Nichijou – 20

Sakamoto- “ZOMBIES?! I did not sign up for this! Fuuuuuu—-!”

Welcome back, everyone! Hope you are still alive out there with all these Metanorn server issues and all. Yes we are getting back on our feet and ready to get back into our passion of anime! Anyway with only six episodes left I will be sad to see this series end. Ah well, fingers crossed for a few specials or another season!? Anyway time to start the review.

Stories this week follow Mio working on her manga getting help from Yuuko and Mai; the two of them pretty much waste all of Mio’s time and mess around causing trouble for her. While that is going on, we follow some fun with Sakamoto playing hide and seek with Hakase and Nano, showing off his playful side to the girls.

Mio- “Alright, Nano, go kidnap some artists fast!”         Yuuko- “I can draw…Mio, why are you ignoring me?!”

We start this episode with Mio in her bedroom starting work on her manga. Nano quickly retreats after reading a preview of this manga, which causes her to blush like mad and steam from her ears; well she did get her first taste of BL and it would freak anyone new out. Mio gives simple jobs to both Yuuko and Mai only to have them both screw up. Mai is asked to do something with a background on a panel and refuses to follow directions causing more stress on Mio. In the meantime Yuuko has her own set of problems as she knocks over ink onto the paper, which she tries to fix but makes it worse.

Mio- “What the hell is this, Mai?!”                       Mia-“A giant robot riding on a unicorn.”

Yuuko, you should just jump out of the nearest window and escape!

Mio-“Well, we can blame the squid girl for this screw up…”

Urge to murder my friends is slowly rising…

While the girls try to get some work done, we join Sakamoto, Nano and Hakase as they are playing a game of hide and seek together. After Nano finds Sakamoto, they try to look for Hakase who hides in a ninja door, until she hears the two of them giving up; she rushes out to give Nano a sad look and hugs her. However Sakamoto wants to play a bit more and gets left alone in the hallway after Hakase uses Nano’s uniform as a tissue. The last part of this episode returns to Mio’s room where she is giving Yuuko a long talk to! Well not actually talking, more like screaming her head off for a good fifteen minutes. After listening to Mio bark orders, Yuuko gives Mio the correct papers and she quickly returns to normal.

Sakamoto- “Damn, you found me! Guess I need to play more Metal gear.”

Hakase-“What I might die in here?! I forgot to put some air holes…”

Sparkly eyes! Its time for dramatic music.

Mio- “I am going to kick you so hard the earth will explode!”

Yuuko- “I found a clue Mio, this is a piece of paper.”

Mio- “It;s amazing how dumb you are.”                        Yuuko-“Amazing! Thank you, wait a second….”

Extra laughs

Nano- “Wh…what is this?! My mechanical body is not ready!”

Welcome back to the international tank race! Misato takes the lead!

Best sisters ever!

Best new game of the year!

End Thoughts:

Whoa! This episode actually had a story this time? Shocking news for me, well it wasn’t really a story but the longest skit I have seen so far. Now I do not know why Mio wanted help from Yuuko and Mai on her manga! She probably would be way better off doing it solo. Then again they are Mio’s friends even though they screw things up. I was surprised to see Mai following Yuuko’s way of getting under Mio’s skin like that I was not expecting her to “troll” her so hard this week. Anyone else died laughing when Yuuko stabbed her finger with that pencil?! Ahahaha I know I have done the same thing before and damn does it hurt! Anyway I loved the over the top scream and then going into space?! LOL thanks for that Yuuko, you are amazing.

Manga problems aside we got to see a more playful side to Sakamoto. I really enjoyed seeing him act somewhat different because we are all used to the serious side of Sakamoto. I think most people would love to see this side of him more often I know I sure would love that and I was like awwww when Nano and Hakase left him in the hall after he wanted to continue playing with them. No love for Sakamoto! Well does he ever get much love? Oh I almost forgot I loved seeing the Tachinana sisters! They are so interesting to watch together. I wonder if these two could be in a spin off series with Sasahara?! I would love to see that; well we all want to see more Sasahara.

The ending part was kind of funny just to see all those lame jokes Yuuko was trying to pull on Mio! Clearly she was not in the mood at all for Yuuko’s gags this time, then again it was a bit long! I mean I wonder if the voice actress for Mio came close to passing out?! She did spend a good ten minutes screaming. And Yuuko sat there the whole time, I was waiting to see Yuuko stand up and walk out of  Mio’s room. I was surprised Mio’s mom didn’t walk in to ask why she was screaming! Well it did drag on for a bit longer than I wanted.


Hello talking paper! Please don’t give me a paper cut.

Next time! More random stories with Hakase, Nano, Sakamoto, Mai, Yuuko and Mio! Also side characters somewhere.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Nichijou – 20”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    this episode reminded me of Bakuman. Poor Mio chan T_T and poor Nano she had a blown out robo gazem. Her first taste of BL.

    Sakamoto is the most awesomest cat ever. It toke me 20 episodes to say that, but I always knew he was awesome.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yaaaaa Mio you need some better helpers seriously, ya that BL thing was so damn funny! Poor Nano <3

      I know right? Sakamoto is awesome as always! Hahaha no problem there 😉

  2. Toori-chan says:

    Haha, Mai really pissed Mio off a lot this episode. Nano learned something ‘new’ as well. Yuuko body beam was awesome. I nearly laugh my head off. And when she drew back the heads. that was funny as well.

    Hakase’s hidden room is so nice. Wish I had one.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeaaaah Mai what were you thinking?! Guess she wanted her shot at trolling people, LOL Yuuko she always cracks me up every episode.

      I know! That is an awesome room xD

  3. SPIRAL says:

    I honestly didn’t get the ghost > cat reference in the beginning. Is there a thing behind that, or is that just fucking with Sakamoto’s mind?

    And honestly, we’re getting way too much orz moments in the show nowadays. Nano’s overreaction was cute.
    Ha who am I kidding, I love this show.

    omg I just translated Hakase’s song and Mio’s song. =D lmao

    • Foshizzel says:

      I think they generally wanted to screw with Sakamoto’s mind really that seems to be Hakase’s goal most of the time to mess with him.

      LOL Nano’s reaction was so funny and then having to walk out to “cool” off was funny.

      Oh? Awesome 😀

  4. anaaga says:

    Mai is such a troll. I find her manga to be more interesting than Mio’s even though I’m a hardcore BL fan. you don’t see lots of Mio’s manga :p

    And lol Metal Gear Solid reference

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes Mai! She is a good troll, yeah they should produce Mio’s BL manga for a special…

      Thanks! Sakamoto looked like he needed some extra upgrades xD

  5. Hana says:

    Oh that Yukko ‘I found a clue face’ >:| -even though she really annoys me at times, that was just hilarious…

    I was also pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of such a long sketch/ plot development. Not least of all ‘cos it actually worked without feeling a bit too dragged out, as is often the case. Always nice to see them trying new things, eh! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yes! I didn’t really understand it but I am with you it just made me laugh.

      Yeah it almost felt like they had an actual story and plot for once it was refreshing for once. Yep I really am happy to see them trying new things, I am really interested in seeing how things wrap up but also sad T_T

  6. Yi says:

    The randomness of this series just from the screenshots never cease to amaze me.

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