Meta Jump Issue – 05

Welcome, Shounen fans to another Meta Jump Issue. We are seven titles strong yet again.


Gintama – 222

Gintoki-“Will someone please help me out of this lame arc!? PLEASE!”

Ah sorry guys I wasn’t doing the whole Gintama thingy. I was pretty busy and mumble mumble… Ok, fine I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t like this episode at all. As a pet hater, I don’t feel any fuzzy feeling in this episode because I’m the type of person that kicks pets. Even monkeys. I was more focused at the Light and Dark Princes, god their story of defeating their father is just so DAMN HILARIOUS. Then they had to throw dung at Gintoki and the gang. What the fuu- Gosh, this episode is so damn retarded. I hate hate hate it so much. I don’t see why I should like a monkey that has no matter when it comes to toilet code of honor. Screw the monkey. Ugh, I hate this episode. Can’t we get a serious arc!? UGH. Oh and I was trolled this week. Turned out that second movie announcement is just a rumor. Double UGH. UGH, this week is NOT a good Gintama week.


Bleach – 336

Kon- “Dude let’s combine!”                Ichigo-“HA No thanks…then my power would be terrible.”

  The adventures of Ichigo continue! This week was kind of nice watching Urahara and Ichigo with Kon who had to complain to get them to take him! WHY! Kon you are terrible, I wish they would give him like his own body so he could actually fight. Anyway I thought it was cool how the three of them got to sneak around! Since Ichigo and Kon don’t really have any power they are invisible. Well Ichigo finally got some of his powers back at last! And of course restoring his power brings back his hollow powers as well, so we might see his famous final hollow mask form if Ichigo can’t control the other side. That ending was amazing too! Seeing all the real captains’ show up to kick some ass! Next week should have some great action well I can hope.


Sket Dance – 21

Best date ever?!

  If the fail of a date last episode wasn’t enough for you, get ready for more social awkwardness this week’s episode. Switch and Reiko go out on a ‘date’ (aka computer shopping) while Bossun and Himeko run around stalking them. Then pretty much every main side character decides to go to hang out at the same department store because they have nothing better to do. I was pretty meh up until the part where Reiko’s asshat of an old crush shows up and pretty much tells her that she still looks creepy. So then Switch (who apparently knows a lot about woman’s fashion) gives her a makeover and suddenly she’s a bishoujo. Why can’t she look like that all the time? I guess it was sweet of Switch to do that for her, but I don’t really ship them as a couple. In fact, I don’t think I ship any Sket pairing really. On another note, THAT WAS THE GREATEST ANIMATED ESCALATOR EVER. NEVER BEFORE HAVE I SEEN SUCH QUALITY.


Beelzebub – 31

 Aizen Sousuke – The high school years


I was actually looking forward to this episode since last week; that was sure an unannounced delay in airing. Anyways, finally we know the six Knights by face and the leader was sure a surprise. I mean, he exudes some bad mojo right there with evil megane look, commanding his Knights with an iron fist. The over the top cloud coverage they got just with their presence tells you these people are not to be trifled with. I don’t think Oga’s usual random punches and kicks would keep them at bay for long. It was interesting to see the old Ishiyama delinquents band together, Kanzaki even went further in getting totally wiped out (poor bloke). The challenge that the headmaster put up in delaying the suspension of the old Ishiyama students in questions is interesting because this would warrant loads of epic episodes fighting it out (personally I rather enjoyed the faceoff between Students Council Vs Sket Dan). The clincher in the plan is that if the delinquents of Ishiyama win, the Knights would lose their foothold on governing the students body of Saint Ishiyama so it’s going to be one epic battle between these two factions. I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Fairy Tail – 94

Such a unique look you have going on this week Natsu.

  A continuation of last week where Edolas is loosing it’s magic and everyone is in a mass panic.  Anyways, the first 1/3rd of the episode is Jellal and Lily playing the “I did *fill in plot point here* so I deserve to be the scapegoat/one who dies more than you” game until a guard shows up and says that there’s mass panic. Natsu and the Dragon Slayers (trademark) show up and act as the villains who stole the magic and Jellal and Natsu have a fistfight of manliness. So in the end, the Earthland mages return home because they’re sucked up with the magic and the Exceed are pulled along as well. Also, Edolas decides that they can live their lives without magic with Jellal as their king/hero person. What a concept. Finally an end to this arc. I forget if it has another arc in between, or if it goes straight into the S class mage arc, but I say it was a pretty good wrap up overall.


Naruto Shippuden – 226

Nice try Naruto! But One piece has way better flying ships.

Naruto continues to play pirates with his ninja buddies, this week he encounters a real pirate this time! Yeah I know A REAL PIRATE?! Anyway this random pirate was so freaking dumb to me, yeah he did steal Naruto’s headband really easily to give Naruto a reason to “fight” him. I did like seeing those canons the island had, it was really interesting to see how they used wood to make cannons! And all of those cannon balls? All made of paper. So I suppose that was kind of nice seeing how they used ninja stuffs as “pirates” and that ending LOL Pirate ship surfing and crashing down onto the enemy boats! Good work Naruto. This arc is so damn boring! But it still manages to amuse me for now…


One piece – 512

Stop clowning around Buggy! And do something amazing.

 So many funny images to see in this episode! From Buggy reuniting with his old crew and Luffy getting stretched by girls to seeing the results of Franky pushing the self-destruct button, there were some funny moments in the episode. I even enjoyed Duval’s scene with Caimie. I recently went back and rewatched episode 1 of OP, and Alvida was a fat and fugly woman at the time. It’s amazing what her Devil Fruit did for her. While it was boring to see all the Mugiwaras go, “I understand, Luffy!” and not even just flat out say that the tattoo means something, it was fun to return to Alabasta and see Vivi and Pell and Igaram.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.


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14 Responses to “Meta Jump Issue – 05”

  1. HiyuuT says:

    That Naruto episode reminds me of that One piece movie, the dead end race or something with the ship flying from a mountain using water current lawl the fillers still continue too x_x wonder how long they’re gonna drag this out

    One piece was awesome, Zoro still the dumbest of the crew lawl now its either gonna go into a filler or go straight to the time skip (dont mind either to be honest)

    Sket dance was just plain random (makeover was amazing, switch is really knowledgeable in the randomness department)

    • Jrow says:

      Yeah, that was One Piece movie 4 when Robin saved the ship with her Hana Hana fruit powers. That’s when OP movies started getting good, and it kinda does look like that for Naruto. 🙂

      We know for a fact that there’s gonna be a time skip for OP starting October 2nd, so that would probably mean we get a month of filler-y stuff until episode 517.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Sounds great! Can’t wait to see how far One piece decides to actually go, I might jump right into the manga here soon.

      • HiyuuT says:

        awesome, the fishmen arc’s going to probably enter the final stages by then, cant wait ;P

        lulz I gotta say, that gigantic hand was amazing; Robin can make really creative stuff with her million arms ._.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Beelzebub– Damn Oga’s fight got interrupted! GRRRR I wanted to see more of his fight! Ah well I really am addicted to it now <3

    Gintama– I feel your pain there Anaaga these last two episodes have been boring and random, I really do not care about that damn monkey! But I did laugh a few times at the random moments with those two video game characters.

    Fairy Tail– OH Man! That last episode so good I liked how Natsu made himself the “bad guy” near the end ahaha so good and Wendy? LOL I laughed when she tried to scare off that kid. And next week?! whoa time for some drama <3

    One piece– I want to know what letter buggy got! And what’s this secret message Luffy is giving his crew!? I forgot to even comment on his awesome tattoo! I wonder who did that? Oh ya Franky’s face that was great xD

    Sket Dance– Oh Switch why are you so awesome?! I liked watching him this week xD

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah, the two video games thingy that made me survive the two episodes. So much dungs it’s not even funny anymore D:

  3. Junko says:

    Pretty sure it goes straight into the S-Class thing, which just ended (I think?) Show ▼

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Sket Dance – Ooooh random boy from the past showing up? Meh too, didn’t really care about him (But I swear to god his voice sounded like Noriaki Sugiyama >.>). But I still think that it’s pretty funny that Switch knows a lot about Woman’s fashion XD.

  5. Gene says:

    Holy shit, there are people who didn’t like these last two Kyuubei episodes? The name gag was great and that fucking B’z joke got me again. Hilarious arc overall that managed to keep a sentimental tone to it. Also, I don’t even know what to say if you’re complaining about retarded after 222 episodes of Gintama.

    Also lol, wanting a serious arc already when we just got off one. Maybe in a month or two.

    • anaaga says:

      Ditto, the Princes were great, and the gags are perfect as usual. I just don’t like pets generally. And throwing dungs? THAT’S GROSS

  6. anaaga says:


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