Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 11-12


Another reason why you should watch NuraNoMago. Their ships can cry

Ola guys, I’m kind of slacking off now. I didn’t write last week, and I know I’m going to be lazy and write as short as possible right now. I am mentally and physically tired since I’ll be leaving to my home country on the 29th. I have to pack up my clothes and my books, take care of the papers, etc. etc. Urk, I really want to crawl into my bed and sleep.

Anyhow, back to our sexy youkai. Continuing from episode 10, episode 11 starts with the Kyoto youkai surrounding Rikuo’s ship like those bees in No.6. The leader aka Youkai Big Nose isn’t attacking though; like a proud samurai he refuses to attack Rikuo unless he tells Youkai Samurai his name. Rikuo ends up telling his name, ignoring Kubinahi’s advice not to, and the fight starts. Of course Rikuo has to look as if he’s losing before he wins. Admitting his defeat, Youkai Samurai asks Rikuo to chop off his head and get it over with. Instead Rikuo asks the youkai to join the Nura Clan, and Kubinashi can only gape seeing how Rikuo’s all grown up like his BAMF dad now. Kubinashi has no time to gape forever though, since Youkai Samurai’s minions do the whole coup d’etat on him and seizes Rikuo’s ship, thanks to this weird-looking stretchable youkai, which bondage ties himself to Rikuo’s ship, trying to break it. Rikuo and others wait until the sun rises so that the Kyoto youkai will retreat, but SHOKKU they aren’t retreating even when the sun rises already. Rikuo isn’t turning into his human form, and that gender-swap Tono youkai isn’t turning into a male. When Rikuo and his harem see Kyoto, they see Kyoto surrounded in darkness, with typhoon look-alike in every spot of Kyoto. *remembers No. 6*


No. 6 bees, Youkai version

I think Kubinashi has a thing for Nurarihyon men… #yaoieverywhere

“Doggy, come here.”

Whoa, those typhoons in No.6 turned black 

Meanwhile, Hagorome-Gitsune breaks the seventh seal, releasing this super huge delinquent youkai who happened to keep his pipe even when he’s buries underneath. Heavy smoker much, Tsuchigumo?

Her hair just defies gravity

Smoking #likeaboss

Now onto episode 12. Itaku kills the stretchable youkai, and Kubinashi takes over the ship with his sexy strings. They managed to land on the river (oh lol land and river…Get it? Land and river. Ha. Ha. Ha) despite the ship fainting in the middle of the emergency landing. They landed on the river thanks to Shohei’s brute strength and Reira freezing the water. JEEZ REIRA, you should’ve done that from the start. The ship landed not without damage though, considering it has been bombed and attacked by the Kyoto youkai. Nevertheless, all of them are safe. Yay!

As for Yura, the higher-ups of Kyoto are complaining that the Keikain are not protecting Kyoto properly. Please, bitch much? Hidemoth the 13th offers a plan though: to give up the main castle to Hagoromo-Gitsune so that the onmyouji can be the offensive mode and Hagoromo-Gitsune will be the defensive mode. They can seal Hagoromo-Gitsune away with Hagun and Nenekirimaru, the sword Rikuo owns. They need to defeat Hagoromo-Gitsune since she will bear a creature that will be dangerous to both mankind and youkai. Yes, this anime is all about pregnancy.


Destroying Kyoto just to give birth? Gitsune is the most emo mother I’ve ever seen

Tsurara is about to open her mouth about Rikuo if not for Yura to take her and Hidemoto the 13th away into her room. That’s what you get for sneaking a youkai into the onmyouji house. As usual, Tsurara starts blabbering about Rikuo since she’s such a hardcore fan of Rikuo, telling Hidemoto and Yura that Rikuo will come because he won’t let anything harm the human. Hidemoto is impressed, but only at Rikuo’s personality alone. He wants to know whether Rikuo can defeat Hagoromo-Gitsune or not, since her power increases when she reincarnates. Yet Tsurara is not changing her mind. She knows Rikuo will come and will always believe in him, no matter what….D’AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW


What about the humans in Kyoto? Although Kyoto becomes empty all of a sudden (I wonder whyyyyy), there’s this teenager couple who roams around in the city, not taking a hint from the empty surrounding. They almost get killed by youkai, but fortunately Rikuo was “nearby.” Looking around, Kyoto isn’t shiny and glorious as how it’s supposed to be, but all dark and emo thanks to Hagoromo-Gitsune. Yet Rikuo’s force will not back away. They’re moving forward still with the intention of defeating Hagoromo-Gitsune…And not seeing Tsuchigumo spying at them on the roof.

You know the episode is at its end when the characters start doing their cool pose


End Thoughts:

Oh well that’s quite a lot of information right there in two episodes. Kudos to Studio Deen for being able to explain everything in two episodes and not being so sucky in them too. The animation isn’t bad at all, even though I have sucky 480dp of the two episodes. God, I hate everything under 720dp, they suck balls. Especially if it’s hard-subbed. UUGGGHHH. So I apologize for the low quality pictures! *bow* Anyhow, since it’s not finished in 12 episodes, we have two whopping season filled with NuraNoMago now (Summer and Fall). Which means, there will be either 24 or 26 episodes of NuraNoMago! Yay!

Now back onto the episodes. I really did enjoy episode 11 since YAY ZEN WAS THERE. I totally miss that dude. The Kyoto youkai (forgot his name) who attacked Rikuo is pretty hilarious too. He’s such a samurai youkai, he really doesn’t belong in Hagoromo-Gitsune’s harem. Now to the serious stuff, it seems that Kubinashi realized that he pampers Rikuo too much. I don’t know why, but I have a guess because of his fear of him dying. It’s obvious that Kubinashi has hots- er, I mean, it’s obvious that Kubinashi is a loyal minion of the Second and that he greatly admires him. And seeing from his reputation, I don’t think Kubinashi was a nice youkai in the past. I guess he doesn’t want to have a dying boss again? I wonder what happened between him and the Second, but I’m sure that’s when Kubinashi changed himself. Episode 11 is pretty balanced, having both humor and seriousness at the same time without clashing both of them. Do you know how many times I’ve tried to laugh at some of the crappy NuraNoMago jokes in season one? Lots of time.

Episode 12 was enjoyable too, since I GET TO SEE LOTS OF HIDEMOTO TOO. AND SHOHEI, AND RYUJI. PIHSFM BISHIES IN EPISODE 12. But of course, that’s not the only reason why episode 12 was enjoyable. We FINALLY get to know Hagoromo-Gitsune’s goal, and that is to make fox babies. Well, not really fox babies, but it has something to do with making babies. How is that dangerous? I don’t know. Well, I do know, but I ain’t telling. But it kind of makes sense to fear the creature that Hagoromo-GItsune will bear since she has an enormous evil youkai power. So yeah, we need to have the baby dead in the womb or kill Hagoromo-Gitusune; that’s even better. Don’t be too depressed though, Rikuo will always come to the rescue! No matter how young, weak, ignorant, and proud he is, Rikuo will always help the humans! Yep, that’s just how charismatic he is, even Jamie, the most loyal youkai I’ve ever seen, becomes Rikuo’s minion. Even Hidemoto is impressed with his personality, just by listening to Tsurara fangirling about him. Gosh Rikuo, you’re the definition of walking sex bomb that doesn’t suck. You’re just plain awesome. All hail Rikuo.




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  1. Kitty says:

    HAHAHA~~~~ Was totally thinking the same thing about Kubinashi. Can we blame him? The Nurarihyon men are hot!!! However, Itaku is currently winning in my books. He is awesome! The Tono demons were definitely an interesting plot arch this season. Actually this whole season has been kick ass so far.

    lesigh with the recaps….. I thought animes had stopped doing those. Needless to say at lest your not missing anything while your away right?

    All hail Rikuo.

  2. Elyon says:

    A recap episode?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH I’ll die without my weekly dose of Rikuo (who has been in his sexy night form almost the entire season~)
    Oh well, at least episode twelve was filled with tons of Hidemoto <3

  3. calciferfire says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I shall “unlurk” for the moment because I’m laughing like a crazy woman at your King Kong caption for tsuchigumo… XD

  4. Mew says:

    Rikuo could take me now and I wouldn’t regret it afterward
    but his father hot too…………

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