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Yay! I finally got a desk in my room! Now I have a place to put my figma and nendoroids laptop! Also, I feel Hime’s pain because I too have a cold….

Remember how last episode, Saya couldn’t remember her own mother’s name? Well we still don’t get any answers about that because as Saya and her father stand in the middle of the shrine, a Bairn made of hair swoops in. Both of them dodge and Tadayoshi throws Saya the sword he conveniently had with him.

Saya just stares at the sword after catching it though, giving the Bairn enough time  to send her flying. After getting up, Saya unsheathes the sword and attacks the Bairn while it says that despite the fact that it’s almost time for something (damn everyone and their vagueness), this is still entertaining. Also, it has a spine. Saya cuts the thing more, but the hair just keeps regenerating.

Scratch hairdresser off of Saya’s list of possible careers.

The Bairn tells Saya that she is not free (and doesn’t know how to control herself properly) and turns into a hair-saw blade thing. The two battle for a while while the Bairn keeps talking about how Saya must be hungry and how they (whoever ‘they’ are; I assume they’re talking about humans) don’t even keep the covenant. Suddenly, the Bairn flies upwards and Tokizane runs up asking what happens. The Bairn attacks him.

Saya’s eyes turn red and she reverts to ‘SAYA ANGRY. SAYA SMASH.’ mode. She runs and slices the Bairn, but all that’s left is a VERY UNFORTUNATE puddle of blood and school uniform. Plus the Bairn is still alive and says that it’s still hungry. It asks why Saya is so angry, because apparently she feeds on something more forbidden than what the Bairn feed on.

Flashbacks begin and there’s a full scene of pre-glasses Saya cutting through what kind of looks like a Blood: The Last Vampire chiropteran. Then the scene changes to the narrator and Saya, who talks about what Saya should win (also, Saya has some strange wires or something coming out of her back). He  notes that’s she’s hungry and so he’ll give her something to eat. Back to the present, the Bairn calls Saya a puppet of humans.

Saya’s eyes start glowing and she cuts right through the Bairn in one swing. After it’s dead, Saya remembers how the samurai Bairn told her to ask Tadayoshi about who she really is. She almost goes through the whole list about herself again, but after stating her name, she asks who she is. Before any answers are revealed though, she faints.

In her sleep, Saya dreams/remembers the room with the thermometers again and she wakes up to Fumito sitting by her bed. He pours her some coffee and she says she feels better after drinking it. Fumito pours her another cup and asks if there’s something she wants to eat. Saya says she wants guimauve.

Luckily, Fumito just ‘happens’ to have some. Saya asks about the reddish colour (though it looks more pink to me) and Fumito says that the colour depends on what’s mixed in and he thought the contents suited her. After, Fumito visits Tadayoshi and talks about how Saya felt better after the coffee and requested guimauve. He also says that Tadayoshi must be hungry too.

Saya leaves the shrine (which is completely devoid of any Tokizane stains) in her school uniform and starts singing. However, she stops after a couple of lines and wonders about where her father went because he didn’t leave a note.

She goes over to Fumito’s place and walks in on him washing dishes. Noticing the bandages on his wrist, Saya asks him if he’s okay. He just says that he thought he was experienced, but let down his guard and then Kanako walks in. She acts normally though despite all of her students dying in a bloody massacre and Fumito takes Saya’s and her orders. Saya wants more coffee and Kanako passes on it.

He got that injury wrestling bears in the mountains.

After ordering, Kanako asks about the scrolls and books at Saya’s shrine and asks to see them. Saya says that she’d have to ask her father, but she still doesn’t know where he is. Kanako explains that she’s interested in myths, but there aren’t many original books around, so she wants to see the real thing and that’s why she came to the town in the first place.

Saya takes her over to the shrine’s library despite her father not being around and Kanako speed reads until she comes across a piece of writing like the story she told in class. She asks Saya what she thinks and Saya remembers about how her father once told her that the sacred blade is the only thing that can kill the Elder Bairns. Kanako asks Saya if she’s okay and Saya apologises.

Suddenly, Kanako asks how long Saya will continue playing this game and tells her to look at the books closely. Saya realises that they’re all written on new paper despite them being ‘old books’ and when she opens one near the bottom of the many bookshelves, it’s completely blank. Voices suddenly tell Saya that it’s all fake. Saya looks outside and the twins are there alive. Both of the twins confirm that they’re real and Kanako says that they should end this now.

Lol, awkward reunion.

End Thoughts: HOLY CRAP. What?! How??? The twins are alive???? Major plot twist! Wait wait wait. Does this mean that everything is fake? This explains a ton actually. Or at least it explains the fact that people die and then all traces of their death vanish. Also, it might explain why everything revolves around Saya. Hell, if all of her friends are fake, technically they were created FOR Saya. Anyways, I realised the flaw in Tadayoshi saying that the sacred blade was the only thing that can defeat the Bairns after the eyeball fight where Saya killed it with her bare hands. I don’t know if this has anything to do with her realisation, but I thought it was important to point out. Has she actually been protecting fake people all along or what? How much of this whole thing has been staged? Why was it suddenly okay to leave a cut open brain uncensored? WHEN WILL WE FINALLY GET ANSWERS??? The whole Saya almost asks something that will forward the plot and then faints instead stuff is getting really old really fast.

Tokizane’s death was… really fast. I had a sinking feeling when I saw him running up to the shrine. Saya didn’t even really have any feeling towards his death other than getting angry. Seriously, Yuka who had all of maybe 20 lines of dialogue merits tears, but one of Saya’s many potential love interests doesn’t? What was even the point of having those semi-romantic moments in there anyways? This might explain why the romantic moments were sudden and halfassed though if they were planning on killing him from the start. Lol, I imagine CLAMP just throwing it in there because they’re CLAMP and all of their stories have romance in them. Though I guess if the twins are coming back now, then the rest of the dead people may come back as well. This seriously puts a damper on the chance of them getting together though.

So the show finally reveals something about Saya’s feeding habits (finally vampires?). I don’t know about any of you, but I kind of think that the ‘forbidden’ stuff Saya might be eating is Bairn or something. That’s the only thing I can think of that might be worse than eating people. Also, Fumito asking Tadayoshi if he wants something to eat+the injury on his wrist later+blood on Tadayoshi’s mouth the last time Fumito made him something to eat= Tadayoshi possibly being a vampire-type thing? Or at least that’s a possibility that crossed my mind. Or maybe Fumito was injured while fighting Tadayoshi? It might explain why he’s missing. I don’t know. I think it’s important to also point out that the Bairn went straight for Tokizane when he arrived, but ignored Tadayoshi completely right from the start. Congrats to everyone who realised before this episode that the guimauve had people/something similar in it. I’m pretty convinced that they have them in there now. A thought randomly crossed my mind this episode that the narrator could be Clow Reed. Why? Because CLAMP has him everywhere. EVERYWHERE. However, I seriously doubt that it is him. I just wanted to share how ridiculously funny it would be if it was.

 Preview: Apparently someone thought that this show lacked ecchi. Inappropriate touching, go!


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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26 Responses to “Blood-C – 10”

  1. Junko says:

    Remember everything I said i thought was going to happen? Screw that. I’m just letting this series take me the rest of the way without thinking or predicting, because I give up.

    What are you doing CLAMP, you’re crazy. Or drunk. Are you drunk while you’re making this? I think you are.

    • Karakuri says:

      Lololol, but some of the best ideas ever come from drunk people! As for how the plot is going, some of the stuff they’re revealing now seems SO OBVIOUS that I’m hitting my head against the desk wondering why I never realized it before.

  2. Hime says:

    *gives Kara a helping of chicken soup* Hopefully it means that if we have colds now we’ll be immune for the rest of winter xD

    Nooooooo! How could they kill the hot bishie? Props to the designers though, this weeks bairn was by far the creepiest. I’d say it gave me shivers down my spine but it would be too a terrible pun(even for me).

    Not enough InuNuki this week T_T

    • Karakuri says:

      H-Hime! If I had the money/time to travel to England and give you a high five or something, I would! Yes! We’ll be the ones laughing when everyone else is ill!

      I don’t know what they were thinking. I’m pretty sure he comes back next episode though because in the preview, the hair of the person holding the red vial thing looked like his. ….Ahahaha that’s hilarious. Why didn’t I think of that?

      … agreed. I don’t even think he had any lines of dialogue.

    • Stalydan says:

      Anyone reminded of this though?

      If you’ve played Persona 3 or 4, you’ve probably seen it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m pretty sure it eats children too :/

      • Karakuri says:

        I don’t think Yomotsu-Shikome eats children…. I think it had something to do with chasing Izanagi or something. Other than that, yeah! It totally reminds me of that!

  3. anaaga says:

    What the fuck. Why are the twins alive when Tokizane is FUCKING DEAD. But since the body isn’t shown, I guess he’s still alive? I hope
    I hate this series. I hate Saya.

    • Karakuri says:

      The twins came back. The twins. TOKIZANE IS COMING BACK OR I WILL KILL A BITCH.

      Actually, I haven’t told anyone, but I decided a few episodes ago that Fumito is my favourite character. He’s such a creeper XD, there’s just so much yandere potential. The TokizanexSaya pairing is still the best though.

    • Joojoobees says:

      The reappearance of the twins was completely unexpected. It almost had me thinking that Saya’s father wanted her to believe that Tokizane was dead (and he really isn’t). *Ow! My head!*

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Well, I was really pissed that Tokizane died since I thought my shipper would have ended, but now it kind of dosen’t seem to matter by the end of the episode. But hopefully I can still stay SayaxTokizane till the end of the series unless the mystical bishie of truth shows up or something lol.

    Regarding the scenes, lets start with the battle from last episode. So the hair enemy, hmmmm she was very interesting…. buuuuut, I kept getting very annoyed when she kept generating all her hair back the whole time. Well, until Saya got all BA and kicked its ass. God, but just hearing Tokizane running back to the shrine was just another way for him to die. Oh and die stupidly I might add, but then again I never really thought the deaths in Blood C were THAT clever XP.

    The ending was the real highlight for me this episode. Even though seeing Nene and Nono didn’t make me feel any better, but it was interesting to know that the world that we sere seeing was actually “fake” or somewhat fake at least. But even though the world would be “fake”, that just creates the thoery of if her friends are somewhat alive, or maybe they weren’t even human at all. Though, it still makes me wonder about the president who is technically the only one still alive out of all of them.

    Now that we know this whole thing is a big fake world or some big set up for Saya. It just carries on more questions about what happened in Saya’s past. Was she a vampire? a demon? an Elder Bairn? My bet’s on Saya being a very VERY intense vampire. I her father’s a vampire too, and Fumito is like a care taker for both of them. I’m still wondering about the teacher though, since I feel like her role would be just to know what’s ACUALLTY happening (Like an observer for the situation or something), cause I don’t really get the feeling she’s like some type of guardian for Saya.

    I’m just going to be having a little bit of higher expectaions for Blood C next week. Just because I get to see some evil demons, but most importantly, school girl action, but this time, in the SNOW 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      Ah, yes. A mystical bishie of truth would be nice. Maybe he would actually explain wtf is going on. As for Tokizane’s death, yeah I though he’d put up more of a fight or something. I guess it’s Saya or nothing XD. I liked the voice for the hair Bairn. I couldn’t place the voice though.

      Yeah, people are coming back from the dead now… if they were actually dead in the first place. Yeah I wonder about the president as well. I still think it’s important that he alone survived the school attack despite them making it look like he died.

      The teacher could go either way I think. Either she’s trying to help Saya, or hinder her. I don’t know if she’s an observer though because she’s certainly taking action now…. Maybe she decided to stop just observing? I don’t get that feeling either. At least Fumito LOOKS like he’s trying to help Saya… in his own creepy way. But again, he could be just screwing with her. I dunno. Both of their intentions are extremely hard to read.

      You have no idea how happy it made me to see an actual full flashback this episode. Yes! A few episodes left! They HAVE to start explaining things sooner or later! (but this is CLAMP so chances are that no one is going to understand anything anyways when they do explain XD)

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Ahahahah that dude! I HEARD SOMETHING~ Now YOU DIE FAIL SAYA FAIL FAIL x1000 The only guy that was wanting to get close to you ahahahaa sorry I just can’t help myself ;P

    Those twins in the preview?! Their eyes are amazing! I can bet that we are going to have some inception here, poor Saya stuck inside a dream! And also what? Saya is getting all felt up O_o guess Clamp is like ok…were loosing our male viewers -INSERT RANDOM GROPE SHOT-

    And I am pretty sure now those cubes are made of monsters…or humans? What ever he finds “laying” around muhahahah and Saya’s dad? Probably gets breakfast every morning -wink- LOL

    • Karakuri says:

      Lol now that Tokizane is out of the picture, Kanako can have her great yurifest with Saya.

      Yes~! Those were yandere eyes! I’m rather excited for the next episode. ….Lol! Wtf CLAMP, wtf.

      Ahahaha recycling! At least they’re efficient!

  6. Reaper says:

    Yes, another pool of blood, though Tokizane did confess his love for you…brief spurt of anger and then…indifference…I think there is a slight problem with Saya’s reaction to the death of her classmates, though I have to say, Iincho is in the money with his competition out of the way ;P Though, I agree with the whatisthisIdonteven statement now, like when that Elder Bairn died, it was like, ha can’t touch this, Saya slices through it and the only thing it says is ‘huh’? As for the return(?) of Nene and Nono and the…innocent touching(?)…what is this, I don’t even…:)

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I definitely think that there was something wrong with Saya’s reaction to his death. You’d think that she would at least do something other than just getting angry. Ahahaha yes, class rep totally has the advantage now.

      This episode was just full of stuff that I don’t think I could have predicted beforehand.

      • Joojoobees says:

        I wasn’t bothered by her reaction. She insta-kills the thing, then faints. Then, the next morning, she is drugged by Fumito and is acting like nothing happened.

  7. umi_no_mizu says:

    It’s kinda funny that I really don’t care who dies anymore, so long as it’s not Fumito XD

    The whole “even more forbidden fruit” thingy is confusing =S I’m thinking that it could be Saya can only eat people she cares about or something? Eating the Bairns is another possibility but I can’t see how that would be so forbidden… unless she is one herself and thus she’s cannibalistic o.o but that would mean Fumito is one too (since I assume he didn’t really get that wound from fighting bears XP)

    As for the narrator, while I really wouldn’t mind seeing Clow again (he’s probably my second favorite Clamp character ever =P), I have lingering doubts that he would be so sadistic to have Saya watch all her friend’s being killed… but then again, considering what an arse he was in CCS, anything is possible >_>

    • Karakuri says:

      Well considering that everyone is pretty much dead except for Tadayoshi, Kanako, Itsuki and Fumito, (and Saya of course) the list of people left to kill is pretty short. Or I guess if all of the dead characters are coming back to life, they can be killed again instead.

      Oh yeah. That’s another possibility. Judging from the narrator’s comments over the course of the episodes and the fact that the Elder Bairn’s are willing to talk with Saya instead of eating her, I’d say that there’s a possibility of being a Bairn (or on the side of the Bairns). I mean, Nono kind of turned into one. Then again, with her randomly coming back now, who knows. Or there’s a possibility that the Bairns are considered gods or something (since the whole covenant talk and the fact that they’re so bloody powerful). Eating gods would probably be considered pretty forbidden. I think Fumito’s wound came from something to do with Tadayoshi, since he’s missing now. I wouldn’t put him past being one since he seems to know so much.

      Ahahaha he was kind of an asshole in CCS, wasn’t he. Lol, yeah I don’t think he’d put Saya through all of that though. Plus I don’t think he wears western style suits.

  8. Mina says:

    I must say, for the narrator, the voice we here here and then… am I the only person who thinks it’s Fumito or at least his Seiyuu who speaks there?
    And yeah I love Fumito, I liked him from the start. I knew he knew something important and such.
    Maybe I’m gonna make myself lots of enemies but…. I don’t like Tokizane…not in the least. Even though I must admit that I laughed quite a lot with his attemps to confess and Saya being Saya

    I can’t think of Clow being the Narrator… because well..just a hunch I guess. As for Watanuki… I actually think that this ‘all is a fake’ thing has something to do with dreams, or else why should Watanuki be there? He can’t travel through dimensions but through dreams… unless that little village is in the same dimension as the shop

    • Karakuri says:

      I keep thinking that it’s Fumito too. Or at least the voices and profiles kind of match up (which is why I included that screenshot here this episode). Ahaha that’s okay, Tokizane seems to have enough fans as it is. As much as I like the pairing, I think his character turned out pretty boring.

      Ahahaha yeah, there’s no way Clow is the narrator. (What a troll it would be if he was though… XD) Hmmm yeah it might be dreams. CLAMP likes dealing with dreams a lot. Who knows what Watanuki can do after he takes over the shop. CLAMP didn’t provide many details. It would be interesting if it was in the shop though.

  9. Joojoobees says:

    “Tadayoshi throws Saya the sword he conveniently had with him”.

    I think Tadayoshi knows exactly when the monsters will appear. There was some dialogue early in the series that indicated Saya believed he knew when they would appear by performing the I Ching oracle, but I bet that is a cover for something.

    • Karakuri says:

      Thats what I was trying to get at. It was too convenient. (maybe I should have put it was ‘conveniently’ instead…) I think the whole I Ching thing is a cover too. The Bairns seem to know him personally.

      • Joojoobees says:

        No. I got what you meant, I was agreeing with you. I’m suspicious that the I Ching is a cover as well, and that is an excellent point about how they know his name.

  10. BlackBriar says:

    Okay. Tokizane’s been eaten alive by some crazy hair Bairn and Saya’s power and speed has increased. It was like a blur and her eyes have slightly changed.

    Was this all some whacked out dream? Inception, maybe? Since the beginning, I’ve watched Saya’s friends get wasted one after the other and here are the twins standing there alive and well after one was supposed to have her head bitten off and the other eaten by a shadow. Does this mean everyone is going to come back to life one after the other?

    I wonder how hungry Saya was when she was at that table. There were so many tubes in her back feeding her blood. And I wonder how much of it was need to keep her under control.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, they glow now. Somehow, I find them even more badass than before. Lol, when writing this, I wanted to call her move ‘flashstep’ … I’ve been reading too much Bleach lately XD.

      Yeah, there’s a huge possibility it might just be a dream. I’m pretty sure everyone will come back as a huge troll since there’s someone who’s got Tokizane’s hair in the preview holding a red vial. At least we know the twins will be there.

      Ah, I just assumed they were wires, but you might be right about them being feeding tubes now that I think about it. Damn, that would be a lot of blood (or whatever she eats) though. If she needs that much just sitting down, how is she going without it for so long in this town? If she’s even really physically there. She might not be if this is all a dream.

  11. Kitty says:

    Last reason for watching this show is not gone….. seriously why Tokizane he was awesome!! Sadly so close to the end I must finish it. Curses!!!

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