Nichijou – 22

Merry Christmas, Metanorn! Oh wait we are too early for that!

Hello again! Hope you had a great weekend, another huge shout out to Will! Happy Birthday again and thanks for keeping us going. Well in some non anime news I probably will try another shot at making some anime music videos! I recently found one of my old ones here; it’s a Code Geass video done on Windows movie maker… Anyway time to get right into this review for episode twenty-two.

Stories this week follow a bit of Nakanojo as he deals with his father and his obsession over the Diafuku fair stuff and how Nakanojo wants to become a scientist. Also Hakase decides to take Sakamoto on a walk and encounters Mai’s dogs which scare her. Sakamoto, Mio and Yuuko arrive to poke fun at Hakase’s fear of the random dogs. Yuuko decides to show off and actually gets bitten by one of the dogs! Mio gets attacked as well and both girls fall to the ground laying there for the rest of the episode.

Priest- “Oh Lord, please please take care of this kid….”

Nakanojo finally snapped and transformed into a train.

So things start out with a bit of narration from Nakanojo how science can explain everything even ghosts. He is thinking about this while sitting in a temple with a random priest. However he attempts to see how the priest would react to him being possessed by a “evil spirit” But Nakanojo takes things a bit too far pretending like he is being taken over. Nakanojo ends up causing so much damage to the temple that he eventually gets thrown out by the priest who couldn’t take anymore of this bad behavior.

Mihoshi- “So what you are magically gifted! At least I am cute…sort…of…”

Mihoshi-“Whoa! I actually hit something….”                  Instructor-“…Damn kids….”

 After that amazing temple scene, we join Mio’s sister Naganohara bumping into Mihoshi walking down the street. Mihoshi reveals she is a bit jealous of Naganohara’s skills at Kendo because she doesn’t really train all the time like Mihoshi. She then remembers a story about Naganohara’s past when she actually scored a point against one of the instructors. This story makes Mihoshi want to attempt to smack Naganohara with her Kendo sword, while she is distracted petting Sakamoto. I really was expecting to see Sakamoto get smacked by the sword…but she ends up knocking her own instructor over the head while he zooms past on his bike!

Fecchan- “I have created the frozen meat bun! Watch out world! I will become famous!”

We join Misato’s two friends Fecchan and Weboshi as the two girls enjoy some snacks on the way home from school. But Weboshi drops her meat bun on the ground, which suddenly makes Fecchan enter positive thinking mode, telling her friend just to think of the bun as being poisoned or she would be dead. Well, that works for a bit until Feechan drops her Popsicle on the bun and her snack suddenly breaks apart and falls to the ground. Before Fecchan can recover some of her snack they watch as the ice cream gets stepped on by a random guy and then run over by a fast bike. Before they attempt to leave, Feechan slips on the bun and lands on the ice cream. I guess she ran out of good luck…

Weboshi- “Maybe we shouldn’t eat on the way home…”                  Fecchan- “You think?!”

The final scenes involve Sakamoto being dragged by a rope down the street as Hakase takes him on a “walk”. Sorry Hakase but you don’t WALK CATS!! Anyway they don’t get too far down before they encounter Mai walking her dogs. Like most little kids, they are terrified of dogs and of course cats don’t get along with them either. Hakase tries to leave with Sakamoto but gets cornered by the dogs and she panics until Yuuko and Mio arrive to calm her down. Yuuko decides to pet the dog and ends up getting bitten and fires a random laser from her mouth, while Yuuko falls to the ground in pain. Mio then suddenly gets attacked by the smaller dog on her leg. Mai eventually returns to take her dogs away after giving Hakase some shark chocolates to make peace with her. The episode ends with Sakamoto being dragged down the street and inside the house by Hakase. I sure hope Sakamoto is all right…

Sakamoto-“WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!!”                Hakase-“Quiet. I can feel an evil presence!”

Hakase- “SON OF A B! Why did it have to be dogs?!”            

Hakase- “Slaves! Er I mean best friends! Help me defeat these dogs NOW!”

Hakase- “Whoa! That’s amazing, I should install one in Nano…”

Hakase-“Run away! My favorite anime is on right now!”                         Sakamoto-“Nooooooooo!”

Extra fun

Weboshi-“Why do I get paired up with all these special people?”

Sakamoto-“Quick kid, jump on my back, wait you might crush me!”

Hakase thinks about new inventions to make for next week.

Mai’s dog is ready for his own spin off series.

End Thoughts:

So I almost forgot this episode has a Christmas theme floating around. I guess we really haven’t had a true Christmas theme yet so now we get one! I laughed when the random kid met santa and smacked that melon bread right out of his hands, great scene going from awww to what the hell!? Sometimes I just love those three minute shorts the most. And Nano! Poor Nano, getting told off by Hakase for asking for too many gifts?! COME ON, HAKASE! Don’t be so mean to Nano. Well like most little kids after they upset someone, they suddenly want to give you anything and everything to calm you down. But if you really think about it, both of them are quite young, even though Nano is in high school, she has the mind of a kid still.

Christmas themes aside, it was nice to see some more scenes with all of the random side characters. I know I have stated this multiple times in the past with Nichijou, but I really do enjoy how the other characters get lots of love. I would say my favorite secondary characters would be Fecchan, Weboshi, Naganohara and Mihoshi. I guess this second half really lets them shine besides the normal cast of Mio, Yuuko and Mai. Almost forgot Mr. Mohawk himself, Nakanojo! I liked that whole scene where he forces himself to rip off that mask; damn I bet that was so painful… ripping out all that hair.

Now for that last amazing scene with Yuuko, Mio, Sakamoto and Hakase! Those dogs are always fun to watch just because, well they do belong to Mai. I guess some of her trolling skills have affected them too? I died laughing when Yuuko got bitten and fired that WTF-LASER out of her mouth! I thought for a moment that I was watching an angel attack from Evangelion. Mio had the same reaction to the other dog and actually blew a hole in a building. That had to be the highlight of this episode for me. I guess I’m a sucker for random laser beams from characters. But overall Sakamoto basically “died” after Hakase walked in the house with him still on that rope, how Sakamoto survives in that house really does surprise me.


Somewhere Shana is crying her heart out for the bread.

More random adventures with the characters of Nichijou! See you next time!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Nichijou – 22”

  1. Junko says:

    That entire dog scene had me in stitches, oh god XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here! Those dogs were awesome! I died laughing with Mio and Yuuko firing off those random lasers ahaha so good.

  2. Moni Chan says:

    this episode reminded me on why I hate dogs, but at the same time I wanna see Mai’s dog get a spin off.

    AWW poor Sakamoto being stragled by a rope.
    I just knew his happy moment from the last episode wasn’t gonna last

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah Mai’s dogs are great! I don’t like dogs to much either well some.

      Yeah! Damn I was like Hakase Nooooooo!! Let Sakamoto off that leash before he dies T__T Of course 😀

  3. SPIRAL says:


    epic christmas scene. I would totally just do that.

  4. Toori-chan says:

    Another episode of Yuuko Beam. Mio’s was like the Angel’s beam from Evangelion. Lol~

  5. Kyokai says:

    I’m mass DLing Nichijou right now. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yay! Hope you enjoy them, I seriously will miss this series once it wraps up T___T

      Really the best stress relieve ever just to laugh for a half hour! <3

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