Meta Jump – Issue 03

Another week of awesome anime and fun Shounen style adventures with everyone’s fan favorite characters and shows.


Gintama – 220

Shinpachi- “What are you looking at? I am washing his hair!”

I’ve been waiting for this episode!!!! So many win in this episode~ First, I get to see Hijikata wearing towel only. Man, if only that towel just drops during the massacre in the bath house. Second, I get to see Gintoki with towel too. Yes, I want his towel to drop, just like HIjikata. Third, this episode is just so fuckin hilarious. The humans are totally stupid, they could’ve been honest and tell them that they’re scared of the family, but nooo they just have to pull the “It’s the Japanese’s way of XXX” excuse. This shows the nature how humans just love to make excuses instead of admitting their faults/feelings. Lesson from this episode people? Don’t judge a person based on their appearance. But make sure you’re honest too.


Naruto Shippuden – 224

Sakura- “Over there looks like more filler guys!”                     Naruto-“Please kill me now.”

This week on Naruto we continue with Ninjas on the ocean! Yes more ninja pirates to come, we follow Naruto as the rest of his random crew arrive on an island to rest mostly for Guy sensei. And who do they run into!? Sakura! Of course she is around but I found it funny how the main goal was to pick herbs then again Sakura is a medical ninja. Those random side ninja’s where awesome too! Ninja’s on skateboards? That was really the highlight of this episode, well that and Naruto saving them from the giant lizard. More filler boring episodes to come stay tuned!


Bleach – 334

This was pretty much what the Metanorn server team was like.

Damn this week finally gave us the big secret about Nozomi! Well I kind of knew all along she was actually the other half of Inaba, really started to make me think they just copied the whole Cell arc from Dragonballz. But hey their powers are similar with Nozomi’s absorption and Inaba’s ability to copy your mo ves. I guess it was kind of cool to see Ichigo step up and do something awesome to help save Nozomi, however he still fails and Nozomi gets taken away! Damn Ichigo you suck this week hopefully next week we get some more action.


Fairy Tail – 92

Its time to attack! Filler friends go!!!

Lol this episode was just full of doubles. Edolas Fairy Tail finally decides to help out Earthland Fairy Tail and the two Erza have a fist fight XD. Oh also the Dragon Slayers vs. Dragonbot 5000 fight continued on too. The king went from a guy whose actions were somewhat understandable for his country to some power hungry lunatic. I know they needed to make him look like the villain, but was that extra step really necessary? It was a great action episode but nothing was really resolved other than the two Erza sorting out their differences. The character interactions between the Earthland mages and their Edolas counterparts were pretty amusing though. The one thing that struck me as odd this episode: The one guy got in trouble for hitting an Exceed, but then not 5 seconds later, they all started shooting at the Exceed again with the exact same magic. Lolwut? So are they supposed to be attacking the Exceed or not XD?


One Piece – 510

Sanji- “DUDE WHERE ARE ALL MY WOMEN!? Nooooooo!!!”

As Chopper and Robin’s mini-arcs wrap up, it was nice to see an arc as funny as Sanji’s was with him and Ivankov. Sanji fighting his manly urges of Ivankov’s sexier self and just their whole interaction is what One Piece has lacked in some time. I got a little scared for Sanji once Ivankov started laying the smack down on him, but he should be just fine. As for Luffy, he already has done what Rayleigh suggested of him and the others seem to understand what message he’s trying to send. Next week shows Luffy in Marineford, which might actually be decent filler since (I believe) the manga never showed what he did in Marineford. (the onepieceofficial site omitted the preview, not sure why)One Piece 3D Adventure (Teaser)
Also of note, the One Piece 3D adventure episode came out, and boy oh boy does it actually look like an excellent piece of CGI work! The opening segment doesn’t look great with the old man and dog, but everything else after that just looks so well done. It looks, feels and sounds just like One Piece and the action is really enjoyable; Appleseed XIII better take notes because Toei did such a better job with CGI. There’s no sub yet, so I’ll likely preview it next week for MetaJump!


Beelzebub – 30

Oga- “Screw the rules I have a naked baby on my shoulder bitch!”

The two factions of Ishiyama High and Saint Ishimiya are as usual against each other’s throats. The trouble is not only limited to the Ishiyama delinquents anymore rather, things have been taken too seriously by the six Knights, out of which we are now familiar with four. Things are not looking up when even the general student body is picking on our Ishiyama High students so that they crack under pressure and get expelled. Oga and team do not take things lightly but at least refrain from any action unlike Kanzaki and Shiro. It seems Miki and Oga have more than a history and I have a feeling that if Oga is Ishiyama High’s strongest, Miki is the same for Saint and will prove to be Toujou-level badass. It was awesome seeing Himekawa and Natsume stepping up to fight the Knights with Kunieda and I’m really looking forward to the faceoff between Oga and Miki. Oh for the fangirls out there, Miki is indeed voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Usui, Eiji, Rin, Kyouhei, etc.). Preview looks highly interesting and I’ll be glad to get some flashback of what the hell happened between these two.


Sket Dance – 19

Bossun’s new Look reminds me of something I just can’t remember…

  The first half of Sket Dance, Himeko and Switch spend cutting Bossun’s hair and then regrowing it using one of Chuuma’s experiments when they mess up. The second half was even more hilarious. We actually got to see the Student Council’s sillier side when they accidently damage the principal’s bust on his birthday. My favourite part of the episode? Daisey blinding the principal and then the President throwing a cake at him. LOL THEIR EXPRESSIONS. Props to the old guy for not getting mad XD I know I wouldn’t have reacted so well if someone I knew randomly tried to take my eyes out. Tsubaki was pretty moe this episode too. There’s something about his seriousness that makes him adorable =3.

So there you have it! This weeks fun issue of Meta Jump three! Stay tuned for more fun next time!


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16 Responses to “Meta Jump – Issue 03”

  1. pp says:

    Dragonball mate ! Goku!! man i should start watching sket dance

    • Foshizzel says:

      I was grinning so much when they did their Dragonball parody nice to see Sket Dance doing that, I know Gintama has had a few of their own DBZ parodies.

      Sket Dance is actually entertaining now, I am curious to see how far they plan on going.

  2. pp says:

    Goku from Dragonball!

    I should start on Sket Dance.. looks interesting

  3. BlackBriar says:

    We’re on our way to creating another set of combinations: Ninja Pirates and Ninja Skateboarders ftw!! They should’ve gotten Guy-sensei medicated before they went to sea. Man, he looked liked he was ready to die on the spot.

    Typical shounen protagonist. Naruto should’ve been a lot more careful before eating everything in sight to test it out. And he was lucky to have the idea of using Shadow clones in that minefield of geysers but they were all cooked alive. It was still a good idea.

    • Foshizzel says:

      EXTREME Ninjas! So cool! Yeah they should just leave Guy with the medical team…

      I did find that to be funny watching Naruto taste all those herbs leave it to him to eat random stuff, he did remind me of Goku and Luffy! Always eating. LOL poor clones.

  4. Gene says:

    Fairy Tail looks pretty lost in this post.

  5. Kyokai says:

    LOL @ Bleach screen. Man, what the hell happened to their production quality?

    Also, Shinpachi, why you so BAMF in this episode? :3 And yea, Naruto, I get your pain, the reason I’ve stopped watching you.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh that’s from the random lul endings for Bleach, the actual episodes look really good for now. I know? Shinpachi is awesome! LOL yaaaa poor Naruto D:

    • anaaga says:

      Half naked Gintoki > Half naked Hijikata > Shinpachi’s awesomeness

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    Ehhhh SKET Dance is on MetaJump now? That’s odd, anyway I really liked this week’s episode. The student council is so funny XD, I seriously loved Tsubaki and his seriousness (Even every time he starting shouting, all I could hear was Keima from TWGOK). I actually think the Student Council’s half was a bit more funnier than the actually SKET Dance. But I’m still SKET Dance FTW~

    • Karakuri says:

      LOL I totally hear Keima too! Hmmm, yeah I think thats because they have 5 characters to play around with when Sket only has 3.

      Anyways, I really liked this episode too! I like their comedy ones better than their serious ones.

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