Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 11

Now with 60% more of Tokiya on his phone and people standing around a piano

Round two for catch up! It’s officially been just over a month since my game was shipped from Japan, but I’ve just given up on it arriving before this show is over. Yaaay! Low standards! So on to more on Haruka and her fabulous harem of fabulousness.

It starts with Tokiya in some apartment looking place looking over Hayato notes. However, his vision is all blurry and he has trouble focusing. WHAT COULD IT MEAN? Then he meets his manager, who has done Tokiya the courtesy of booking him in for a bunch of events he doesn’t want to do. He even completely ignores Tokiya saying that he already had plans for that evening (whoa, that sounds just like my boss).

*Insert Itchy-nose-san joke here*

The next day, Tokiya isn’t around while Haruka practices with her harem. However, without Tokiya there, they’re just not as fabulous and they all talk about how he’s busy with his part time job (because no one else can figure out that he’s Hayato). He finally comes in late (wait a second, I thought he flew to Osaka the night before) and apologizes.

Once all of the bishies have assembled, Haruka hands them all a new song that she came up with when she thought of them (while Shining watches them from a hidden camera because he’s awesome and probably has nothing better to do). Otoya suggests that they all write the lyrics together and cue bishie sparkles and a musical montage.

They seriously need to cut back on the drugs

 So by now, all of the bishies pretty much accept the fact that they’ve been harem’d and are busy preparing for the graduation audition. However, Tokiya still isn’t feeling well and Haruka stays behind to tell him not to overwork. He says that he wants to sing with everyone though and pulls the whole “I chose this path myself” crap, so all Haruka can do is worry. He’s pretty nice about the whole thing though, so at least he’s past his emoing stage. As he walks away, there’s some stalker in the bushes taking pictures.

How they got past Shining’s stalker security cameras is beyond me.

Tokiya isn’t as well as he says he is though because after some idol business, he collapses in the parking lot in front of his manager…. And wakes up in a room somewhere naked. So…many….implications. He tries calling the rest of the harem because he’s missing practice, but they’re all too busy staring at a piano to notice the phone going off.

He finally puts on some clothes just before Wrath from FMA minus the eye patch the president of his idol group comes in the room (…wherever he is).  The president says that he found out that Tokiya is attending Saotome Academy. Tokiya apologizes for not telling him and the president bitches him out asking if he has no sense of loyalty because it’s thanks to him that Tokiya is piled up with work that he doesn’t actually want to do.

Bishies only, Wrath. As awesome as you are, please go back to your own series.

Tokiya tells him that he wants to sing, but thanks to Natsuki’s concert crashing disaster, the president says no….. And then he has a heart attack. Or something. Tokiya calls an ambulance.

Meanwhile, Otoya tries to call Tokiya, but with no luck (probably because Tokiya is too busy dealing with the homunculus dying at his feet). The harem gets mad while Haruka says something must have happened and that Tokiya has circumstances. Ren gets annoyed that Haruka is more concerned about Tokiya instead of treating her harem equally, so he leaves.

At the hospital, Tokiya looks over the song Haruka wrote and goes to talk to the president, who has actually calmed down now. He talks about how Tokiya is like a son to him (LOL CHEESY) and apologizes for ignoring his feelings, but tells him there’s no point if it doesn’t sell. He also says that leaving the agency is like leaving Hayato, but Tokiya says he wants to be himself.

In the hospital hallways, Tokiya runs into his manager, who asks him if he’s leaving. He also apologizes for ignoring the fact that Tokiya wants to sing. Tokiya leaves the hospital and calls Otoya, but before he can explain his absence, his phone dies.

The rest of the bishies also have problems on their minds. Natsuki thinks Haruka knows something about why Tokiya is always gone. Also, Tokiya is stuck in traffic and is told that he won’t arrive at the school until the morning. Sucks to be him.

End Thoughts:…..PFFT AHAHAHA.  I take back everything bad I said about Haruka choosing the harem ending last episode. Watching Haruka juggle her harem is hilarious. THAT MONTAGE. THE HAND JOINING. I don’t know why I suddenly found the harem aspect so hilarious this episode. Maybe it’s because all of them seem so okay with being a harem now. Seriously, take Haruka out of the picture and you suddenly have a big BL fest there (if there wasn’t enough of that before they joined into a harem). Haruka seems pretty content with it too. Though I do believe there’s hope for romance still because Haruka still seems more concerned with Tokiya than anyone else. Plus he’s having problems after his designated episode. The bishie with the most emotional baggage always seems to win in these situations. Hell, from this episode, the rest of the bishies seem to have become unimportant side characters only there to make the show look pretty.  At least they do a good job of that.

Well, it looks like Tokiya will be able to do what he wants now. To think, all that he needed in order to follow his dream was to have an old guy almost dying front of him. That seemed waaaay too easy. I guess the writers decided that they’d already wasted enough episodes on Tokiya’s angsting.  I’m sure there’s a deep lesson in there somewhere. Anyways, was Haruka even in this episode? Ahahaha she barely showed up at all. This episode was all Tokiya. I guess it’s nice to get away from the constant formula of Haruka helping Bishie # whatever and them falling or her. Tokiya actually solved his problems (kind of) by himself.

So yeah, just where is this show going? With 2 episodes left, what do they even have left to animate? I’m sure they’re going to make a big deal if/when Tokiya reveals that he’s actually Hayato (which I’m pretty sure is going to happen because the group is still pissed that Tokiya has better things to do than sing with them), but will that really take an entire episode? Or are they going to pull a Lucky Star and have the bishies perform their graduation audition at the end of the last episode? Haven’t we seen bishies dance enough? Wait. Scratch that, there’s never enough bishie dancing.

Preview: So a few more episodes to go. I’m still wondering where the romance is.

…Macross in my UtaPri?


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9 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 11”

  1. Kitty says:

    *Insert Itchy-nose-san joke here* <—- *dies laughing*

    I really enjoyed the epsiode mostly because Tokiya is my fav. But omg Otoya is going to think his seme hates him when he doesn't show up because his phone died and he's stuck in traffic (I think we can all say we have been there -_-;)

    I'm actually expecting Tokiya to jump out of the car and start running in the rain…mmmmmm that would be sexy XDDDD

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha I still think I like Otoya the best, but at this point, I think I’ll like whoever she ends up with. Yeah, traffic is horrible…

      LOL! It would be! He would probably get even more sick though because in anime exposure to water outside a bath= serious illness.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    The power of sparkles!

    “So…many….implications.” My god, this show. Just for the record, even if someone gives you a job, you are still allowed to set certain boundaries.

    • Karakuri says:

      Sparkles are amazing.

      Ahaha it’s more of they book me during school hours. It’s easily sorted out, but a pain to do. …If you were talking about that. If you were referring to Tokiya, they were pretty much ignoring him anyways.

  3. umi_no_mizu says:

    I had to pause the episode during that song montage just so I could laugh at the sheer amount of sparkles XD Also how the heck did they get from the music room to the lake side? Is their singing so magical that it grants them teleportation? Or did they walk down the school grounds while singing?

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha I assume they walked. Fabulously. I didn’t even notice that they just kind of skipped to the lake. I had to pause it to laugh too XD.

  4. Elyon says:

    Tokiya passes out. Tokiya’s manager brings him home. Tokiya wakes up naked. I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED. *w*
    I swear I should be used to these really lame song montages, but somehow they still make me laugh every time. XD

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