Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 05

Every man should be like Nurarihyon

Howdy guys! I’m not writing a lot in Meta these days, and it’s because I resigned my position to be the writer of R-15. In fact, that piece of shit has been scrapped off from our summer anime list. Thank god for that. So I’ll be more focused on Nurarihyon No Mago now! IMO hot nurarihyon youkai > ero writer. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me if you saw episode 5 already. DEM ABS.

Boys with swords are so sexy

…*cough* Digressing, I know. Anyhow, like a groom that’s late for his own wedding, Nurarihyon starts episode 6 by rushing to the Osaka Castle by himself in order to rescue Youhime. Like how every dumped uke faithful minion should be, Gyuki stops Nurarihyon so that Nurarihyon won’t go to Youhime and tells his sexy boss to cool himself down. Obviously Nurarihyon isn’t listening because he’s a Youhime stalker, and every stalker needs to be near the object he stalks. Thus he rushes off again to Osaka Castle. Poor Gyuki and his lonely gluteus maximus.

In Osaka Castle, Kitsune has already started her SM lesbian orgy. She has been buying princesses who have extraordinary abilities in order to eat their livers. And how does she do that? WHILE KISSING THE PRINCESS, SUCK THE LIVER OUT, which means, the princess has to go through the pain of feeling her own liver sliding up through her own throat.

And now it is Youhime’s turn to feel her own liver stuck in her throat. Fortunately, our sexy hero Nurarihyon comes in and crashes the party. What’s better, it seems like his minions followed him too! Awww such loyalty I need minions like them. However, Nurarihyon is losing though because he got no them fabulous tails Kitsune has. Nah, Kitsune’s actually kind of strong, that’s why.

Back to the Keikain household, the bald onmyouji reports the condition to his boss, which happens to be his little brother Hidemoto. As they ride the fiery horse carriage to the direction of the Osaka Castle, Hidemoto explains the existence of Kitsune (gosh I keep forgetting her first name). Kitsune is the type of youkai that possesses the human host and lets the host grow until they become adults. After which Kitsune takes over the body and starts absorbing malice in order to gain power. Although Kitsune only has a human’s life span (the host’s), this makes it very hard to kill Kitsune since its true body is hidden in the host. And since Nurarihyon’s level isn’t that powerful, it’ll be very hard to kill Kitsune since she reincarnated several times already, thus making her a strong youkai. But of course, there’s always a solution to every problem. And Hidemoto knows the solution.

Hottest ride of the season. Pun intended.

The solution is the youkai blade, Nenekimaru. If Nurarihyon can slice her with it, Kitsune can be defeated. And like every stalker who owns something of the object he stalks, Nurarihyon happens to carry Youhime’s Nenekimaru. After confessing his love for Youhime (while he’s hurt?), suddenly Nurarihyon powers up (like in a game) and slices Kitsune’s face with Nenekimaru. Her face splits open, and the youkai power escapes through that crack on her face.

Obsessed over her youkai power, Kitsune breaks the roof and comes out from the room, trying to get it back vainly. Nurarihyon follows her, only to get attacked by Kitsune’s tail and to get his own liver taken by her (whut). Kitsune’s angry, so Nurarihyon is basically screwed right now. Fortunately Hidemoto comes in and captures Kitsune by his super onmyouji powuh. While Kitsune is being tied by Hidemoto through his power, Nurarihyon, like the main character, cuts Kitsune again, now deeper than before. As the main body is escaping from the host (Why isn’t Nurarihyon attacking it!?), Kitsune puts a curse on Nurarihyon’s bloodline. Uh oh.

With the main boss defeated, Youhime suddenly appears out of nowhere and accepts Nurarihyon’s proposal with the cheesiest line saying that she wants to heal him now and forever. As the Nura Clan is having a Party Like a Rockstar at Hidemoto’s house, Nurarihyon is having a drink with Hidemoto, discussing about himself and the youkai world. Listening to Nurarihyon, Hidemoto thinks that co-existence between human and youkai can be achieved by him. After he’s done drinking, Nurarihyon goes back to his Nura Clan, telling them that they’re going back to Edo because after all, he will be a Lord of the Night Pandemonium. What an ambition.

Priceless. And One-Eye has a loli now

Extra Nurarihyon greatness:

Sorry to ask you this Nurarihyon, but is that Buddha statue necessary in your tattoo?

Tentacle rape!

This is where plastic surgery comes in

Well damn, that must’ve hurt

Eyes that can rape omnomnom

I have to admit that loli is pretty adorable

End Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed episode five. The fighting is pretty good, they’re actually fighting, unlike what they did in season one. There are lots and lots and lots of blood too, woohoo! More blood is always better. The animation of this episode is well done, so I have nothing to complain about it. Better than season one obviously. The contrast for the battle is too dark for the night time though, I think they should make it a little bit lighter. My screencaps are all black here =( Except the contrast, everything is all good. I have a problem though with this episode. The characters talk too much, sometimes in-between their fights. No, they don’t talk while they’re fighting. They stop, talk, THEN start fighting. I find that to be utterly illogical and ridiculous. Like I said before, the battle is well done, but still… Stop talking between your fights! I’m making a pretty big deal of this because the battle is basically the whole point of this episode.  Unfortunately, since the anime follows the manga, obviously the whole stop-fighting-then-start-talking thingy also happens in the manga. I never like it every time that happens (which is, like, most of the time D=)

And gosh, Nurarihyon is just ridiculously adorable. I mean, the dude’s all beaten up by Kitsune, and then he confesses his love to Youhime? Whut? And why did he recover in a snap? Is his confession some kind of ritual where he can level up by confessing? That is just plain stupid and weird. But I guess Nurarihyon is excused, since he’s hot as hell in this episode. Those abs are just sexy, and his hair just makes him sexier. I like how he’s really devoted to Youhime too. We need more men that are willing to sacrifice their lives for their women. Just give me a man that has Nurarihyon’s attitude, I am more than ready to date him. I like Hidemoto too. As a new character, he’s actually pretty impressive. Even Nurarihyon doesn’t have the whole 12 gods greatness. It seems that Hidemoto is pretty childish though, judging from the amount of children toys we can see in his room. Or maybe he plays with his shikigami, that’s why the toys are there. If that’s the reason (which I think it is), then it’s so sad that he has no friends to play with D’=. I guess that’s why he’s so interested in Nurarihyon when he ate in his house (an onmyouji’s house, so silly but awesome of Nurarihyon xD). Anyhow, Hidemoto has an impressive introduction, and I like him.

After thinking about it, I actually like this episode. I didn’t like it at first, but maybe it’s because I watched it at 5 AM. After re-watching it again, I just realized that the battle is actually good. Not as great as the manga, but there are definitely improvements from the first season. I like the main characters more and more too, both old and new. They’re just so great in this episode. Oh well, this episode marks the end of the Osaka Arc, and I guess we won’t be seeing Nurarihyon’s great Nura Clan then. Instead, we’re stuck with Rikuo’s amateur group (compared with his grandfather’s group, Rikuo’s group is nothing) and the not-so-awesome awesomeness of Rikuo. Also, we won’t be seeing Hidemoto again then, since the arc already ended D’=. Anaaga is sad, and she’ll be missing Hidemoto, younger Nurarihyon’s awesomeness, and the awesomeness of Nurarihyon’s group.

Preview: It seems that we’ll get a new character next week (his voice sounds so sexy omnomnom). And why is Nurarihyon unsheathing his sword? Was Rikuo being a bad boy? Does Rikuo needs to be spanked?


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38 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 05”

  1. Reaper says:

    Yay, let the fighting begin! I agree, lots more fighting this season, which is good as it’s following the actual story. Haha, Hidemoto, he’s such a trickster but he’s also such a badass character from when talking to his older, balder brother to the moment when he sealed Hagoromo-Gitsune, and yeah, she does have a long name to remember 🙂
    Now, it’s back to the present day with Rikuo’s own journey to Kyoto. Oooh, I might actually be excited for once about a Studio Deen anime 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      the fight is waaay better than season 1 xD
      Do you read the manga? In the manga Hidemoto’s waay cooler than in the anime >..<)

      • Toori-chan says:

        Totally agreed. Hidemoto is so relaxed.

      • Reaper says:

        Oh yes, he was way cooler in the manga, especially later on, I sometimes get the feel he’s the first ancient Japanese troller, especially with his brother 🙂

  2. amado says:

    man if this was at least a two-cour season, the fights would’ve been more cool and awesome. its a bit rushed but was still quite good. they didnt cut out any big detail as far as I can note.
    I really prefer this director over the one who did season 1. this one should’ve been the one who got the 24 episodes not that guy.

    dont worry setsura, hopefully tsurara can get rikuo.
    and that girl that clings to that one-eyed youkai made a appearance in the recent arc and I do admit both of them make a good couple(even if the guy’s a jerk to rikuo).

    • Nayrael says:

      It has already been confirmed that Season 2 will have exactly 24 episodes and 2 recaps, just like S1 did.

      • Nayrael says:

        OK, not 100% sure about the recap episodes, but the Series Composer and Scenarist confirmed that there will be 24 regular episodes.

        • mads says:

          Nayrael You’re EVERYWHERE! hi 🙂
          must say im reallly looking forward too…!! t..!..o…! lips sealed.

          • anaaga says:

            Nayrael basically watches everything. Such an honor to have him commenting in my post, even if it’s just about the episode information xD

            • anaaga says:

              Ok, I just lurk at your MAL profile (sent a friend request too xD), I NEVER KNEW YOU’RE A FEMALE

            • Nayrael says:

              Lately I get these replies waaaaay too often ^_^;

              I found this blog today, liked it and decided to follow it. The humorous comments I especially like

            • amado says:

              he’s also a member in the mangafox forums, particularly the nurarihyon no mago forums.

              also, do you recognize me?

            • amado says:

              oops, meant “she’s”.

        • anaaga says:

          really? Last time I saw in ANN it says only twelve episodes. But if it’s two season, why are they in the Forest(? Can’t recall the place’s name) Arc already, judging from the preview?
          Hmmm but oh well, more is better 😀

          • Nayrael says:

            Since the info was revealed on Twitter, they probably didn’t know about it (as they usually get info from magazines and such… following Twitters for every franchise that exists would be too exhausting).

            Tough as far as number of ep’s are concerned, I noticed that they often have wrong numbers.

      • amado says:

        hey, nayrael!
        recognize me? check out my personal title for a hint.

        • Nayrael says:

          First… I am a male ^_^;

          If you are speaking about Romance Expert title, first person that comes to my mind is astroann… tough I know few more people who would use that title ^_^;
          Sorry and sorry if wrong… I think I’d need few more hints -_-;

    • anaaga says:

      Yes the fighting is a bit rushed, but I think it’s because they just want to get to Rikuo’s arc ASAP. But it’s pretty good, so I can’t complain too much about it.

      Yeah in the interview, the director said that she was told to focus more on the fighting scenes rather than the “elegance” (the “main focus” of the first season oh lol) of the anime. And She’s doing a pretty good job for a newly-hired director 😀

      But I’m seriously confused now. According to Nayrael, it’s going to be 24 episodes. But, from the preview, why are they
      Show ▼

      Pearl Princess made an appearance in the recent arc? Which part?

      And yes, Tsurara x Rikuo FTW

      • Nayrael says:

        Everything will be rushed tbh. 84 chapters would require a 3-cour series in order to have a good pacing (if former Director did not ruin S1, maybe we would have gotten it but this way the higher ups did not want to risk <_<).

        Unfortunately, the Director was given only 24 ep's to animate the huuuge Kyoto arc. Rushed pace and cutting less important stuff is required and I'd say the Director is doing a fine job for now.

        On next ep comment:
        Show ▼

        • anaaga says:

          Show ▼

          I should re-read the manga

          • amado says:

            no no. he wasnt sent back there after “that” in your spoiler, he was just resting for like a day before he woke up with heavy casualties on their side after “that”.

            • edru says:

              and he didnt get a training arc at that point.
              he just “realized” something.

            • anaaga says:

              Derp. I totally forgot everything. Oh well, I should re-read it then.
              Can’t help it, I’m awed with the Hyaku Monogatari Arc right now

  3. LoveMachine says:


  4. Toori-chan says:

    This episode is so awesome. They actually covered up a lot of story about the previous Nurarihyon and the Fox-robe demon. Can’t wait for the next episode to air.

    • anaaga says:

      But we won’t see the great old Nura Clan next week. Just Rikuo and his amateur group ;___;

  5. […] “I actually enjoyed episode five. The fighting is pretty good, they’re actually fighting, unlike what they did in season one. There are lots and lots and lots of blood too, woohoo! More blood is always better. The animation of this episode is well done, so I have nothing to complain about it. ” – Metanorn […]

  6. great i like this

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