Dantalian no Shoka – 08

Door-to-door yandere service seemed like a good idea at the time…

So yeah, another two stories in one episode type of deal here. However, this time they kind of made it flow so all of this happens in one day. I don’t know if this was how it went originally, but I thought it was clever. Anyways, on to the actual episode~.

This week begins at the Disward manor again and someone ringing the doorbell interrupts Huey’s reading time. So Huey goes to get the door only to find Camilla reverse-trapping it on his doorstep. She even has a freaking mustache.

Inside the house, Dalian comments on the outfit and seems unimpressed, but perks up when Camilla brings out sweets. Camilla also says that she has another present for Dalian, but gets distracted by the auction catalogue for stuffed bears that Dalian is reading. Dalian insists that she’s only interested in them for their value, but then goes on a rant about how cute this one bear is.

Camilla points out how expensive they are thanks to some company president and that they were made in Germany. She then asks Huey for something of his and says that anything will do. Huey pulls out a paperclip and Camilla takes it and leaves saying that she’ll be back later. Huey and Dalian are confused.

I can’t decide if this look works for her or not…

So they both go to a bookstore where the owner greets Dalian as the Black Biblioprincess (Wait a minute. I thought only a small amount of people knew about them. What?) and says that he has a Phantom Book that he wants Dalian to check the authenticity of. However, when he goes to grab it, it turns out he’s already sold it. Senility strikes again I guess. Despite the old man not remembering that he even sold the book, he is somehow able to describe the person he sold it to: A young woman with a mustache. Apparently he didn’t find that strange either. Huey and Dalian immediately realize that Camilla has the book.

After finding out that the Phantom Book Camilla has is the Book of Equivalence, Dalian and Huey set off to find her. On the way, Dalian explains that the Book of Equivalence lets the owner exchange whatever they want for something of the same value (LOL Fullmetal Alchemist flashbacks). However, the value of something changes depending on who’s point of view it is, so the owner of the book can obtain pretty much anything they want.

They go to Camilla’s place only to find that she’s changed and left for somewhere else. Also, they notice that the butler has Huey’s paperclip and learn that he traded it for a pocket watch with Camilla because he just got a new one, so he didn’t need it anymore. Dalian looks concerned, so Huey asks her what her problem is. Dalian explains that the book only accepts items of the same value, so it would be dangerous if someone was willing to trade their life for something.

So Huey and Dalian drive all over looking for Camilla while running into people she’s traded random objects with (including a pen, camera, some kind of crystal ball thing and a cat). Finally, they get pointed to the Fearon residence, home to a famous collector who’s apparently kind of greedy.

Inside, Camilla is talking with Mr. Fearon, but he says that the item she wants is priceless and more important than his life to him. Huey and Dalian pull up just in time to meet Camilla walking out of the entrance. She’s surprised that the two are there, but she gives Dalian the bear she wanted from the catalogue saying that she traded with Mr. Fearon for it.

Huey makes sure that Camilla is okay and asks what she traded for the bear. Apparently Fearon agreed to change the book for the bear. Also, Camilla was getting tired of trading so it all worked out. Back at the manor, Huey asks Camilla has any regrets, but she says she has none because she got what she wanted in the end (awwwww~!).

Again. Awwwwwwwww~

The episode isn’t over just yet however, because then blonde side character #2 Armand shows up at the door begging Huey for help and then telling Camilla and Dalian to run away. Root things burst suddenly from his hand a hit a door that then bursts into flames.

Then the scene changes to some blonde woman in a carriage (holding a book) saying that betrayers must be punished. Back to Armand, things have calmed down and it turns out that he has a girlfriend now named Lianna. However, since it’s extremely unlikely that he got a girlfriend on his own, it turns out that he met her through a Phantom Book that leads one to their soul mates and the book he’s carrying is why he has branches growing out of him Dalian explains that Lianna must have the other one because there are two books to the Book of Relationships he has.

Armand explains further that he didn’t believe the story about the book at first, but when he met Lianna, the other owner of the book, she was his ideal woman and she proposed to him after only meeting him that day. He agreed instantly but they held off on the wedding because they hadn’t talked things over with their parents yet. They were extremely happy, but then something happened.

Dalian cuts Armand off saying that he cheated on her because the book he has contains the magic of Hecate, goddess of curses and childbirth and it will activate if the book deems it necessary. However, Armand claims that he never cheated on her and explains that Lianna just got extremely jealous whenever he did something like help a woman who had fallen down or had a conversation with the maid. The maid was the last straw for Lianna and Dalian explains that it doesn’t matter if he was actually cheating or not, but the fact that Lianna thought he was cheating.

Lianna then arrives at the manor and while Armand freaks out wondering how she managed to find him, Camilla says that he shouldn’t underestimate the vengeance of a woman. Huey answers the door to find a very unhappy Lianna who asks if Armand is there. When she enters the room where Armand is, she immediately notices Camilla and says that the branches growing out of his are proof that he’s cheating. Armand asks Huey to help him but Dalian says that he has to die once, so Lianna uses the book and the branches spread even more until they cover his entire body. …And then he spontaneously combusts.

That poor, poor couch…

Afterwards, all that’s left is the other half of the book and a pile of ashes. Lianna gives the Book of Relationship to back to Dalian because she’s the Black Biblioprincess (….so apparently even yandere # 27 in this series knows who she is) and leaves saying farewell to Armand, the man she loved. After she leaves, Huey reads a book that lets one save people from the underworld provided that they haven’t eaten anything there.

Armand makes it back and says that he’s going to stay away from Phantom Books from now on. He also says he’s going to give up on elegant woman and then turns his attention to Camilla. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson the last time. Though Camilla is probably a waaaaaay safer choice than any of his other women thus far.

End Thoughts: Here I was expecting extreme tsundere Dalian again since Camilla was around, but she only seemed mildly annoyed by Camilla’s presence. That being said, the first half of the episode was really laid back and heartwarming. Dalian actually showed concern over Camilla (which was nice because Dalian doesn’t seem to like very many people), and Camilla pretty much a saint to go all that way just to give Dalian that bear. I like Dalian and all, but if I had to deal with her tsundereness all the time like that, I wouldn’t spend my day trying to find some stuffed animal for her. In short, it was nice to see the two of them get along like that since they had a rather rocky start.

I found the second half of the episode hilarious. I don’t know if it was actually supposed to be funny or not, but they lost me once that door randomly caught on fire. It was just so out of the blue. Watching Armand flounder while trying to explain himself and Huey, Dalian and Camilla’s unimpressed looks when they thought he was cheating was pretty funny too. However, I can only imagine how awkward it would be if Lianna and Armand ran into each other again (since it looks like they live around the same place). I guess Armand is that one character that never has any luck with women.

Rant time. Why does everyone and their grandmother seem to know that Dalian is the Black Biblioprincess who has the Dantalian and gives out Phantom Books, yet when Huey, who has asked around about the Dantalian before and spent a good part of his life looking for it (as explained in the novels) or robbers looking for a magical book see Dalian, they know nothing about it? Also, said robbers knew from the organization that Wes owned the rare book (well if you remember, it was actually a flower), why didn’t they know about the Dantalian if it’s such common knowledge? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if everyone knows that Dalian is the Black Biblioprincess, why aren’t more people coming after her books? This series has a bunch of people portrayed as greedy, so one would assume that they would want rare magical books. I mean, look at that reviving one they used this episode.

Preview: Whoa looks like next episode has a completely different drawing style for the backgrounds.


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16 Responses to “Dantalian no Shoka – 08”

  1. anaaga says:


    But I shouldn’t complain *stare at Blood C*

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Ahahah Dalian with a mustash Ahahahah that part was so good, and the book for this week! I know everyone probably shouted FMA IN MY DANTAILIAN?! Yes well not really I suppose it was “different”

    I have to say Dalian is a little ball of Moe! When it comes to cute things and snacks I think I am only watching it for her now, because the plot has taken a huge nosedive in awesome for me.

    I want to see the eyepatch chick! NOW! D:

    • Karakuri says:

      It was kind of different but they way they described it…

      Yes she is! This episode was SO moe (well, the beginning was at least). Ahahaha plot? This show HAS no plot! Or at least it doesn’t seem like it with all of the one episode book of the week things going on.

      I’m hoping the Red Biblioprincess appears next week since this show only has 4 or so episodes left. They have to introduce her sometime. Or maybe that’s how they’ll end off the series

      Show ▼

  3. Muse says:

    Ahaha, I thought the same thing when they mentioned the Book of Equivalence. “So… it’s a book about alchemy?” XD

  4. Overcooled says:

    What is it with this show and obsessive women who feel the need to kill off any man who wrongs them..even slightly? o.o Sure is crazy in here…

    Okay, they have a book to bring someone back from the dead and yet they haven’t TAKEN OVER THE WORLD YET? Dalian…Huey…you need to reconsider your priorities.

    • Karakuri says:

      I…. don’t know. It makes for interesting characters though.

      I don’t know about that either. I guess the appeal of Huey is that he has all that crazy power, but he’s only interested in books. Plus I think he needs Dalian’s permission to use books and her only interest is sweets. They have the whole overpowered apathetic character appeal.

  5. Alynn says:

    So many blond yanderes omg. Honestly what is going on.

  6. Joichi says:

    It sort of annoys me how nearly every ‘western’ character portrayed here’s like blondes everywhere, like they never heard of brunettes.

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