Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 03

New war strategy based on Tetris

Hello and Happy Halloween. Well, I don’t really do much for such a holiday aside from hanging out with friends or working (usually both). I think that my favorite Halloween was probably when I was a kid living in Sasebo, Japan. We would have parades and you know what? I’d dress as some sort of princess XD But with that aside.. Yep! I’ve actually releasing a post on time! It’s great when I can actually have a weekend off and man it’s been a hell of a good one. So yeah, lets get this rolling…

Another war is being waged by the Ades Federation against the Notos Fleet. The Ades fleet was being pushed back until their reinforcement group called Godspeed lead by a Ades bishi called Solush arrived. Meanwhile, another Ades fleet in another area of the world ceases their chases on a fleeing ship.. the reaper ship, Silvius.

Solush: “Yes, I’m the hawtest bad guy in this show”

We not get a view into the Ades Federation. The ruler, Augusta, is being read news on their fleet until Luscinia arrives. To our surprise, Augusta is actually a little girl. Luscinia gives the news on the war against Turan and they discuss about Exile, the ship that forced its way back into their world. Vasant, a female soldier serving right under Augusta (like a caretaker) mentions about not knowing the whereabouts of the other keys to Exile. Augusta interrupts into the conversation asking about the people who originally lived in Turan. Vasant explains that the Gonia inhabitants NE of Ades were the inhabitants of Turan and had their lands stolen by the “returned” Turanian’s long ago. Augusta wants them to recover Gonia’s land because they’re suffering so much. They then move on the discussion about the 10th anniversary of the late Augusta Farahnaz to be scheduled and it is mentioned how it has been 10 years since the last Grand Race.

Our moe lolita ruler over loli loving men…

Back at the sky pirate’s base, Kartoffel, Millia is venting her anger at Fam for not saving her sister. Fam stands and takes the blame while Gisey tries to stop Millia until Millia runs off. The sky pirates have salvaged what they could from the previous battle along with the Lasas’ cargo. Millia sees a woman buying a cup which belonged to Lily and tries to chase after the woman before she takes off but was too late.

Millia: “Hay biatch, gimme my moneh’s now~!”

Meanwhile, Teddy (the Princesses servant boy) is being introduced to Gisey’s family while Fam is in her room, sad for Millia and the events that went by. Fam is called to where Millia is because Millia is trying to take a vanship to chase after the woman who bought Lily’s cup. Instead of stopping Millia, Fam takes her out on the vanship to chase after the woman. Millia talks about how she couldn’t do anything and being useless but Fam just pushes on in chasing after the woman’s ship which seems to be far away by now.

Back at Kartoffel, Teddy is making tea for Gisey’s family while Gisey explains about the sky pirates. Many people from all over the world escaped from the Ades Federation after having their homes destroyed and came together to form the Sky Pirates. Elsewhere, Fam and Millia are on their way home having obtained Lily’s cup. Fam talks about how Sky Pirates are open-minded people and that those in the sky support one another.

Fam mentions that she’s adopted and we see how Gisey’s father in a search group found a crashed vanship that was carrying baby Fam. Millia apologizes for being selfish in her suffering but Fam happily brushes it off with how the Sky Pirates are her family. Fam also talks about her dream and meanwhile Gisey talks about the Grand Race that they saw when they were little. It was a huge race with vanships from all over and it took place during the anniversary of the peace treaty between Ades and all other nations. Fam wants to reopen the Grand Race that was closed 10 years ago and win it. There’s the trophy that Fam was polishing in the first episode and Teddy pointed it out and we were gonna find out who won the last race but Gisey’s father arrives.

Chibi Fam: “I’m going to steal that vanship!”

The people of Kartoffel hold a sort of funeral/memorial for the fallen people of Turan. Millia and Fam arrive in time to see the procession and the balloons set off.

Later on (probably the next day), Millia gets a stylish haircut by Gisey and meanwhile Fam receives news from Dio that the Silvius has been spotted. Fam runs to tell Millia that she will steal the Silvius for her.

Millia: “What do you think of my new haircut?”       Fam: “It’s greeaaaaattttt (you look like a cute bear)”

Extra Shots:

The food of commoners!

Kawaii XD

Behold the future (inspiration by Star Wars)

End Thoughts:

This episode was more of a dramatic and yet calming down phase. Pretty straight forward events with good background story information. Now, if you were expecting some action, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait for the next episode. Seeing who rules the Ades Federation wasn’t too surprising but maybe that’s because this is anime and this is Last Exile. A show overpowered by youngsters and having a little girl as a ruler is far from abnormal. We have this kid as the ruler in place of her deceased mother and she may not be a front figure ruled by shadowing officials but this girl is waging war against many countries and leaving many people to suffer. Augusta’s mentality of wanting to help Gonia gain their land back that was taken from the current occupants of Turan is all well and all but she doesn’t realize that in doing so, she’ll disrupt the current peace that was already present. These Gonia people lost their land more than a hundred years ago and are suffering but they already have their home near Ades who should help provide for their current environment as the leading nation. But whatever, I guess we’ll learn later on more about how Ades operates.

Oh Millia, you really are a princess and runs around just like the typical one. Yet, Millia is able to have her good moments that makes her likable. Poor Fam takes in the blame that Millia puts on her but turns things around by helping Millia chase after a memento of her sister. It was nice to see this touching scene. As well, we got a good amount of information of who the Sky Pirates are and how they operate. The Sky Pirates feel like the rebellion faction against Ades. I’m glad we got to learn about Fam but I want to learn more of who her parents were. As well, the mention of the Grand Race sounds exciting. So it was a race that was help every year in celebration of the peace treaty between Ades and other nations but it’s been 10 years since the last one. Also, 10 years ago, the previous ruler of Ades died. So there’s a big connection here that we’ll learn more about. I’m thinking that it’s probably either during the celebration something happened to the ruler that Ades broke the treaty.

The memorial service was so pretty. Such a touching scene and prayers from the Sky Pirates was both heartwarming and sad. I do say, the animation in this anime has me in so much awe. Once again, I say that Murata Range has done an awesome job /bows/. But with that aside, the meaning to Millia’s new haircut was like a new start for her. I think it’s cute but man those hair ties make her look like a bear with the ties looking like ears. The ending of this episode left me excited for the next one with the mention of the ship, Silvius. I’m sure that most people who know of the first Last Exile are thinking that the Silvius is probably a remake of the Silvana which was the battleship in the first series that the main characters fought with. So, we will get to see characters from the first series make their way into this new one and things while start to get even more exciting. So until then, laters~


Fam is on the move to steal the reaper ship, Silvius


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6 Responses to “Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 03”

  1. Myssa Rei says:

    Let me say… Stealing the Silvius? How rich. Well, let’s just see how that will pan out, especially since it looks like it’s Tatiana’s turn in the captain’s seat.

    Take a note how the ship is nicknamed ‘Kill-Them-All’. My, Tatiana has been busy since their arrival on Earth.

    • Ness says:

      I still need to re-watch Last Exile but yeah sounds just like Fam to want to steal such a thing. It’s going to be interesting and hope there’s some good action.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Definitely a backstory episode. I admit I prefer the big action sequences, but the funeral was nice, and everything looked great as usual. It was a pretty big surprise to me to see Luscinia and the others in a more positive light.

    • Ness says:

      I’m sure a lot would prefer the action over talk but we have to get there somehow. Yeah, the funeral was touching. Seeing Luscinia isn’t a cold-hearted person is something but there seems to be a relation with the previous queen seeing Luscinia touch his bracelet during the discussion of the anniversary.

  3. TheVoid says:

    I believe they mentioned a shortage of resources last episode or was it this one?

    Which would explain why Ades is going around destroying the people who have returned on the Exiles. It probably wasn’t a problem until till they continued to arrive.

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, they mentioned about a shortage of resources in this episode. Seems so that Ades is about giving the land back to the people in rule before the people on Exile that returned took over.

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