Nichijou- 23

Yuuko! “Good morning, Metanorn! Are you ready for maximum trollage? Err I mean…”

What’s up guys! Hope you are enjoying the remaining episodes of Nichijou! I finally got a chance to make a few Nichijou themed videos and a drawing of Mio! You can see them on my youtube page or here on Vimeo. Hopefully you find one that works; you can also see my coloring of Mio on both pages. Well, time to start the exciting review!

Stories this week follow some of our famous Nichijou siblings like Mio’s sister Yoshino tricking her into eating some of her home made jelly. We have Makoto’s sister Izumi walking into his messy bedroom as she finds one of Makoto’s adult magazines under his bed. Things end with Mai paying a visit to Nano and Hakase; I think it’s her way of saying sorry about the incident with her dogs.

Mio- “Yes, you are all extremely Jelly of me….”

This episode starts out with Mio relaxing at home reading newspaper, Mio’s sister Yoshino enters the room and asks her to try some jelly that she just made. Mio agrees to try it and suddenly regrets eating it because it tastes really horrible. She tries to run away and get the taste out of her mouth, sadly Yoshino turned off the water and replaced the milk with more jelly. Mio suddenly feels her whole life flash before her eyes but snaps out of it and passes out after Yoshino reveals the hidden ingredient in her jelly! Nasty dried fish! Yeah I would pass out too, Mio…

Mio- “Time to transform! WAIT I AM NOT A MAGICAL GIRL. Noooooooooo!!!”

Mio- “GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!”      Yoshino-“Oh wait that wasn’t jelly but my science experiment.”

We have more siblings to show off a we join Izumi going through her house to ask Makoto what he wants for dinner. She enters his messy room and looks around, suddenly spotting something under his bed sticking out: an adult themed magazine. She does take a peek inside as Makoto bursts into the room and panics after seeing her with the magazine. Naturally, he tells her it’s not his and he was holding it for a friend. Izumi panics too and leaves the room but continues to walk in his room without knocking which annoys Makoto. I guess that’s how siblings are, they never ever knock! Been there before…

Izumi- “This is like a bad game of where’s Waldo…with trash..”

Izumi and Makoto, the perfect pair of siblings! Sorry, no Yosuga no Sora moments in my Nichijou!

Izumi- “So wait you don’t think of me that way?”           Makoto-  “GET LOST WOMAN!! AHHHHHH!!”

The following day Makoto encounters Takasaki and once again tries to recruit him as the Igo soccer club leader. But Makoto ends up chasing him around the school just to get a straight answer. After chasing him for a bit they end up on the roof during the rain. Makoto pulls out all the stops and shows Takasaki a picture of his sister back in high school to seal the deal, which works! As Takasaki proclaims they will go all the way if he joins the club.

Takasaki- “Let’s go! Off to take more pictures of Izumi!”

After that random fun with Makoto who suddenly got a lot of screen time this week, we join Nano heading home. She spots Mai standing outside waiting to walk inside. However Hakase sees her walk in and instantly remembers the dogs from her last encounter and starts to ignore the glasses girl. Well, until Mai watches Hakase drawing a shark and she draws her own which grabs the attention of Hakase very quickly. The two of them make up and trade drawings for a very touching moment; I guess Mai does have those moments of kindness? After she leaves Nano and Hakase, she heads home and takes out Hakase’s drawing and admires it for a moment before seeing a rainbow in the sky.

Nano- “Are we going to…make out? You have that look..”              Mai- “I came to troll your creator.”

Hakase- “Enemy spotted! Time to destroy you. ATTACK, SAKAMOTO! Oh wait….he’s a terrible guard.”

Hakase-“Whooaaaaaa! Dude it looks AMAZING!! DO WANT!”                  Mai-“Sure, kid….now give me Nano.”

Extra laughs

Mio- “My wooden cubes….bring me my cubes….I am dying…”

Izumi- “I have learned so much in a matter of minutes.”     Makoto-“I am screwed… Fuuuuuuuuu–“

Hakase tries her best tundere look!

These two need a theme song how about this one?

End Thoughts:

Well, this episode really was about siblings, to me it had that type of theme after all we got to visit with Mio’s sister and watched that embarrassing yet hilarious event with Makoto and Izumi. Now I can share in their pain of having siblings because I have two! A younger sister and same age brother, but I can’t really say my sister walks into my room and finds anything H themed because I don’t keep that stuff laying around…. ahahaha but I do share the whole not-knocking thing. I guess it’s an unwritten rule for siblings to do whatever they want, huh? I have had some things end up “missing” after someone went through my room… But I would have to say Mio has the more difficult sibling to live with, compared to Makoto who has a cuteeeeeooo imouto; so do you want to trade with me, Makoto!?

This sure had some amazing animation! I really liked that whole rooftop scene with Takasaki and Motoko, not so much the characters but that rain effect sure was impressive. Just goes to show if they really want they can animate the hell out of anything for Nichijou, especially during the like love scene this week, just amazing all around! Then again all of the like love parts lately have incredible artwork. I almost forgot Fecchan and Weboshi! Poor girl was so disappointed in her future boyfriend for having a bald head, well I am sure if he explained things she might like him?! I blame that mean science teacher….

I really liked that whole part with Mai visiting Hakase and Nano’s place. I guess Mai felt bad for scaring Hakase with her dogs last time. Anyone else notice Sakamoto on the roof?! Ahahah smart move there, Sakamoto, hide from Hakase. Well, she did crush him after she attempted to take a nap on him. We can all tell really fast that Mai does have a kind helpful side to her, unless she was waiting for a chance to try and trick Hakase with something random? Anyway I liked how Hakase’s expression stayed the same when she was angry, then suddenly happy! After seeing that amazing shark drawing by Mai that was the D’Awwwwww moment! It was definitely nice to see that side of Mai this week.


A very magical graduation photo! With Yui, Horie voice over!

Expect more random moments with every character from Nichijou. Will Sakamoto survive another episode?! Or will Hakase mess things up for everyone?! Find out in episode twenty four…



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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9 Responses to “Nichijou- 23”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    sibling episode!!!!!!!!! I love how Mio Chan’s life pasted right before her eyes after tasting the science experiment =P


    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! That was amazing I did laugh at Mio’s life flashing before her eyes, I can’t imagine what that jelly tasted like…

      Oh yes! Much love for Yui Horie! <3

  2. Junko says:

    We watched a clip of Obama speaking Indonesian today. He started with ‘salamat pagi’ and I laughed really loudly.

  3. anaaga says:

    I totally ship that female teacher and her bro.
    Then the male teacher will be MINE

  4. Dan-go says:

    <3 izumi sensei so much. i think shes beggining to overtake hakesei for my love/fandom

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