Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 07


Rikuo using the power of Force

Oh, it’s August 17, 2011 now! Happy birthday, Indonesia! Yeah, today is my country’s birthday. At least it’s my country’s birthday in the place I’m living right now. Either way, I’m pretty excited and nervous for the flag ceremony, since I’ll be the one who carries the flag. I’m so scared right now. What if I flip the flag in front of hundreds of people? D:

Episode seven resumes the fight between Itaku and Rikuo. Itaku transfers his fear to his weapons and is able to cut through Rikuo’s fear and defeat him through the technique of Possession. You’d expect Rikuo to piss his pants after that, but since he’s such a BAMF, he asks Itaku to teach this technique to him (changing the fear into something tangible) in order to be stronger. Insert fangasm here.

Cat eyes make everything 2000% sexier

“Behold, the power of my sickle!” That sentence sounds so wrong in many ways

I heard gossiping in onsens about skin ship being good for health

Meanwhile, our Kyoto youkai is on the move already. They approach Akagappa, asking Akagappa for twenty of his youkai. Of course Akagappa rejects Kidomaru, telling him that Tono will always remain neutral. And thus, Kidomaru leaves without getting anything…

Akagappa’s “Bitch you ain’t getting none of my harem” face

You don’t mess with ninja monkeys

…Almost. Kidomaru sees Rikuo on his way to wash clothes like a boss. Mistaking him for Nurarihyon, Kidomaru makes his men attack, even though he’s not even armed. Che, such chivalry right there. Although Meikyoshisui is able to trick Kidomaru’s men, Kidomaru is able to cut through Rikuo’s fear as if he’s just a kid playing with his fear. After a while though, Rikuo is able to realize what kind of youkai Nurarihyon is: Nurarihyon is the type of youkai that uses illusions, dreams and things like that. That’s why Nurarihyon can enter a man’s house and takes whatever he wants. Thanks to this realization, Rikuo is able to use Kyokasuigetsu, technique where he uses illusions of himself to trick the enemy. Just as Kidomaru is about to attack again, suddenly Reira (Yuki-Onna) and the others come to aid Rikuo. Kidomaru leaves the village, but he reminds the villagers that they already helped the Nura Clan aka they’re so screwed.

Benefit of multiple harems: you have rescue teams everywhere

More of Hagoromo-Gitsune. Aside from her sexy back, we get to see more of her daily life. She has been eating raw liver steak in her human form, ew. Anyhow, the episode ends with Hagoromo-Gitsune walking out from her house with her youkai minions towards the capital in order to release the seals that has been made by Hidemoto (13th).

*start playing Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”*

Nice harem you got there, but they’re not as pretty as Riku’s Nura harem

Extra youkai:

Double fanservice. Fangirls, you may nosebleed now

A kappa with a six pac, DUUUDEEEE~

Love that inkish vibes this gives

Is Nurarihyon giving the “Yes just drown already!” face to Rikuo?

Ibaraki Doji showing off by posing sexily

End Thoughts:

NNGGGGHH this episode has so much win, despite its lack of fight. Although there was fighting, it still can’t beat Nurarihyon’s fight against Hagaromo-Gitsune. Rikuo is awesome again now, although he still got beaten by Itaku. Here we see why we all love Rikuo so much despite how he sucks balls at fighting sometimes. He’s really focused at his aim of becoming stronger (and to protect Yura but WHO CARES TSURARA FTW). He’s even willing to admit defeat. Heck, he even asked the opponent to teach him, even though his rank is higher than the opponent. Rikuo really has this charm around him, no wonder Tsurara worships him like a god. He’s such a likeable character. Aaaannd he’s voice by FukuJun. That’s the definition of sexy right there.

And finally we get to see more of Hagoromo-Gitsune. From her mansion, we can see that the girl she possesses is a rich girl, which means, she has all the money to waste for the transportation, weapon, etc. in order to reclaim Kyoto. Possessing rich kids is so convenient. She’s obviously trying to break the seals made by the BAMF Hidemoto. Maybe he sealed ridiculously strong youkai? Right now, the questions are just adding up but one thing is for sure, Tthe youkai(s) that Hidemoto sealed must be a really strong, since Hidemoto used eight huge seals for it, and the seals are in the middle of Kyoto. So, if the youkai(s) is/are released by Hagoromo-Gitsune, it’s definitely bad news for Rikuo. Oh, and Hagoromo-Gitsune looks familiar. Hmmmm.

Preview: God, I hate how the preview is always a damn spoiler. Obviously, Hagoromo-Gitsune is breaking the seal, and ohh look there’s something under the seal! I wonder what it is. *rolls eyes* Ugh. Oh, and it seems that the Keikain will be in trouble.


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11 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 07”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Hnng, there are some smexy youkais here!

    • Eri says:

      Lemme second that!

      • anaaga says:

        @Kyokai: you know what would be better? If you start watching the second season. You’ll see the hot youkai every week

        @Eri: *high five* you got good taste bro

  2. amado says:

    another thing that separates rikuo from the standard shounen main characters. he’s willing to admit defeat or at least knows that he lacks power and doesnt get angry(except of course when tsurara’s hurt)
    and he’s quite the manipulative bastard as tv tropes said and uses his wits more than his brawns to fight.

    • anaaga says:

      I second everything you said. Rikuo also has his temper, but not as much as the other shounen main characters (hot blooded, etc.). He can actually be calm. Except when his minions (Tsurara NNGGGHHH) are hurt.
      All of Rikuo’s movement is flawless and gorgeous. No wonder why his minions worship him xD

      • amado says:

        notice how while the other girls have been hurt/captured by his enemies, he has only gotten mad twice, and it was both tsurara.

  3. Hime says:

    Ughhhh…they are all so hot. I can’t even.

  4. Toori-chan says:

    6 pac kappa, even Mayor from Arakawa can’t beat that. Reira is so much better than Nura’s Yuki-Onna. Itaku’s stance while holding his sickle is so cool.

    • anaaga says:

      We humans should be ashamed of ourselves. Even a kappa can has six pac, so why can’t all of us humans have them? xD
      Yeah, Reira can control her emotions better than Tsurara, but I think it’s because Reira is more mature (mentally and physically) than Tsurara. She lives in a secluded village after all. How can she survives without internet? D:
      Dayum, Itaku’s hot in every angle. He needs more love

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