Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 08

Oops, you just cut his head

Early NuraNoMago post! I’m actually sneaking right now, cuz my dad has been controlling the laptop like a dictator. All for my Rikuo <3

Anything for this hotness

Let’s wrap this quickly since I don’t know when my father’s going to be back. Hehe. Hagoromo-Gitsune has more screen time in episode eight. She’s steadily defeating the Keikain Onmyouji and releasing the seals made by….uh, the Thirteenth? Bleh, I forgot his name already. Oh right, Hidemoto. ANYWAY, one of the sealed youkai is a huge Halloween costume that’s over-obsessed with Hagoromo-Gitsune, and it seems that he knows Gitsune since 4000 years ago. Such a faithful guy.

Gokku’s younger brother

Halloween costumes: the bigger the better 

Since the scenes keep switching back and forth from Rikuo to Hagoromo-Gitsune and vice versa, I’ll just lump their parts together. While Yura’s busy practicing something “taboo,” not involving with sleeping with her brother (too bad), the Keikain oldies are busy discussing their not-so-great plan to defeat Hagoromo-Gitsune. Here we find out that the Keikain bloodline is cursed to have their male sons die young, which explains why one of the old doode is desperate to get some help from the other branches. Unfortunately, the cocky but strong youngsters refuse to stay behind and decides to go ahead and act on their not-so-great plan: attack Hagoromo-Gitsune instead of waiting. Funny how these less than 50 years old youngsters are trying to attack a moving old woman who has lived for 4000 years already. Since we’re getting the hints, the youngsters were unable to trap Hagoromo-Gitsune. Akifusa, the white hair Onmyouji takes out his ultimate shaft-er, sword that seems to give Akifusa a youkai power. He looks hella creepy, I tell you.

They’re walking into the light. THIS IS A SIGN

A shota, a white haired uke, and a megane. My perfect harem

A skeleton to decorate the gorgeous barrier. Hagoromo-Gitsune has no sense of fashion 

A scythe, but at least it’s better than HAL’S NANOHA STAFF

Back to Rikuo; who’s in a dilemma. He knows Kyoto is bad news now, so he must go there ASAP and defeat Hagoromo-Gitsune. Realizing his weakness though, Rikuo refuses to go and asks Itaku to train him not in a sexual way more and more in order to become stronger. Before the Akifusa scene thingy, Reira and Dohiko send their doggy spies to check out Kyoto. After Akifusa took out his sword, the scene changes to Rikuo still practicing with Itaku non-stop, with Itaku being interested with Rikuo’s fear and Rikuo slowly is improving at his fights. Reira and Dohiko come with more bad news about Kyoto though, and that’s how he makes up his mind about going to Kyoto.

“I swear, I’m not lying, Rikuo! NAMAGAHE WAS SNIFFING YOUR PANTS.”

Itaku can’t help but remember that youkai mafia #yaoi 

Rikuo humbly thanks the Tono Village, while making the villagers mad at the same time, saying that they are just a bunch of wusses, who won’t get anything but the mountain if they don’t go out (and join him to Kyoto, that’s the whole point of his talk). After leaving the main hall awesomely, Rikuo was about to leave when the ghey masks give him back Nenekimaru, with his training friends appeared behind Namagahe (since Itaku is special, he attacked Rikuo before he admits that he’s going as his “trainer.” Tsundere Itaku is love). Yes, they’re going with him to Kyoto, although they don’t want to exchange sakazuki with Rikuo. He takes out the wood that he has been using for practice and slashes Tono Village’s Fear, marking his journey to Kyoto with his new harem friends.

*gasp* “A-a young man is pouring me sake!” *rape mode on*

“Here we go, Kyoto brothels!”

Extra Youkai:


With extra veins and eyes, you can see through the girls bathroom’s walls! Order now from Akifusa!


*insert heroic BGM*

Obligatory younger Nurarihyon hotness

End Thoughts:

It’s nice to see more Keikain people in the house, yo. Although none of them can beat Hidemoto the 13th’s awesomeness, the youngsters seem pretty powerful. Heck, they are powerful actually; powerful to the point of disrespecting Hidemoto the 13th’s power. See, this reflects the attitude every youngsters will go through: they think they’re better than the older ones. And here we see that this attitude will always get the youngsters into trouble. Megane’s golden barrier and Shota’s shikigami aren’t so powerful now. The only one we didn’t get to see is Akifusa’s scythe that’s “famous” for “surpassing” Hidemoto the 13th’s Nenekimaru. Yeah right, impossible impossible. Although we didn’t get to see the power of Akifusa’s scythe, it’s obvious that Hagoromo-Gitsune won’t be defeated by Akifusa. How can I know? It’s not 24 episodes yet. Or 12 episodes. The power of logic.

Keikain isn’t so hot anymore, but Rikuo’s just burning up now. Obviously from his training, he has improved himself already, mentally and physically. First, he’s polite now. POLITE, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? Second, he was able to sneak to Aka-gappa without Aka-gappa realizing it. And his adorable youkai face, NNNGGGGHHHH. Rikuo didn’t even act like a boss when Tono youngsters see him off, instead he’s like “Yes, I need your help! Come with me!” SO HUMBLE. He’s the head of the Nura Clan, yet he’s not even acting like one. Even Awashima got trolled with this attitude of his. Rikuo’s personality is definitely developing here. He’s slowly getting mature *sniff* I remember when he used to run naked in my backyard….He’s slowly growing up now. *blows nose*

ANYHOW, nothing much is happening with the story, except Rikuo realizing that the one who killed his father is Hagoromo-Gitsune, who is advancing herself in Kyoto, and Keikain is getting weaker. I believe Keikain’s only hope now is Yura, who’s doing the secret training. From Akifusa’s claim that nobody in the Kekain can master the Hagun, my guess is that Yura is trying to master Hagun. Maybe Yura will be the next most powerful Onmyouji in the Keikain, after Hidemoto the 13th? Whatever it is, she needs to master it ASAP before Hagoromo-Gitsune breaks all the seals. And Rikuo needs get his butt into Kyoto ASAP.

Preview: OK, Akifusa’s attacking Kana. Maybe it’s not Akifusa, remembering that there’s another youkai with long hair, but someone/a youkai is attacking Kana. I hope she dies. And Tsurara in Kyoto, teaming with Yura to attack the youkai that attacked Kana? Whatever Yura and Tsurara will do, is amazing how they’re actually teaming up. I guess when danger is lurking around, the impossible is possible.


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11 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 08”

  1. Elyon says:

    KANA IS GOING TO GET ATTACKED AGAIN? I’d be happy about the idea that maybe this time she’ll finally die, but since she never does I can only cringe at the thought of her getting more screentime. e_e
    I love how cocky white-haired bishie was, only to have his plan fail because Hagoromo-Gitsune is too awesome. XD Youngsters these days are so arrogant. I love megane-kun though~

    • anaaga says:

      I’ll do anything to make Kana die. We need to make an anti-club of her.
      Megane-kun is so HOT. But I have a feeling his fate will be bad. See how cocky he is? I don’t think self-centered characters have long-lasting life in NuraNoMago =(

  2. Hime says:

    It’s amazing how much better this season is from the first. Truely amazing.

  3. Kitty says:

    I really liked how this season started, that flashback was epic! Almost died when Itaku came up behind Rikuo with his scythe. I wonder how the Tono crew will react to day time Rikuo mmmhh….

    And does anyone else think white haired Omnyouji guy looks like Sephiroth COME ON! He even has a scary ‘I can kill anything’ sword…. just saying.

    • anaaga says:

      Seriously, Itaku is so bad-ass, if Rikuo isn’t the main character I would think that he’s the main character

      Yeah, he does reminds me of Sephorith, but the extra veins he has make him look ugly xD

  4. Nayrael says:

    4000 years? There is one very big translation mistake there I think ^_^;

    Anyway, was great to see my dear Hagu-chuan kicking ass. Was waiting for episodes adn episodes to see it ^_^

    And next ep YuraxYuki… was waiting for episodes to see this animated as well 😀

    • anaaga says:

      Oops sorry, an extra 0. I was in a rush because, you know….father and all that xD

      Seems like we have a Hagoromo-Gitsune fan here 😉

  5. amado says:

    like what nayrael said, its probably 400 years, not 4000(since rihan was around 400 years old before he died).
    the omake was… pretty interesting to say the least. they used the trope “boobs of steel” and “most common super power”.

    and yay, now we see some badass moves by tsurara and yura. im slightly shipping them like nayrael is but of course priority is rikuoXtsurara and ryuujiXyura…

    • anaaga says:

      yeah, there was an extra 0 there. I didn’t check the draft, since I was in a rush…father and all that being mean this week T____T

      I guess boobs have many uses huh. Too bad I can’t do this in real life, I would’ve kicked lots of asses if it’s real xD

      Tsurara is too Rikuo-obsessed I can’t see her with any other person, even if it’s another girl xD

  6. 0__0 says:


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