Nichijou – 19

Hakase- “You better watch this episode or else Sakamoto gets it.”

Hello and welcome to more insane comedy with Nichijou! I sure had a lot of fun with the previous episode with the elf princess and henchmen, always amazing stuff when they bring those characters around. Well some update here on Nichijou for Metanorn, I will probably be finishing off the series solo, because Ness has some real life stuffs to do. She will be around when she can. Anyway it’s time to enjoy a few laughs of this week.

Stories follow Mio failing at sports with Yuuko trying her best to help improve her skills, and lots of rain filled side-gags with Mai, Yuuko, Mio and Hakase as they deal with some crazy weather patterns. We also watch a match of igo soccer for this week’s awesome moment in Nichijou.

Nichijou artists ramp up their game this week! This was such a crazy opening.

Things start out with a strange opening with a guy searching for his glasses and chasing a random guy who shoots the glasses guy. I was not expecting that scene at all but damn it was fun to watch. We then change gears to Mio getting ready to do some high jumping. Sadly she is having a really hard time completing the task. Thankfully, Yuuko is there to support her. However, she gets annoyed and stays with it after Mio gives it one final go. She screws up and crashes right into Yuuko, which causes her to return the favor knocking Mio over the pole “helping” her complete the jump.

Mio- “Prepare yourself for the best damn high jump ever!”

Yuuko- “What’s wrong with you?! I thought you were the talented one?!”

Yuuko gets some much needed revenge! Damn Mio fails at jumping.

The next few parts of this episode involve lots of rain, which is about how Florida is around this time of the year, lots and lots of random thunderstorms and rain! Well in Nichijou it causes more trouble for our characters like Hakase who is stuck trying to bring in the wet clothes from the downpour. Nano arrives later and then Hakase blames Sakamoto for giving her the idea, which ends up causing Hakase into more trouble with Nano. I still have no idea why Hakase got in trouble in the first place, after all she was only trying to help! Maybe because she blamed Sakamoto? I suppose that got her in trouble.

Hakase- “I need an invention to stop the rain.”       Sakamoto-“An umbrella?”      Hakase-“Did you just steal my idea?”

Frog suited Hakase, so cute! Surprised it wasn’t a shark! She is missing a fin.

Elsewhere Yuuko, Mio and Mai are waiting to go to class but forgot their homework, yes Mai and Mio forget their homework! Must be the end of the world? They get stuck in the rain and take shelter at the local shrine. While they try to dry off, Yuuko throws a coin into the prayer box and starts a chain reaction which causes the shrine to fall apart, even Mia gets caught up in the chaos. I guess we can see Yuuko has a bit of bad luck? Maybe the rain was just that powerful?! Might have been some hurricane weather.

And now the most amazing scene ever! The igo soccer event, which was so damn random and strange. But as crazy as it was, I liked watching Ogi show up to help judge the showdown between Takaski and Makoto. I wonder if Ogi’s super transformation was a parody on Star Driver? Well maybe. The episode comes to an end shortly after the soccer challenge ends.

Oh hey look, free money guys! Guys? Oh, I guess this is a dramatic moment of silence.

Daiku-“What the…is this even really soccer!? SERIOUSLY?!”

Extra laughs

Ultimate Daifuuku wrestling! Coming soon.

Run Mio run! I was waiting for her to catch fire or something dramatic.

Yuuko laid back and chillin’ with her homies

Dazzling the stage with epic purple smoke.

End Thoughts:

Oh damn this was another great episode of Nichijou! Really brought back some of the over the top fun we all remember from the first few episodes. That opening video with the missing glasses just made me think more of Mai and Yuuko, I am sure it was inspired by those two. The animation for that short was also amazing! I love it when Nichijou pulls out all the stops to animate something that fun for us to watch. I forgot to mention the whole zoo event! It did make me laugh seeing Mai holding up her dog to attract those tigers; leave it to Mai to lure wild animals with her own dog as bait. I did enjoy watching all the rain filled scenes this week, it has been almost the same for my area; lots of heavy rain that comes and goes and thunderstorms! I guess that’s Florida for you especially during the summer time.

Speaking of rain! Hakase looked so cute wearing that frog raincoat! So cute I had to use that as my current Twitter avatar just for the hell of it. I found it funny watching her freak out on Nano and blame Sakamoto, then again when isn’t Hakase blaming poor old Sakamoto for her troubles? I lost it when she wanted to sacrifice Sakamoto! LOL, damn Hakase, you are always up to some sort of trick, I was still confused on why Nano punished Hakase with no dinner and then changed her mind just like that. Then again Nano is technically the mother type between the two, but damn rain ruining both Hakase, Yuuko, Mio and Mai’s day. I about lost it when the whole shrine began to randomly fall apart; Yuuko really has some terrible luck, which really is no real shock considering she is always having issues.

We did have a small bit of sports theme going on in this episode from soccer and high jumps. I would imagine high jumping being really freaking hard! It does look hard to me. I thought it was funny watching Mio mess up and I did smile when Yuuko agreed to stay and help Mio work on her jump. The music during that whole scene of Mio jumping over and over was kind of nice, that is until Mio rams right into Yuuko! That moment killed the nice dramatic happy music. But hey that made me laugh watching Yuuko go into her OH NO YOU DIDN’T! moment to return the favor to Mio. Now for the soccer moment LOL what the hell was that?! SO AWESOME! Well mostly watching Ogi go into that random yet amazing transformation and float under the two guys. He must be from another world or very special.


As long as the children do not eat you right?

More random adventures from Yuuko, Mio and Mai! And the usual science troubles provided by Hakase.

Thanks for reading! See you next week.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Nichijou – 19”

  1. Anonomyous says:

    Probably Nano forgot that Hakase was supposed to be punished and made dinner as usual. Throwing the food out would just be a waste

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Agreed there then again Nano couldn’t resist Hakase even if she tried, I am sure Hakase would use her cute face to get her way.

      Or sacrifice Sakamoto for a sandwich >.>

  2. hinokami says:

    damn mio need more practice for PE seriously. REALLY PHAIL LMAOO

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! Mio lacks in the physical side but makes up with brainpower, anyway it was nice to see “some” bonding between Yuuko and Mio even thou Mio fails hard.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    lmao japan needs to remodel there shrines. Those girl’s could’ve gotten hurt xD

  4. Jrow says:

    I haven’t followed Nichijou since its first episode, but I just randomly watched this during lunch today (blaming Hakase’s funny frog poncho) and laughed at the jumping bit and the shrine bit was really funny.
    I think I’ll keep up with the show and maybe check out a few older episodes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLLL Yaaa that’s the great thing about Nichijou! It’s so random and crazy perfect for chilling out after all the action and ecchi anime out there.

      Hakase’s frog suit so good, and that shrine scene made me laugh! Damn Yuuko is a human wrecking ball xD totally! You can actually get away with watching random episodes since there is no real plot.

  5. Karakuri says:

    I’M ALMOST CAUGHT UP! 4 more episodes to go!

  6. Elyon says:

    Poor poor Sakamoto. XD

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