Nichijou 25 – 26 [END]

Sorry I was late on my reviews! I was landing my blackbird on the Metanorn roof.

Well hello there, Nichijou fans! Welcome back to the fun! It’s time for a special double episode review and a final wrap up of this series. In other news related to Nichijou I am currently working on a giant picture. I’m currently doing the long line art and hopefully it turns out great after coloring it. Anyway time for the final Nichijou review on Metanorn!

Episode twentyfive starts with Misato trying to wake Sasahara up from a nap. Misato also accidently breaks his glasses but learns they were just for show all along! Mio sees the two of them walking really close and runs away from school. Afterwards Yuuko, Nano and Mai feel that Mio is still depressed after witnessing that event and they decide to cheer her up with a friendly letter about their friendships towards Mio.

Misato- “It’s not like I find you smoking hot or anything, you idiot!” 

Things start out with Misato going back to class to wake up Sasahara who fell asleep after class. Once he wakes up, Misato does her usual blushing around him and breaks his glasses by mistake. Before he can really explain anything, she grabs his arm to act as his eyes. Now I understand the importance of that goat; it’s a special Seeing Eye goat. Misato drags Sasahara along and suddenly learns his glasses are not even for real. Sadly Mio sees the two of them close and assumes the worst and thinks they are suddenly a couple. This scene causes Mio to flip as she escapes the school with super speed! She even saves a random kid from drowning.

Mio is shattering some impressive land speed records this week!

Mio- “Oh my god I just remembered! I can’t really fly or swim…”

Next fun event follows Nakamura. She still is trying to search for Nano and eventually finds her mysterious house at random. She attempts to sneak into the house but gets spotted by Nano and Biscuit outside; so Nano invites her to come inside. Once she gets indoors she meets the insane Hakase and begins to get paranoid seeing Sakamoto with his ghost hood! And assumes everything is a clever trap to protect Nano’s secret. Yes, because Hakase is the master of trapping and science. So, Nakamura escapes but gets caught in the glue! Seriously someone needs to throw that thing away…

Nano- “No way! I don’t do THAT kind of experiments; well only on the weekends.”

The final section of episode twenty-five follows mostly Mio, and of course her very special trio of friends. Yuuko decides to bring Nano and Mai along to cheer her up. Yuuko still thinks she’s a bit depressed over the whole Sasahara and Misato pairing. On the way home from school, Mio gets a letter and a wooden statue after she wins a prize from her friends dressed up as daifuku mascots. Mio opens the letter and gets a note from her friends, after reading the letter it makes Mio feel all warm and fuzzy inside. D’awww the awesome power of moe-ifed friendship!  

Mio- “I will ignore the fact that Yuuko can’t spell anything right…”

Episode twenty-six follows Mio, Yuuko, Mai as they try to set up a birthday party for Nano and Hakase after school. Nakamura searches for Nano and spots Sakamoto instead and chases him because she used to be his owner a while back. After talking to Nakamura, Nano finally arrives at the house and begins to get a bit teary eyed as she thinks about her new friends and the key in her back. I can only guess she feels like it’s a part of her and shouldn’t remove it and decided to keep it.

Yuuko- “Mio, I really like you…”                         Mio-“Sorry, you are too dumb to be my wife.”

The final episode starts with Mio, Yuuko and Mai sitting in class talking together when Yuuko decides to throw a surprise birthday party for Nano and Hakase. However, Mio has to foot the bill for the cake since Yuuko and Mai are kind of broke and they are bums or maybe Mio is secretly a rich girl from all her manga sales? Meanwhile Nano is getting ready for school and suddenly Hakase removes her key as she has a few plans to make a small adjustment to Nano’s key. Hakase ends up blaming Sakamoto for breaking the replacement part. Yes, blame the cat for messing up YOUR stuff, Hakase; at least she doesn’t blame any new imaginary friends.

Sakamoto- “Damn you child! You win this round.”                 Hakase- “I ALWAYS WIN!”

The next day we follow Yuuko after she gets reminded by Mio to ask Nano about coming over after school. Yuuko then runs off too meet up with Nano. While running, Yuuko accidently bumps into several people on the way; one would think she would cause some chaos while running in hallway. She ends up helping a few people out by mistake, just by running into them or slipping on some lost items. After Nano agrees to let her friends pay her a visit later, we watch Yuuko and Mio as they try to break a tough pumpkin open. Why do they want this pumpkin? I really have no real idea why! But it does give us a chance watch to some amazing action. Well even with all of the cool action scenes they still failed to break the pumpkin open.

Yuuko- “Oh yeah! Smell that beautiful rainbow made of my snot.”

Yuuko- “Pumpkin smash tiger attack, go!!!!”

Sorry no pumpkin eating for you three! The next section follows Nakamura as she searches for Nano again, while searching for the robot girl; she finds Sakamoto instead and chases after him. She recognizes him because Nakamura used to be his previous owner and she used to call him Taisho and sort of abused him by mistake. She really didn’t mean to abuse him because she never understood how to live with a cat. This sounds a lot like living with Hakase and Nano! Sakamoto hides himself and just listens to Nakamura talk to Nano; but she has to rush home after checking the time.


Nano- “What I didn’t get a cool useful upgrade on my birthday?! How lame is that?”

And finally the last and most important scene: all of Nano’s friends gathered in one place for Nano’s  birthday. Well, it’s more like Hakase dropping cake everywhere because she is so terrible at handling the important stuff. While Nano prepares another cake for her friends, Hakase removes the key again and replaces it with a small part. Poor Nano you are stuck with this key forever only it spins now when she is happy! But Nano really doesn’t seem to be worried about it anymore, because she remembers that it’s what makes her unique and special to her friends.

Hakase- “CAKE!! GIVE IT TO ME!”                      Nano- “Cake, you shall be all mine…”

Extra laughs

Sasahara- “Stay awesome my friends! See you.”

Sakamoto- This is what I was missing out on? How lame.”              Nano- “I FREAKING WON!! YES!!”


Yuuko- “Am I getting a spin off series?”           Mio-“Sorry, but it says only Sasahara is getting his own series.”

End Thoughts:

Episode twenty five was filled with lots of Mio love! I noticed she was lacking in a few episodes, but this one had a huge theme of friendship! Well we did watch Mio bust through a window after seeing Misato and Sasahara arm in arm. That whole scene of Mio escaping from school was amazing! Really reminds me of how crazy things can get in Nichijou; that was one of the best dramatic exits in anime history. And I can’t leave out that ending with everyone giving Mio that lovely note on friendship; oh Mio you have some amazing friends. Well I am not sure on Yuuko! She can be very mental at times and Mai’s constant trolling. Man I loved that whole scene with Misato and Sasahara walking together as it made me smirk and those double rockets launchers strapped to her back? Misato is still an amazing character even if she is a tsundere type.

I was really happy to see more Nakamura as she continues to seek out Nano’s secrets. I did die laughing when she found the lab randomly and then suddenly got so paranoid inside the house. I guess Nakamura is fun to watch when she always overthinks everything around her. And we finally got to learn that she was the original owner of Sakamoto. Poor Sakamoto! He had it rough even at her place. Well Sakamoto always makes me laugh but I did feel sorry for him at the same time as he got no love from Nakamura’s or at Hakase’s house.

The last episode really has a lot of Nano’s “story” especially when she begins to actually like having that key in her back. I guess it really makes her stand out but it also makes her special to all of her friends. Well I was waiting for Hakase to pull her usual just kidding move and she did just that, replacing a tiny part of the key to spin whenever Nano is happy. Amazing work like always, little professor! I think I will miss that character just based on her always messing things up.

From episode one all the way to the final episode, Nichijou has been such a fantastic comedy series. And yes there were a few random episodes that were slow or boring. But I think every Nichijou fan can find something special that sticks out for them, like all of these over the top action scenes of running or fighting; or you might find the light hearted parts more fun, like love scenes or the final stuff with Nano and Mio in the finale. I know plenty of people that still love those jump rope scenes from the first half of the series. My personal favorites are the rock paper scissors ones. I was happy to see that final one with Hakase, Sakamoto and Nano. Anyways, I had a blast watching and reviewing this series! After all it made me draw so many fan art pictures! I still love that style so I might use it more in the future.

One last extra

My face after Nichijou ended (Amazing Mio artwork by my brother!)

Thanks everyone!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Nichijou 25 – 26 [END]”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY WHY WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END. I’m so sad. 2nd season 2nd season.Sasahara spin off. Sakamoto mini series. ANY THING.
    I cried when the ending song came on. I love this show sooooo much. Probably my favorate (until furter notice)

    …anime rage it releaves stress

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know the feeling! I was the same T___T Well I find it really funny, every season there is a random anime comedy that always grabs my attention. This season it was Nichijou and Yuru yuri those two together were amazingly funny xD

      Agreed Season two! I would die if I heard that news, hopefully we get something extra in the future.

      LOL Yes! Well I am going to use Squid girl season two for that I laughed a lot with the previous season.

  2. Karakuri says:


    There was just not enough Ono-Crow here. …I’ll miss everyone else too XD.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I KNOW!! I would love to see that news in the future <3

      Ahaha yeah Crow was awesome! I will miss the weekly Yuuko and Mai show <3

  3. fathomlessblue says:

    My god… that picture… it’s like Stella from Arakawa under the Bridge, when she’s in her powerful Fist-of-the-North-Star mode. GAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, thanks for blogging Nichijou. The show’s inspired me to hire both a butler and goat and traverse the land, spreading the word of Sasahara. That’s what I call keeping it classy!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha yeah it was a random drawing my brother did, I had to put that in there somewhere xD

      LOL That is awesome! I think that is a great idea…now to find a goat of my own…

  4. Delon says:

    Nice blackbird xD

    Every good series have to come at an end. Sadly. I wish there’s more focus on Mio though, she basically disappeared in a number of eps.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I just had it detailed this morning 😉

      I know right? I was like Nooooo! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END T___T But you are correct everything has to end eventually. Yeah I wish they did focus on one character, but it seems they really love Nano! That second half always makes me happy.

  5. Shizuo says:

    Blackbird on the rooftop

    Hell Yeah…!!!

  6. Kyokai says:

    DUUUDE! Love your portrait, give props to your bro from me.

    And I’m finally catching up to this series. Definitely lots of fun characters and I can never have enough of Sakamoto and Sasahara. xD

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