Meta Jump – Issue 04

Another week of awesome anime and fun Shounen style adventures with everyone’s fan favorite characters and shows.


Gintama – 221

Kyubei- “Yes my furry little friend we will become popular, as soon as you are toilet trained!”

Whoa this episode was so damn weird, which was kind of strange for me. I know Gintama has some hilarious parody episodes and then they have episodes that make you go WHAT THE HELL!? I still laughed at this one. I know Gintama has really no serious issues with bathroom humor, which we have seen in the past few episodes, with the aliens in the bath house. Minus the poo throwing monkey we got a nice story with Kyubei growing attached to the new monkey with the biggest freaking name ever! SERIOUSLY! His name was so huge it filled the damn screen! LOLOL Anyway the story was kind of nice, well if you can ignore the flying poop that kept smacking Gintoki in the face…


Fairy Tail – 93

Perfect song for Natsu this week.

The Dragon Slayers finally wrap up their battle with the king and Edolas Jellal directs all the magic of Edolas to Earthland. First of all, the opening has actually grown on me. Secondly, didn’t the Dragonbot 5000 go down just a little too easily? Shounen battles normally require a last minute powerup or a clever plan or something. …I’m pretty sure they could have just finished the battle like they did from the beginning. Oh well, it’s been three episodes already, I guess they had to wrap it up somehow. It was interesting seeing everyone panic over the magic being lost as well. I understand how staffs and things would be useless once the magic is gone, but swords would probably still be useful (not that they realise that because they’ve been so magic reliant). It’s one of those things that are interesting when taken from different points of view.


One Piece – 511

Oh hey look the male version of Madoka! ALWAYS CRYING!

Woo! What a great episode of One Piece! Not only did Luffy make a very brief return to Marineford to send his message (they talk about the 16 bell rings, but I simply suggest viewing the tattoo on his right arm), but we got to see some of the Supernovas as well as the Gorosei discussing the idea of filling the empty slots of the Warlords of the Sea; also, Aokiji seems destined to become a fleet admiral in place of Sengoku. I like that only the first half was dedicated to Luffy’s return, or else it would’ve felt too filleriffic had it been the whole episode.Some disappointing news. Nobody has subbed the 3D adventure OVA yet.

Some great news. The New World arc will begin on October 2nd! As I mention with Luffy’s tattoo, we’ll get the first reuniting of the Mugiwara Pirates since I believe the 390’s. I’ll be excited to see everyone back together in the anime!


Bleach – 335

Ichigo- “Whoa, I am like having an awesome hair day, dude!”

OH NO, GUYS! ICHIGO LOST HIS POWERS! Oh wait WE KNOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN! Ahahaha poor emo main character. I guess the thought of not being able to see his shinigami friends sounds really depressing and sad. But wait! What’s this? Urahara has a way to restore them?! Of course they have to restore his powers because Bleach would be boring without Ichigo running around killing hollows and other random filler bosses. Anyone else feel they pulled this restoring his powers from nowhere? Anyway, enough ranting as this episode was decent, even though we had no real action and everyone was either depressed or worried about Ichigo.


Sket Dance – 20

Boob slapping in a Shounen show? Amazing!

  Bossun and Switch go out on a group date, only the guy who asked them to go with him confesses his love in the first minute or so, so they’re left all alone. They fail of course. That was pretty painful to watch, but then afterwards Himeko goes on a group date where a guy confesses his love for Yabasawa so she leaves within the first minute too, leaving Himeko pretty much by herself. …Both dates were pretty painful to watch. I swear it was funnier in the manga (though having Switch’s glasses break when he was shot down was pretty funny). Since when has the Sket been so socially awkward? Next episode looks more promising though.


Naruto Shippuden – 225

Naruto- “I am not afraid to punch a child! I SWEAR I WILL DO IT!”

Ugh. Filler episodes are pretty much the most annoying things EVER. Especially in the ones that aren’t even legit arcs and are so obviously filler that it just makes you ANGRY seeing what kind of bull the producers are going to pull out of their butts. That being said, this filler episode was actually a little entertaining. First off, it was hilarious seeing how frightened Naruto was of ghosts. Somebody who is so strong and had just saved his entire village from the Akatsuki was about to piss his pants because of some silly ghost stories. It was rather obvious the Hishaku was a ghost and that he had died which was really sad because he was such a cutie you know? STUPID MONSTER CRAB. I was a little puzzled about why Naruto was so gung-ho about getting revenge on the crab because “revenge” is exactly what he doesn’t want Sasuke to do. Then again, it’s just a stupid, fat crab and it’s not like Naruto was being obsessive, emo and butthurt. Also, I really enjoy the snippets of Gai-sensei that we get. He is pretty much THE most hilarious character in the Naruto series. Hands down. But yah, it looks like we’re having more filler next week. Wooooooh. T_T

There was no Beelzebun this week as it was postponed at the last minute. Don’t know the reason but that’s all everyone! Hope you enjoyed the fourth issue of Meta Jump! See ya next time~


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11 Responses to “Meta Jump – Issue 04”

  1. Gene says:

    Naruto faces his greatest challenger yet: a little boy in a sailor outfit

    The tension is killing me.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Ghost Ship? And Naruto was more afraid of that than fighting Nagato to save the village? Hishaku was a restless spirit waiting to get revenge. I knew it was strange for a ship to have one person aboard, a kid no less. What would have happened to Naruto if he stayed on the ship when it was about to vanish?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ghost ships are always great for comedy! I remember the one from Soul Eater LOL good stuff. Right Naruto always finds little kids….seems a bit weird…

      Probably would have to swim home xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Or maybe he’d go to the ghost world with everyone on board like Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe to Davy Jones’ Locker. That crab took out the entire crew, destroyed most of the ship and Naruto was able to keep its mouth open with a ghost broom from Hishaku and beat it with a single Rasengan? That’s hard to believe, it did too much damage to go down that easily.

  3. Hime says:

    Ichigo’s hair….hnng! He looks like Kain from VK.

  4. Kitty says:

    @Hime Omg I was thinking the same thing!

    Naruto really needs to come to an end at some point. Only so long a show should be dragged out I think -_-; but we all know about that argument with the mangaka.

    Thanks for the awesome blogging!

    • Foshizzel says:

      True Naruto has ran for a long time, well so has Bleach and One piece eventually they will.

      I am really only reading Bleach I have yet to even start the other big mangas.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Sket Dance – I know right? Maybe it’s because the people they went on dates with were such downers >.>. But the episode was alright for me, I mean, I would have liked it to just be from Himeko’s point of view the whole episode (With her just following Bossun and Switch around), but since it is from the manga it is what it is. Maybe I should go actually try to read it now xP

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, go read the manga. The anime may be funny, but it doesn’t even come close to how funny the manga is. Or at least that’s how I found it.

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