Natsume Yuujinchou San – 05

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I am BACK with another review and at least at a time when the next episode hasn’t been released. :3 My schedule has crapped up a bit lately with less sleep and weird timetable but at least this weekend, I can kick back and relax. Well, I tried to until Metanorn got suspended for a few minutes and I’m still doing loads of monitoring with some tweaks around the site… >.> Big news of the week has been discovering the fact that ALL Kara No Kyoukai light novels have been translated! YOU CAN’T BELIEVE the JOY I experienced, so if you are fan you can follow me on tumblr because I will be sharing lots of quotes and love for this title. I’ve already written a long love letter recommendation on it but it’s not enough and I will be revisiting it after reading the novels. Anyways, let me get you up to speed with our Natsu-pyon~

While taking a leisurely stroll, Natsume and Tanuma have to take cover from rain under an old mansion, only to find that it’s Taki’s home and she already has Nyanko-sensei as her hostage due to his furball cuteness. She is a friend of Natsume as well and one of those few people who know about his ability as he helped her take off a curse previously.

Live footage of kitty kidnap, if you have seen the culprit, report now by dialing 0800-66666

Return of the debu-kitty-nyaa~

Being two good ol’ friends, they agree to help Taki clean out the old storeroom because a lot of dust has settled and the mansion being old still has traces of youkai left. Not to mention, seeing her grandfather’s history of obsession with supernatural being; it’s natural to have some experts in the house who can sense and see them.

The awkward moment, when NO is not an option

Natsume should have known from the start, things couldn’t have gotten any better with the creepy scarecrow. They air out the storeroom and get some creepy surprises with the many memorabilia and possessions. Natsume fiddles with an upside-down image of kappa, not knowing that it would actually free a doll youkai, which was sealed by Shin’chirou (Taki’s grandfather), and its body is strewn across different nooks and cranny of the mansion. This information is given by a tiny youkai, who is overjoyed to find someone who can actually see them unlike Taki’s grandfather. It seems even without seeing them, Shin’chirou was liked by the many youkai he researched painstakingly, who visited him on different occasions.

It’s a bittersweet feeling that you are surrounded by the beings you search for, yet aren’t aware of their presence

Tanuma and Taki join the hunt of the doll youkai, who creepily goes around the different sections of the house in search of its arm and legs. Along with the tiny youkai propped on Natsume’s shoulder, even more youkai appear and Natsume that the youkai named Kukuri would be loads of trouble if it succeeded in finding all of its parts. Though, before they could do anything but be beaten in the hunt, Natsume is kidnapped by Kukuri, who has lost all patience and wants its head even if it has to slice an arm of Natsume to do so.

I should tell you a fact that in general, all youkai are attracted to Natsume because of his special powers. Not to mention, because he’s powerful he can fend them off with some well placed punches unless a baddie arrives like Kukuri, who can overwhelm him. I was just glad to see Madara coming back to save the day with some badass moves against the evil youkai.

The youkai friends of Shin’chirou pitch in and help in landing the last blow to the creepy doll youkai, ending its masquerade once and for all. After which, Taki is overwhelmed with emotions on how generous the youkai were and how much they loved Shin’chirou that even after his death, they dropped on his house at different times to just check up on her as they remembered how hard she cried for him and missed him like them.

So, you see, not all youkai are bad and for Natsume, he encounters some of the many sweet ones. Not to mention he has friends now, who would like to hear his stories of the many youkai he has met. As they say, sharing is caring.


BL moment of the episode. Getting grabby in the rain~

Tch, fangirl, Nyanko-sensei is not amused :3

DUDE, someone needs to join a gym

I’m gonna getcha good


End Thoughts:

Like Hime mentioned in the third episodic review, Natsume is seeing a LOT of action this season. If you have been following the series, it’s more on the tranquil and feel-good side rather than action-packed. Still looking at the pacing, I love this speediness and a blend of good-evil the arcs are following. Seeing some old friends is always a joy and I have a rather soft spot for Tanuma, he being all broody, bishie and determined.

This episode strengthened their friendship and you could see everyone relying on each other rather than doing their own thing. Natsume always puts his neck out for others because he thinks he’s doing it for their own good but this time everyone was on equal footing’ Taki and Tanuma just one step behind in not being able to see the youkai directly. But they did succeed in the end with the good youkais’ help and all was well that ended well with the right blend of nostalgic memory to boot.

Being a original source nerd, I went back to it to check the arcs being currently animated and ended up reading it again. And what do you know? The current episode was adapted from the recent 42-43 chapters, while the next one will be from volume seven. This pretty much tells you that Brains Base is not following strict timelines, rather picking up interesting arcs and animating it. Totally fine with me because personally after the Matoba one, I would like the Houzuki chapters to be animated but that’s just me.

I know some of you fangirls are thinking, we have seen Tanuma twice but there are no signs of Natori yet, who is quite a favourite of Yuki Midorikawa (Mangaka)? Worry not! He’ll be appearing in the next arc and I can only wish the staff gives this at least two-three episodes because Matoba is badass and this was one of my favourite arcs from manga. I will not be giving out any spoilers but for those of you who have read it, which arcs do you want to see most next? Please use spoiler tags for the others who haven’t read the original material. Let’s get some Natsume love going, shall we?


Natsume being kidnapped by an angel and meeting strange creatures on the way? Well, nothing new there but be ready for some bishie sparkles because Natori’s coming and another badass character’s on the horizon. Ja ne~


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11 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 05”

  1. A-chan says:

    Nic review as always, I noticed this episode is from the vol. 11 and I am waiting for this one ;_; It was really a beautiful episode like always, give me tears like always, and I was glad to learn more about Taki’s family
    Next episode we have NATORI, MATOBAAAAAAAAAA!!! yesyesyes can’t wait for it <3

    PS : LOVED THE ''grabbing hand'' that BL moment, so pure and innocent owww <3 Natsume and Tanuma are so cute together *but I prefer Natsume with Taki<3*

    ~thanks Kyokai for this review :3

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you, A-chan, my sweet for the kind words~ <333

      Like always, Natsume has the best emotional scenes and the best friends. I mean, imagine the type of dedication he gets but of course, he's getting that because he's so kind and humble himself. Taki kidnapping Nyanko was one of the best fluffy kidnaps of this season. xD

      I think I will be repeating the BL moments of every episodes because Natsume has a ton of innuendos for Bromance and how can I let go of that?! xD

  2. Junko says:

    Another episode where I bawled my eyes out. Every time I see this show I got pick up my manga to re-read. Decided not to finish collecting it until San is over.

    • Kyokai says:

      Natsume always makes me emotional… ;-;

      Btw, you don’t have to stop much for San because new and old both arcs are being animated and in no specific order. Which chapter are you at?

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Dawwww episode! I really enjoyed this one <3 Couse we get to see more of my favorite character! Taki she was always so much fun and around Nyanko she turns all moe ahaha

    Tanuma is a true bro! And a great friend for Natsume xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Oooh, didn’t know you liked Taki that much but yeah, her backstory was really interesting and how she has to draw a circle to see the youkai.

      True that and I like Tanuma more than Natori because he doesn’t seem to have any ‘agenda’ when it comes to Natsume. xD

  4. 2PacFan says:

    Aww, this episode was sweet, especially with the youkai trying to heal Taki’s grandfather <3

    I can't wait to see the Matoba arc :))))))))):)

    • Kyokai says:

      Aah yes, it’s always awesome with the nice youkai. The way the tiny one used a string contraption to heal the old jiji was adorable.

      Let’s hope that Brains Base does an impeccable job with the Matoba arc!

  5. Hime says:

    Hnng, getting grabby in the rain was so awesome…

    There’s should be a nosebleed emoticon in here.

    • Kyokai says:

      These two are so… shippable! I’m thinking of adding this BL moment thing for the rest of the episodes. xD

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