Natsume Yuujinchou San – 13 [END]

C’mon, let’s stay friends forever as this is not goodbye~

Hello folks! I’m here to fangirl with you for the last time this season on Natsume. Though, this is NOT goodbye as it will be returning after a season’s gap and Winter has never looked this good! I had been going crazy in office yesterday just to see this and whenever I had an inkling of spoiler on twitter, I logged off to savour the moment when I get home. So, here I am to deliver the Natsume review for the few hanger ons, who have followed my episodics for this wonderful season (<3).

Transfer students, anemic? Time to start your healthy diet with Kyokai to win it all back~ *bowchikawowow*

Coming to the daily life of Natsume, even if it’s exams time for him, he never gets a break from the youkai business because they are always hoarding his time to get their names back. He gets together with Nishimura, Kitamoto, Sasada and Tanuma after school to leisurely chat about what they should do as an after school activity. They ponder on many choices from a visit to art museum to fishing and even reminiscing childish games they used to play. We get to know another stark reality about Natsume; he never got to play these games because no one included him. Jerks!

No more, you M freaks!!!

Things are different now though because he has lots of friends now. Once he gets back home, he’s bombarded by his usual troupe of youkai, who want to celebrate a day for him with drinking sake and usual youkai jazz. The catch is the fact that all his youkai dogs would gather in once place to celebrate their minion-ness. Like wow, but of course Natsume gets all flustered and drives them off of his room.

Nyanko-sensei would remain endangered in front of Taki and same can be said about Natsume in front of youkai

The next day, on his way to school he meets Taki, who seemed to be practicing a spell. She’s doing that to help him one day and whenever he needs it. It warms my hearts seeing him gape at people who go out of their way to help him out in trouble. After school, once he’s done with some chores he’s literally ‘roped’ in by a youkai he returned the name of in the morning. Seems like the youkai party had to resort to kidnapping for celebrating his day.

Many old minions show to celebrate this event, from Hinoe to Benio, Kappa and the usual troupe of hanger ons and drinking buddies of Nyanko-sensei. Once they start to get tipsy (Nyanko-sensei in particular), and realize that Natsume can’t drink; they ask him to tell them what humans do what they get together like this. They end up playing shadow tag with each other with many interesting results. I mean, imagine fierce youkai trying their best to step on others’ shadows? It would have been ideal for them if they could EAT whoever was IT but Natsume waves off this scary possibility in a hurry. This ended up being very funny indeed:

Youkai Shadow Tag! Coming to the theaters near you this Fall!

Madara’s beast blood boils, turning him into a party pooper!


Everyone tires out and end the game on their own terms, which means Nyanko-sensei doing extra debu-leg-work. During all the play and running around, Natsume falls in a ditch, only to be rescued by the beast form of Nyanko-sensei; him being the last one captured. However weak he is though, his youkai friends will always protect him. As Hinoe rightly said, “If you called us, we won’t have a choice. We like you, so we’ll protect you!”

Natsume has definitely come a long way from hating the youkai and cursing them from the day he finally understood that others can’t see what he sees. This ability has been a big burden to him but after living with the Fujiwaras and discovering some real friends, his opinions have starkly changed. Currently, if you ask him, he will simply say that human and youkai both are equally important to him.

Bonus love from the manga~ Dang it, Brains Base missed out Kogitsune!

 Extra Natsume Love~ 

Choices for what to become when we grow old? Nonononononononononoooooooooo!



It’s okay, Hinoe, I would have done the same… :3

Nyanko-sensei’s take on hips don’t lie~

Natsume: “Psst, Tanuma, let’s get a room…. Hey, what are you all looking at? See ya next season!” 

End Thoughts:

In the last review, I was complaining that they should have ended with that episode because it had such a brilliant closure for Natsume but no, this upbeat episode was a better choice to end things because it reminded us of the most important thing that this series entails: friends, be they humans or youkai. And the way Natsume is, he’s not biased like some adults of this show to support one party on another. He makes his own judgment about them on their action and intentions.

This episode had a good mixture of past and present along with the right mix of importance of friendship. If at one hand Natsume was planning something random as an after school activity; his youkai friends were planning to celebrate a full day on his greatness and being his minion. I mean, how cool is that? I wish my minions celebrated a day where I could specifically order them around as my dogs and…. *cough*. Anyways, I loved the whole shadow tag concept and it was funnier because it was with a bunch of youkai, who are pretty scary when they get into-the-zone! Imagine Madara smelling blood and going crazy to stomp on every youkai ass. It was a clever of Natsume to make Misuzu the referee or else there would have been more youkai-ass-stompage. It was good that everyone showed up, except for maybe Kogitsune, Hiiragi and Natori’s other minions. You can count the thought bubble for him and Matoba’s appearance. So, it was a good round off episode.

From some previous comments, it seems not everyone enjoyed this season like I did. I can’t say this had a laid back feel like the previous seasons because Natsume was kidnapped, stabbed, flung, assaulted and even attempted to be possessed by different youkai. Unlike previous season, we got to know more about Natsume and his past, which was interesting to me as we never really got to see much how Natsume ended up with Fujiwaras or how his childhood had been. We also saw a lot of character development from being a silent, loner type to at least a bit of talkativeness and reliance on his friends more.

This season started with promises of finding out more about Reiko but sadly not a lot was revealed like in previous seasons. I mean sure, you saw her head-butting with certain youkai that got back to Natsume but that’s about it. Being a manga reader, I know that even Yuki Midorikawa hasn’t revealed much about Reiko in the chapters that have not been adapted; however, there’s a lot about the exorcist community so look forward to that. The FOURTH season looks pretty delicious with more Matoba and Natori. I can only wish that the Houzuki arc gets some limelight too because Natsume in particular looked too damn cute in those chapters.

What to Expect Next?!

This feel-good awesomeness is returning next season so just wait around for three months and you’ll be back frolicking around with the lovable Natsume. (I’m so gonna miss you, NATSUUUUMEEE!!! *does a Kogitsune voice*). Bonus to this is going to be Hotarubi No Morie E Movie from the same team (even the same Mangaka) that has already released in theaters. Look forward to its DVD/Bluray release.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and I would really like to hear from you, if you have been just lurking around. Till Fate/Zero airs; ja ne~


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14 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 13 [END]”

  1. Mina says:

    I have to say I enjoyed your reviews… I think I never commented on this series here before… but just you know, I love Natsume as much as you do, it was funny to read another fangirls opinion.
    Unlike you, I haven’t read the manga… but it’s hard to stop yourself from it… I love Natsume, Natsume, Natsume.. *sing*
    I like Yokai in general but Natsume is too cute…. and he is too good for his own damn good! This season had a lot of chances to proof that again..
    I enjoyed every… really every episode of this season and I couln’t be happier to hear that the fourth season is coming soon
    Wuah but now… I seriously wonder how I will live without my weekly portion of Natsume, such a heartwarming story

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for dropping by and the compliments. I always look forward to delurkers because I always pick up not the most popular shows out there and feedback is what I write for anyways. xD

      Btw, knowing Natsume, even manga is arc-based if you really got bored in these three month wait, I suggest you go ahead and check out the manga, which is pretty good though the earlier chapter art is not that fine as later ones.

      *first comment cookie*

  2. Kitty says:

    I really like the metaphor in the end about how Natsume used to hate youkai and have no friends and now he has everything. So much he doesn’t know what to choose, However this makes me slightly worried for the fourth season. What is something goes horribly wrong @_@

    Thanks for blogging Natsume this season~~~~~ *bows*

    • Kyokai says:

      This metaphor is what defines Natsume as a man with principles of making his own judgment about everything. Don’t worry nothing drastic like Blood-C would ever happen to Natsume so rest assured. xD

      Thank you, Kitty-chan <333

  3. Yvoon says:

    There’s gonna be a fourth season?! YATTAAAAA! //<

    This was a very nice and sweet ending compared to some other shows this season…

    Btw, u got the photo at the very beginning from Pixiv right, Kyo? i have it as well! Fell in love with it as soon as i saw it!~ XD

    • Kyokai says:

      HECK YESSSS! Sweet ending with a sweet end. The best kind ever.

      And yep, got it from pixiv (linked on the pic too), and it’s brilliant! :3

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Woooww this final episode was so good <3 I like how Natsume has changed since the previous seasons hating some of the demons, but this time he really sees them all as close friends and he has grown closer to his friends at school.

    Ahaha Nyanko saving Natsume was very d'awwwww xD I always like watching Taki and Nyanko together it makes me smile all the time.

    YAY Another season! Can't wait for more <3

    • Kyokai says:

      I really loved how they ended things with this; not being a tease rather leaving at a happy note. I love all the BFF scenes of Nyanko-sensei and Natsume; also love Taki being all cuddly and then him bragging about it to Benio. Lol!

      Also, another season means we gotta convince MOAR people to watch this! xD

  5. xochandaox says:

    I just have to say KYAA im excited the fourth season will be out so soon…
    I’m smitten with Natsume… tehe..
    I wonder how Natsume and Matoba will play out. hehe exciting.

    • Kyokai says:

      YESSSSSSS! CAN’T WAIT!!! Should be awesome. Also, about Matoba, there will be more action of course. But no resolution of what his deal really is. He’s a very grey character so it’s exciting to guess. xD

  6. Hime says:


    Natsume is perfect. That’s all i can say. I’m speechless.

    • Kyokai says:

      Agreed! This is one of the few anime, which can make me bawwwwllll on small things. ;–;

  7. Kyokai says:

    Apologies for short replies but I’m nursing a cannula right now, so typing is hard when you have only one and a half hand to type. ><

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