Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 05

For dry red eyes…Clear Eyes is awesome…

Himea, being controlled by a spell now instead of another personality, is still trying to sleep with Taito while Gekkou is receiving some cryptic messages from that wormhole he stepped into before. That ONE great spell he knows isn’t working anymore, and you’d think he’d have a bit more to work with since he’s always so sure of himself. Damn unreliable tsunderes. Meanwhile, the tentacle gloop is still swarming the “other world” school, and Haruka is attempting to beat her insecurities.


Himea’s “let’s have sex cause the world is ending” speal is starting to get to Taito and he begs her to snap out of it. But it seems she really wants to get some sweet lovin’ out of him, cause his rejection makes her start crying blood. The Seraphim tentacles attack and end up ripping all her clothes off…cuz…well, uh, do you really need a reason in a show like this? The spell in control continues it’s rape assault on Taito while Gekkou is bragging about his genius to random monsters now.

The Not-Himea is still trying to guilt trip Taito by explaining how weak she is on the inside, and how unsure of herself he’s made her by having a friend like Haruka around. Taito decides to be straightforward with her and explain his feelings in order to clear things up. And just like in the last episode he breaks through to her and her “other side” is shattered.


Gekkou appears just as the two are kiss-and make up’ing. Himea thinks Gekkou’s made a deal with Seraphim and so tries to fight him. Gekkou subdues her quickly, and let’s her know that’s not the case. Himea explains to Taito that the Rapture Spell was something that was triggered when Ba’alskra died and it was weak of her to let it take over. Haruka, who is walking home, is approached by Hotty McFine-Ass, uh, I mean Hinata, with two other shadowy figures waiting in the wings.

Jun you have to come back and make this show awesome again



Gekkou’s tsundere’ness is off the charts

“You WILL have sex with me, Taito, goddammit!”

Who Ok’d these subs?!

Don’t be fooled, she will rape you with tentacles


Well, there was another new ending again. Joy. I honestly, don’t see the point. The regular one is fiiiiiiiine. Just freakin stick with it.

And so, our personality of the week was some magic spell named Rapture. Wow. Well, this spell sounded a lot more like a computer program with it’s “restart” and “quarantine” jargon. Ugh, Himea is so inconsistant. These “other” personalities would only work and have good dramatic effect if we knew Himea really well. We don’t. She’s not had nearly enough time to define her character so really instead of helping her these other personalities are just making her formless, and sucking out likeability from her character. How can I like a character if I don’t know them? At the moment I’d have to say “My favorite Himea-Personality is…” and that’s just crap.

They are really starting to overload us with the mythology too. STOP CALLING HIMEA A WITCH, SHE’S A VAMPIRE. And why does she have “spells” while we’re at it? Things are getting cluttered by these loose mythology traits being tossed around. Oh, and now they are trying to have some reference to Lilith? Just don’t. You will get it wrong.

Haruka’s little excursion to the supermarket was riveting…She had no reason to be in this episode. None at all. They could have just shown her at the end meeting Hinata, we would still remember who she was. They didn’t need to keep painfully trying to inject her into the story when she’s not needed. Her scenes also seemed to be there only to split up Gekkou/Mirai and Himea/Taito’s scenes. Which is just down right lazy. Is their editor really that bad?

This episode was a chore. I hope Kuro Usagi goes back to being fun soon.


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10 Responses to “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 05”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Himea! How many personailites do you have inside that head of yours?! Seriously we get a new one each episode it seems. I kind of liked this “yandere” version of her and DEM SUNBEAMS of censorship damn!

    LOL yaaa Himea is a vampire! Maybe it’s like Kore wa zombie? combining monster types as in Ninja-Vampire so Witch-Vampire?! The only Lilith I remember was in Supernatural xD

    • BlackBriar says:

      After seeing Himea so out of control with herself, I picture her as a yandere vampire with the same complex as Kore Wa Zombie’s Eucliwood Hellscythe. With such uncontrollable powers, it’s no wonder Hinata called her a crazy witch. Lol. Maybe she should bite her servant/plaything Taito and drink his blood to keep herself in check.

      • Hime says:

        I agree that there should definately be more om nom noming.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Lol. That’s one of the main things I love about vampires. Their charming ability to lure their prey in and biting them. Certainly biting them, that’s what gets me glued to the screen. Hence my recently obtained title.

          • Hime says:

            Haha, niiiice.

            Vampire are awesome. Some people get pissy when they are sexualized but I think that added alure makes them all the more threatening. The added danger always creates a great atmopshere for a torrid and bloody love affair, too! That’s why I wish we’d see more of Himea’s actual vampire side rather than all these other personalities. I love the red eyes but I need to see DEM FANGS.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Haha!!! I so agree with you on that. Plus there’s powers you’d gain and the variations of how you would turn into one. It depends on what vampire mythology you follow. There’s one where you only need to bitten to become one and the other one, you would need to be bitten and then drink the blood of the vampire that bit you for the process to work. Bring on all the lovers and experts and we’ll never hear the end of this!!!

            • larethian says:

              “Vampire” in this story is just a loan word for a term that refers to “Most Ancient of Sorcerers”. It is nothing close to any conventional definition of vampires. A “Vampire (Most Anicent Sorcerer” in this story is in fact a unique immortal that can decipher any kind of magic and make it her own.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The more I see of Himea, the more I realize how dangerously unstable she is. Not only is she a yandere vampire who’d kill anyonr to keep Taito to herself, but she has multiple personalities to try to keep her in check. Vampires are seducers in nature and Rapture was trying to win Taito over but with no success what so ever. But she did look good with red eyes and tears of blood. Vampires with glowing eyes are always a winning combination.

    I wonder if Lilith is really Haruka since Himea knows nothing about it and Haruka has a split personality of her own. I want to know what is Hinata’s part in all of this because she sacrificed his parents to make a contract. Maybe he wants to become a vampire himself because the OP showed him red eyes and fangs.

    • Hime says:

      She’s unstable and throws a lot of threats around but in terms of power she doesn’t seem to have much of it. Or if she does it usually has no direction. Like, Taito seems stronger than her at the moment because hell, he can just regenerate himself. The crying blood was cool though, I stand by that this show has some really nice designs.

      If Hinata turned into a vampire I think I would die from happiness. It would only serve to make him more badass.

  3. amado says:

    honestly haruka’s routine was more interesting than what was happening with himea.

    oh and im willing to believe seraphim more since it didnt state that himea was specifically the one to destroy the world. it would have been pretty cliche that if it said himea was the one, it would be an obvious villain move to bring doubt in the group or it would obviously end up that himea does not do it.
    in fact, im siding with the ones against himea and taito. including the one who talks with haruka.

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