Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 10

Plankton finally makes his debut in anime

HOWDY GUYS. YEAH IT’S IN CAPS CUZ I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW, EPISODE 10 WAS SO MUCH WIN. I’m seriously half dead already, but I’m SOOO EXCITED because the episode is just so friggin awesome! And I decided that I have to do all the writings by this month because I might be leaving by the end of this month to another country, so I won’t have any laptop for a while T^T Unless my sister is willing to buy one before I  go to college. Pray that she’ll give me one as soon as I’m over there! I NEED MY LAPTOP FOR FALL ANIME. By the way, I was messing with meme generator, and this is what I got. I always lol every time I see this scene in the OP.

*cough* Sorry, digressing, I know. We’re back at the Onmyouji fight, with Akifusa being a whiny beeyotch, complaining about his life. Well you see, people expect him to be the next head, but then there’s the intelligent Ryuji (SEE, AMADO, I REMEMBER HIS NAME NOW), and since Ryuji is from the main family, he has more of a chance to become the next family head. Everything breaks down when Akifusa is assigned on guarding the First Seal; thus, making it impossible for him to become the next family head. Aww such sad story. NOT. Getting angrier and angrier, Akifusa keeps attacking Ryuuji, only to be defeated by him thanks to his poisonous shikigami. Ryuuji’s about to feed the unconscious Akifusa the antidone until some disgusting-looking big needle (No idea what that is, just some sharp stuff), stabs Ryuuji’s feet. Suddenly, a hidden eye that has been sticking on Akifusa’s neck grows into a…bigger eye. Yep, it’s that evil creepy eye youkai from season one. Apparently Akifusa is being possessed by this eye-dude. Hagoromo-Kitsune appears out of nowhere and it seems she has been watching the fight for quite a while already.

The predecessor of light saber

Tentacle rape at its extreme

Result of unsanitary living: You get eyes sticking on you

Like an undignified hero, Yura comes out of a bush and summons the shikigami Hagun. Everybody goes “WTF!?”, especially Akifusa. And then another Akifusa flashback *yawns*. Little Akifusa overheard that toddler Yura (this makes sense, since Akifusa is around 12 or so at that time, or maybe even younger, and the age gap between Yura and Akifusa is pretty huge) was able to summon Hagun. Imagine the little kid having bunch of dead skeletons around him. Heh. Anyway, Akifusa was shocked to hear that only the one who can summon the shikigami Hagun can become the next family head. Automatically this makes Yura the future family head, and Akifusa became emo ever since he heard that. Now onto the newer flashback, the one inside glasses Onmyouji’s awesome golden barrier. Seeing the talisman papers on the ground surrounding Akifusa, it seems that Akifusa tried to summon Hagun but failed. He’s losing his energy but still insists on defeating Hagorome-Gitsune since he wants to be the one to defeat her. Suddenly Hagorome-Gitsune becomes Mado Scientist with an idea to make Akifusa kill other Onmjouyi. So evil.

That obligatory weekly magical girl gag. Now laugh.

Kids, don’t bite your parents until they bleed. You might posses them. 

Back to the present. FINALLY.  Yura orders her skeleton harem to attack, but they don’t listen. Suddenly this shadowy figure at the back *FANGASM*tells Yura to chant the mantra instead of commanding the shikigami. Yura does so, and her harem obeys her, lending their power for upgrading Goldeen (lol BlackReaper) into…Aragog- I mean, spider look-alike. It goes boom with the laser and defeats the huge-ass eye parasite, releasing Akifusa from its possession. Ryuji gives Akifusa the antidone, and he asks Ryuji for forgiveness (which Ryuji accepts of course. INSERT YAOI SQUEAL HERE). Now that Akifusa is saved, let’s go back to the shawody figure, which is +)UWEFKENHGEO{HGEKN HIDEMOTOOOOOOOO. After talking for a little while, Hidemoto teaches Yura this Retreat no Jutsu by releasing lots of smoke, giving the Keikain household the time to escape. Yura protests with the “cowardly” plan of Hidemoto’s, but he tells her that they’re no match to Hagoromo-Gitsune right now. And Yura realizes it.

 Yura’s ancient harem

Suddenly I prefer that ugly gold fish

After such a long time, we get to see Rikuo again. Unfortunately, we get to see nothing good, since the youkai from different clans are NOT getting along well, especially the Nura Clan sub-leaders and the youkai from Tono. What a bad way to end the episode.

Kids, when you play with strings, make sure you don’t cut off your head







End Thoughts:

HOLY PODSJLKHGPEOH THIS EPISODE WAS SO AWESOME. The fight between Ryuji and Akifusa is just so awesome I can’t even describe it. They were slicing each other and I was like “HOLY SHIT YEAAH CUT HIM INTO PIECES”…I guess I’m a sadist. Now, about Akifusa. We finally know about his past thanks to this episode. And I’m not liking him at all. Nope, still no sympathy for him. Sure, it’s good if you want to meet everybody’s expectation, but being obsessed over it isn’t. We can see from here that Akifusa has a weak personality. He’s used to having his life being planned out by others (expectations), so he doesn’t know what to do when his life is not planned out. Instead of trying to find a new goal or focusing on his new life, Akifusa has chased after the path that others decided for him since he was small. He had the choice to start all over again, but he didn’t take that choice. People might say, “Oh, but he doesn’t know how to live his life any other way!” or “He was raised like that!” I say “Meh, he’s spoiled.”

Anyhow, enough about Akifusa, THIS EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT HIDEMOTO AND YURA. While the other ancestors are in their remaining, Hidemoto comes out with flesh. I guess he’s just that powerful. Then there’s Yura’s ability to control Hugen at such a young age. And what’s better, she has the strength to make Hidemoto stay even though the rest are gone. Sure, Hidemoto’s power also contributes to this, but having the ability to make an extraordinarily powerful ancestor-now-shikigami in this world? That will take lots of strength too. And Yura didn’t even sweat; she did her job like a pro. My theory is that Yura is actually stronger than Hidemoto the 13th. Oh and, sorry for that Hidemoto spam in that extra screenshots section. I just realized that I’m not using lots of great pictures all because of Hidemoto, but I’m too lazy to start all over again. So I’ll leave it like that. Hehe.

The Nura Clan is getting worse though. It seems that everybody refuses to work with each other because of their “pride” of being “stronger.” Unfortunately, Rikuo’s too young to keep them under control. I hope Nura Clan’s internal clash will be better soon, I don’t like seeing Nura Clan being divided like this =( But I can understand why the Tono sees the Nura sub-leaders as hinderance for Rikuo. They are definitely spoiling Rikuo. Maybe they’re afraid that they’ll lose another leader, but they’re definitely not helping Rikuo at all D= Well, in the end, it’s all up to Rikuo.

Preview: Well obviously Rikuo is being attacked by another youkai, and he finally experiences the true fight with fears. Meanwhile, Hagoromo-Gitsune releases another seal…and a giant dude is coming out?


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23 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 10”

  1. animeluv04 says:

    THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME! It’s great to see how serious and menacing Kuro and Kubo were when they got disrespected.

    • anaaga says:

      They were so cool when they were mad xD But this shows that they have some serious killer aura in them D:

  2. Nayrael says:

    Zaraki Kenpachi arrives next episode 😀

  3. amado says:

    hmm… I didnt really like how they portrayed the skirmish between those 2. it was supposed to be cool and awesome but that pic made it look comical.
    well, heres hoping they animate the fight properly.

  4. Reaper says:

    Oh Hidemoto, why are you so awesome? The only problem I have with him though are his eyebrows…I’m not sure how anyone has eyebrows like that unless they thin them out like no tomorrow. Other than that, Hidemoto has to be the first guy to be like, IMMA FIRE MY PEWPEW LAZORS, and Yura is just an anchor for him to move around from the spirit world. Even after 400 years, he can still pull a trick beyond the grave and use smokescreen; it was super effective against Hagoromo-Gitsune ;P As for the little spat between the Nura clan and Itaku, hell yes, let the fighting scenes begin! As for that big guy coming out of the ground…someone’s gonna get hurt. A lot. 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      Lol his eyebrows make him look so ghey. And what about those two marks on his forehead? I find that creepy (>.<)
      yes, someone’s gona get raped

  5. Elyon says:

    YEAH HIDEMOTO! He is such a boss. I thought Akifusa was cool at first, but now I totally agree. His whole backstory was so…boring. Why must there always be THAT GUY in every clan who is obsessed with being the next head?!

    I want megane back…..;w;

    • anaaga says:

      MEGANE MAN IS SO HAWT FANGASM WHEN I SAW HIM. Thank god he’s alive in the anime. If I remember correctly, I think he died in the manga?

  6. Kitty says:

    Kubinashi was @#$% awesome!!! -END-

    • anaaga says:


      • Kitty says:

        Whoa entering dangerous territory there. What about Celty’s head??? huh huh! lol.

        • anaaga says:

          Unfortunately, Celty’s head is stuck in some kind of tube, drowning nevertheless. And it’s sleeping too. So yeah her head is kinda useless right now
          And she doesn’t play with strings! Strings are sexy 😉

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