Natsume Yuujinchou San – 07


Aaargh, this sure got delayed. You can blame the previous hosting providers for this. I had to combine my day and nights to find a solution but now that we have finally moved, I’m all good to go back to posting and showing some love for Natsume. So, without any further ado, let’s start off where we left off with Natsume getting kidnapped by Matoba.


Seems like all the hoopla has been for awakening a very powerful youkai, who has been slumbering for many years in the forest they are near to. Matoba informs Natsume that youkai blood is used to either awaken such youkai or for strong spells by exorcists. Of course, Natsume would take youkai’s side in trying to save them and getting to the bottom of why Matoba’s going after them. He does not answer but at least goes to lengths to show and tell about his right eye, which he protects with spells from youkai who are after his clan due to a broken promise of exchange. Remember, kids, never to promise any body part(s) to a youkai or else your life will be doomed.

Natsume escapes from Matoba’s clutches (woo, that high jump, way to go Natsume!), but ends up being captured by the Sadako-wannabe who drags him inside a cave.

Natori, “Stop rubbing on my neck, it itches!”                    Nyanko-sensei, “Let me cut your nose, shady guy!” 

Meanwhile, Natori and Madara return to their room to find out their failed attempt at protecting Natsume. They get into a funny scuffle but soon go after the big daddy youkai in the forest. Their paths cross and Nyanko-sensei attempts his saving-the-day routine. However, as suspected, the Sadako-wannabe is not really a youkai but a jilted witch, who wants to avenge the death of her bound youkai (shiki), used as bait by Matoba in a mission. So, it was not Matobe who was wounding these youkai for blood collection rather this witch to awaken the youkai to devour Matoba for good.

Before Team Natsume can take any action, Matoba arrives at the scene and shoots arrows at the scampering paper dolls set by the witch; one of which hits Madara and grazes Natsume in his attempt to save his guardian. Madara gets royally pissed off (I loved him going all dark and red eyes) and all ready to kill Matoba but is stopped by Natsume in time. Before Matoba can thank his lucky stars, the giant youkai awakens sniffing Madara’s powerful crack blood. He also drinks all the collected youkai blood to fully regain movement but doesn’t listen to the witch who made it all possible.

The giant youkai has a pea-brain as it seems and simply goes berserk, destroying the cave and lusting for more blood. Natori and Natsume plan to seal the youkai in question and almost triumph but like any other arc, Natsume gets in danger of being swallowed (he’s facing so much hardship this season), and is surprisingly saved by Matoba. He declares that rather than the youkai, Natsume interests him more and this is not going to be his last meeting with him. Also, to our ARGHHS, Nanase tells him about Natsume’s lineage to Reiko and I’m quite sure, I was not the only one creeped out by his responsive smile.

Natori reassures Natsume that his clan would take care of whatever happened with the youkai sealing and further dealings with Matoba clan. Still, Natsume is painfully aware of the feelings of youkai who did everything to protect her youkai fellows, along with a human who did all of this to avenge a youkai’s untimely death. It’s clear that not everything is black and white, and easy for judgment.

Extra Youkai~

BL Moment of this episode with Natori’s reply to Matoba, “But, Natsu-pyon’s MIIIIINEEEE!”

Stop it with the beams, woman, we are NOT strippin’ and poll dancin’!

The many faces of failure

These two are such best friends….

Son, didn’t I tell you to not fap that much? Look, now blood’s coming out…

The awkward moment, when you realize, you are a fat, white pig

End Thoughts:

I’m so glad for these two episodes! As I’ve been saying, this has been one of my favourite arcs from the manga so I had been looking forward to a good execution and I have to say, a job well done. All important scenes were animated and there was not much of a lag in between transitions. Two awesome side characters (Matoba and Natori) were well treated with respective badass introductions; though, I wanted more but I have to be happy with what I got.

I’ve been calling Natori, calculating but in front of Matoba, he’s a puppy. He isn’t so driven that he starts sacrificing his own bound youkai so when he left Hiiragi behind, he gained some points with me at least. He also went over the top in protecting Natsume from the Exorcists’ Clan, who I thoroughly dislike. I don’t see their point except for being power hungry in the guise of saving humans. Matoba might have a point in saying; he doesn’t care whatever people think about him until he has enough power to save the same. But to me, it seems he has forgotten his purpose and has become a power hound simply. I can bet he saved him just to gauge how powerful Natsume is and his bond with Madara because they are an exceptional combo together. That directed arrow was deliberate to say the least. Natsume definitely needs to watch out from this one, as it’s not the last time they will meet.

The best thing about this series is the weighing of the grey area as all the evil deeds have a solid reason and most of the times, a touching one. I can bet everyone hated the witch but she had more than pain buried in her soul due to the loss of a friend, even if he was a youkai. You can’t really blame her on what she did. I just wished, she had a better closure but you always don’t get what you want. Also, props to Madara for going the extra mile in saving Natsume this time around. His anger clearly shows how much he cares about Natsume, however jokingly he romps about around him.


We are going to meet the Kitsune kid again! He was very kawaii in the first season so look forward to meeting him very soon. Ja ne~


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15 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 07”

  1. 2PacFan says:

    These two episodes have been my favorite so far. I love Matoba, he such an awesome character. He doesn’t seem evil but he’s not exactly an angel. It frustrates me trying to th ink whether he’s evil (if so, what would his plans be), or he’s just a jerk with a god complex. Ahaha, either way, it was VERy interesting to see this animated. I loved it.

    Natsume being emo towards the end made me a little sad. It’s like he sees something that Natori doesn’t see, with youkai and their feelings. Poor Natsume 🙁

    The interaction between Natori and Madara was one of the higlights of this episode. They kept fighting, and making me laugh, it was positively EPIC. I always get jealous when I see Natsume hugging/carrying the damned pig cat ting.

    • panda says:

      lol. you want a cat-pig plushie too? ╰(◕‿◕)╮❤

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here. This should have been epic and it was. My inner fangirl was satiated. Next in line is Hanzou arc but we will see. About Matoba, he’s definitely a grey character because on the baseline, he’s not a bad guy because he is after all doing all of this to protect humans but I think on the way to protecting his clan and being the head of the family at a young age, he has forgotten how small things in life are important and there’s a limit to using humans and youkai as ‘things’. His character needs more fleshing out so we can only speculate.

      Natsume just feels too much and that is why we love him so much. *hugs Natsume plushie* Natori and Nyanko sure provided the much needed comic relief. That line, ‘he’s just a stuff toy, look how big his head is’ made me ROTFL. It’s interesting to note, how much Natsume and Madara are protective of each other. Definitely their bond has even strengthened with these events.

      I’m reminded by the line that Natsume’s school buddy said, “You shamelessly carry your fat cat everywhere but you don’t have the guts to enter a girly looking pastry shop?” It’s just how things are. xD

      *first comment cookie*

      @panda, everyone wants a Nyanko-sensei plushie, he’s too cute for his own good! xD

  2. Junko says:

    Oh god oh god oh god Nyanko sensei, I cried so hard when he was hurt, oh god.

    But seriously, Natsume Yuujinchou always leaves me conflicted, in a good way. There’s just no black and white here. I’ve always been on the edge about Natori, this was easily one of his ‘good’ episodes.

    I adore how the show has all these underlying plots too, even though it’s supposed to be about Natsume making friends and shtuff, but it’s still so…good XD

    • Kyokai says:

      I loved how he was enraged enough to become the scary youkai that he actually is. Totally fangirled him. Too bad Natsume stopped him, I would’ve loved to see Matoba getting some fear for a change. I still love his character though, especially the fact that he’s no good at all.

      Natori has grown on me for sure but we all know, he has his own agendas too. =.= I’m loving the pacing of this season and seeing all the old characters coming back for a spin. Aaaaah, this just made me realize that we have only five more episodes to go. ><

  3. Hime says:

    The yaoi undertones in this episode…*shudders* So good…

  4. Gene says:

    Some more background on the witch would have been nice. She seemed kinda thrown in there in order to give Big Daddy his appearance. Didn’t think witches existed in this verse so she was quite the surprise.

    • Kyokai says:

      Aaah yes, I even went back to the chapter when Nanase was introduced with the rest of the Exorcist Clan but there was no special mention of witches; though we have come across many spell casters like Taki’s grandfather.

      I wonder if we would see more of Matoba later or not. He’s definitely more than interesting.

      • Gene says:

        Yeah, Matoba’s quite the character and his darker presence definitely gives the anime a more exciting tone compared to its usual tranquil nature.

        By the way, how far ahead is the manga from the anime?

        • Kyokai says:

          The anime is not following the manga on the flow because the Taki episode wass from a very recent chapter (42 or 43), while the Matoba arc’s from chapter 23 onward. As Natsume manga is pretty much stand alone with two chapter arcs covering the usual one-episode stories. However, with time, they have gleaned more on Natsume and Reiko’s pasts.

          I’m quite looking forward to the story of how Fujiwaras took him in. It’s very heart touching. =w=

  5. panda says:

    i guess i wasn’t the only one imagining BL~ness♡ ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaaa! I see it EVERY EPISODE! The current one is the only exception. :3

  6. Kidversion says:

    Awwww! I loved how Madara was so pissed at Natsume getting hit by the arrow. It shows that he truly DOES care! Man he was scary when he was mad.
    Yeah, wished Matoba got his butt kicked for once.
    Feel sorry for the witch lady for losing her yokai friend.
    Natsume is cool as usual. Awesome anime! I wanna buy the manga when I get money 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      Madara is a total tsundere and his dere only comes out for Natsume. And yes, support the fandom and buy the original manga and DVDs when they come out! This is the only way to guarantee another season. :3

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