First Impression – Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2

Even males watch yaoi

So you are probably asking yourself why is, Foshizzel tagging on this series?! Oh right, well I told Anaaga sure why not I will join in for this random episode! I didn’t even touch a single episode of season one but here goes, so I have to ask! Anaaga will this anime cause me to burn my eyes with bleach afterwards? I guess it’s time to find out soon enough…
Oh lord, IT’S BACK: the fluff, the ridiculous ukes, all here again to make us keyboard smash and lose all coherence. Looks like it’s time for me to get back into my BL fangirl mode for another round of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi~
 Yes, need some more fluffy manlove in my week~!
Sorry for the late post folks, blame my internet for that. But anyway, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! The long awaited yaoi is finally here!!! AKFKJD I’m so excited already. Let’s not waste time, let’s go!!! Unfortunately the episode doesn’t start with sex. Instead we get the panicking Ritsu trying to get the manuscripts from all the editors to give to the printing department. Of course, none of the editors have the manuscript. After seeing Ritsu panicking like a groom not being in time for his wedding, Takano finally tells him that the date is still early, and the printing department is just messing with Ritsu’s ass. Not literally.

“Do not draw porn on the manuscript!”

“Ritsu, I choose you!”

Anyhoowww, Mutou-sensei’s (that cute sick mangaka in the first season) book is being released the next day, and Ritsu is just sooo excited he ended up visiting one of the bookstore just to see how her book’s doing on its first release. Ritsu forgets that Yokozawa works in the sales department and bumps into him there. Why that bookstore? Because all the homo peeps hang out in that bookstore. I would like to go to that kind of bookstore too…. Distraction, sorry. Yokozawa gets all pissed off like an old hag because Ritsu is trying to check out the sales, something that Ritsu should not be involved in. And Yokozawa isn’t Yokozawa unless he’s a bitch; he tells Ritsu to GTFO of his new apartment just because he lives right next to Takano. Digging his own grave, Ritsu’s all “Y u telling me this!? U dated him before?”  only to be answered with Yokozawa’s “Yesu,” which shocks him. What’s worse, Yokozawa just has to flaunt in front of Ritsu by making an appointment in front of him. Ok, that’s not Yokozawa’s fault, but still…

Manga editor, where reading manga is actually a job

Aww, such a tsun

“Meet Onodera, the guy I’ve been bitching to for twelve episodes. And for another twelve episodes.”

Duh Ritsu

The scene changes to next week, where nobody is giving Ritsu their manuscripts, which ends up with him being bullied by the printing department again. Takano gives Ritsu instructions how to deal with the printing department and also invites him to celebrate Mutou-sensei book that’s being well-received. Is it done? Of course not. There needs to be fluff before the episode ends. Which we are soooo going to get when Takano drags Ritsu into his apartment for additional celebration.

That classic line when you want to do someone


It is a fact that anime characters celebrate by drinking until one of them is drunk. Ritsu is all pissed when Takano mentions Yokozawa (More like Takano is scolding Ritsu for trying to look at the sales since it’s not his job), so Ritsu starts drinking until he’s dead drunk. Takano and Ritsu fights over a can of beer (when there’s tons of beers on the table), and Ritsu ends up falling on Takano’s lap. Of course Takano uses that chance to steal a kiss. Ritsu starts mumbling nonsense about Takano liking Yokozawa (denied by Takano of course), gets up, and slips on the spilled beer. Haha. Then mumbles again about how little things about Takano always makes Ritsu conscious about him, how Yokozawa’s confession pissed him off, etc. Takano then pushes Ritsu on the ground, telling Ritsu that he loves him. Takano can’t control his libido anymore when Ritsu calls him “Senpai”, which Takano replies with “Ritsu.” No sex scene of course, so FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.

Anyhow, Ritsu wakes up with tons of love bites on him, and he’s still in denial over the fact that they had sex; although he doesn’t remember about the heavenly sex he had last night which is a PITYYYY. Ritsu gets all tsundere when Takano tells him that he likes Takano more than Ritsu thinks and storms out of Takano’s apartment, still in denial.

Steps to get laid with a hot guy: get drunk, fall on the guy, start sprouting nonsense, then SEX!

“I’ll call you, bb”

More Yaoi:

I should make a post dedicated to the screenshots of the OP and ED

SIH 2, now with more female creatures

No, they didn’t come out of some love hotel. It’s a bookstore, pervies

Obligatory Junjou Romantica picture


That opening! I like rabbits but more like the Blood-C ones, all demented and wanting to kill everyone in sight! Also lots of sparkles and lazy people working together, sounds like the opposite of Working!! called Lazy!! Anyway is it me or does every dude have the same exact haircut? It certainly looks that way; I guess that saves time on animation and designs. Ahaha so many people are after Ritsu it seems huh? Getting hit on in the office, I did laugh at the facial expressions from Ritsu! Well when he got suddenly paranoid or surprised about something. I also had no idea Ritsu was voiced by Kondo, Takashi who I first heard in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou as Sai, Akuto now I can’t hear him the same ever again.

Besides Ritsu I did kind of like that Takano guy even thouhg he seems to be evil to me! Why evil? I guess you can blame his glasses and hair style! He sort of reminds me of Aizen from bleach, maybe he is secretly evil! Muhahahah!! Well I do like listening to his voice actor Konishi, Katsuyuki mostly Kamina and Oga from Beelzebub. Still it did take me some time to actually get used to his voice in this type of anime… hugging and making out with Ritsu! Nooooooo!!

Drunken Ritsu did make me laugh, but man that guy just needs a hug or something right, Anaaga? Oh man that line when I am drunk my clothes come off ahaha yes that explains how you ended up in Takano’s bedroom. So, pro tip, don’t ever get drunk at your friend’s house when they obviously like you! Or something will happen and besides its Kamina/Aizen you can’t really escape him! Well, I guess this wasn’t so bad as I did like the music and environment animation; so good work there DEEN! And there we go; I survived one episode! Now to find that bottle of bleach… Note to self: Never watch Sekai at 2 in the morning when you might wake up your younger sister and potentially get caught watching fluffy, cute, overly-censored p0rnz. Anyway, I was literally flailing my arms around, trying my hardest not to squeal throughout the whole last half of the episode. They just had to use the classic get-drunk-confess-and-have-sex scene! Takano’s confession was incredibly sweet, but when Ritsu said ‘Senpai,’ I just lost it. IT WAS TOO CUUUTE. Just give me all those sweetly, clichéd moments, Sekai! I’m a complete sucker for all of it.

I actually felt bad for Ritsu this episode; poor guy wasn’t being taken seriously at work. Then Yokozawa (I still can’t get his name right) has to come in and do his usual ‘Stay away from Takano’ bit that, of course, upsets Ritsu. It’s cool though since they got to get it on anyways. SO TAKE THAT YOKOZAWA.

Honestly this episode was just exactly like the past season’s episodes. We’re back to Ritsu being stupid, back to Yokozawa being a jealous jerk, and back to Takano being one sexy mo-fo, which I don’t mind AT ALL. I mean, this is why we wanted a second season, right? Of course, other than the reason of seeing if Ritsu will finally realize he loves Takano and finally stop resisting (and if they have that damn car scene that I wanted, which I still have NOT forgotten). Without a doubt I’ll still be following Sekai Ichi, not just for the fluffy stories, but also for the little info bits about being a manga editor since I’m still quite the manga enthusiast. I can’t be in it just for the fluff, you know?~

OMG THE OPENING…THE OPENING….!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SO CUTE I CAN’T EVEN….*fizzles and dies* Srsly, ugh, diabetes inducing…. Okay, I loved how it basically picked right up from last season and there wasn’t a random and annoying time-skip or anything. Also happy to see more of the “it’s not like I like him or anything!” Oh, God. Endless laughs, I love male tsundere’s so much. There needs to be more of them in RL so I can just watch them and snicker.

Yokozawa is still a bastard…BUT I STILL LOVE HIM! He’s actually one of my favorites, just because he is so mean to poor Ritsu. I like Ritsu, too, don’t get me wrong but Yokozawa is the main cause of dorama…that and he kind of sounds like he belongs in the yakuza. Also, OMG WAS THAT MISAKI ASLEEP ON THE TRAIN? YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO ME, DEEN, I WASN’T PREPARED. I LOVE THAT KIND OF STUFF!

This is one, (if not the only one!) of Deen’s productions I like. They do good on this cheesy yaoi shit, it’s a mystery how. (maybe cause it’s already bad to begin with?) Nah, I don’t actually think JunJou or SIH are even bad, they are just…simple. It’s an easy watch, and sometimes that’s a good thing. It’s the candyfloss that lifts your mood, I guess. I know an episode of this always cheers me up and makes me smile. I like the colours, how soft it all looks. I like the style, and I like the characters. I also find it really funny, oh the laugh I have watching it! I don’t know what it is, if it’s the animation or the timing, I just find some parts hysterical. I am so glad it’s part of my weekly anime experience again. SIH is never a chore, even if it is so sweet it feels like it could rot my teeth if I sit too close… AND OMG THE ED WAS ALSO SO CUTE THAT I NEARLY DIED ALL OVER AGAIN…!

IOEhP)&EIH HAPPINESSSSSSSSSS. I am so glad that DEEN did the first episode perfectly great!!!! They didn’t screw up with the animation, and the colors are SO PWETTY. No awkward moments where the characters looked as if they were deformed creatures, and the songs + the OP and ED are SO CUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEEE. Although I prefer the first ED since it has more dramatic feeling…but anyway, I have no problem so far with the animation, color, and stuff that are involved with DEEN. Thumbs up, DEEN! Now do this in every damn anime you make!

I’m so happy they have SEXXXXX in the first episode ALREADDYY. All right, I’m not here just for that only, BUT STILL YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH. I was squealing and dancing all over the place every time there’s DORAMA in the scene. Ritsu’s still stupid as ever, being in denial for freakin 24/7 when it’s sooo obvious that he has hots for Takano. He’s really dedicated with his work though, so I can’t really hate him. It’s so cute how he’s over-excited over Mutou’s books. And then there’s Yokozawa…I like his dedication with his work too, but goooddd Y U SUCH A BITCH JUST GIVE YOUR BLESSING AND LET THEM HAVE SMEX RRRAAAGGHHH. He’s such a selfish bitch and yet he still doesn’t realize it…Yet I can’t shake this feeling that Yokozawa will be a good guy in SIH ending.

Takano’s still a sexy BAMF that oozes sex. He’s such a manly mofo, especially when he confesses about his feelings to Ritsu. If I were Ritsu I would so jump at him and have his babies. Yeah, rambling about nonsense here, but what can I do? SIH is ridiculous when it comes to its story, and most of the ukes are really brainless when it comes to romance. Like Fosh said, the character designs are too familiar with each other, but Fosh sucks. He doesn’t know the beauty in yaoi. SIH is my guilty pleasure, and nobody can stop me from rambling about it. MUHUAHAHA

Preview: OMG I HOPE IT’S THE CAR SEX SCENE. Is it? I don’t think so…WHATEVER, as long as there’s implied sex and DORAMA


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16 Responses to “First Impression – Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2”

  1. Kyokai says:

    LUL! Anaaga roped in even Fosh! She is wily, this one. xD

    A good start but THEN we have Ritsu having EFFING AMNESIA all over again. I didn’t hate him in the first season but the thoughts are just creeping on me now. >.>

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahahahaha maybe it was a ghost that typed up those lines….yes a ghost.

      What amnesia!? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN he just needs to find true love *SHOT* Lolol

      @Anaaga your end thoughts made me laugh xD

      • Kitty says:

        It funny that sex wasn’t an issue in the first season and the first episode of S2 it comes out. That’s some bad luck Shizzel-kun ha!

        • Foshizzel says:

          LOLOL We shall see not sure if I will survive this xDDD

          • Kitty says:

            No, you’ll most likely become a puddle of mush like the rest of us….. only for a different reason. Keep that bleach handy. Mind you, even we know this anime style. If the sex has shown up now, its not likely we’ll see it again. lesigh.

      • anaaga says:

        So there’s no need for bleach

  2. Alynn says:

    As I pressed play I wondered why I was watching this, but then I remembered. LOL RITSU YEAP THAT IS TOTALLY THE REASON WHY YOU ARE NAKED IN TAKANO’S BED. Jesus this show makes me laugh sometimes.

  3. Elyon says:

    THE FLUFFY MAN LOVE RETURNS!!!! WITH SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Completely censored sex, but STILL SEX!!!!
    But geez, didn’t they already do this with Ritsu thinking Takano is going out with Yokozawa? You’d think he’d get it by now.

    • anaaga says:

      This is dorama, and misunderstanding is necessary in every dorama. unfortunately, they can’t be creative with it and can only have that whole yokozawa crap.
      but thanks to that, we have sex! :3

  4. Kitty says:

    Haven’t watched it yet. Stockpiling to watch with my friend when I visit her in Japan XDDDDDD But this episode looks soooo promising! Can’t wait! I miss Takano and his HUH?!

  5. berrish17 says:

    awwww Ritsuuuu, Tsun tsun dere <3 LOL
    ahhhh i love Sekai ichi hatsukoi!!!

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