Amagami SS OVA – 02

Cuz cutting nails and eating melon breads are serious businesses

Ahahaha I totally forgot that I’m the one that’s in charge of Amagami SS OVA until just recently. Derp. Oh well, I’m having lots of free time though right now, because I’m having a national holiday! W00t! No work!! Just sleep!!

Pocket rape!

The first arc is Nanasaki Ai’s arc. She’s unable to go to the swim meet, and she looks pretty depressed about it. Tachibana wants to cheer her up, so he treats her for a canned coffee at the school’s back place where Tachibana, um, “peeked” at Nanasaki’s skirt. When Nanasaki turns around, suddenly Tachibana shoves his hands into Nanasaki’s skirt. Yup, that’s how he’s trying to cheer her up, the so-called “skinship.” That’s definitely cheering right there. Anyhow, after the biiiggg revelation that the term skinship is used for mother and child (really?) only, Tachibana goes shopping with Nanasaki, finding out that she’s going to buy a week’s worth of groceries because she has a handyman to carry her stuff now. And guess what? It seems that she’s happy too rhrough “skinship”! In her pocket! W.O.W….Ugh.

Advantage of cutting a girl’s toenails: smooth view

Next is Rihoko’s arc. The Tea Club sure is calm peaceful and quiet, eh? But it seems that Tachibana finds it a little bit too quiet. After telling Rihoko that she IS getting fatter, he takes out her new nail clipper that’s supposedly made from NASA’s latest materials and technology? Since when NASA did nail clippers? Anyway, to make life more exciting, Tachibana wants to cut Rihoko’s nails. Rihoko wants Tachibana to cut her toenails though, since she already cuts her hand nails. As you can guess, Tachibana ‘s next two minutes are all about him blushing and going doki-doki because of Rihoko’s legs. Rihoko’s the same too, thinking that having Tachibana cutting her toenails is kind of “exciting” and “makes her heartbeat go faster.” Tachibana is able to cut her toenails without any harm though, so it’s all good.

Ayatsuji – “That’s right Tachibana, I’m trying to kill you right now.”

Last is Ayatsuji’s arc. Ayatsuji and Tachibana see the new melon bread seller, and she goes off to buy it, not after insulting Tachibana first of course. She comes back with a big bag full of melon bread; it seems that Ayatsuji was able to get free melon breads through her flawless acting, which every Hollywood actors/actresses have nothing on them. She gives the big bag to Tachibana and takes the melon bread for herself. After much “hints” by Tachibana (“I can’t eat them because I’m holding the bag waaaiiii~”), Ayatsuji takes a piece of her melon bread and offers it to him, but then takes it back and eat it by herself. This cycle happens twice until Ayatsuji really feeds Tachibana. In fact, she feeds him a little bit too much, not stopping to let him chew the bread inside his mouth. Poor Tachibana.

Extra Screenshots:

It takes lots of concentration to cut a girl’s toenails, especially if you can see her underwear. Ask Tachibana.

Yes, they’re breaking up. Nah, just kidding.


End Thoughts:

Oh well, that was entertaining. Very entertaining. Nanasaki’s arc was boring as hell, I just don’t get Tachibana. How can you cheer a girl by putting your hands inside her pocket!? And how can you be happy because of that!? Dude, I just don’t get it! The logic of the Japanese is beyond my reasoning.

The other two arcs are enjoyable in their own ways though. Rihoko’s arc is pretty amusing, seeing Tachibana keep blushing nonstop because of her legs; or how Rihoko just can’t stop going doki-doki at the little things Tachibana does. I wasn’t able to stop giggling because of that. As for Ayatsuji’s arc, it had a yandere-ish aura. I just love how Ayatsuji is a bully in this arc, which pretty much portrays her evil side really well with the whole feeding-nonstop thingy. I mean, what if Tachibana dies from choking or something like that? If that happens, I can imagine Ayatsuji doing her evil laugh while saying, “I DID IT!! NOW HIS LOVE IS MINNNNEEE!!!!!!”

Just like the other OVA, I don’t like how they’re using pictures in some of the scenes, but they’ve worked on the animation more in this OVA, so I’m a little bit lenient about the picture this time. Besides, they’re pretty too. And I just love that stalker girl; she keeps popping out at the most unexpected places. I hope they’re going to make an OVA for the stalker girl.


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16 Responses to “Amagami SS OVA – 02”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    For now on, eating melon breads is scary -_-;
    But now putting your hand in a girl’s pocket and cutting her toe nails is pretty sexy ;D

    • anaaga says:

      I get the toenails thingy, but cheering a girl by putting your hands inside her pocket? just flip the skirt and work your way through! 😉

  2. Mentar says:

    Intense Ayatsuji is win ^_^

  3. Karry says:

    new nail clipper that’s supposedly made from NASA’s latest materials and technology? Since when NASA did nail clippers?

    How old are you ? The number one reason men get laid ? Because of bullshit.

    How can you cheer a girl by putting your hands inside her pocket!?

    Easy. Get into the pockets, and work your way to the inner thighs. How is that so hard to understand ?

    • anaaga says:

      I should ask you your age instead of you asking me. I think you’re too young to understand sarcasm.

      And you must be pretty easy then, getting cheered up just by a guy touching you through the pockets.

      And if you want to work your way to the inner thighs, why do the hard way for putting your hands inside the pocket when you can do the easy way, going from under the skirt (more skindship too)? Or the easy concepts are too easy for you to understand?

  4. Gene says:

    >that feel when nobody will put their hands in your skirt pocket


  5. Foshizzel says:

    These were so fun not to sure on the whole pocket thing I was like uhhh what? LOLOL Then I remembered Tachibana has all kinds of odd fetish stuff xD

    The best were easily Rihoko’s and Ayatsuji’s sections I died when Ayatsuji kept shoving that melon bread in Tachibana’s mouth ahahah he did ask for it! And Rihoko, she was always a favorite of mine just because she has a fun personality sure she is dumber than a box of rocks..

    Now for the rest? Stalker girl! My most hated SS Girl lol

    • anaaga says:

      Man, Tachibana read way too many porn mags

      And why don’t you like Risa? D: She’s a stalker! So, so yandere~~ :3

      • Foshizzel says:

        Well I guess I don’t really hate her xD I just felt her story was kind of lame, but of course she didn’t really get much time if I remember right…did she get one episode? or three? xD

  6. Elyon says:

    I love how Risa was stalking Junichi in the background throughout the whole OVA XD
    Nanasaki’s was sooo boring, just like her arc in the show and her personality. I never understood why everyone loves her so much. But Rihoko’s was really sweet, although it was a bit sad because we know she gets friendzoned. ;_;

    • anaaga says:

      Dayum, me too. I LOVE how Risa is such a stalker here. And she hides at the most unexpected places xD
      Me too, Nanasaki is boring as hell in the anime. But she has a good ending cuz she was NEKED with Junichi, while Rihoko gets the worst. Poor chick didn’t even get to make out with Junichi ;____;

  7. bautrey says:

    I never knew skirts had pockets until this episode. I wish more girls wore skirts where i live D:

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