First Impressions – Mirai Nikki

Who doesn’t enjoy a good yandere?

Woooooo hoooo! Mirai Nikki is here to kill us all! Err I mean it’s here to entertain us; my only experience with this crazy series was from reading the manga after hearing that OVA was a huge failure. This is a going to be a first for me! Usually I read a manga after a series wraps up well time to join the others on this bloody tag! Will there be blood? I sure hope so.
So the manga finally gets an anime adaptation that doesn’t suck! (Hopefully.) Yes, I am excited to see the queen of yandere in her animated glory (and Minene). Also, Akise!! How do you make an awesome character better? You get Ishida Akira as his seiyuu. If you couldn’t tell, I’m watching this for the characters. …Though Yukiteru can go die in a fire for all I care.
This is horrendously late, and I know the second episode is already out. Apologies, my VLC was stalked by a yandere and refused to play Mirai Nikki because the memories were still too fresh in it’s delicate little software mind. After a few sessions of counciling, however, dear VLC media player finally felt strong enough to go on. So without further ado~

Meet Yukiteru; he’s just a regular teenager who goes to school, spends the majority of his day texting…and at night converses with the giant alien robot called Deus who lives in his imagination along with a token underage moe sidekick. Okay, so maybe he’s not that normal. Despite this one amazingly weird thing, though, he does live a pretty tedious life. When you actually make a note in your diary saying how you walked around a rock that day you know you’ve reached a new level of dull. Yuki also seems unfazed by the fact that where he lives isn’exactly safe, guess he’s just the kind of guys who, even when murderes are going on, can remain apathetic to his surroundings. While he is complaining to Deus about his boring life he unwittingly gains this interesting plot device. His diary now tells him the future, as he finds out when he awakes and reads it the next morning.


As he does through his day he finds everything pre-determined in the diary, and naturally this freaks him out. In his imagination he asks Deus how this could have happened; the God then answers: “Cause I’m a GOD bitch, deal with it.” and explains that if the diary is broken so is Yuki’s future (oh, jesus, the [C] flashbacks I’m having right now!). Thankfully, Yuki isn’t a usual dumbass protagonist and actually utalizes the powers of the diary, raising himself up to the top of the class. This does have the unfortunate effect of making his peers resent him, though bailed out by a warning from the diary, he avoids getting his nerdy little ass kicked.

they are just envious because Yuki gets to walk around in colour

He doesn’t have too much time to enjoy his few found success though, as the resident creepy girl in class, Yuno (with the subtle bright pink hair in a class of dark brunettes) gives him the yandere eye. And after class he notices that she’s made a little clay figure of the token moe character from his imagination. HOMG, BUT HOW COULD SHE HAVE KNOWN?!?!?!!!!1111!!!!! It’s just then he receives a message stating that the killer will find him, corner him and…well you get the idea. Yuno appears and chases down Yuki, who basically craps his pants as soon as he sees her and runs away. This leads to the infamous elevator scene, which is executed perfectly. She exposites that she indeed has her own future diary and it pertains solely to Yuki.


Revealing that Yuki got sloppy and used his diary so much that it left a trail, she tells him that while she was indeed stalking him, the two of them are being stalked right now by the killer. Yuno forms a plan that involves her distracting him so Yuki can throw a dart and destroy his future diary; thus killing him. The plan works miraculously well, and Yuki returns to Deus, yet again demanding an explanation. Deus shows him a platform holding the silhouettes of all the other diary owners; seems he has a lot to contend with. It’s a Carnival Corpse Survival Game! Oh, the winner also gets to become God, which sounds pretty damn sweet to me. Ah, that is of course if they can kill everyone else. After the meeting ajourns, Yuno appears in Yuki purple-themed imagination and declares:

Yuki is so screwed (literally)

Blood Teller by Faylan


This didn’t annoy me as much in the manga, but I don’t think I’ve seen guys (other than shotas) wear knee socks with shorts before. Anyways, besides that, the animation was better than I expected. They used some pretty unusual colours (which I’ve decided that I like) and the change in the character’s expressions (ie. Yuno’s) was effective for the mood. Did they do that in the manga? I really don’t remember. Anyways, they incorporated some 3D elements that worked extremely well with the whole setting. Deus is a god. Why wouldn’t he have the awesome power to be 3D? Speaking of, Deus was awesomely animated, but the minute he started speaking, all I could hear was Shining Saotome. LOL Wakamoto.

Yuno’s seiyuu did a pretty good job too considering that it’s her first major role. In fact, all of the Diary Owner’s voices fit pretty well. This may be a bit early, but fun fact: Minene’s seiyuu was also Mio in Nichijou. Anyways, I have no complaints about the seiyuu, but Murumuru’s voice is kind of grating on the ears. I guess it suits her character though. Also, the music was pretty good. That piece of music with the guitar played when the Diary Owners are all gathered together has me excited for the soundtrack. In fact, that whole part of the episode was probably the highlight for me.

Pacing-wise, I was pretty content. Though that might be because I know what’s going on. They started it at a place that won’t be explained until near the end and they didn’t really take a lot of time explaining the plot. I had forgotten what an abrupt shift the plotline took when Yuno reveals her stalker diary. At least no one can complain that Mirai Nikki is moving too slow though. So yeah, even though I found his character was less annoying here than in the manga, I still think Yukiteru can go die in a fire. Just you wait.

Well that was certainly interesting to see an actual episode, the one thing that got me hooked into this series was that plot where cell phones were basically the characters lifelines. Sure that idea isn’t anything new or original after all Madoka did something similar with the various soul gems! You break them it you will die! So this could be Madoka with cell phones and no magical transformation scenes. I could easily compare this to Deadman Wonderland as well, because Yukiteru screams Ganta clone to me! He is scared of everything and everyone right from the start. But my favorite character will always be Gasai, Yuno! She was one of the main reasons I got addicted to the manga.

My only complaints so far might be around that Desu Ex character! His design looks really lame to me, but who can hate on him with that amazing Wakamoto voice? That guy always plays such awesome roles. And then we have Muru Muru! What the hell is that thing?! Ahahaha Well I guess she is kind of cute and that ending when she was trying to explain the cell phone diary to that guy made me laugh. That and she probably is more the comic relief character, anyway I wouldn’t expect anything to amazing from her other than a few laughs. There is one tiny character to watch out for! I know the manga readers will know who I am talking about; man really I hope this series can get that far in the story.

Was anyone else thinking about Penguin drum when they were talking about the survival game? I know I did! Just imagine Himari as a Yandare type? Well I know she sort of does that now, but she isn’t as messed up like Gasai, who really loveeeessss you TO DEATH! I can’t leave out the elevator kiss? Damn that was nice. I would hate to be Yukiteru right about now; yeah you are pretty much screwed after that kiss scene. I almost forgot each diary has some special theme to them, but I won’t spoil the best ones! So if you knew your future what would you do with it? I have no idea what I would do…probably use it to win money? Yes!

Whatchu talkin’ bout Kara? Knee socks are bitching! totally not into shota. Holy shit, the production quality is so amazing here! I have only glanced through the manga but I admit to drooling over the style. It’s great to see them capture it in a really dynamic way with some great colours and expressions (though the eye-rapingly bad CGI has me nostalgic for [C]). OH GOD, I love Yuno. BEST STALKER EVAR! I just love yanderes, and she is a glorious one. She’s really fucking scary, too. I’m not the only one to get shivers when she’s on screen am I? no it’s just the developing lady crush you have on her, Hime.

The pace was really good up until the rooftop scene then it just, for some reason, became really rushed. I did like Yuno asking Yuki out for dinner after they just watched someone get sucked into oblivion. That was a nice touch. (have I mentioned that I love yanderes?) and it definitely doesn’t move slow, and managed to hook me pretty quickly, despite being only slightly familiar with the subject material. I’m really interested to see where the story is going to go, I like the idea and the multiple versions of the diaries is really unique and fun as well.

The whole show just has a lot going for it. The ED is also cool, (can’t wait to see our Op!) Faylan has done OPs for Canaan and Qwaser, and she has quite an edgy voice so I like her and think the lyrics fit well with the tone of the show. I also like how clips from the episode are played backwards, it was a cool little trick (even if it was painfully cheap). I really hope Mirai Nikki can keep up its momentum, it’s one of these shows that has a lot of potential, but like Deadman Wonderland, that potential can be easily squandered and mutilated. If it ends up being like that I think I might just cry, and give Yuno a great big hug. She’d be sure to end my misery.


My guess is Yuno wants sex every hour on the hour or else she will let Yuki die


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40 Responses to “First Impressions – Mirai Nikki”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Epic and on the first episode, it’s like Deadman Wonderland but with phones. Yuki reminds me too much of Ganta and Shion. Did anyone else notice the lust in that girl’s eyes at the end? Hope she doesn’t go crazy like Minatsuki. I’m calling it right now. I sense a stalker, yandere and possible rapist in Yuno. Yuno/Shiro. A death match game setting is what helps this series go along.

    Wow good show, I know cell phones control some people’s lives but who knew they could literally control your life and others can manipulate it with theirs. Lol. For those who’ve seen a bit of Gosick, Grevil de Blois has made an appearance as one of the players. Notice the ridiculous pointy-like hairdo.

    In the end, what made him go along with it wasn’t the fact that everyone is out there to kill him,
    its the face of that perverted stalker, Yuno that’s the only way he can survive is by using her while not being able to predict when she will rape him. How many people can say “My stalker saved my life”? Most sexy yandere face ever this season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed big time! It does share plenty of “Deadman” themes with the phones giving some people some type of power! Like in the second episode. Yuno is awesome! That can’t be said enough, usually Yandare are like wow…no…thanks go away lolol but I liked her in the manga so I wanna see how the anime handles her xD

      I like the cellphones theme very cool, LOL I have seen the first three episodes of Gosick and I bet everyone was like GREVIL!! What are you doing here?! ahahaha

      Yuno for live <3

      • Hime says:

        Kind of hard to call it when she admits herself that she’s been stalking him.

        The mobile phones literally controlling peoples lives is a nice little bit of social commentary, don’t you think?

        Yuno is threatening my hetrosexuality. (C.C is still my all time favorite lady-crush, though)

        • BlackBriar says:

          Yeah, it is kind of hard to call it since she practically had “perverted stalker” written all over her and she admitted stalking him. I wish I had her following me everywhere.

          Mobile phones controlling peoples’ lives is absolutely a bit of social commentary because it’s totally relevant. That would be a debate that would last a long time.

          I don’t think it’s just your heterosexuality being threatened. I have a strong feeling other girls are going to fall to her yandere spell. It goes without saying that she is going to reel in as much girls as she will in reeling the guys, I’m already crushing on her. She’s definitely going to make Yuki hers.

          • Hime says:

            ALso digging how both Yuki and Yuno are total fails at being human. Nice change from the protagonist being Johnny McDo-No-Wrong.

            I am looking forward to Yuno’s molestation of Yuki. He’s very uke in episode 2.

  2. Elyon says:

    I can’t wait for Akise ♥ And LOL I can only hear Shining Saotome now when Deus speaks too. XD Wakamoto will never sound the same~

    Also, I love Yukki’s knee socks/shorts combo. They’re adorable. I’m totally not into shota either…I swear! Unless it’s Alois.

    • Karakuri says:

      ….I don’t care what you people say. the shorts/socks thing will take some getting used to for me. Though hell, even I’m into shota/shorts/socks for Alois

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sooo Yukki is basically from Florida, shorts+Socks wait till he wears black socks and sandals….LOLOLL

      • Hime says:

        everyone makes an exception for Ciel or Alois

        Someone needs to call the fashion police!

  3. xochandaox says:

    Tehe this ep made me all giddy. I love Yuno. Who doesn’t?

    Best. female. character. Ever.

  4. Renn says:

    I liked this a lot more than the manga, which I thought was a little flat and ugly. Yeah, blasphemy, I know. 😛 It helps that this show is really stylish. I liked the colors and the framing. 🙂

    Yukki’s knee socks/shorts combo is weird, but I like the color scheme of his outfit.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Naww its all good! Because it’s all in color! Wooooo!! I do love the character designs very nice I keep thinking Gundam 00 lolol….

      I know! Guess it’s better than no socks…or something, I noticed the school is very casual no real “uniform” kind of nice to see something new.

      • Hime says:

        School uniforms can be so tragic or just plain dull, so it’s nice to see them just be casual and not all conform to something that could have been badly designed.

        The colours are really nice <3

  5. TheVoid says:

    About time that Wakamoto voiced a God.

  6. Alynn says:

    I am in love with this anime already. I cannot believe how much I missed the original manga. So much LOVE.
    Soundtrack + ED =SO GOOD.

    Laughing so much at the little extra at the end.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I love it so far lots of fun characters like Yuno and such a good OST! Fall anime has like the best BGM music and songs! It is going to be a great soundtrack season.

      Those extras are fun xD

      • Hime says:

        We’ve been pretty lucky this year with good OST, hopefully the trend will continue into 2012.

  7. Reaper says:

    Always wanted to read the manga but never had the time to get around it, sigh…although I know it’s finished and just waiting for me to marathon it for the whole night until the ending (which has to be awesome, right?) Oh, from the opening animation (of the second ep btw), you can’t help but feel the despair of the characters, (and with what Yukii got himself into, who wouldn’t, especially with a yandere to rival Konoha…nice boat? *shiver*), since it’s a Battle Royale for the seat of God…with the way people can become for things they want at any cost, this series is definitely a keeper for me 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh I loved the manga really addictive, but in your case I would wait to finish this then check it out! I do the same thing with most anime wait for it to end and hit up the manga.

      That OP is sooooo deadman like, just missing those english lyrics muhahahaha. LOL I hope we don’t get any nice boats please but if it’s Yuno then OK! 😀

      • Hime says:

        The manga was pretty awesome but like Fosh says you might as well wait til the anime is done now, otherwise it would just spoil it. I’m assuming they will stick to the manga and not butcher the anime but maybe that’s a pipe dream. Hardly any anime is faithful anymore.

  8. Overcooled says:

    I loved the first episode. For such a complicated concept, it wasn’t bogged down with explanations. Everything was explained succinctly so the action could really get rolling. I can’t wait to see how grisly things become, mmm hmmm~

    Yuno, I have so much to learn from you about being a yandere. I mean..what.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great first episode! Really gave us story and a bit of character introduction with our two mains, yeah same I want to see how things go on the gore side prepare yourself for SUNBEAMS and SHADOWS T____T damn censors.

      Yunoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo <3 I think everyone loves her, I think pink hair is back in season! But Yuno > Inori from Guilty Crown lolol.

      • Hime says:

        Hopefully they won’t censor too much I’m asking a lot amen’t I? and there will be blood and guts everywhere!

        Yuno is a favorite to win best female character of the year maybe? Provided she doesn’t start getting annoying.

  9. bobbierob says:

    If I had to pick between liking and disliking this show, it would have to be the former. Not many memories about the OVA remain in my head, but that might’ve been because it wasn’t that great.

    The premise of having the cell phones house the souls of its holders and determining its future is very, very interesting. And since every one of them is a “survival game”, I bet that the battles between the players would only get more interesting from here.

    And I feel bad for Yukiteru, getting hooked up with that Asakura-class yandere.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep after I heard the OVA was crap I skipped and went straight for the manga and I got so damn addicted! In a good way because wow it’s just so good!

      I love the cellphone idea very cool and a bit “modern” I know most people treasure their own phones because they are important to them, But the “deaths” Are kind of lame…I wish they were more dramatic xD

      LOL yeah most people love Yuno, I know I like her a lot as far as Yuki goes he just has to uhh “play” nice with her for now…

  10. Jrow says:

    Big ups to asread; I really like the animation work they’re doing with Mirai Nikki.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! I just want to see some actual killing and blood, but I already know we won’t “see” anything due to censors but who knows! xDD

      • Hime says:

        The style is just slick and manipulated well, hope they can keep it it!

  11. Bob from Accounting says:

    Awesome stuff all around. I thought this show was awesome in the first episode just from its yandere. BUT THEN IN THE SECOND ONE THERE WAS A COOL COP AND A GOTHIC LOLITA-STYLED TERRORIST. How can this possibly fail to be great?

    • Hime says:

      Bob, your name and dp are epic. *brofist*

      I agree, this show has no excuse for being bad! it has too many awesome components!

  12. anaaga says:

    I actually prefer the manga more than this episode.Sure, Yukki surprisingly didn’t annoy me that much in this episode (rather than the manga. I feel like slapping him in every panel there), but the chase with The Third is so dull and uninteresting. The excitement during the chase is just isn’t there =(
    Oh well, I hope they’ll do this better

    • Hime says:

      Surprised at all the Yuki hate, sure he was a wimp, but we’ve seen worse I think. The chase with Third was so damn anit-climatic! It sucked, plain and simple. And he looked kinda stupid when he was getting sucked into oblivion.

  13. […] “I really hope Mirai Nikki can keep up its momentum, it’s one of these shows that has a lot of potential, but like Deadman Wonderland, that potential can be easily squandered and mutilated. If it ends up being like that I think I might just cry, and give Yuno a great big hug. She’d be sure to end my misery.” – Metanorn […]

  14. this is how to be a heartbreaaaaaaaaker says:

    I just saw first episode. First 10 minutes I was really bored..I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the episode, but the guy-who-finds-a-death-note and the-guy-who-has-a-mirai-niki seemed to have the same luck, so I thought I’d give a try. There are lots of inspirations, obviously;
    Deux -> Ryuuk, the way he’s drawn reminded me of Digimon for some reasons.
    Yuki ->I really don’t like the way he’s drawn but sometimes he reminded me of Naruto, his expression, how he stares with surprise etc.. Also he look like Tojo or something like that, in Gosick.
    The girl -> Nothing much to say about her, her look is soo common..The author wanted to make readers feel her weirdness, well I felt they were trying to make her look weird, but yeah it was a fail, too direct, too smiling etc.
    The guys at the end, with Deux -> omgwtff what’s this mix of everything.
    I saw Victorique de Blois’ brother, Matsuda from Death Note, that guy with o.o eyes from DGB (not sure), Tobi from Naruto, he doesn’t look like him but talks the same way and has a ball instead of this head..A guy with Raikage’s hair, that doll looked like she was from Rozen Maiden, and they little thingy with big eyes at the end reminded me of Reborn..Oh and the whole thing when they’re on these floating stones and how they dis apear..Akatsuki much ?

    I don’t think I’ll watch ep 2.

    PS; Excuse my english ^^

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