Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 13 [END]

Damn troll

It’s finally the last episode of Azazel! Oh wow, time flies so fast. This makes it the second anime that I completed on Metanorn. I never thought that I can make it this far! (>.<)

Rinko, in the snow, tries to find Beelzebub but can’t. When she comes back to Akutabe’s den, the news of Beelzebub’s death strikes her hard. Like all anime characters, she’s in denial over Beelzebub’s death and she starts to wail like a little girl. Akutabe, getting annoyed with the tears of everyone, tells them to shut up because he has more books. He’s ignored by the mourners of course, with the added insults of being cruel. Well DUH, that’s Akutabe for you. His cruelty is what makes him sexay.

Meanwhile, in heaven, Zeruel (yep, that’s his name) is  excited because he’s finally going to get a PROMOTION. After exchanging sweet words with his mother (an omen), he finally gets to see God, a shadow-like creature that likes to make jokes about penis and poop. God has his harem by the way, from big boobs to a loli and female hunk to a diglet? Anyhow, Zeruel opens the bag that contains Beelzebub’s grimoire, but instead he finds three million yen in it. That’s not enough to buy god’s mercy of course, and god isn’t amused anymore. Uh-oh.

Meet God. And his penis

Holy Harem member #1 & #2: Female hunk and an angel with oversized boobs

Three million yen!? God isn’t that cheap!

Back to the gloomy cheap apartment. The landlady, who is a NICE landlady now, gives the grimoire back to Rinko. Turns out that she did took the grimoire, but she feels bad for taking a book without the owner’s permission. Thinking of the grimoire as a normal book, she replaced the grimoire with the three million yen so that the “homeless man” can buy lots of other books. Then where is Beelzebub? Rinko and Azazel take off to search for him in every corner of the town, only to catch Beelzebub eating some dog poop in the back alley. Of course, he gets back in being caught in the act because they insulted his, um, unappetizing way of cuisine, and he decides to charge towards them at FULL POWUH with SHIT DRIPPING EVERYWHERE FROM HIS BODY. Not wanting to get the shit, Rinko’s takes out Beelzebub’s grimoire and pray for her life casts a spell to Beelzebub, which end up with him exploding. And thus, that ends Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san.

Something disgusting to end it epicly

And what happens with Zeruel? His halo is taken, and he becomes a fallen angel to live as a normal human. If he curses god, he will become a demon for that. God is egoistic after all. But since his harem doesn’t say so, let’s keep that only between us.


Holy Harem member #3 & #4 : A loli and a diglet

God has no shame

He’s gona get raped

God wants YOU!

End Thoughts:

I’VE. BEEN. TROLLED. WTF. Oh god I thought the last episode is going to be a serious episode! I was thinking stuff such as: “Maybe Akutabe goes to heaven and gets back Beel’s grimoire” or “Maybe Akutabe is GOD, and he revives Beel” OR “Maybe Rinko gains some supernatural powuh and she goes to heaven to beg god.” And-and-and, THIS IS HOW IT ENDED!? AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

*pants* Ok, I need to calm down. I wasn’t trolled. I WASN’T TROLLED. My brain just isn’t used to such comedic anime that keeps its gag until the end. I’ve seen lots of anime with serious elements in-between the gags *coughcoughGintamacoughcough*, so I thought Azazel is going to be like that too! But it seems like I take anime too seriously. Yup, that’s what this anime is telling me: I need to get some humor back in my life and stop thinking about anime seriously. I WASN’T TROLLED, OK.

Being trolled “tested” isn’t the only reason why I think the ending isn’t satsifying. Comedy or not, I expected something grand happening in the end. All right, I like the whole misunderstanding thing, but the ending where Beelzebub exploded? Wtf? That’s it? That’s the ending? What about Madara, what happens to him afterwards? What happen to the other demons? What happens to Akutabe afterwards? Or the landlady?  WHERE ARE THE OTHER CHARACTERS!? And that explosion ending feels so forceful to me. It’s as if it’s being forced there, at that event. My guess is that they’re trying to have the last episode end with the same time as other episodes (approx. 15 minutes or less). But c’mon, at least for the last episode, make it into a 20-25 minutes long episode! What’s the use of having the same amount of airing time but with a sucky ending?

Ugh, the ending could’ve been better. It SHOULD HAVE been better. I’m disappointed with the ending, but I can’t hate this anime just because of the ending. It kept me entertained from episode one to eleven, plus there are the hilarious OVAs. It would be nice if they can make a second season where they pick up after the landlady incident. If that’s the case, then having an ending like this is all right. But still, the ending could’ve been better. This is not how I want one of my favorite spring shows to end, damn it! I don’t want to end my last Azazel post with a GRRR too, but it seems like I have to do this.



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4 Responses to “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 13 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Trololololllllll. I still liked the end, you know why? Because you can’t get random in this day and age. Also, Beel exploding was awesome, with Kamiyaan’s scream. You do remember they regenerate back because they are, well, demons. Rinko did the same to Azazel when he ran off before.

    Another random cap added to Namikawa Daisuke’s diversified profile? Heck yeah! xD

  2. tomphile says:

    Ah, Beelzebub… is there any piece of crap you won’t eat? This show was my favorite, it even beat out AnoHana – just because it’s so full of win.

    Though I have to say the dick jokes with God were kind of lame.

  3. Hogart says:

    If any show was going to troll us, I’m glad it was Azazel-san. It’s the only one that I think could actually get away with it. It’s just a shame it wasn’t Akutabe who handed that angel his ass.

    Along with Dororon and Hen-Zemi, this was quite the dirty season of simple anime comedies.

  4. Moni Chan says:

    this show was so fu*ked up … thats why i love it so much.
    im sad that it’s over i mean it’s Azazel san that lovable dick eating demon

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