Sacred Seven – 11

Ruri- “I sure hope I don’t get arrested for something random today.”

Mmmm Seven eleven…. I could really use a frozen drink right about now! Anyway, lately this series has been rather dull and boring for most, hopefully we can get a decent episode before we wrap this series up. With Ruri’s past out of the way, it’s time to see what little back story we can squeeze out but I think we are in for more action this time and less chatter.

This time Ruri’s company is being investigated, which leads to rumors of money issues and her arrest. And we all know Kenmi is secretly behind these rumors. While Ruri is taken away, Alma and Makoto almost get taken too but thankfully all the maids arrive to give the two guys some assistance; we also have Lau joining in as she just so happens to know her way around the lab. Also, Lau wants to save her brother and Knight from getting hurt, so Alma and the others run to rescue Ruri from the evil Kenmi.

You are under arrest for being too rich!                           Ruri- “FUUUUUUUUUUU–”

The episode starts out with Ruri’s company being investigated with cops and reporters wanting to find out more, all of this bad news results in Ruri being arrested along with her maids. Even the school is being investigated; Alma and the rest of the rock club sneak out and find Makoto, and Alma does threaten Makoto for not telling him about Ruri’s life being in danger.  I think Alma needs to chill out! You know you missed Makoto a lot, maybe try hugging next time…

Alma- “Where were you!? YOU DIDN’T EVEN CALL ME!”               Makoto- “….Can’t..breath…dying…”

After Makoto calms Alma down, they attempt to save Ruri from danger; that is until Kenmi’s special guards arrive to bring the two guys back to headquarters. Then suddenly Hellbrick and the several amazing battle maids arrive to help! And boy do they kick some ass in a matter of minutes. Somehow Lau shows up wanting to lend a hand to save Ruri, Knight and her fire breathing brother. Sure, why not! Alma likes to save random people and little girls, of course.

Makoto- “It’s time to…..Serve Kenmi some stone cold justice!”

In the meantime, Kenmi is about to play doctor with Ruri! Not in any kinky way either this is more like dangerous doctor complete with tools and lots of random sharp objects. His real goal is to cut her heart out because I guess Kenmi is a history buff! He tells Ruri that the Aztecs believed the heart of a warrior was the source of great power. Why is that relevant? They were the first people with sacred powers of course. So, Kenmi wants her heart for that purpose; damn dude, you are creeping me out with this heart business. But Ruri begins to have a similar reaction like her sister had five years ago and uses her crystal power to protect herself from Kenmi.

Ruri- “Wait a minute! This is not the massage chair I remember…”

Kenmi- “I WANT YOUR BOOBS! ERR… I MEAN HEART….YAH….Your heart….”

Ruri s chest has some amazing beam power! Watch out, Kenmi, you might go blind.

So begins the attack on Kenmi’s base! Knight already arrived to fight, which gives Makoto and Alma a chance to launch their plan, while Makoto handles the yellow chick Alma and Lau run inside. Before Alma can actually save Ruri, he gets jumped by Cyclopes aka Lau’s brother Hon. Knight arrives to lend a hand to save Lau’s brother and Alma runs off to find Ruri in her giant crystal. Alma wakes her up and they share a moment together but then Hon arrives like the Koolaid man! He wants to give Kenmi a really warm hug. Sadly this hug ends with Kenmi ripping out Hon’s heart just as Lau and Knight arrive. Everyone stands by to witness Kenmi increasing his power as he uses Hon’s heart to fuse with his current gem and of course laugh like an insane mado scientist.

Kenmi- “Oh nice! I see you guys installed that TV and I know that guy; he’s so famous!”

Lau- “Don’t worry, brother! I shall save you by shooting you full of drugs!”

Alma- “I love you tiny woman!”


Extra powers

Alma-“Soooo can I drive?”                      Makoto-“No! Last time you drove us off a cliff…”

Hellbrick- “You better not cut me out of this review, Oni! AH HELL YA! I MADE IT!”

Alma- “Something smells wonderful, I have a craving for BBQ suddenly.”

Kenmi- “Bow down before me, SUPER UNICORN MAN!”

End Thoughts:

Whoa! This episode was really good finally! We have everything from action, drama and yes we even get a tiny flashback of Alma saving Ruri when they were just children. I was sort of waiting to see how Kenmi would kidnapped Ruri. Who knew he would use her company and the police to get his way? Sneaky bad guy we got here. It was somewhat cool to see Kenmi use that short history lesson on Ruri to explain what he wanted from her, naturally he wants her heart! D’awwww… err… Wait a minute! That’s not cute at all! KENMI WANTS TO EAT HER HEART. And I knew Ruri would activate her crystal powers to block him from actually cutting her, good work Ruri, protecting the goods from Kenmi.

The other amazing moment was the random battling maids arriving on scene to kick some ass. I was like OH YES FINALLY! Ahaha those girls were awesome and even Hellbrick helped out by being…thrown really hard… I would rather be owned by one of those maids. Anyway they were really cool to watch even though they hardly do much, and Lau arriving randomly too? That was just odd but I guess it works, but then again they really didn’t need her that much. However I really did enjoy the story behind Lau, Knight and Hon. Those three are really interesting to watch; and yeah it was really sad to see Hon get killed like that near the end. I can’t wait to see what Lau does because that final shot of her eye! You can tell she might be a powerful Darkstone.

Now for Alma and Ruri! This episode really does match those two characters up really nicely; I mean they do share something really special from the past after he saved her life. But I could be looking too much into that pairing or is there something really there? We did hear that cheesy line from Alma calling Ruri his “gem”; D’awww those two, so cute together. But why was Kenmi just standing there watching? He so could have attacked them. I guess he was moved by the love between the main characters, or he was balling his eyes out from the cheesy lines.


Now with more super cool air shots.

Well how does Alma save everyone or will Lau and Knight kick Kenmi’s ass! Find out in the final episode of Sacred Seven!

Thanks for reading.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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10 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 11”

  1. Kitty says:

    I still haven’t watched this yet -_-; I was scared, but your review has changed my mind. BRB *runs off to secret bat cave to computer and anime awesomeness*

  2. ajthefourth says:

    This recap made me laugh almost as much as the actual episode did, I love your captions.

    Somehow, I know that Sacred Seven is a terrible series (the whole Aztec thing, where the heck did THAT come from? Not to mention that the “flashback” that Ruri had two episodes ago contained information that she couldn’t have possibly been aware of) however I can’t stop watching it, since it somehow still manages to be entertaining at the same time.

    Also, as an aside, Kenmi’s final boss form is idiotic-looking. ^ ^

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I like making those captions as much as doing the review.

      Yeah its definitely a huge let down for me the idea sounds great but it’s not really too original I have seen this plot in S-cry-ed and other “body suit” themed anime. The flashbacks are strange I really have no idea why they are waiting for the end to have them suddenly….True I want to see how things really end.

      LOL Yes! Super unicorn looks really dumb, hopefully he doesn’t keep the huge crystal look because yes it is terrible…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This was a great episode. It put me in multiple emotional states. Concern for Ruri that she doesn’t get killed. Happiness for everyone in the counter attack and intense hatred at Kenmi for being such a bastard. I can’t wait to see him die a painfully slow death for what he did to Fei’s brother. But I can’t decide who should have the honors: Tandoji or Knight.

    By the way, the debate over Fei has finally been put to rest. We now know that Fei’s a girl. Her eyes were glowing at the end. It looks like she’s ready to go berserk.

    Those are some loyal maids. Layed off but still devoted to their master and ready to fight. We gotta get some maids like that, especially those that have possible killing intent. They might be yanderes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I can agree there this episode really had a lot going on, and Kenmi is really a great character to hate I do like his evil laugh. I can bet that Knight and Alma will end up working together or something like that.

      Yep! I can’t wait to see how things end up with Lau I would laugh if she owns Kenmi…I am thinking more like Evangelion type of berserk -fingers crossed-

      I love these maids soooo amazing! And yes very loyal to Ruri <3 Ahahha Yandere battle maid? That would be a first 😛

  4. Reaper says:

    Yay for maid service! Liked it how there it was in last episode and now even more in this one! Kenmi might be able to take on Darkstones (even with that weird unicorn horn…) but he can’t take on the moe of the maids!
    Seriously though, nice upping on the pace, though I doubt we needed much of a clue to tell us who was right between Kenmi and Knight. Now is the wait for the next episode to see Kenmi’s spectacular failure of world domination! Ha, oh and Alma, Ruri and the others of course…derp 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      ahaha yes! I liked watching the maids in action this week finally something cool happening from them yep moe power always wins! True that they did have some great action for once.

      I am looking forward to this ending not sure why I guess it has lost so much excitement from me T___T But hey! Maybe it will have a great ending? We shall see.

  5. paulo_sy91 says:

    Oh no! If this is the second to the last episode, That means this will be the last chance for me to see “Alma’s Red Berserker mode at the last episode. huhu! I wanna see more Dark Stones!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! We are near the end my friend, but ah well I am looking forward to another new season of anime! Wooooooo! Oh yeah I hope we see the Alma go crazy xDD

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