Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 02

Nee-san will teach you everything there is to know about confessing~

Hello all! Man, I’ve been so busy lately with life crap. But I’m still here! So, sorry for the delay, but here we are back for another episode of Horizon. Wonder how many people we will put this in their drop list after this second episode. But the show will still go on… so lets get it going…

A young girl wakes up and as she finds herself late for class, we start hearing someone singing and a bit of the scenes from episode one’s opening. Basically, it’s the same day still from the previous episode.

Masazumi: “Eeeep! I fell asleep on the couch again… nekkid!!”

The same girl who was late, was the one that collapsed in front of the bread shop, her name is Honda Masazumi and apparently she collapsed from starvation. The bread shop owner discusses with Masazumi about the student council, why she’s the vice president and not the president (Toori’s position). Apparently, Toori and the neighborhood kids all used to come to the bread shop but stopped. Toori recently started visiting again every morning since the owner found a automatic doll (PH-01S, the girl who was singing). The owner recommends for Masazumi to look into a place called The Path to Remorse if she wants a more harmonious relationship with others.

Operation Free Food. After the Bread Shop, off to the Noodle House then the Meat Shop.

It is later in the morning after the previous episode athletics training class and the class is now having a Eastern history lesson on the assemble of Testament Union; which is basically the history of how the world came to be where it is. The world was divided into the now Shinshuu (Divine States) and in another dimension, the  Jushou Shinshuu (Replica Divine States). In the real part of the world, lived the people of Shinshuu and in the other dimension lived people from every other country of the world.

This is where Toori interrupts the lecture saying he’ll cover Suzu if things get messy and starts rambling about how he doesn’t plan on dying until he gets an eroge on the market that he wrote a memo for. This shows that actually every student is really doing something other than taking notes for the lecture. Asama helps Suzu with the lecture by reading what Suzu writes and so the history lesson continues. The copy of the world, Juushou Shinshuu fell on Shinshuu and half of the fallen world was destroyed but the remaining retained itself in Shunshuu with its inhabitants. Fight broke out for blame of the events and the event was known as the Juushou Escape Riot.

Toori: “I have the winning lottery ticket! Now Asama, check the results~!”

With the history lesson done, Toori interrupts talking about his confession event to be held tonight and that they should to a ghost exorcism for fun too. The sensei doesn’t care and goes back to the main focus that Toori has to take punishment for Suzu making a mistake on the year of the event in her history lesson. Meanwhile, down the hall, a student is escorting an emperor (really?!) to the classroom and hears a ruckus…

Sensei: “Today’s lesson… oh shit!”       Toori: “Behold! My history…”        Random Emperor: “WTF?!”

Random Emperor: “Durr”

The sensei escapes into the other classroom avoiding the situation. Meanwhile, Masazumi is visiting her mother’s grave and runs into PH-01S. They have talk about Masazumi’s mother and PH-01S starts singing a song that Masazumi’s mother used to sing. We get a bit of information about the Honda family from Mikawa. In order for Masazumi to become a representative of the Honda she had to become a boy and after losing her breasts and then undergoing sex changes. But before the change, the upper house started to dismiss the lower houses along with Masazumi who’s jobs were given to automatic dolls. Later, Masazumi’s mother was murdered by a killer named Koushiki Kakushi. This whole discussion answered PH-01S’s curiosity of Masazumi’s gender.

A ship from Mikawa passes by and an announcement from Motonobu, the representative of Matsudai (the upper house of Honda) about fireworks arranged for the people of Masashi. As the ship leaves, PH-01S is waving to a person (that we can’t see) from the ship who was waving back. The ship lands in Mikawa a little past noon.

Translation: 12/22 Lesson on How to Be Hip Like Me

The student council is meeting on the stairs to discuss on making the president’s confession a success. Toori asks Sensou (the Terry Bogard ninja wannabe) for advice on confessing even though he’s failed many times. The first suggestion is the letter plan, to write down your feelings in the letter, help out the girl cleaning and instead of passing the broom; you pass the letter. Toori starts to write how he likes her face, behind and waste to lower back but can’t put into words (which he does so well for not being able to do so). But wait! Something is missing! Toori forgot to mention her breasts! This is blasphemy for a breast manic. But then Toori begins to write about her breasts… but can’t tell until he’s fondled them. WIN! Aoi Kimi (Toori’s older sister) agrees with this by saying he should test out his decision by asking someone to let him fondle their breasts.

Toori: “Teehee, now I can write all my dirty thoughts down”

This is how the Student Council gets down. Support our President in his perverted-ness but protect your breasts (even male ones) from Toori xD

The meeting is interrupted by Mitotsudaira and the school principle passing by to go to the port. Toori mentions he’s going to confess to Horizon and the President gives hints on who she might be when agreeing about the person resembling the Horizon of 10 years ago. The President leaves but Mitotsudaira is still there and Kimi tricks confronts her to help out the President in making his confession a success. Full of pride, Mitotsudaira agrees and Toori steps up…

Mitotsudaira: “I’m ready for my closeup!”

It’s kinda foggy down thurrrr

Toori: “Indeed, this practice fondling will help me succeed tonight”

Toori: “Success! Satisfaction! APPROVED by me

The sign of terror (to come)…

Sweeeeeet Revenge

The President is being escorted by Masazumi to the village and they have a discussion about Mikawa. Masazumi ponders what she’s doing with her life and why would she want to be a politician when she has no power to change the world by getting involved in it. Meanwhile, the creepy Matsudai guy leaves us with some anticipation for the fireworks.

And the time is now! Let’s DANCE~!

Extra Memos

Score! Got the sucker in the trap. Nee-san is da best~!

Two thumbs up for sensei’s awesome melons. It’s the same size as the blob

My army of slaves. Next we will take over the world!

Masazumi: “I’m confessing to you before Toori. He may be the President but we all know that the Vice-President is the mastermind
PH-01S: “Why does this happen to me all the time?”

End Thoughts:

Oh my, what an episode. It seemed pretty straightforward but the whole history lesson near the beginning was a lot to take in. I think that I had to go through that scene three times to really get what happened (or I could have just been really tired to comprehend things). But yeah, glad that bit of information on the state of the world was given. So, I am guessing that the world isn’t as peaceful yet considering how divided it is along with the great need of politicians and military trained students. But man, it must be hard to grow up in such a world where as soon as you’re 18, you have to step into society.

There’s still a bunch of things not explained like how each faction stands against one another. As well, the whole mix in on the class system, the rulers and such. Also where does Toori stand in all of this?! I’m sure you all can figure out who Toori is going to confess to by now. It’s kind of interesting but exactly who is Horizon from 10 years ago and how does PH-01S resemble her? I kind of figured that PH-01S would be a sort of android or something. With this whole school setting and such, PH-01S almost reminds me of Aigis from Persona 3 and we just need her to have some cool action fighting scenes then we’re set.

There’s so many characters in this that it’s hard to keep up with who is who. I don’t know how I’ll be able to make a review with such a big character cast but oh well and it’s kinda cool. The random characters are even amusing like the Emperor going to the classroom to find a nekkid Toori. The reactions were so epic and to think that sensei has a book filled with punishments written down heheh. As well, the student council meeting was just great. I didn’t know that Kimi was actually Toori’s older sister. Guess it makes sense why he calls her ‘nee-san’ but they don’t look alike. Though, their attitudes seem about the same and understanding of perverted-ness. Basically the whole meeting was my favorite part of this episode.

Near the ending of the episode, it felt kind of boring even though it was some plot about Masazumi. To think that people have to go through sex-changes to lead a family is needed, sounds creepy and sad on Masazumi’s part. The whole Mikawa information was kind of confusing but I’m sure we’ll get to understand it more in the next episode along with what the heck these fireworks from the Matstudai is. I think overall, this episode wasn’t all that bad. There was a good amount of talking and less action but I’m sure later on in the series (like the next episode it seems) we will get some cool fighting like from episode one’s training. So, see ya then. Lataz~

Ending Theme along with the preview of what happens in the next episode

Preview: More characters introduced. Fireworks, Confessions and the Principle gets some action.


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22 Responses to “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 02”

  1. Dan-go says:

    Well. That was informative. The first episode tells us absolutely nothing and the second tells us too much to take in at once. It’s good to know that there is an ulterior plot happening, and i’ll stick it out a bit, but so far i’ve been kinda disapointed with this show. High expectations i guess. Nice animation though

    • Ness says:

      I think this is just one of those slow developed animes that will be running off of the perverted Toori gags. Along with slowly hinting at plot hah

  2. Hime says:

    I really liked this episode. It was miles better that the first, imo. Why couldn’t they have just shown us this one first? I mean, it was funny, had plenty of story to try and digest, the first episode was so generic and baseless it just seems like a waste of time compared to this one.

    Omg I love Toori and Nee-san. They are hilarious siblings.


    • Toori-chan says:

      I didn’t know you love me so much~ (hehe just joking)

    • BlackBriar says:

      Well, some moes are made to be feared. This one is just proving that to the point.

    • Ness says:

      Yes! Toori and Nee-san was awesome. They’re so alike on many levels of perverted-ness and arrogance. Yet, it’s all great xD

  3. Moni Chan says:

    That pink thing is a girl right I mean It cant be a guy?

    well anyway I like this series even if it is ecchi. The jokes are so funny.

    • Ness says:

      I never considered the blob’s gender but I would guess it has a male persona.. hah

  4. akagami says:

    Where can I get one of those little black blobs as a pet? Where?!?

    They kind of remind me something out of Dennou Coil…

    So far I would say Horizon is the show of the season I-can’t-wait-until-next-week type of show. (Last Exile and Guilty Crown, where are you?!?)

    • Ness says:

      Those black blob thingys remind me of My Neighbor Totoro dust balls almost or that ones in Spirited Away haha.

      I don’t feel that this is the show of the season but if it’s for you then that’s cool. Yeah can’t wait to see Last Exile. Still need to watch Guilty Crown><

      • akagami says:

        Well, I don’t mean it’s amazing or going to win any awards…

        I watch anime because it’s relaxing and fun, so my criteria really is how entertained I am. It could have a nonsensical plot and I could still enjoy it… I’m definitely no anime connoisseur.

        And in entertainment value this is at the top of my list for this season (so far).

        I also still need to check out Persona 4. But I still haven’t opened the game yet and I’m hesitant to watch the anime for fear it’ll ruin the game plot for me…

        • Ness says:

          I’m going to take my time watching Persona 4. Yeah, I know what you mean on waiting until you’ve played the game. It’s time consuming but fun xD Then you’ll have the anime to look forward to when you finish heheh. I still haven’t finished the game >< but I got the whole jist of it.

  5. Overcooled says:

    I gave up trying to get the plot. I mean, with this much boob grabbing and violence, I don’t think knowing the plot will amount to much. It’s enough that I vaguely know what is happening! (Sort of). Yeah, I just watch for the action and crazy characters. But damn, the action is good!

    The lead male character needs to be transferred to a harem show or something. He doesn’t belong at all. Also, can someone please take off those shiny threads from his outfit? It looks like a spider is in the process of making a web on his shirt, I wanna dust it off -_-

    • Ness says:

      Yes! Damn that action is good haha. I’ve somehow tolerated all that boob grabbing so far since it ends with some good revenge. As for the plot, meh not too big on it and don’t care too much for it anymore. I just want some gooood action damnit.

      As for Toori, he’s just amusing to me now. But yes, those shiny wtf threads he’s got makes him seem so so… yeah

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Toori is a masochist pervert who doesn’t have a care in the world. How can he feel so comfortable stripping in front of his entire class? No one is that brave or maybe he’s just plain out of his mind. I applaud the boob fondling regardless of the consequential beating. Go Toori!

    I’ve got to get my own army of maids. There’s so many things I could do with them. World domination!!! Masazumi is an interesting character. I wonder where the story is going to lead her.

    • Ness says:

      Well, that strip was a punishment. As surprising it was to see, it was just as hilarious and I don’t find it strange for him to be doing so. Compared to episode 1’s boob fondling, this one I agree with you on applauding. But basically it was all because of Kimi-nee’s awesome devious persuasive skills hehehee.

      Masazumi’s story was interesting but I think they’ll probably introduce many other characters and their stories to come.

  7. Reaper says:

    Having watched the first two eps now after the exams…what is this, I don’t even…I mean, I laughed so much at Jun Fukuyama’s perverted nature, yet wasn’t perverted (such as the groping of breasts as such), but also how Masazumi is a girl…right? (even though she had her breasts removed), the whole classroom of laughable idiots pretty much (such as the emperor walking in on a naked Tori) and with a heck of a lot of seiyus I know…god I feel like an Index of Magic and Science just twisted in this universe but what the heck, I feel like I’m gonna enjoy this rollercoaster XD

    • Ness says:

      Cools with the finished exams, hope they went well and you can chillax now xD Yeah, the plot is weak for this but some things make up for it like Toori’s gags. I like how to describe this being a Index of Magic and Science twisted. It’s twisted along with the past and a futuristic view as well.

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Lulz this episode was great I loved that whole classroom scene and LOLOL Random stripping in class? Damn Toori you are so damn crazy but I like crazy so you win. We did get some story and that poor Masazumi girl T____T

    And Toori’s sister? LOL she is great! But such a pro at twisting her brother into odd events…I guess they are a special family muhahaha..

    • Ness says:

      At first, I didn’t expect Kimi to be Toori’s sister but man I can see how they are similar in attitude. She’s so awesome haha. I enjoyed a good amount of this episode but looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one considering the ending preview.

  9. Kyokai says:

    I finally caught up to this and even if the plot is complicated and the plot is balancing on so much jargon and characters, I’m still left feeling interested so definitely going to follow this through.

  10. Sabine says:

    I´m so gonna watch this because I´m having the feeling this can still be something really amazing, if they bring some tragedy and yes the hidden past we all want to know… *nods* I hope this show will be really good in the end, I trust in it, that there will happen something awesome, so many hints.. >__< *watched episode 3 a few minutes ago, maybe that´s why?*

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