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14 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 3rd Elimination”

  1. Namika says:

    I’m definitely content with all the results ^_____^ though Sebby disappointed me a little bit, because those horns looked so ridiculous! Such a giant potential flushed sown the toilet. I hope, he will rise again in the future.
    Sawako & Natsume ftw~ *0*

  2. Karakuri says:

    With Barnaby gone, now who will I support with extreme bias?!

  3. Jrow says:

    Mami’s exit photo is probably the best she’s had. I hate to see her leave, but love to watch her go. 😉

  4. Jesse says:

    I am happy with most of the results except that I think that Sawako should have been number one, shortly followed by the lovely Stocking! But other than that I am content.
    But I really laughed at the milk bags comment for Stocking, so damn funny! XD

  5. anaaga says:


  6. Kitty says:

    nooooo not Bunny-chan!! Oh well he can go back home to Kotetsu now hehehehe!! Point for Natsume you go!!

  7. BlackBriar says:

    I’m really happy with the results. More power to the blue flame bad boy, Rin. His decreasing fame has me worried but he has enough to stay in it.

    Ah, Senjougahara, the stapler queen. Her tsundereness and unpredictability is what keeps her at the top. Don’t ever get on her bad side.

    Bring on more Saeko. This ‘smexy beast’ is here for the long run. Jrow is not the only one with a mind that is plagued with sick thoughts. Oh, I’m having trouble keeping control.

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  9. Captain says:

    I will root for Gintoki.


  10. Shey says:

    It is sad to see Mami go, but she made some crazy pictures. In the second episode she looked like a killer maniac and this week she looked kinda trashy + had a weird facial expression. Maybe she just isn’t cut out for modeling 🙁
    The elimination picture is sweet though 😉

  11. Alynn says:

    FFF All my favourites are still in the running. Going to have a hard time voting in the next round.

    Those banners! Ahhhh. Never disappointed with Metanorn graphics. : D

  12. Ringo says:

    I will vote for Natsume every week no matter what. 🙂

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