Usagi Drop – 06

A family tradition, a tree tradition~

~If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s the halfway mark for Usagi Drop as of this episode –SOB- It’s already been six episodes?! Have I been so easily distracted by its absolute cuteness that I did not notice this? Yes. Definitely yes.

With Rin in first grade, and the issue of her mother seemingly put to rest, the two return to a normal routine with grocery shopping, and a little explanation about cereal to Rin. On the way home, they admire a cherry blossom tree, giving Daikichi the idea to plant something for Rin to commemorate her going into elementary school. He tells her the story of his parents planting a tree for him and Kazumi when they were born. While they had a few spats about it, he’s confident it’d be more fun if they planted something else. Rin suggests planting her loquat seeds, which they do in the end.

The next morning, as the two eat breakfast, Kouki’s mother calls saying he rushed out of the house, and he soon arrives covered in burrs with a stick in hand. After a little fixing up, Rin and Kouki go on their merry way to school, but upon finding an alley, he wants to take that as a shortcut instead. Rin follows a bit reluctantly and everything is fine, until Kouki accidentally breaks a potted plant. He panics and starts running the rest of the way, Rin trailing behind, a bit embarrassed.

During dinner, Rin figures out that Daikichi’s tree is a remembrance from when he was born, and wonders if maybe there’s a tree for her at Grandfather’s house. Seeing her eye the empty spot where they planted the loquat seed, Daikichi decides to meet up with Masako again to ask if they had planted a tree for Rin. She remembers Grandfather did and gives him the street where it’s by so he can transfer it to his house. Daikichi drops her off at his parent’s house, where his mother shows Rin his and Kazumi’s trees, and mentions she has her own tree at Grandfather’s house as well that she used to compare her height to. It’s then that Daikichi comes, bringing Rin’s small tree, a fragrant olive tree; the same as his~.

End thoughts: And another episode comes to pass~ The tree tradition the Kawachi family had was very interesting; I had heard about it people doing that before, but never would I have thought it could be that much of a nostalgic piece.  The whole theme of planting trees that grow along them felt so touching. If it’s possible, I would like to d that for my own kids someday (“Where did you get this idea, mommy?” “Um…an anime. Don’t you look at me like that”). For some reason, the scene where Daikichi turns back against the wind and sees his mother’s tree has really stuck out to me. When tying to imagine the episode again, it’s the first thing that pops into my head.

Oh goodness, Rin not knowing about cereal was so adorable. I’m guessing she’s so used to traditional food she’s never really…experienced cereal as a breakfast meal. Anyways, I got so scared when Kouki and Rin took the shortcut! I thought they were going to get lost or something else dreadful would happen. Trying to give me even more heart attacks, you two?! I think our cute star this episode was definitely Kouki, especially in the last minute bit when he thought a stranger was talking to Rin and brought her to Daikichi. A part of me can see Kouki and Rin as good friends with a strong connection, almost like siblings, in the future instead of having some sort of romance. In the first episode he showed up, Rin took care of him a bit, and now Kouki sort of returned the favor, though it ended in failure. At least Daikichi knows he can trust him if they run into any trouble on their way to school. Like last week, this wasn’t my favorite episode (as you can tell by the extremely short summary) as it was filled with more touching scenes and the first look at a new, and hopefully secure, routine for Rin. By no means have I found this show going into a slump; I think my attitude toward it might be though, but I am a bit of an impatient person. Until next week then~!!


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6 Responses to “Usagi Drop – 06”

  1. Tofu says:

    I totally agree with the tree idea, I want to do that in the future (if I ever decide to have kids) and I really think it’s a nice and sweet thing ^^ Though with Daikuchi’s mums tree, it’s so big that it made me think… once I grow old, I might go away but my tree will still grow and then my grandsons or great great grandsons can see how big this tree will continue to grow (of course there’s a limit) which seems like a nice nostalgic thing to do I guess ^^

    There are ideas of Kouki and Rin being together in the future but Kouki is quite the rebel, I really do wonder if guys are actually like that when we were young.. hmm.. was I? :O

    I continue to enjoy Usagi Drop for it’s nice, calm art and that adorable girl named Rin. And of course Daikuchi for being a pretty cool father even if he is still learning how to take care of a child. 😛

    If we’re up to the middle point then only half more left till Bakuman season 2 Hoshi!!! I can’t wait! XD

  2. tomphile says:

    More stupid than adorable? I love Rin as much as anyone but how can a six year old not know what cereal is?

    Meh, and that tree stuff was getting kind of long-winded…who knew trees held so much sentimentality.

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  4. Foshizzel says:

    D’awwwww trees! Yay for Rin! So much cute xD

    Kouki lol damn this kid made me laugh! I was waiting on them to get lost on the way to school for some drama, but good thing they didn’t! I was like this kid WHY!? You are so crazy!! LOL

  5. Overcooled says:

    The tree tradition was just too sweet. I would do that too, except I’m afraid the roots go into my pipelines or something /dislikes nature. I’ll just visit your tree, Hoshi…lol…

    I love how Kouki is the spitting image of what I imagine Diakichi to have looked like/acted like when he was a kid. He’s such a bad kid, I can’t help but like him XD He’d better not let anything bad happen to Rin >:T

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