Watching Anime w/ Fosh on the 2-D Teleidoscope Podcast

2-D Teleidoscope is joined by Foshizzel and others to talk about watching anime with other people and pesky spoilers.

On episode 2 of the 2-D Teleidoscope podcast, our very own Foshizzel visited him to talk about watching anime with other people, introducing a couple family members to different anime series. Will you be as surprised as 2-D was at the anime Fosh watched with his dad?

Also on the podcast, a previous MetaVerse guest, Scamp, talks about his experience getting into Code Geass and stumbling upon a significant spoiler (2-D warns you when it’s coming). Ephemeral Dreamer’s Tim talks about getting his brother into anime with him, and 2-D’s buddy Andrew briefly discusses his thoughts on Madoka Magica after having watched the series together with him.

Show Notes

00:00-01:37 – Opening (2D to marathon Madoka Magica w/ friend Andrew)

01:38-11:29 – Spoiler Warning (w/ The Cart Driver’s Scamp)

11:30-19:31 – The Spark of Fandom (w/ Foshizzel and Ephemeral Dreamer’s Tim)

19:32-22:29 – Ending (What did Andrew think of Madoka?)

For full show notes and musical inserts, check out the 2-D Teleidoscope podcast page.

Have you introduced and watched anime with other people, or maybe even watch with others on a regular basis? What was your experience like watching anime with them?


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2 Responses to “Watching Anime w/ Fosh on the 2-D Teleidoscope Podcast”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I love 2DT podcasts so it was fun listening to this.

    My experience with #SSCSAV was like movie night with a bunch of people logged on making jokes (I saw Evangelion movies with them) and such. It’s always interesting to watch anime with more people but there are titles that you should watch alone, specifically the tear jerker ones. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yes! He has done a great job on the editing and amazing topics!

      Yep! I remember watching those movies with you and several others in the SSCSAV! Good memories! We have to watch something soon with them, yeah there is always something special when watching anime with so many people from all over the world xD

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