Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 12 [END]

mfw; I realised this was just another beach episode

It’s summer time [still] in Kuro Usagi land, and you know what that means? BEACH EPISODE! Because apparently it wasn’t enough to torture us with it once, nope, we need yet another one. Fan-fucking-tastic. Okay, so its not quite a beach episode as it is an onsen one, BUT IT’S PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING. Gekkou seems to be the only other one who is as thoroughly aggrivated by this as me, though. But as you can imagine there is the usual breast groping, “girl talk” and wet naked splashing. Joy.


For once the fanservice attempts to equal itself out, though, as we get plenty of naked Gekkou, Taito and the demon bros. fooling about in the baths. And while that’s going on the girls are all talking about Taito. Boring! Back to the man-ass please~


this shot alone makes the whole episode worth it

Izumi continues inflicting her yuri tendencies on Himea and even ropes Mirai in to help. Meanwhile the boys are having a cock-contest. It backfires of course and this leads to them all getting trapped in the sauna. They break out after causing much collateral damage that leaves them all beat. Izumi gets drunk, and I might be wrong but is it me or do they try and have a genuine “moment” here? Dear God Zexes, never. Don’t even attempt it.


Oh, and you won’t believe what happens next; they actual try and sequel bait us. THIS. GETTING A SECOND SEASON? No. No, no, no, no, please dear god no….Yuuichi stands on the rooftop monologuing quietly to himself, as does Hinata while back with the Student Council they open a portal and set off into another (undoubtably lame) adventure.

Yes, go into the swirly portal of death and don’t come back


I will pay you NOT to

Izumi wants to know your sex confessions

Taken out of context this could be Gekkou’s inner monologue…nice

That’s what all rapists say

Good observation

Yet again….good observation

Me too, Hinata. Me too.


WHO ENDS A SERIES WITH A BEACH EPISODE? WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH THE MINDS OF THE PRODUCERS? HOW DID ANYONE THINK THAT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! URRRRRRRR. This episode was horrible. It managed to wrangle a few chuckles from me but for the most part it was a vapid waste of time and just an excuse to get the characters naked. Pah! What a load. This episode summed up everything that is WRONG with Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (aside from the unnecessarily long title); unfunny jokes, irritating characters and pointless tangents. NOTHING about this episode had a point, it didn’t go anywhere, do anything or elicit any response from me other than boredom.

Whenever they pull the “what kind of boobs does my boyfriend like?” skit I can’t help but remember all the shows that did it better, that were actually funny, or that actually had a REASON for why the character was insecure about it. Zero no Tsukaima springs to mind as a good example of how to do that plot point right. But ZnT was everything this show isn’t, that being funny, successful and actually ENTERTAINING. I really stopped caring about these guys at about the halfway mark and the only thing that kept me watching was the prospect of Hinata turning up again and causing havoc. Which he didn’t. That’s another complaint I have; wasting an insidious character like Hinata. You’d think that if you were lucky enough to cast Jun in your crappy anime you’d FUCKING USE HIM…orz.

On the whole the elements were there but it just flumped in its over all execution. I really enjoyed the first 5 or so episodes. They were fun and the show seemed like it had something to offer. Showcasing some unusual ecchi fetishes set it apart from the rest, but in the end Kuro Usagi succumbed to the lack of substance and piss-poor writing as so many of its predecessors. And because of the end result I don’t think I can recommend it. Those first few good episodes aren’t worth the dissapointment of the later ones. The only possible thing I can mention as staying consistantly good was the animation. The colour scheme is vibrant and beautiful, the hair of the girls standing out as especially unique and cool.

The opening song is still awesome and of course Hinata was a total boss when he was actually on screen, as was his brother. Taito and Himea however didn’t fare so well. Himea had some interesting points but they were abandoned in favor of a very cliché and irritating personality. Taito fell to this as well, except that he was never very interesting to begin with. Zexcs doesn’t exactly have a good reputation anyway, what with it’s long list of involvment in weak anime. And this is just another title to add to that list.

Bottom line, what started out as a pleasure quickly became an absolute chore and if I were you I would bypass Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Run. Run for the hills, and don’t look back


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10 Responses to “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 12 [END]”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    What a way to end a series. With an extremely perverted episode. There was enough fanservice to please both fangirls and fanboys. I bet you couldn’t contain yourself, right Hime? Admit it!!! I was all over the girl’s side of the fanservice. Izumi is quite the pervert touching Himea all over the place and giving explicit tips.

    They really should get rid of Haruka now. She’s no longer interesting now that her second personality has been destroyed, she’s just an ordinary annying girl again. Taito and Himea for the win!!! Stay away from Himea’s boy or she’ll kill you. LOL.

    I sense a second season coming along since Hinata is still loose, the prophecy still isn’t fulfilled and Yuuichi is hanging around with Ramiel Lilith, the one who supposed to destroy the world. I still wonder if Hinata is going to become a vampire. Jun Fukuyama playing a vampire sounds good, doesn’t it?

    • Hime says:

      Jun Fukuyama playing a vampire sounds good, doesn’t it?

      It does….T_T BUT STILL. I really came to loathe Kuro Usagi towards the end. And I’d hate to have to sit through another season of this.

      The fanservice for the girls was nice, I appreciated the lack of censoring. No white clouds obscuring my view of Gekkou’s buns, kekeke.

      Haruka can go die. She just sucked all the fun out of everything, AND THEY DIDN’T NEED ANY HELP WITH THAT. I think this episode could have been worse, but I’m still just glad it’s over.

      And am praying that they don’t release a second season, as I would be oblidged to watch it because of my Jun obsesssion. But if the second season focused more on Hinata or Yuuichi then it might be able to save itself.

  2. amado says:

    since I wasnt here last time for last episode, il talk a bit about it first:
    it was pretty decent enough while being cheesy. it would even be good enough if the last part didnt end up being a very weak love tension. and I mean very weak.
    this show needs a tsundere to make it a bit more fun cause all this love thing feels so low. mirai was supposed to be a tsundere but she got demoted to be the loli fanservice girl(which wasnt even done right!).

    now onto this ep:
    well this is one of the few times in anime that I prefer what happened during to the guys in an onsen episode. normally id prefer watching the girls for obvious reasons but this one had another really weak way of sparking romance!

    all in all, id consider this below decent. not poor enough as it still had some excitement here and there and of course fun times but had lots of potential. last ep is what I consider the best this series did.

  3. Cratex says:

    The only possible thing I can mention as staying consistently good was the animation.

    After the mid-way point I only really watched it for the animation, which I thought was occasionally stunning – I captured more than a few screen shots for wall-papers. After reading your review I’ve lost almost any motivation I had to watch the final episode – I just don’t see the point.

    However, I did like Mirai – to me her character and her actions were pretty much the only thing that made sense in this entire show (like Saitohimea she pretty much revolves around the man she is interested in, but unlike Saitohimea she never needlessly complicates it – she takes life as it comes to her and waits for Gekko to accept his fate and admit he like her).

    With all the unused or abused plot hooks the show introduced it could have been a very interesting show, but in the end the best way to sum it up is what happened to Haruka – destroying the only thing that made her even remotely interesting without even an attempt to explore what that second personality was up to was pretty much the fate of all of the half decent plot hooks the show attempted to introduce.

    Second season? Bah! Humbug! Fire the writers and find the animators something worthy of their talents.

    • Hime says:

      I know what you mean, it was a really nice, expensive looking bubblegum style. Pretty lavish for a show of this nature. I really wouldn’t advise wasting your time on this. It will only serve to make you bored, pissed off or screaming for answers. Maybe even all of the above if you are unlucky.

      Everyone seemed to like Mirai, I just don’t get the attraction; her tiny vagina-bulge haunts me.

      I agree! I’d watch any show with such nice animation and use of colours, but I think I’ll be watching out for the writers in future.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Fan service all over the place in this episode! Well for guys and girls guess that’s the best kind huh? I kind of figured this last episode would be filled with random fan service.

    I liked the first few episodes and it was filled with some great artwork! And glowing hair lights <3 I really only found Mirai to be the most entertaining to watch, yeah she is sooooooooo dumb! I did find her and Gekkou to be great together even thou he abuses her xD

    Story was a so boring for me I wanted to know more about Himea and her vampire powers, it felt like they threw that out around episode six.

    I still think Aikawa > Taito for best zombie! from Kore wa zombie. So another season?! I guess I might watch it haha

    • Hime says:

      The fanservice was fair for once, I quite enjoyed it xD

      Mirai and Gekkou had their moments of being really cute <3

      The story was just convoluted. The potential was there but like I said they just lacked the skills to realize it, or just straight up ignored it. It's a shame. I'm not saying it would have been amazing but it would certainly not been such a trainwreck, and a test of my masochism.

  5. obladi05 says:

    The problem with this show is that it started in the same way the light novels do, but after the first episodes it took another path which lead to all the things introduced never to be answered. The light novels may not be a masterpiece, but at least they make sense and are far more interesting. Things like who Himea is, why Taito is important (the dark rabbit thing), the promise he made, Haruka’s role (which is way better than the one described in the anime), the damn prophecy!

    By the way this last episode ended, I guess a second season could exist. However, if they are going to ruin it as they did with this season, then I will definitely skip it.

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, it seemed to meander really pointlessly, a trait I suspected wasn’t really the case in the light novels. (why are they always better, srsly?) I would love to know why Taito is important, they kept alluding to it but never explaining it, that kind of thing drives me nuts. Haruka seemed to have hardly any point at all! It was insane how quickly the idea that she had an alternate personality was dropped.

      I really am hoping we don’t get a second season, I have no confidence it would be any better than this rubbish.

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