Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! – 02

Seriously, Yamato Just Won at Twister

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Note: I’ll be away later this week thru next, so for the Majikoi readers out there, I’ll be seeing you later.

Miyako thinks she’s gonna be able to molest Yamato, but he’s substituted himself for a “Big Magnum” pickle in his bed.

Yamato wasn’t there because of a late-night meeting being called. A history teacher has lost his beloved one and is offering a reward of 50 meal tickets. Thinking that lowering the amount will get someone to take the job, Yamato asks for 144 tickets. Why not a nice even number?

“I want 144 tickets, and a cool eye patch.”

Figuring the 9 people (or 8 when Capt is out), everybody will get equal meal tickets. Kazuko’s figuring out the math, Mayucchi is busy talking with her cell phone strap, and Momoyo’s upset that Yamato didn’t come see her last night so she could toy with his emotions.

That “beloved one”? It is a dog. Before they even get to walking around town and putting signs up, Kazuko spots it at the end of the street. Miyako pulls out a non-lethal arrow to shoot, but her mentioning of it hurting scares the dog away. So it becomes a big chase scene with Yamato being stepped on, the dog looking up girls’ clothing and Yamato catching the dog, only to have the bleach blonde, dark-complexioned girl get mad and throw him out.

This dog is having its day

Meanwhile, something went down while Ageha was taking part in the class wars. We see a tank that looks like it’s been beat up real good and mention of a test subject.

Hulk got angry, smashed tank.

Still haven’t found the dog yet. The girls get naked in the bath and talk about ways to lure the dog, with it ending up being about Yamato’s approval. Much to the girls’ surprise, the dog they’ve been looking for emerges from the water and nonchalantly gets out of the bath. The girls don’t have time to get clothes on, so they take chase after it in the nude. The dog avoids some of Miyako’s arrows, but they know he’s coming up on a dead end. They pile up on him, realizing quickly that they are in Yamato’s room.

The show’s censorship. Jrow is sad that he can’t use the NSFW tag.

After the girls beat him up for them coming into his room naked, the dog finds another opportunity to break free and runs into what looks like an abandoned warehouse. Shiina finally traps the dog, and Yamato noticed a 7.62 mm bullet and the others notice many different weapons. Since the show didn’t explain that he forgot what happened like all of these animes do, I’m going to just put it in summary that Yamato burned the images of the girls in his head for later referencing.

Finding themselves surrounded by a bunch of men in suits, Momoyo and the others kick some butt. Instead of using the minigun as a gun, Momoyo decides to whack them with it, and the others show off their skills. When the dust settles, Momoyo grabs one of them and starts questioning, but a different group of fighters in all black burst on the scene and apparently are able to use Kawakami techniques. Those fighters are later whistled to retreat, and they leave a grenade to explode, but Momoyo uses Tatami Flip to prevent the blow from hurting any of them.

As the gals and guy are walking home, Capt is hanging out with the dog (he had a flat tire on his bike this whole time). Yamato flashbacks to a man who had given up on the country sometime ago, and the group that attacked the class earlier revisits the warehouse. They want more action.

End Thoughts:

Compared to episode 1, this episode was slow as hell. Although, the premiere episode was over-the-top with the action and surprised everybody by how crazy it was, so anything afterwards might seem boring. All that still doesn’t excuse a crappy scene of chasing a dog around town. Can you at least get me to crack a smile, Majikoi? The series doesn’t seem to care all that much about being comedic, but when it does, it just feels random and is delivered too directly and flat (much like my captions). When the group isn’t fighting, it’s kind of a “grin and bear it” situation with me. I did like the action in the ending sequence, and even though I feel like we’ve seen all of the girls’ bag of tricks, they haven’t had a real one-on-one fight with someone to make the battles a little more exciting. Perhaps these new big-breasted beauties can spark some good battles with Momoyo and the others.

If you blinked, you missed the very small pieces of story development with Ageha and some older guy Yamato knews. While early episodes might mostly be watched for the simple enjoyment of seeing the girls fight, eventually we might get to a point where the story starts to at least take a little bit of interest. But in the mean time Majikoi, spend some time with your characters and let us get a chance to know them more.

“It’s a man’s shame to not accept a woman’s seduction.” Really? Just like one minute ago, Shiina wanted you to bone her. To hell with you, Yamato. Anyways, Majikoi will have nudity and thus censorship of the annoying side characters hovering over breasts. No word yet on how AT-X is airing it (I suspect censorship will hang around there too), but it was just one brief scene and the show doesn’t look like it’ll be doing many, if any pantsu shots. Of the ecchi offerings this fall, Majikoi is the one that I’ll at least stick with. I’ve been told by a couple people that Maken-Ki is actually a decent manga, but the anime seems intent on selling BD’s more than anything, and Mashiro is visually decent-looking eroge anime that might end up being trite and very little fun to watch. Majikoi has my personal favorite cast of girls and I like the fighting.

Episode 3 Preview:

Seriously, Get Turned On By Me


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15 Responses to “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! – 02”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    This episode has “drop me” written all over it. I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode, but this one engaged in all of the nonsense that I was initially expecting. A bunch of naked girls chase after a dog, and then hit the main character when he sees them. This anime just isn’t for me. I don’t even like this style of fighting (slicing bullets with a sword, punching a grenade … nonsense).

    • Jrow says:

      This is what I was expecting, but as long as there’s some skin to be seen and par-for-the-course action, I’ll at least find it to be my fluff show of the season.

    • Dan-go says:

      She didn’t punch a grenade. She punched the floor in a mockery of the ninja technique the “tatami flip” (yay dragonball) which was where one flipped a tatami board and used it as cover. Mind you you don’t normally punch a plate of concrete as cover. Haahhaha, this is what i was expecting. You watch these shows, and know this is trash, but for guys it’s kinda appealing to see several girls fall over a guy, or for unrequited stuff. As Elfman would say. This is manliness!

    • Dan-go says:

      Although if you have to complain, it shouldn’t be about the plot. Its quite obvious that there’s alot going on in the background, what with the tank and the armory/weapons store and i feel it’s better when we aren’t blatantly told everything that’s going to happen. Lotsa other things to complain about though, one dimensional humor, harem style genre, ridiculously boring character design

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The first was pretty good and this is as good with a little plot. But the beginning was whacked out. LOL. I was litterally asking myself “What am I watching here, a hentai?”. That whole futon scene threw me off balance and she was naked to boot. Wasn’t expecting that. Nice!

    Outsmarted and trolled by a dog. How humiliating. Whoever trained that dog is a military genius. They even taught him The Matrix bullet dodging move. The pooch was a regular pervert crashing the girls’ spa party and staring at them with a smile. They were so embaressed they didn’t even pay attention to the fact they were completely in the nude chasing him.

    Yamato, you lucky bastard!!! How dare you have so many girls on every inch of your body!! And they’re all in love with him except Momoyo who sees him as a sibling. I must confess, in my opinion, Momoyo is a combination of Ikki Tousen’s Kan-U and Rosario + Vampire’s Inner Moka Akashiya and all three are affectionate yet abusive to the main male character.

    • Jrow says:

      haha, I wouldn’t have expected Miyako to be the one other girl that had a big crush on him, but she’s an interesting one for sure.

      And the dog had the real clever tactic of kicking Yamato to jump start his escape each time. But, Capt is the cool guy of the group of the dog was just chillin with him.

      Yamato has it pretty sweet, also jumping in on that black girl in the dressing room. I see a little bit of Kan-u in her, but considering how soft Kan-u’s become ever since Gentoku got introduced to the anime, I don’t think Momoyo will reach that level.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The fight in the warehouse was awesome. Who trained these people? Owning Yakuza members, ninja girls and even cutting a bullet and others guns in half is badass. Apparently a plot is starting. I wonder who trashed that tank.

        The guy who picked up that rifle bullet sounded like Keiji Fujiwara. And if it is, it’s a nice surprise.

  3. feal87 says:

    Less censoring! We need less censoring. >_<

  4. amado says:

    im also sad at the censorship
    I dont know about you guys, but im still liking this show. however, it has now gotten some flags that put it in danger of ending up lamely like the other harem/ecchi shows.
    well as long as the romance is done well enough and sensible with the plot, im completely okay with this show. so far, this one has done a pretty good job on those so I dont get what you people are saying. and surprisingly low ecchi indeed.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Loloololol the censors made me laugh! Nicely done! I sort of liked samurai girls censors a bit more…they were fun 😀

    Yep some plot progression! And the colored ninjas made me laugh, and the girl using the gun as a melee weapon!? LMAO

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    Well it was soooo slow I do agree as well, but yes action scene was quite nice x3. I think I’ll stick witht this for a while, but I thought the censors seemed out of place, or at least for the shower/bath scene, I think they could have just increased the amount of steam in there and there wouldn’t be any need for censoring lol xD.

  7. Dan-go says:

    HHAHAHHAHAH i love momoya. Best use of a minigun ever

  8. Moni Chan says:

    Now that is one awesome dog, wierd comming from me cuz I hate dogs.

  9. Gene says:

    Lance girl is supposed to have ant hills. WHAT HAS THE ANIME DONE?

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