Meta Jump – Issue 06

Some exciting episodes this week. Check out sixth shounen issue~


Gintama – 223

Quiet, you idiot! This is a stealth mission…

  Only in Gintama a father’s love can be twisted into something humorous like this. As usual, this episode is able to question real life issue, and this week’s issue focuses on how fathers should treat their children, with love or ignorance. Here Matsudaira thinks that a father’s role is to make money only, while the job of raising her daughter is being carried by the wife. While I agree that the man should earn the main income for the family, I think the father must also show his children his love for them. Of course, the father has to make sure that his kids won’t be spoiled because of that….Now back to the humor. I’ve never been fond with stuff nasty jokes that are involved with, um, dungs, but Gintama never fails to make me laugh on every nasty jokes they have (except last episode’s). The part that cracks me up the most is the part where the two cones are in the elevator. I was “LOL HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WHAT ARE THE CONES!?”…And to be honest, I still don’t know the true identities of the cones. It’s still a mystery until now. Or I’m just too stupid to realized it


Bleach – 337


  More adventures with Ichigo, Kon and Urahara! This episode was great for action having all the real captains finally showing up fight the fake ones. About time! It was great to watch Hitsugaya actually fight his clone this time I don’t think they ever fought, and I am sure some like watching Byakuya versus himself again I think they just like to stare at each other for hours. And my personal favorite! Kenpachi verses Kenpachi! Always makes me laugh, and the real captains were saved by the gatekeeper and firework guys? Way to go crap first season characters you did something amazing. I almost forgot the best part! The return of hollowfied Ichigo near the end roaring and screaming! Even thou I rather see him in his final form with the giant horns.


Naruto Shuppuden – 227

Naruto is having a hard time becoming the king of games.

  Wow. This has got to be the most eventful ship ride in the history of ship rides AND IT’S NOT EVEN OVER YET. At least it doesn’t seem to be. UGH. I can’t take it anymore! It’s so bad! This episode began by Gai-sensei being lifted away by a BIRD. A BIRD. GOOD LORD. I did appreciate the fact that I got to see Gai-sensei babysitting a bunch of baby birds that were practically twice his side but the episode was just another depressing story about ghosts and massive animals. It was a tad interesting because it explored what happens when man vies for power and messes around with things that shouldn’t be messed with. Quite obviously, Mother Nature doesn’t take too kindly to it and screws man over by creating monsters that eat everything in sight. I thought the summoning monster was creepier as a fetus-like being than in its mature form, the latter of which made me want to laugh. That being said, I’m sure that if I were there with Naruto and co. I’d be screaming and pissing my pants. Thank goodness for hot lava. Luckily next week we get to see Rock Lee! It’s definitely a reprieve from this never ending ship ride that makes me want to puke. And not from seasickness.


Sket Dance – 27

Principal- “I am the boss! And I order you to clean the entire school…in five minutes!”

  So this week, that Sket are asked to put on a picture play for the principal’s grandson because apparently he’s incapable of making the boy smile himself. So they make an adaptation of Momotaro and IT IS HILARIOUS (ROCK ON!). No, seriously. Go watch this; it’s even better than the manga version. Unfortunately the principal doesn’t find it so amusing. The second half,the Sket have to watch over the kid himself. However, the kid is a brat and even Switch ends up getting angry. Then they play baseball, suddenly the kid isn’t a brat anymore, the Sket get a couch out of it, and everything turns out awwww right. Anyways, the second half wasn’t all that interesting, but the first part was definitely worth watching.  Anyways, they never showed it, but the next episode has Momoka in it. I had almost completely forgotten about her.


One piece – 513

Its a One piece party! Time to get drunk!!

 On some filler island, shounen anime can go and pick up a bunch of episodes to fill time while waiting for new arcs to begin. Here, the second half of the episode features Chopper going back home and reminiscing about his past and meeting Luffy. I love Chopper, I think he’s a fun little tanuki, but any side arcs involving him or the likes of Movie 3 & 9 are just so boring. The first half was a little better with seeing Jewelry Bonney getting captured and Akainu out on the chase, which is cool to see Admirals become more involved in the hunt as we start to approach the New World. Countdown to New World is roughly 27 days.


Beelzebub – 32

Volleyball with super demon powers rocks!

 LOL, this episode had so much WIN. I’m glad I stuck around this series because things are definitely getting serious and funny as hell. If you thought things weren’t good enough with the six Knights romping around the Saint School against the Ishiyama delinquents, think again because Hilda and Alaindelon have joined the fray as well. Talk about demon competition because as the word has it, there’s more than one demon in the Saint school. Things pick up with the volleyball challenge and everyone fires up with a crappy subbed tape that Alaindelon doctored (these guys are so easy, they don’t even need much of a reason to fire up for a fight). Hilda keikaku dooris Kunieda to become the captain of the team and pretty much becomes the catalyst for hard training. OH, highlight of the episode: bishie Himekawa; man, you should keep your hair down FOREVER! On the background though, Miki is up to no good as he trains like a beast and prepares to faceoff and destroy Oga. The preview has some interesting flashbacks and a fight that Oga will lose against Miki (DOH, PIE(R)ROT, for giving too much away on preview!). How he picks himself back up is what keeps us going, ne~?


Fairy tail – 95

Natsu, you lucky dog you! Now that is a hug!

  So back to Earthland and the Queen of the Exceed finally explains her motives. Also, it turns out that she’s Charle’s (…I’ll just stick to calling her that) mother, but she doesn’t bother telling her because she wants to find the other Exceed she sent to Earthland first. Same goes for Happy’s parents. Oh and SURPRISE! Lisanna is actually alive. Turns out she was sent to Edolas for whatever reason and the Edolas version of her died so she was welcomed into Fairy Tail fairly easily there. So yeah, Lisanna finally meets her real brother and sister again (who are conveniently standing at her grave for dramatic effect) in an extremely touching reunion scene. I’ll admit, I teared up and I wasn’t even paying that much attention. Looking now, nothing really happened this episode, but next episode takes a look at Edolas after the Earthland people leave. …Did this happen in the manga? Oh well, I liked seeing the Edolas opposites, so this will be entertaining.

There you go! This week’s batch of awesome shows! See ya next time~


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21 Responses to “Meta Jump – Issue 06”

  1. Carla says:

    How much more I have to wait for the reunion between Naruto and his mother!?
    Great Post ♥

    • Foshizzel says:

      I actually started reading the Naruto manga! I just finished that arc wow I actually got a bit sad but happy at the end! Naruto has such awesome parents 😀

      Thanks! GO TEAM META! WOOO!!

  2. Kitty says:

    SKET Dance: has gone slightly down hill -_-; I still really enjoy it but the jokes used to be universal based. I had to pause and look this one up and even then I found it less enjoyable. Still going to power through it since this is the FIRST episode I have disliked. Thou I hope the beach like opening isn’t our replacement for an actually beach episode. I always love the beach episodes ^_^ Expect with Blue Exorcist, it was just lame.

    Fairy Tail: I’m sad Edolas is over. I really enjoyed FireBall Natsu. But chibi Panter Lily was hilarious, I cracked up!! Kinda think the plot with Lisanna was weak, and I’m not to happy with it because I support NatsuxLucy (hate me if you must) and I just think Lisanna will complicate things.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I will be honest I haven’t really “watched” a full episode of Sket Dance ever since they had that final music episode! But I did sit down and actually watch this one not bad I like the serious notes and feel from the characters.

      Oh yes I love the current Sket Dance opening! That song and of course all those bikini’s very nice! xD

      Fairy tail’s last arc was fun! You know my favorite thing in anime or movies are other dimensions you really can have so much fun with it! I know Bleach is currently doing the same thing.

      Nope I like NatsuXLucy as well but I have a feeling we will get back to Lisanna and Natsu more, because well she actually likes him and has told him in the past her true feelings. Then again most shounen shows that I follow never really break down into to much romance, most of the time we see more one sided love and usually from the female side.

    • Karakuri says:

      Sket- Hmmm…. agreed. I knew Momotaro so this one was funny or me, but I guess it would be less so if you didn’t know what they were talking about. There was this chapter in the manga that I didn’t find funny AT ALL because it was using a bunch of Jap puns I didn’t understand. I don’t recall there ever being a beach chapter so I think the OP is a replacement.

      Fairy Tail- I liked the Edolas stuff as well! I really enjoyed seeing the opposites. I felt the same way about Lisanna. I mean, come on! What kind of miracle coincidence is that?! It’s just too convenient. I personally just want Lucy to end up with someone XD. So far in the manga I don’t think Lisanna is complicating things so it’s all good there. As far as I remember. I stopped reading a while ago and still need to catch up.

      • Foshizzel says:

        I might take up reading Fairy Tail once I get a good lead on Naruto, yeah I honestly do not think Lisanna will do much for the series and it felt kind of lazy on their part you know? Bringing back a “dead” character seems very set up xD

        • Kitty says:

          Dispite the Lisanna issues…. I absolutely love Fairy Tail. I usually have very little patience for 100+ animes. Usually the story starts to slip or the characters become dull or annoying. But Fairy Tail I can’t get enough of. I personally think its worth picking back up ^_^

  3. amado says:

    how about picking up some of the shounen mangas?
    I recommend medaka box and mahou sensei negima.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I have taken a crack at Bleach and One piece so far and I recently started Naruto up to the point when Naruto finally “tamed” his beast.

      Medaka box I looked into I might try that, Negima? I don’t know about that one I could try that after I get caught up with Naruto.

      Great suggestions! 😀

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    SKET Dance – I thought the kid in the second half of the episode looked kind of like Tsubaki lol. I thought the first half was so funny, I mean I love it how they try to get Himeko out of the room so Bossun and Switch can get on with there EPIC ideas. Moe grandma XD

    Fairy Tail – Well it’s the end of the Edola’s arc. The reunion with Lisanna was cute especially near the end with her siblings. But I do love the LOL face on Natsu though (However still a NatsuxLucy shipper *AHEM*). I really want to see next episode, I do want to see the other counterparts with there dail life. And I don’t think that was in the mange, so it makes it better for anticipation xD

    • Karakuri says:

      Sket- Ahahaha a bit! He lacks the eyelashes though. Personally, I like the whole island battle scene. I mean, where did half of those characters even come from? XD

      Fairy Tail- Ahhh, the reunion. I cried, but I cry at everything. I want to see that too!!! And I thought so! If they do filler like this to let the manga get ahead a little, than I’m perfectly fine with it.

    • Kitty says:

      Yay another NatsuXlucy shipper!! We must band together. Rwar Rwar fight the power!

    • Foshizzel says:

      That fairy tail ending! SO GOOD! I admit I did get a bit teary eyed ahaha I always thought Lisanna was such a good character when I started Fairy Tail, now it seems pointless to revive her xD

  5. BlackBriar says:

    A Summoning Animal lab? Sometimes I forget that Naruto has not only that old time ninja and samurai feel like Samurai X and Inuyasha, but there’s also modern technology in it even though they’re rarely seen like the lab with Madara’s Sharingan collection or Orochimaru’s lab where he tried to copy the First Hokage’s bloodline.

    That island is a treasure chest of Summoning Animals. I’d get a bird like the one that took Guy-sensei. It made laugh when he babysitting the baby bird. I’m surprised they didn’t try to eat him. That Ultimate Summoning Animal was just another Frankenstein monster waiting to happen.

    • Foshizzel says:

      More like freak show summoning lab….Yeah that is very odd isn’t it? so much technology in Naruto! Seems strange they do have two way radios and video monitors LOLOL

      Guy Sensei is actually cool in the manga, can’t believe I just said that….kill me now! xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Since I brought up Inuyasha earlier, did anyone notice that all the animals pretty much matched that series? Especially the centipedes, the giant spiders and that ghost girl. That’s the second time they’ve used a ghost within at least five episodes. What are they up to? But the whole lab thing had Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun all over it.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep! Giant spiders,birds,centipedes and random WTF monster at the end LOLOL and a ghost! I am seeing a trend…Naruto has so many ghosts lately that’s what the third one? Well I do enjoy how they have tech in Naruto kind of awesome how they put that in and yes major Index/Railgun vibes combining powers to make a monster?!

  6. Miyu says:

    Bleach: A long time ago I decided filler episodes were not worth watching. Not so long ago I decided AH HECK LET’S JUST GIVE IT A TRY. So I marathoned this whole filler arc and let’s just say I think it’s pretty awesome too. 8D I liked how they escaped with the help of Kuukaku! It was unexpected and so ingenious ^^ I love the caption HAHA.

    • Foshizzel says:

      For Bleach arcs this is one of the few exciting ones! I mean the animation is near movie quality for the fighting, the story is decent. I do enjoy watching the fake captains fighting the real ones sort of nice to see them taking a risk for a new stuff!

      LOL yeah that was nice to see some old characters return to help everyone, thanks! I like making the captions loolol

    • BlackBriar says:

      It looks like filler episodes are the current trend. So far, all these series have them. I wonder when we’ll get to the new arcs, not that I mind the fillers.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah a few of them do, the current Bleach arc is nearing the end I think and One piece is just about to enter one can’t freaking wait! Going to be quite awesome.

        Naruto will hopefully meet Killer bee! Soon it’s so funny the manga jumps right to that point, it makes me realize even more why filler exists in the first place…Just to make sure the manga catches up.

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