Kamisama Dolls – 08 & 09

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I hate double posting, I really really do. Like everyone else though, I’ve been busy getting ready for college and shizz. I actually moved from Scotland to England, and while it might not sound like much I do consider them seperate countries. I’m so far from home! *sob* Still, I almost have everything unpacked and have almost all my homework done for summer. So, really, what have I to be stressed about? Fufufufuf.

Episode 8

So the guys are packing up to leave and there’s a mix of tender and cold farewells to be had. Utao bravely faces Kirio but he just blows her a raspberry. Oh yeah, they are siblings alright…We’re threatened with the possibility of a beach episode but luckily a sudden typhoon blows that idea out of the water. What seems to be a set up to some comedy quickly turns into a dangerous situation as a tree is flung into where they are staying, trapping their landlord underneath it. The power goes out too. The guys get Kukuri to lift the debris and they pull Matori to safety. Well, everything is flooded so it’s time for some cheap fan service and for Kyohei to show his MANRY side by fixing the lights. Oh wait, haha, this is Kyohei. He gets owned by Kukuri and the girls have to go save him. After that seemingly pointless excursion the storm clears up and it’s miraculously sunny again! Hurray!


What a hero…

Back in town Utao goes to find Hibino at the library but guess who Hibino happens to run into? Aki, of course! *and there’s an uproar of cheers from the fangirls* He’s also got a snazzy new outfit; I approve. Hibino tells him she knows about his past but that there’s one thing she doesn’t understand: Aki’s obsession with Kyohei (It’s called homolust, sweetie). Hibino, not the master tactician over steps her bounds with Aki, though you got to give her points for pure BALLS (or jugs) in being so curt with a mass murderer. Aki threatens her, thinking that hurting her would be a surefire way to get Kyohei’s attention. Utao blasts in with Kukuri though before Aki can grace Hibino with a new air hole.


“Do you see my point?”

They go to the park where their Dolls have a tousle but Aki leaves the general public mostly unharmed. He needs Hibino and Utao alive anyway so they can relate his message to Kyohei: “Stay tight sugar! I have more super awesome fun times planned for us!” Okay, so he doesn’t say exactly that….Anyway, Hibino is feeling the pressure of all the craziness and Utao collapses on Kyohei in tears over what Aki said to them. Kyohei shows his softer side and comforts her though (yeah with Utao calling him a “Cheater” it’s kind of incesty but we’ll let it slide this time cause it’s such a cute moment). On the other side of town Aki is chilling, pondering about the wills of his Doll on a bench while being watched by Mr McPoofey Hair. And off a train steps Kyoushiro, Kirio and Moyako.


Here come the Men In Black~

Episode 9

Utao is being interrogated at the cafe by that jackass Detective but luckily her Dad calls her away before she can spill the beans. And we’re FINALLY taken back to Kuuko’s to see what the little minx has been up to. She’s the same as ever, a maniacal computer nerd, Aki is still living with her but doing what he’s always doing when he’s not antagonizing Kyohei; relaxing. It’s a hard life being so evil. Moyako drops by the cafe to give Kukuri an impromptu check-up. There’s more hinting at Kyohei being the one who used it’s “left hand” as well.


Kuuko isn’t giving up her interrogation of Aki, going so far as to mount him and ask some daring questions right to his face. They are interrupted by Kuuko’s Dad, the detective, before anything can come (excuse the pun) of her little stroke session. Aki uses this opportunity to escape the flat for a while. Afterwards both Kyohei and Aki are seem thinking over their future actions, the tough decisions they have to make, before Kuuko arrives with some random guy with tufty hair.


love triangle?

Kyohei arranges for Utao to meet with Kirio so they can put all the bad stuff between them under the bridge when a voice interrupts them…enter Mahiru. She appears and grabs Kyohei tightly, calling him “Kyohei-Sama.” Ooooooh, burn Hibino! She got her paws in your man!



We were so close to disaster…

“Wanna see some puppies?”

Like, “how come nobody in this universe seems to comment on the gigantic melons I have hiding under my shirt?”

Best Kyohei face…EVAR


I found the first half of episode 8 surprisingly irrelevant to anything. Anyone else get that? It seemed to be a plot thread that went nowhere and did nothing to advance the plot. The second half made up for it but dayum it dragged on something rotten. The little glimpses of Kyohei’s turmoil was a nice touch, it’s good to see just what exactly he’s so afraid of; and it’s becoming like Aki. It’s a legitimate fear of what he might become. Remember that Kyohei and Aki were pretty much equal in terms of ability as Seki so he could just as easily go down the same murderous road should anything ever cause him to snap like that. It’s like he’s dubious about his own strength of character, which is interesting. I mean, he is a weak character. At first it seemed a flaw of the writers but if it turns out he was meant to be that way well then…clever writers. It helps add flesh to an otherwise cut-out protagonist, too. I’m liking the direction Kyohei’s going. He’s trying to pull back his naturally rash responses to things and mull them over instead. It shows his maturity, something few protagonist’s actually exibit when they have things they want to protect. A good example would be Rin from Blue Ex, ironically voiced by the same guy. His character could do with the writers from Brain’s Base atm…


Anyway, Aki’s question of “what are the Dolls for if not to kill people?” is a good one. Just what the hell are they for!? We’re not talking Xam’d here where they are organic life forms that can be controlled simillarly, these guys are built machines. Obviously, they are very anchient but they must have come to be for a purpose. I can’t believe they’ve been holding out on us so long about this. The payoff sure as hell better be spectacular, I’m telling you, or Hime will be pissed.

Speaking of Aki though, there’s some definate sexual tension going on between him and Kuuko. I just love these two, I hope Brains Base runs with them and takes them further. Who knows, she might even heal Aki’s broken heart? Nah, at the moment Kuuko seems to just be using her feminine whiles to try and coax some answers out of Aki, and he’s remaining as asexual as ever. Still, it doesn’t make their interactions any less interesting. They are a great match and just generally fun to watch. While we’re on the subject of romance…Hibino and Kyohei’s relationship has been kind of stunted as of late, so hopefully the new arrival of Mahiru and her tendancies to clutch at her “Kyohei-Sama” will shake things up.


And shake things up she will! Our dear Mahiru seems the yandere type as she’s seen using a taser in the preview, but who has she used it on? There’s a body in the foreground, but who does it belong to? Ahh, I can’t wait! Hibino seems to address her jealousy, and what’s this? Aki in battle mode? Fuuuuuuu~ it’s gonna be awesome!


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8 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls – 08 & 09”

  1. Jrow says:

    Those are some GIANT BOOBS. But I’m glad to see Kuuko back; she probably could make the comedy aspect of the series more humorous if she was around some more. Oh, and let’s add one more yandere fangirl in because why not?

    I also liked the extra hinting about Kyohei controlling Kukuri during the fight, and I wonder if that other guy is like Kyohei’s other twin or something; he looked kinda (but not exactly) like him.

    Reading/commenting from this iPad is pretty sweet!

    • Toori-chan says:

      Good for you. I’m not a Apple devices fan, although I like their Macbooks.

      • Hime says:

        Yandere fangirls are all the rage right now, didn’t you know? I have good feelings about Mahiru, hopefully she’ll fill in for Aki in terms of craziness now his story is out and he’s more of a sad case.

        When Kuuko first brought that guy to Aki and we saw him from behind I could have sworn it was Kyohei. Had to do a double take then we saw his face and stupid hair and it felt like Kirio/Utao all over again. Oi~

        You got an iPad? *jealous*

  2. anaaga says:

    I can’t even remember episode 8.
    But I was like all “KUUKO YOU LUCKY BITCH” when she was on top of Aki. That dude oozes sex.
    And god, Mahiru, don’t like her already. She’s in the way of my Kyohei x Hibino x Utao

    • Hime says:

      Ikr, he really does. Everyone wants to get into his little psychotic briefs.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    this anime is so awesome I love it. Hibino’s … are quite distracting though. I mean one boob equals takes up more mass then her face. People don’t mind them.

    OHHHH the new girl is interesting. She used ” sama ” after Kyohei’s name that might mean they had ” history ” together.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Kuuko in episode 9! THAT MAID OUTFIT! <3 I like that character so crazy and Aki with her made me laugh, and Mihairu?! Surprise Hanazawa character appearance....

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