Kamisama Dolls – 05

How To Train Your Giant Sentient Robot~

Picking up directly where we left off, Utao and her evil twin are duking it out in the city, destroying everything in sight. Kyohei doesn’t know this kid either and focuses instead on directing Utao’s attacks. Even so Kukuri takes a pounding and the gang are forced to retreat to the forest.

Kyohei definitely won’t be winning the brother of the year award as he yells at Utao so much has to press her face into her boobs for comfort. Evil Utao attacks again, but out of nowhere Kukuri is able to retaliate for once, obliterating the enemy’s Doll. Kyoushiro arrives to give his little partner what-for and take him back, leaving Kyohei and the others without answers.


Cause that’s not phallic…

Back at Hibino’s, Utao is still upset over Kukuri being damaged, and Kyohei is shouting at someone over the phone, loosing his temper…again. He reluctantly decides to go back to the village because it’s the only place where Kukuri can be repaired properly. Some brother-sister bonding goes on, which is very sweet, and then Kyohei then takes a bath to contemplate what a moron he is.


Hibino decides to tag along and drives them to the village, where Utao’s evil twin getting reprimand. It seems his name is Kirio and he was treated much like Aki was, being locked up and raised in secret for twelve years. Luckily Kyoushiro shows up to save the day and bring on the bromance since Kirio was getting quite a severe beating.




…there’s always two of me just a’hanging around

That one guy with this eyes shut is gonna kick himself when he realises…

Obligatory: You Spin Me Right Round~


After last weeks frantic pace it was nice to see this one takes things a little slower. Scenes like when Kyohei was teasing Utao gave the proceedings some much needed breathing room. It also helped secure their relationship after the tension in the forest. Kyohei was a little harsh on her, and she did get very emotional, so to see them patch things up so naturally without even the word “sorry” being said was very heartwarming. Since things are so usually focused on the Dolls fighting or building up the village’s dark atmosphere I often forget just how well portrayed the little emotions of the characters are.

Kyoushiro continues to be awesome; he’s like the resident big brother character who looks out for everbody but still remains badass. Kirio went from being a no-name bully to quite sympathetic by the end of the episode. He’s very simillar to Aki, personality-wise. All bark and no bite with a history of repression and mistreatment. The more we meet these characters that appear to be the bad guys from the shrine, only to see that the shrine is by far the worse than them really makes me anxious to find out more. Hopefully Kyohei’s return will see more secrets about the shrine revealed.

The next episode seems to be more focused on comedy and fixing Kukuri, with Hibino in toe I’m worried they’ll play it as some kind of hilarious holiday episode rather than giving away any more information. They might squeeze in some plot, you never know. Nothing could beat last time’s tied up Aki, but 5 was another solid episode with good focus, character development and action.


Repairs for Kukuri are underway, and it looks like everyone is trying to get Hibino out of her clothes.


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8 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls – 05”

  1. Mad Chemist says:

    This was a pretty good episode. I liked the fight between Utao and Kirio’s dolls, though Kukuri’s absorbing device really came out of nowhere. It’s nice to learn more about Koushirou, Kirio and the main players of the Hyuga family – looks like I was wrong about Kirio being the villain of piece! The village has been an interesting subject for the show, so I’m definitely glad that it’s becoming the center of attention even though it would make the Aki subplot hard to advance.

    Argh, I really hope we don’t get a pointless fanservice/comedy episode next time! The show can do a lot to flesh out the village next episode, so I’m hoping for the best.

    • Hime says:

      I’ve heard theories that it was Kyohei controlling Kukuri to absorb the attack, which could lead in a pretty interesting direction.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Not a bad episode! I did enjoy that short fight between the Dolls even thou it seemed more like a awesome game of tag xD and Kukuri big laser attack! So good.

    I so want to see who gets to control that giant one! I was like DAMNNN That’s a huge doll xD

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