Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 10 & 11

The spoon is mightier than the sword

Sorry for the double post, you know how much I hate doing them. Trying to manage my time isn’t going so well (I have mountains of homework) I literally have about 10 minutes of spare time a day to do anything. It sucks, but hopefully I’ll get better at it so I don’t have to keep doing this, lol. Anyway, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi is nearly over! Thank fuck.


So after Haruka’s big confession last week Taito is pondering how to let her down gently. He’s interrupted by her mum calling him saying that she hasn’t come home, and we see that she has in fact been kidnapped by Hinata’s two bitches followers. Taito suspects that it was Edelka that took Haruka and takes his frustration out on the wall before begging Gekkou to help him. Funnily enough he was planning on saving her anyway.


The school is evacuated under false pretences again and Yuuichi exposits that the military is pissed with the church and as such…kidnapped Haruka? Whut. I actually don’t even care anymore. Gekkou and Taito get their asses handed to them by Yuuichi when they try to attack him and Himea meets Serge, who propositions her with a way to save Haruka. In exchange for HER SOUL. Himea doesn’t care about Haruka at first but is persuaded to deal when the woman says Taito will be devastated if Haruka died.


Izumi and Himea have a heartfelt goodbye while Taito is ranting to himself. Himea comes in and knocks him out in order to say goodbye like a proper coward. She cries, kisses him, yadda yadda, and he wakes up none the wiser. Himea goes to the Shadow Realm, I mean Hinata’s lair (it’s his henchmen after all) and stumbles into the trap set for her.


Gekkou and crew attempt to take back the school from the military, and succeed making it to the student council room where Gekkou opens a portal. Taito jumps in leaving Gekkou to deal with Yuuichi. Haruka’s alter ego wakes up and has a chat with the henchmen, saying to seal Himea and send Haruka back to Taito.



Back in the shadow realm Taito meets up with his little cat familiar from before who helps him navigate the place where he meets the henchmen and finds Himea and Haruka tied up in chains. Gekkou is fairing quite well against Yuuichi for a change until he’s subdued by magic. Yuuichi threatens to kill Mirai and this actually makes Gekkou get on his knees and beg.


Oh yawn, I wish someone sexy would just appear and…HOMG ITS HINATA!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!1!!11!!! Hinata appears radiating sexiness and puts Yuuichi in his place as the inferior gentleman. Yuuichi takes this bruise to his ego badly and attempts to “make Hinata his”. Well I think we all know enough about yaoi to guess where this is going. *puts on some Barry White and lights some candles* Unfortunately Yuuichi isn’t his type and Hinata splits the scene before they can get to any man-lovin’.

Taito is meanwhile getting his ass kicked by the henchmen, who actually have some pretty cool powers. Thanks to the little cat demon Taito almost gains the lead but not quite. He gets brought down to his last life, and told to forget about Himea and return to his world with Haruka but keeps refusing.


Gekkou appears and offers to help but Taito wants to take care of it himself. His resolve is strong enough to frighten everyone around him, (it even causes flashbacks) but in the end he still gets beat. Gekkou steps in and Himea wakes up mid-seal thanks to Taito’s little cat demon. The two of them beat Hinata’s henchmen but as Himea goes to deliver the finishing blow Taito stops her, wanting to just go home.


So they do, and life appears to return to normal. School is back in session, Haruka is fine, and the demon brothers transfer to their school cause hey, WHY NOT!? Taito is in the middle of a bitch sandwhich so I suppose this is a happy ending? Oh, yeah, a happy ending…WITH STILL AN EPISODE LEFT BEFORE IT ACTUALLY ENDS.


A stern whipping would suffice, I think

He’s really a sweetie, honest

It’s like ying and yang, black and white, asshole and moron

I’ll fight you for him, Yuuichi. And I will win.


Ugh, what? You wrapped everything up with still another episode to go? Really? PACING GUYS, PACING. Episode 10 was boring as sin. I really couldn’t give a shit about Haruka, she has no defining features outside of her band moe blob face. Things were so rushed and got so confused I felt more like I was just looking at what was happening rather than experiancing any of it. It just went whoosh, right over my head. All my like for the characters had been sucked out a few episodes ago with just the meandering, boring, pointless pace of the episodes and this one did nothing to rekindle anything for them.

Gekkou tsundere-ness was fairly enjoyable and probably was the most well done thing about these 2 episodes. The demon brothers also helped make it slightly more bareabe as they were quite dynamic, but that being said it was so rushed that it wasn’t as good as it should have been. They weren’t given nearly enough time for us to appreciate or enjoy them. I wish they would stop teasing us with Hinata as well, he’s like the most powerful character in the show and we never get to see him fucking do anything. It’s such a waste. He just shows up, mouths off, then dissappears. Whoopdy-fucking-do.

Episode 11 was definitely better, the rapid pace almost worked, but again when the serious shit went down I just didn’t care. It could have been really emotional, could have got your shounen bood racing with all it’s “defying the odds” motif and cheesy speeches about never giving up, but no. It was just painful to sit through, because really it had no emotional weight. Or any weight at all for that matter. I know it’s a stupid ecchi show and maybe I’m expecting too much, but really why bother putting a scene like that in if you don’t want it to have an impact? Why not just flash panites at us? It just makes them look like they’ve failed at their job when they present us with what should be a touching scene that falls flat. I just want this show to end, the second half has been awful.


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6 Responses to “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 10 & 11”

  1. Syio says:

    More… Hasga… PLEASE. <3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s time to rebel. Everyone wants to pick Yuuichi apart despite him being stronger than them. Military vs the Church? Sounds like magic vs science.

    Himea is still greedy and grasping as ever over Taito. If it wasn’t about him, she wouldn’t have made the deal. She really hates Haruka for being close to her boy. Talk about having ice in your blood. I still think Taito and Himea would make the better couple. What’s Nobuhiko Okamoto doing here playing Serge?

    LOL. Himea, if you’re gonna fight Yuuichi to get Hinata, you might bite off more than you can chew. This creeper is very bad at holding his power back. Especially when he double kicked Taito and Gekkou.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Lol, my bad. Hime and Himea are so close. But it’s still gonna be a hard fight for you to win Hinata.

      • Hime says:

        Your faith in me is astounding…¬¬

        But, no, it’s Jun. I could never lose. DESTINYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  3. Hakuoh says:

    Double kick in the stomach! That teacher is surely skilled xD

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