Natsume Yuujinchou San – 06

Don’t cha wish your boyfriend was HAWT like me

Because I couldn’t wait for this episode to air, I worked double time to get this post out very speedily. It’s sad how I’m using my sleeplessness these days but I can only wish that you enjoy this episodic review and the bamf protagonist.

It’s summer festival time and of course white-pig Nyanko-sensei wants barbequed squid to salt his taste buds. Natsume has to oblige but that doesn’t mean this simple stroll around the shrine wouldn’t get him into trouble. He would argue, ‘I don’t go finding trouble, it just finds me!’ and it’s true because he comes across a youkai, having blood splatters on her yukata, which rubs off on him.

As if some blood would stop Natsume from checking things out. He finds many wounded youkai inside the shrine, while the culprit’s still around. Before danger befalls, a winged youkai saves him, whisking him off his. He manages to successfully scratch the culprit too. It surprises the youkai that Natsume human and Reiko’s descendant. She requests for his help to solve the mystery revolving around the continued youkai massacre in their area.

She couldn’t believe the boss lady was a guy, which reminds me that some people still think I’m male >.>

Her story is similar to what Natsume usually does: help his friends whenever they are in trouble. She took on herself to patrol the area so that she could stop whoever is masterminding this charade. Natsume however hesitates with the knowledge that the blood collection is being done for a powerful spell and he doesn’t want the Fujiwaras to face any danger because of him…  Like hell. Sheesh, people, don’t you already know him? Even with Nyanko-sensei trying to stop him from getting involved, he’s involves himself because knowingly or unknowingly, he has taken the youkais’ side (just like in the Kai arc against Natori). To him they are not just scary beings, rather his friends.

To Nyanko-sensei’s chagrin, he goes around gathering intel from different youkai about the recent attacks. After hemming and hawing for some time, a kappa finally provides information that the culprit is human, controlling masked youkai for their dirty deeds. Laden with information, Natsume finally comes across Matoba Seiji, a renowned exorcist and head of the Matoba Clan. He’s notoriously known to use youkai as slaves called shikis as a mean to his ends. He’s even known to sacrifice some to get new ones in his collection, just like he was caught in the act of doing the same to the winged youkai. There’s an air of foreboding around him, which even makes Nyanko-sensei shudder.

Some BAMFNESS, right here

’tis alright, I’M HERE~

Finding another human who can see the youkai intrigues him but before he can mobilize his shikis to trap Natsume, the injured youkai takes flight, saving his skin yet again. A paper doll from Natori interrupts their flight but at least they find a hiding place to recuperate even after falling down from considerable height. Matoba’s minions follow him there but with an impromptu entrance, Natori sends them away, taking Natsume under his clan’s protection.

You’ll help me for FREE?! Ureshi na~

The two friends catch up after that and uncharacteristically, Natori noses into this case and willingly wants to help Natsume. Of course, Natsume is shocked—hey, even I was because I dub Natori of always having some agenda or the other—yet pleased to have Natori and Hiiragi (Natori’s youkai assistant) help him in need. Though, we are given enough perspective of him being quite protective of Natsume and come a running to his aid, when he found Matoba was in da house. The Kai arc from previous seasons is overshadowed for him butting in to keep away Matoba from Natsume but it seems the exorcists’ clans have already taken mighty interest on him.

They start their search from the area where the youkai massacre began and found to their suspicion, Matoba staying in one of the area’s inns. Natsume can’t go out and Nyanko-sensei can’t stay in so he sends him to aid Natori however possible. Being alone in the room becomes taxing for Natsume as he gets kidnapped by wannabe-Sadako, who wants to use his special blood for a sacrifice. There’s no lull moment between him trying to escape and crossing paths with Matoba. Tough times aren’t over for our Natsume.

Yes indeed, a mild cliffhanger. Matoba keep your hands to yourself!

Extra HNNNG~

BL Moment 1: Nobody touches MAH NATSU-PYON!

BL Moment 2: Pssh. My wife is a bit shy… Can we get a room stat?

BL Moment 3: MMM, DAT ASS

I pimp ’em out, YO~

Aawwn, baby, you need a HUG!

Shikshou~ I didn’t sign up for a CPR by a fugly youkai!


End Thoughts:

Rejoice, fans, because we are getting another episode for this arc! I’m SO GLAD they didn’t deviate much from the original material. That parasol was a big hint in the beginning and if you pay attention, you can see the wannabe-Sadako is not really a youkai. How the whole sacrificing Natsume for his powerful blood for casting a strong spell will only be revealed next episode. I’ll just tell you, wait for it’s awesomeness. ^^

For those of you who are seeing this out of order, Natori belongs to an exorcist family as well and if he’s a sparkling bishie in daylight, acting in different doramas, he’s a shady exorcist by night, donning his megane, flaunting his ever creepy lizard tattoo to solve different youkai cases assigned to him. From the back stories, it’s clear that Natori is not as ruthless as Matoba. There was a time that he was innocent like Natsume helping out youkai (a big example is Hiiragi herself, who he bandaged when she was hurt). What caused his heart to turn cold is still a mystery; it must have been something around his family or even the exorcist clan politics for this manipulation. The way he’s protective of Natsume proves the point that he doesn’t want the same choice driving Natsume against youkai; in a way he wants to heroically protect his innocence.

Natsume is reckless and more so when it comes to youkai. A lot of people brand him as idiotic to go on such lengths to protect youkai, but isn’t this the reason he’s loved by so many? Polar opposite of Reiko, who ruled with an iron fist, challenging youkai hither and thither, he’s a brand of positive thinking and energy. I don’t think anybody should have the gall to call him a wimp because he has one cool punch and of course Nyanko-sensei whenever he’s in a pinch.

Oh I also have to salute the seiyuu cast of Natsume Yuujinchou. Ishida Akira is love as Natori and though Junichi Suwabe voices Matoba pretty coolly, for some reason I always imagined him voiced by Nakai Kazuya; I can blame that to Date’s smexy eyepatch syndrome. Kamiyaan has been my ear HHNNNG for some time so it’s always amazing to just close my eyes and listen to him talk. I don’t know if it’s just me but listening to this episode with headphones on made me appreciate the BGMs even more, specially on important scenes like the creepy youkai appearing and even some funny ones like when Natsume fell on Nyanko-sensei. Overall, you can easily see me enjoying this series more than ever. There’s just something about fighting for upholding personal beliefs and honor. So, how did this episode fair with you?


Matoba has more than an agenda with Natsume. He’s just too curious about this boy, who’s being overwhelmingly protected by Natori, possessing some very interesting talents. So, let’s solve the mystery together next time. Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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15 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 06”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    I love arcs opposed to stand-alone episodes =D They seem to always have more plot that helps tie the series together >_>

    Also throw in Natori and a mysterious evil-yet-hawt character voiced by Junichi Suwabe and i think this episode may be a favorite =P

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here! I would love longer episode arcs as well. Just like they did with Kai before, this should turn out good.

      I will say, wait for your favourite because in the next episode, there will be even more awesome Matoba-ness and loads of badassedary. :3

      *first comment cookie*

  2. sakura_fai says:

    I was looking forward to your review, kept wondering what pictures you would choose for your captions. X’3 Surprised, you didn’t choose the one with Nyanko-sensei and “I’ll catch ya part”

    Nastume Yujinchou’s casting is just perfect. Matoba’s voice fits 100%. Plus, the flow is awesome with both serious and funny moments. But it should take about 1-2 more episodes before Nastume and co. find out Matoba’s goals, judging from the preview.
    (Was it me, or does Natsume’s guardian seem extra lack? He’s staying overnight with the guy from the onsen, and that still doesn’t ring any bells? O.o)

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh daawww, sakura_fai, thank you~ <333

      Btw, I was planning on using that, I will catch you but I couldn't capture a good shot so I sufficed it with two additional BL moments. xD

      I seriously had my doubts of the studios effing up with casting or even the flow of this arc, because this has been one of my favourites but I am very much satisfied with the first episode and how they kept close to original source. If I get two more episodes of Matoba goodness, I'll be one happy fangirl! We'll find out next Monday.

      Also, about the Fujiwaras... Well, they are very easy going as you can already see and since they know somewhat about Reiko and the reason they adopted him in the first place, trust him to make good judgments on his own. Also, there's a mudslide so even if they try, they can't get out of that area that day. Perfect entrapment strategy right there even if it's nature driven. :3

  3. 2PacFan says:

    I’ve been waiting for this episode since I finished reading the manga. Matoba is as badassal as I thought he would be. The old lady in the flashback ticked me off a bit though. Makes me wonder what kind of business she wants with Natsume.

    Either way, this arc will hopefully be a bit more obvious whether Matoba is a good or bad guys, cause the manga is so vague >.<

    I love reading your posts. Sometimes cause I'll be confused and you'll clear it up, but even when I'm not, I still come around to read it. 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      You and me both. I have been going berserk since I saw that preview and Omori/Brains Base has really done a job well done with the flow of this episode.

      Nanase sure gives me the creeps and the way she questions Natori, it’s pretty clear that she knows about Natsume’s connection to Reiko. Remember the exorcist clan arc? She was the one who captured the evil youkai in the end by butting in. She seems very power hungry and likes collecting youkai so I can only wish that Natori is powerful enough to fend her and even Matoba off whenever they confirm their doubts and go after the book of friends.

      I think Matoba will remain to be a ‘grey character’ because of this tendencies, but let’s see how the anime tackles it. And, much love, 2PacFan~ <333 We Natsume lovers have to stick close together and discuss the hell out of this series! :3

  4. anaaga says:

    Matoba…Natori…Pink Natsume…BL moments…




    • Kyokai says:

      I see a lot of blood here. QUICK, someone bring a mop and some tissues for anaaga’s nosebleed! xD

  5. Hime says:

    Natsume is getting more uke as these episodes go on.

    My god don’t ever stop.

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right? And with Kamiyaan, it’s just so easy to imagine… *coughs*

      I think we will have truckloads of BL moments by the end of this series. xD

  6. calciferfire says:

    Hey!!! Just noticed that the screen above the huge “UNLOVED” billboard is showing the trailer for Hotaru no Mori e… XD

    • Kyokai says:

      Good catch! Same production house (Brains Base) and even mangaka (Yuki Midorikawa). :3

  7. Yvoon says:

    Why are there so many BL series this season!? O_O

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Get used to BL jokes. With the fangirl mind, you can find a needle in haystack even. :3

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