Tiger & Bunny – 19

Oh no he’s unconscious! What will I do, this is…this is….the perfect opportunity!

Can you believe we’re already at episode 19? At this rate, this series will be over before I even realize it. It’s sad, but at least they announced a manga and even a duet CD between Kotetsu and Barnaby. There’s always pixiv’s endless stream of high quality fanart once it ends too. I also have some lovely little mementos from Sabine and Elyon respectively in response to my photoshopping challenge last episode. But let’s not think about ends when we have the beginning of episode 19 to cover.

It’s Kotetsu to the rescue! Barnaby is still in shambles thanks to his re-arranging memory, so Kotetsu forcefully barges into his apartment and cooks him fried rice. The poor blonde is too depressed to take a bite of his masterpiece, so Kotetsu tries a different approach. He offers to retrace all the steps Barnaby took the day his parents were killed to try and help him remember. Barnaby agrees, and they head to the skating rink.

21 years ago, Maverick took a much younger Barnaby out to go skating, buy him a hat, and take a photo with him in front of a tree. Barnaby can recall it all perfectly, but still can’t picture his killer’s face. It’s hard to tell if Kotetsu’s helping or just being the dweeb that he naturally is, but he tries to reinact all the events. He even buys a set of matching pins for the two of them, although Barnaby is too tsun to say he’ll wear it.

Despite all of Kotetsu’s coaxing and attempts to cheer him up, Barnaby breaks down crying. He’s convinced the past will always haunt him and that he’ll never figure out the truth. Then and there, Kotetsu promises to stay by his side until the issue is resolved. He calms down a bit, gratefully uttering “Kotetsu-san” before he suddenly passing out. It’s now Kotetsu’s turn to carry Barnaby so that he can rest in the hospital. I know they didn’t show any carrying but shhh, it’s better if you imagine it that way.

Date rape…only you can prevent it.

It’s not long before Barnaby wakes up from his nightmares of the past, the only change being that the tattoo melts off the culprit in his dream. When he comes to, Kotetsu isn’t there, so he ventures out to find him (aww). Barnaby stumbles upon Kotetsu telling her daughter that he STILL hasn’t quit because he has something he has to do here. When Kaede is done chewing out her father, Barnaby confronts Kotetsu about the issue.

Bad timing. Barnaby has it.

Kotetsu lies and says he’s just getting old, which Barnaby miraculously sees right through. However, he’s so sensitive because of his situation that he twists Kotetsu’s words into meaning that Kotetsu is being purely selfish. Here’s where things get dramatic. Barnaby gets bitch slapped for saying how he wanted Kotetsu to leave all along. Before Kotetsu ca apologize, he activates his powers and flies away. Almost all of this takes place while Kotetsu is riding a tiger robot FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

Barnaby flies to Maverick’s place to tell him everything. In the middle of their talk, Samantha calls Barnaby and shows him a picture of him the day of his parent’s death. The person who went out with him to skate, buy hats and take photos was Samantha…Not Maverick. Barnaby asks Maverick what the hell is going on, and he explains it without much resistance. Hero TV started off with bad ratings, so he made a deal with Ouroboros to orchestrate flashy crimes to boost the viewership. In return, Ouroboros would get the power suits developed by Barnaby’s parents. Of course, the Brooks couple was devastated when they found out, so Maverick silenced them to make sure they never let out his secret.

It seems stupid for Maverick to tell all this to Barnaby, until he reveals that he is actually a NEXT who can rewrite memories. He drugged Barnaby’s tea for good measure, so he’s helpless against the older man’s power. He rewrites Barnaby’s memory into something else as Barnaby bawls his eyes out and breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. Meanwhile, Kotetsu is trying his best to apologize to Barnaby, but he can’t find him. You’d want to apologize too after seeing him praise you as his MOST ADMIRED PERSON on a television show.

An endless stream of mantears

Bonus Screenshots:

Kotetsu, not now! We’re in public!

Barnaby: now in uke flavour.

Dammmnnnn boyyyy, yo need to clam yo ass down.

I have faith in Barnaby’s original memory and the existence of that MAMMOTH-SIZED MOLE


End Thoughts: I’ll admit it, I was totally tearing up this episode. The first time was when Kotetsu bought him a pin and tried to put it on. Whenever something is just too homolusty for me, I cry tears of joy. IT CANNOT BE HELPED. The other time was at the end where Barnaby’s memories were erased my Maverick. It was horrible to see Barnaby come to a conclusion and then lose all those memories immediately afterwards. Just when he took a step forward, he was pushed two steps back. If Maverick makes him suspect Kotetsu, I will not be able to contain myself. I’m sure the power of LOVE will reveal the true killer once again, but whenever Barnaby doubts Kotetsu, a part of me dies inside.

I know Kotetsu should have trusted Barnaby, but it was beyond childish of Barnaby to get so worked up over it. Kotetsu already worked his ass off to regain his trust during the Jake battle, and now he has to do it all over again because he had one minor slip-up. That’s not fair. Barnaby of all people should know Kotetsu genuinely cares about others more than himself and just didn’t want to hurt anyone with news of his retirement. I know he’s in a dark place right now and isn’t thinking straight, but what happened to that character development? It’s frustrating.

Then again, Kotetsu isn’t exactly in the safe zone either. Did he learn nothing from his brother? If Barnaby overheard his conversation, it would actually be nicer to tell him the truth about his powers. He’d probably worry less about Kotetsu’s intentions that way. In the end, they both know very little about what it means to truly let someone in to their hearts and trust them. They want trust, but they don’t know what it is. They’d better figure it out soon before Ouroboros rears its ugly head again. Or even worse, Maverick.

As much as Barnaby doing a U-turn in terms of personality pissed me off, I still love this episode. It’s the perfect amount of cheesy Taigs and Buns drama mixed with the perfect amount of “character development” (better known as BL). Those of you who thought Maverick was the culprit, pat yourselves on the back, because you’re right. Now what a revelation THAT was. I didn’t expect Tiger & Bunny to make the media become so corrupt. Does this make Maverick the final boss? Will the series end with the downfall of Hero TV? Lunatic might just be on Kotetsu and Barnaby’s side for this one, because I doubt he’s in on this with those strict morals of his. Just wait until he finds out.

Preview: It’s gonna be a looong week waiting to see what memory Maverick implanted in Barnaby and how he finds out the truth. But I have faith in Kotetsu and his ability to snap his partner out of it. Also, the power of matching pins.




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23 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 19”

  1. sans says:

    after watch this episode, i swear i could hear something like “I KNEW IT!” lol ,… well typical villain, is always ugly ^^;

    this episode is full with drama, though i find thats good, after the development so far, finally they get to enter the climax

    just wondering, a whole kotetsu helping barnaby is looks like he tried to date him, or is it just me? and barnaby tears is just,…. awwwwwwwwwwww man, he’s sure an uke in this episode ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      Everyone suspected Maverick, haha. He was acting far too nice, we knew something had to be wrong.

      His crying was sooooooo cute and yet heart-wrenching. He looks so SAD when he cries, it just kills me. I hope Kotetsu consoles him properly next episode….with his body

      • sans says:

        yeah, the tears, is make us going “NO!” and sympathize him instantly.

        actually i find it strange at first when many placed barnaby as seme, i mean, his nickname is BUNNY… and he looks like a girl, beautiful girl… is it me still not experienced in BL or, did jap fans have different preferences??

        oho, i like the idea kotetsu console bunny with his body lol

        oh ps to sunrise, wanna know how to boost your TNB rating? try shirtless kotetsu, works every time ^^

        • Overcooled says:

          I think the Japanese artists prefer seeing Kotetsu on the bottom for whatever reason. I guess because he’s so goofy and easy to exploit? I dunno…I prefer uke Bunny WAY more as well. XD

          Shirtless Kotetsu or Barnaby = I WILL BUY THE BLU RAYS XD

          • sans says:

            hmm after infected with various fanart and doujin, i could accept kotetsu as the bottom, his character is just too moe lol

            Shirtless Kotetsu or Barnaby –> LAWYERED THIS

  2. Hime says:


    This episode was both so random and so awesome, I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been quite bad for skipping episodes or missing them, but damn, I’m so glad this was one of the ones I caught.

    Okay, first off…WHO REPLACED BARABY WITH THIS AMAZING UKE? Srsly, they need like…a medal. Not that I didn’t like Barns original tsundereness, but to see him go fully teary, fainting, totally run ragged made the sadist in me very happy. And Kotetsu trying to help him/cheer him up was so adorable. More adorable than usual, because Kotetsu’s got his own problems yet is still intent on helping Barns. FUUUUU~ So sweet.

    I loved the drama, but when Barns was calling Kotetsu out on him quitting …while sitting on tha tiger thing was the most random thing I think I’ve ever seen…IT JUST MADE NO SENSE, I was lol’ing so much though. Srsly. I will never get tired of seeing those flashbacks to Barns parent’s murder, the whole feel of them is so old school/retro, it’s done very well.

    I’ve known that Maverick was the bad guy for quite a while, but didn’t expect him to just out himself like that. Though I guess he can just erase Barns memories right away so it’s no biggie. And wow, they aren’t even trying to desguise the NEXT = Geass now, are they? That scene at the end was straight out of episode 2 (or was it 3?) or R2. Still, it was awesome. And I’m used to Sunrise recycling things.




    • Overcooled says:

      I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. HNNGGG. I’m a big fan of uke Barnaby (the more experienced one should go on top!) so this was…absolutely welcome. I wonder if Barnaby will EVER be the one to comfort Kotetsu or if it will always be Kotetsu as the comforter. Hmmm :/

      Yeah, uh, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT TIGER ROBOT LOL. I just stopped questioning it after a while. XD lulz

      • Hime says:

        Bunny could through him a totally awesome retirement party where snuggling is obligatory for the first 3 hours.

  3. Kencana says:

    I was really surprised when Kotetsu slaps Barnaby. I mean… (usually) a guy identic with punch. I thought that Kotetsu would punch him.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, that’s weird but slaps are more common in melodrama, I guess. Gotta have that echoing slap sound effect.

  4. Mad Chemist says:

    Tiger riding the tiger car was pretty much the best thing. It was a really funny moment before things went down.

    One thing I liked about Maverick’s confession is that even though his motivations are largely capitalistic, he’s done more for the Next of the world than Jake, for all his talk, ever could. It’s thanks to Maverick and Hero TV that the very best of the city’s Next are adored the way they are, and probably that Next discrimination hasn’t reached X-Men levels. Then again, he’s probably caused a huge amount of deaths from helping fund spectacles like… well, Jake. Either way, if Maverick goes down the fallout could take Hero TV with him, and the good things Maverick has done could get tossed out with the bad. As much as I like the show’s character drama, I’m even more excited now that T&B has played this aspect of the plot and I want to see how it develops.

    • Overcooled says:

      Highlight of the series right there.

      Never really thought deeply about that, but you’re right. He’s achieving a good ends through dirty means. What he’s done for NEXT is commendable, but that really isn’t the way to go about doing it. If he goes down, maybe heroes will just save people without the whole sponsor thing going on. Say goodbye to Hero TV. Hopefully that doesn’t make the heroes go back to being shunned though.

  5. Foshizzel says:


    Good episode I know most people are I SAW THIS COMING type of comments, well I will add my own ahaha I think they did set up Maverick as the true killer! Yes cheesy and derpy reveal but hey that was great!

    Also DAT MOLE = secret of his power you can not help but stare and loose your freaking mind xD

  6. Elyon says:

    BUNNY ;____; I am now 100% in favor of Barnaby as the uke. The mantears…ONLY UKES CRY MANTEARS. <3

    It would be cool to see Lunatic team up with them. It's like he's been forgotten about lately. :/

  7. Levia says:

    It was very natural/logical for Bunny to act mean after he found out about Tiger’s quitting, as he felt betrayed and abandoned by Tiger. Bunny was deeply hurt, and so he “paid Tiger back” by saying what he knew would hurt Tiger the most. Kaede did the same thing when she was hurt by her father’s broken promises to come home.

    It’s very mature to act this way because it shows character-growth and self-respect. If you’re losing something important from your grip, you should let the other party know you’re not okay with it, or else you will lose it for good. If neither Bunny or Kaede voiced their displeasure, Tiger wouldn’t feel guilty about his actions and would quit job/not come home without much trouble, because everybody is so understanding. The amount of complains are proportional to the amount of care a person possesses.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t think it’s “mature” to have a meltdown and scream your opinion at someone without even trying to understand the other person’s reasons behind their actions. He didn’t even ask. It’s nice to care about someone, but you can show someone you’re worried and express your feelings without going to the extreme end of the scale and getting angry. No one likes having someone mad at them!

      • Levia says:

        I think it’s not easy to be understanding when you truly care dearly about something. Bunny did ask for explanation, and even provided safe exit for Tiger by asking did his decision to quit have something to do with his daughter’s powers awakening, which it did, but Tiger said no for some reason (I really didn’t understand that bit). Instead, Tiger lied Bunny and didn’t confide in him, which was a huge blow to Bunny who believed had finally earned Tiger’s trust. When Bunny said hurtful things he solely focused on his trust that was betrayed.

        You know, I’m pretty much amazed at how open Bunny was with Tiger prior to this. His past left him hardened and unable to let anyone in for many years. And yet, he introduced Tiger to his most intimate tragedy, and has immediately told Tiger about his emerging dilemma to leave Hero business. It’s ironic that Tiger that appears more outgoing is actually more closed to his people than Bunny. It’s very interesting.

        • Overcooled says:

          They both didn’t exactly react in an ideal manner. I know it’s easy to get carried away when you care about someone, but I always try to get the whole story first and calmly work it out. It kind of sucks that one of them started off all hurt and offended while the other one refused to trust the other with the truth (the slap wasn’t so hot either). D: They both screwed up there in how they handled the situation.

          I agree that Kotetsu was the one holding back in the end. Barnaby really began to trust Kotetsu, and Kotetsu basically betrayed that trust by not telling him the truth. The roles almost switched, and that’s yet another wonderful thing about the complex, growing dynamic between these two. (Ahh, being reminded about this series is nice)

          • Levia says:

            When trying to protect those close to us by hiding the truth we end up hurting them a lot more then our initial problem would. From their perspective, we are pushing them away from crucial moments of our lives. Running into closed door would understandably make everyone feel a bit angry/hurt. But it also depends from the manner in which you brush someone off; if you were visibly devastated, it’s unlikely they would feel much anger, but would instead try to comfort you and request you tell what’s wrong. Kotetsu however made a mistake by appearing cheery-happy when he lied about his reasons, and this demeanor made Barnaby feel even more angry with him.

            To make Kotetsu stay, perhaps Barnaby tried to make him feel a bit jealous by bringing out rivalry. Despite Barnaby’s smile, he was hardly feeling much satisfaction; I’m convinced his act was a bluff.

            I discovered Tiger & Bunny a week ago, and I really like dynamic between two main heroes. I’m not a big fan of mecha nor superhero stuff, but I still managed to enjoy most of the episodes.

            Comments you added with screenshots was hilarious!!! XD XD XD Great job. Btw, have you reviewed all episodes?

            • Kyokai says:

              Thanks for enjoying our reviews. Yes, Cools has covered all the episodes. ^^

  8. Amethystaura says:

    Apologies for not expressing my thoughts on this episode, but instead expressing my almost inexpressible joy at that Uke!Barnaby scene. I frankly think he makes a far better uke. Tsundere, flustered, emotionally wrecked, bratty, pouty, so utterly moe. And not to mention, hot and badass.

    Yeah as you can guess, I’m new to the fandom 🙂

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