Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 09

Birds migrating: They’re doing it wrong

Hello again, here at a super late NuraNoMago post! I have this thing since Sunday, but real life happens. I had to go to my best friend’s farewell party since she was leaving for college, but then I found out on that same night at her party that she’s not going anymore. So yeah, I was trolled. I’m being trolled so much these days I don’t know if I can take life anymore… orz


The Tono youkai are in Tokyo now (with lots of excitement of course. Imagine a young villager in a city. Same thing goes to the Tono youkai), and Rikuo’s preparing to go to Tokyo after he gets Nurarihyon’s permission. Being a good grandfather and all, Nurarihyon provides the transportation to Kyoto…FOR FREE! Well, not really. Nurarihyon told Rikuo to say “hi” to Hidemoto, although Rikuo has no idea who it is. That’s maybe because Rikuo wasn’t in the Kyoto Past, or he didn’t see that episode. You know, those omakes where the characters watch the anime episode… Meh, I’m talking nonsense now.


Kurotabo refuses to have more harem members

If I didn’t ship Aotabo with Tori already, I’d ship these two by now

Disappearing no Jutsu. Very useful for those peeping Toms out there

Space Battleship Yamato, renovated by Nurarihyon

Youkai Patrol finally arrives in Kyoto without a freakin’ adult, can you believe this? They’re not even fifteen yet! And since they have no adults to supervise them, of course some Kyoto youkai attacks them. More like Kana, with the males getting lost and Maki and Tori getting kidnapped by the youkai. It’s always the same damn scenario. Anyhow, Yura comes into rescue Robin Hood style, and she defeats the youkai kidnappers with Tsurara. Yeah, Tsurara and Aotabo are in Kyoto now without realizing that they’re under the onmyouji’s territory. Smartasses. Anyhow, Yura takes the Youkai Patrol under her wings since it’s too dangerous to let them roam around free in Kyoto right now. And Yura didn’t forget to tell them about Kyoto’s current situation of course. Too bad Yura didn’t clean up the room first before telling the Youkai Patorl about Kyoto’s current situation. She could’ve killed the suspicious gecko that has been appearing and disappearing in her room.

That’s because it’s at night you dumbass

Maki and Tori have bad taste when it comes to men

They’re transforming into magical girls!

Now that the Youkai Patrol is safe, Yuka goes outside to protect the seventh seal. Thankfully, other onmyouji are chanting their mantras, thus there’s a barrier that protects the seventh seal….Until some ugly-ass sword cuts the barrier, making the Kyoto youkai able to enter the temple. And, guess who owns the ugly yet familiar sword? None other than our uke bishie Akifusa. Yep, he joined the dark side of the Jedi force and is trying to take over Kyoto in order to have more territories under Dark Sith aka. Senator Palpatine and Darth Vader. Yuka goes SHOKKU, because Akifusa is her role model. SHOKKU SHOKKU SHOKKU.

Akifusa has a harem now. Still can’t beat Rikuo’s beautiful harem though

So Yura has a circus of her own…

Anything > Yura’s fish

Although Yura is stronger, she’s still unable to defeat Akifusa now with her new power. This is confirmed since her bro said so. Hehe. Her brother, what’s his name again, tells Yura to run to protect the last seal while he’ll take care of Akifusa. You might think that Yura’s brother is being a nice brother, but I bet he just wants to have some yaoicest moment with Akifusa. Here we find out that Akifusa has always been jelly at Yura’s brother (seriously, what’s his name) because of love Yura’s bro is the center of the spotlight instead of Akifusa. Akifusa’s so blonde. Yura’s brother got stabbed by Akifusa’s ugly-ass sword, but in the end it’s just a trick. Nope, he’s not serious yet. He just has to get into his serious position before the ending credit.

Extra Screenchots:

It’s staring right through your soul

MacDonald’s less tasty brother, judging from its weird name


“Quick, throw her into the garbage can! We don’t need characters like her!”

Obligatory random bishie pic

End Thoughts:

Now I can’t compare this episode with the manga since I totally forgot about this arc, but from what I’ve seen from the MAL forum the anime has been following the manga properly, which is good I guess. This means, I don’t have to compare it with the manga, so I’ll be having a purely anime posts from now on. Sweet, I’ll be less disappointed if the episodes suck.

Speaking about a sucky episode, I think this episode is all right. Not that impressive either, since personally I think it’s unexciting and monotonous. The fighting scenes aren’t that appealing, still can’t beat Nurarihyon’s fight with Hagoromo-Gitsune. If you notice, I keep complaining about the fighting scenes. You will understand why I keep complaining about the suck fighting scenes since the mnaga is waaay better when it comes to the fighting. Again I’ll say this, but the fighting in the anime is still not as exciting as the manga. Boohoo. Fortunately, the animation is still pretty good though, props to DEEN for not keeping up with the decent animation until episode nine. THEY CAN ACTUALLY LAST THAT LONG OMG. But seriously, DEEN, please try to make NuraNoMago more appealing and exciting, especially the fighting scenes.

Now, the story. Rikuo’s story isn’t progressing that much, since all we get is that the Tono peeps are finally in town and they’re getting along well with Rikuo’s minions, and how Rikuo got that huge-ass ship as transpiration. That’s it, no more. This episode is more focused at the Keikain household and how they’re in danger of extinction thanks to the Kyoto youkai. I seriously don’t get how those onmyoujis were killed by small-fry youkai. I mean, they have the power to hold such a strong barrier, yet they got squished in a snap? Or maybe they were able to make such strong barrier because they were using their powers together at once. Anyhow, we see here that Yura has been practicing the “taboo” that has been mentioned since last week, but isn’t strong enough yet to use it. And how Akifusa is jealous of Yura’s bro (WHAT THE HELL IS HIS NAME!!???). And how lame Kana is. Gosh, this episode is boring. Short end thoughts for a boring episode.

Preview: It seems that next week won’t be boring. CUZ HIDEMOTO WILL BE THERE. GOD KNOWS HOW SINCE HE’S ALREADY DEAD. BUT WHO CARES AS LONG AS HIDEMOTO IS THERE YEEZZZ. Oh it seems that the Keikain siblings (Yura and her brother) will have more action  but WHO CARES ABOUT THEM? HIDEMOTO WILL BE THERE YEEESSS.



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14 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 09”

  1. Reaper says:

    YES HIDEMOTO IS APPROACHING! SO MUCH BADASS-ERY ON THE HORIZON! *Cough, anywho, yay for continuity of anime plot to manga. I mean, they had a few things different, but I think that was for the sake of padding out the time of the ep (though I can’t remember if they’re doing 24 eps or 12; I’m guessing 24, which is awesome if they do it right). Though I agree; anything is better than Yura’s fish. Goldeen is NOT amused ;P

    • anaaga says:

      I think they’re going to go for 24 eps. We’re already at episode nine now, and they’re not even at Gyuki Trainin’s arc yet. So yay, longer NuraNoMago :3

      And lol yeah, Goldeen DOES NOT like impostors. Too many pokemon copycats these days

  2. Nayrael says:

    Yura’s brother is called Ryuuji and alongside Hidemoto is one of the only two smart Keikain’s in the family.

    And lol at Yura’s Circus comment. Never thought of it like that before XD

    • anaaga says:

      Very true, Ryuuji is probably the only one in the modern Keikain household that actually uses his brain properly. But I’m sure it’s to cover up his flaws, average onmyouji strength, so he can be recognized by others. And it seems that he did, seeing how jealous Akifusa is.

      Yura’s powerful power is finally revealed. She’s very close to Mother Nature

  3. Toori-chan says:

    Another great episode and its gonna get better.

    The ship is AWESOME. I was like “Whoah” with my big mouth opened.

    • anaaga says:

      Seems like i’m the only one who think that this episode was boring xD

      That ship is like the youkai version of Space Battleship Yamato xD

  4. amado says:

    the fighting scenes dont seem impressive since it could either be that you already know what happens or because it seems shorter(which is not true, anime fights just need to be flashier and longer than the manga versions).
    or the lack of background music. you know, those that the other shounen anime have like bleach and naruto…

    and I cant believe you forgot about ryuuji. he’s awesome and badass. he also knows about the standard tropes and cliches(like the other characters will wait for the opponent to use his ability or they’ll pause and talk about their powers) in shounen anime/manga and uses it to his advantage.

    • anaaga says:

      Naw, I totally forgot what happened at the manga. It’s probably because it’s not flashy enough, that’s why. And yeah, lack of proper BGM. It was playing ancient BGM while the fighting happened
      But also, the manga has more details when it comes to the fight, probably because it’s just a drawn fighting scenes. When it’s animated, everything happened in a flash and I didn’t get the chance to enjoy the small details of the fights becaise I’ll be too focused at the main characters by then

      Anime Ryuuji isn’t as awesome as the manga one. He’s so soft in the anime D:
      Ryuuji is probably the only character who knows that they’re just fictional characters, that’s why he knows all the cliche routes xD

  5. Kitty says:

    Bunny-chan!!! Win for floating ships!!! Kuro you women / man whore!! Holy demon captures Batman!! Yura (fabulous) Max!! Sephiroth your in the wrong show….Rikuo looks nothing like Cloud!! [insert Orange smile] END!

    This is my summary, though yours has prettier words XDDDD Also I swear Yokai obsessed guy makes half that s**** up.

  6. anaaga says:

    LOL your summary is more precise than mine

  7. Elyon says:

    Everything sucks when Kana is around XD

    YAY FOR MORE HIDEMOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Kyokai says:

    Smexy youkais, I’m gonna getcha soon via manga. xD

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